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DiGiTaL_Avatar_ Republic of California @MckenzieButtz @DJTTracker And yet the only ones who get caught committing voter fraud are the Republicans. So yeah it’s there just not the way you hoped. //Researcher// Photographer//Gamer//Charity Streamer//Speedrunner//Conservationist//Artist//Writer// Patriot//Animal lover// BLM//= 🐾
kylegriffin1 Los Angeles, CA Two Wisconsin presidential electors are among those suing the Republican fake electors who tried to vote for Trump in 2020 even though he lost. It's the first time the fake electors have faced a lawsuit. It seeks $2.4 million and their permanent disqualification from the role. Executive Producer. MSNBC's @AymanMSNBC and @MehdiHasanShow. Opinions mine. Do not congratulate.
JuddLegum Washington, DC 1. The RGA (@GOPGovs) backs @dougmastriano in PA Mastriano attempted to throw out every vote in 2020 and have the legislature appoint Trump electors. As Governor, he's pledging to make "corrections" to "voting logs" This is a thread 🧵of corporate donors to the @GOPGovs I write Popular Information, an independent newsletter dedicated to accountability journalism. DMs open | judd@popular.info | jlegum@protonmail.com
CREWcrew Washington, D.C. Republican candidates who sought to overturn the 2020 election won statewide primaries in Pennsylvania and North Carolina on Tuesday, reflecting the lingering influence in the GOP of Donald Trump’s false claims that the vote was rigged against him. CREW uses high-impact legal actions to target government officials who sacrifice the common good to special interests.
GfyGfy7777 @TomiLahren Hey Toni I was a Republican all my life but I refused to vote for the con man fascist trump in 2016 then exited Republican Party in 2017 and voted for President Joe Biden in 2020.I even switched to democrat party and even tho I have some issues with them I will keep voting 💙.GFY Sensitive as a penis. Tough as a vagina. #RN4L
sgreerpitt Kentucky @AmyJeanTyler @GrassrootsSpeak Because personal knowledge of my neighbors in EKY tells me that Dem registered voters vote Dem on local offices (THIS yr), but still rabid Trump fans whose national voting in 2020 shaped by Trump and McConnell benefited on coattails. Political and environmental sociologist, retired professor, artist, photographer and crazy dog and cat lady. she/her
JeifriBeltre @elonmusk @Astro_Angry 20 years as democrats who voted for Hillary against trump and in 2020 vote for trump just to avoid everything that is happening today in the USA. In 2020, during the pandemic, I could clearly see the evil and the desire to end everything of the Democrats, I saw that hunger for p MLB NBA NFL Sports
CommieGIR DC404/DC423 At this point is clear: I suspect Musk will try to setup a spoiler party to pry Dem voters away and give the GOP (the party he says he will vote for) an easy run for office. Trump tried this with Kanye West in 2020, but Kanye was a nobody. Musk is someone with sway. InfoSec Practitioner / Security Engineer Carl Sagan disciple, Quattro Nut, ex-USAF Nuclear Energy/Physics Advocate. He/Him BLM/LGBT+ Pro-Choice Personal Account
jonrey100 Detroit @menschuppp This isn't a matter of belief. It's a matter of fact. And you have none. Trump got 11MM more votes in 2020 than 2016 when he lost the popular vote. Let's look at those much more closely as well, OK? As far as your sniff test, go see an ENT specialist. Or a psychiatrist. Or both. Musician, printing/graphic arts guru, political junkie
ByChrisVazquez Washington, DC Three Dem voters in the state, including two Biden electors, say 10 Trump supporters engaged in a civil conspiracy to break state and federal law when they declared themselves electors in 2020 even though Biden won the state’s popular vote From @PostRoz TikToks @washingtonpost. I tweet about comics and the news. He/him 🇨🇺
rednevednav Your mom's house. Let's see... Joe Biden did not win the election in 2020. 81million people did not vote for Biden. The US election in 2020 was absolutely stolen...and we have the receipts to prove it. COVID purposefully collapsed the world's economy to help collapse Trump's victory. 🖕
TeslaTydirium @FermisSocks @EmmetPeppers Agree with this. I wouldn’t vote Trump in 2016 but I voted Trump in 2020 because the left went crazy and scared me more than Trump. My wife voted Biden 2020 but the now left has scared away her vote, but she will never vote Trump. Top of ballot will be blank for many. Portfolio mostly TSLA. Also ARKW/ARKQ/THO/HTZ/GNRC/LMND/RKLB. Recently sold WMT and SO. AKQ/ARKW on the chopping block pending GM purchase explanation.
JPR1776 Saint-Bénigne de Dijon, FR @DoriVitt @thetonymichaels I'm not a Trump supporter and I didn't vote for Trump in 2016 or 2020. You idiots really do have TDS lol. Lover of liberalism, capitalism, free trade, and representative democracy. Atheist. Anti-populism/conservatism/socialism/isolationism.
SCold1997 @SleepyJoeBlows @FoxNews @JackPosobiec @bennyjohnson @ChristinaPushaw Did you not watch the 2020 election? Fox was the first one's calling states to Biden when 1% of the vote was in Murdoch, and more specifically his sons, hate Trump Not wrong Steve --- Liberalism is a mental disorder
MikeGillmusic1 @_JimElliott @KyleClark @JenaGriswold I was a poll watcher in the 2020 election and was at several different poll locations. The only irregularities that I observed were registered Republicans attempting to vote twice and not following voter laws by wearing Trump shirts and Maga hats into the voting area.
BevMovement @SallyMayweather @AE911Truth @soychicka @sarahkendzior @AndreaChalupa @craigunger @Greg_Palast @TJC_DC @BlackVotersMtr @RPCoalition Defy GOP/Trump's BIG LIE, & decades of GOP RED SHIFTS. BIG TRUTH @JonathanSimon14 GOP RED SHIFTS "Biden's projected popular vote victory of nearly 13M votes cut...in half: several Senate seats 'flipped' red relative to exit &/or tracking poll projections" @OurRevolution @staceyabrams @Greg_Palast @jennycohn1 @JonathanSimon14 @sarahkendzior @tdmsresearch BLUE DOGS Join YELLOW & GREEN DOGS to SAVE DEMOCRACY!
talkingstarship @OOO1O11O @Randon7981 @p_thriller_1 @Unknownman5671 @AngelaBelcamino @elonmusk I voted for him in 2020 to basically vote against Trump. My issue is that he hasn't done crap in regards to his promises, no student debt relief, no infrastructure and he continues to print money like the last administration. No way I'm voting for him again. Starship Historian
genielee1950 An activist group is trying to get Ted Cruz suspended from practicing law, citing his attempts to overturn the 2020 vote to keep Trump in power via @Yahoo And, every Repub in Congress who voted not to certify the election should be censured.
Jeffrey71759281 @covie_93 Nope he wasn't and neither was I but my votes went too President Trump in 2020 and still stands now that I will be casting a vote Trump 2024. Democrats can't be trusted - FOREIGN DEMOCRATS Be gracious for life and today looking forward to a tomorrow. But remember tomorrow was not promised so be kind and treat everything with respect in it's own.
AUNetwrk The Hague, The Netherlands CEO and chairman of casino company Las Vegas and Trump super-donor Sands Sheldon Adelson. (Jim Watson / AFP via Getty Images) Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Thank you for signing up for The Nation’s weekly # # # Advocacy Unified Network-AUN is a public policy research & advocacy organization with an objective of Joint Advocacy for transforming the world, attaining SDGs
newplanet9903 Why did over 190 Republican House members vote against the $28 million Baby Formula Bill? What did Trump and Republicans do in 2020 when Saudi-Arabia and Russia pressured other OPEC countries to cut oil production to increase profits?
traciball70 Arizona, USA @Jillie_Alexis 2016 I didn’t vote because I didn’t like either, but leaned towards Trump. Boy was I uninformed. In 2020 I wasn’t sure about Biden, but sure as Hel* was not going to have Trump in power. Biden has proved any concerns I had for him wrong, and I am happy w/ most of what he’s doing. Vote Blue!! Blue! Blue! Vote in Person so they can't claim anything... worship God 🙏🏻not politicians. Praying for 🇺🇦 Support 🏳️‍🌈 & BLM
submariner1776 She's on the show in 2020 ripping Trump for high black unemployment with it at the lowest since 1960, pre-pandemic. Meanwhile, Trump received the highest black vote to any @GOP @POTUS before him. She's a clown provoking to a relative minor audience, plain and simple! I'm a Patriot
funnylittlehate @theh8ed1 @Unknownman5671 @AngelaBelcamino @elonmusk Perfectly logical. I’ve never in my life had a political sign, bumper sticker, decal, etc. even though I vote in every election. There are still two Trashy Trump trucks in my town COVERED in stickers, and my neighbor still has his Trump 2020 sign up. I’m not in a cult. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Defund the police. Eat the rich. Expand voting rights.
AnybodyButUNC Raleigh, NC @BucSpur31 @BarrettLucas @gogogadgethead2 @jemelehill I’m literally not a trump supporter. I didn’t vote for either of them in 2020. I said he wasn’t a good president. BUT he was better than Biden and that’s a forkin fact. I wish I voted for him now! Along with half the country who can think for themselves lmfaoo
Caesar63BC @AliciaBarrasso Your best friend voted for Biden in 2020. Today your best friend says “I will not vote for Biden again in 2024.” Now imagine it’s Election Day 2024, and it’s Trump vs Biden. Does your friend stand by their earlier declaration, or #BLM #TrustTheCIA #He #Him
sharonwoodmedia San Francisco @rabihalameddine Bush still gets my vote as the worst, but we were thankfully spared a true 8 year comparison by Trump's loss in 2020. And of course Bush damaged the world, Trump mostly damaged the US. documentary filmmaker, producer/writer @PasangMovie
DirkBelig Dirkworld @BrianKempGA @KurtSchlichter You're adorable acting so butch and secure electiony after you colluded with Stacy Abrams to throw your 2020 Presidential race (and thus two Senate seats) to the Dems w/massive vote fraud just so you could get your revenge on Trump for his stupid attacks on you. Own your shame! The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Soon to be a Major Motion Picture. (Narrator: "It'd be lucky to be a minor YouTube video.") | Pronoun is "Master"
KathleenRA13 N.J., United States @victori68301469 @KatiePhang Impeached twice. It is unprecedented for an American President to be impeached twice. Donald Trump will always be known as the twice-impeached, disgraced former POTUS who failed to win the popular vote in 2016 and in 2020. The only POTUS to incite an insurrection. Quite a legacy. “Even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now.” Mattie Stepanek, American Poet. I block conspiracy theorists, delusional people.
SteveHolbert4 The threat to our Democracy grows stronger, will you vote to help keep America from going illiberal and Neo-fascist?
TinaNea15405269 @TeamMaga45 I will not vote for Trump if he doesn't come back and do the 4 year term he was legally voted into in 2020.
LouannS5 @WalshFreedom @TheRickWilson It is counterproductive that Never-Trumpers hate Donald Trump more than they love America. I didn't vote for the man because I liked his personality. I voted for him in 2020 because he did what he said he was going to do and was in the process of making this country great! Christian, patriot, Healthy living advocate.🇱🇷
T_Bickles_Rain @HomeofficeGuru Experts all agree, Obama was one of the greatest presidents in American history, Trump was one of the worst. If trump was any good, he would have won the 2020 election....and he couldn't even get more people to vote for him against Hillary. LMFAO Someday a real rain will come and wash the scum off the streets. Protecting constitution & democracy by any means necessary. ID's logical fallacies #Truth
TheRealMariSinn In Outer Space @MiltonZ3rd @JoeHofmann1 @charliekirk11 Yes, historically conservatives have complained about about mail-in voting because liberals vote via mail-in ballots far more often than conservatives. Sleestak, Capsulear, Skilled Space Amazon, Explorer, LogiPilot
pcstanfo Chicago '2,000 Mules' is a ridiculous “documentary” that asserts criminal pedestrians with cell phones were responsible for the 7 million vote margin in the 2020 election. It’s bullcrap, and Trump really wants the world to see it. I'm not as dumb as I am. 🏳️‍🌈 Non-glamorous television professional 📺 Daily yoga doer 🧘‍♂️Apple nerd 📱Oxford comma enthusiast ✒️ LA- CHI-??? ⛵️
MosesModel @BSHerrle @Karlton111 @JimlikesBB @PointsLaughs @ArtysHouse @ATimRonan @Yuri_Bezmen0v @over23under18 @FactsAreBiased @ArcherBM @LadyBB85125431 @Maxamegalon2000 @Trek_The_Globe @JonRFleming @JohnFloridaMan @H2Ofountains @lostintheburbs @michaeltmcc @tip_ct @AngryFleas @Kelledin @LeeGrand18 @kalymera1960 @Vincent03409491 @MiguelR630 @nygpapi2000 @breckgirl4ever @JustinM11151153 @okumamac73 @Robb242 @NOCwYt @vonninnyhammer @paulguynj @4danielgibson @OnCableTv @actually_thor @AlmaBona @PootDibou @NickDone8 @teamphil @MarkChesney @commonpatriot @ForrestFernMist @StirredCrazy @PamelaEdwards @Joe__312 @Mic5check @battle_bullcrap @GeorgeWTrumpWon @FighterTh No offense, but Trump has maintained that every election from 2016 and forward had millions of illegal votes. He has always maintained that he won the 2016 popular vote. The 2020 stuff is just ad hoc reasoning. Quo Vadis?
PeteRockefeller Miami @SI0FNJaumWUpA6R True. What you say applies even to falsehoods, but the censorship is even more evil when what’s being censored is true I didn’t vote for Trump in either election, but it is beyond obvious that he won in 2020. People who deny the election fraud baffle me and COVID vaccines kill! Shadow Crew member #5
dpstocks45 @SallyMayweather Trump was invited ! And in return he gave that speech at the UN of patriot vs globalist To their face!!! Thats why he earned my vote in 2020
mediumjuan @skylarl00870178 @sadfly46 @MattGertz I worked the 2020 election and do you know what I saw happen most frequently in my district? Voters would come in and say they only wanted to vote for Trump. They would fill out that one bubble and hand back to be counted. Do you know what happened to those votes? Counted.
WyattEarp6769 @Missy__Martin @RedSheSaidMn2 @GovTimWalz Praying our vote will not be stolen in 2022 like it was in 2020. Not only do I believe that Trump won Minnesota in 2020, I also believe there is NO WAY Angie Craig beat Jason Lewis for the US Senate in 2020. It was all stolen from the “Rocks and Cows” real Minnesotans! 😡 @WyattEarp6769 on Gettr & Truth Social. Life Long Minnesotan. Unretired from Twitter 04/25/2022. Governor Walz is a Moron! Trump Won 2020! MAGA!
The_canddyman @_VictorOkeke @dangermcnabb @KidsrfirstNet @AdamParkhomenko @koppa63 1 vote to fix America 2 trump bad and must be stopped 3 Trumpism must be stopped 4 the big lie must be dealt? we were doing really good in 2019 until 2020 with a pandemic and riots all over America thar democrats promoted and bailed the people out. But Trump bad huh? Boys are boys and girls are girls
zaptrax Hollywood, CA & Berlin, DE @heywillconway @Fwd_Party The F-Party stands for nothing more than Andrew Yang’s vanity. He lost every primary he entered in 2020 and then ran in the race for NY mayor and came in 4th. He’s a loser and a phony. Every vote for Yang helps Trump. Photographer, Flâneur, Politcal & Economics Wonk, Instagrammer:
TheRReport New York, New York VOTE! And #VoteBlue no matter who ... Midterm Stakes Grow Clearer: Election Deniers Will Be on Many Ballots Unapologetic progressive. #GlobalHeating. #Forests. #Water. #IncomeInequality. #HumanRights. Docs for English Lit. followed by Public Policy #Resistance
EllisLover Northwest Arkansas Is rule of law dead in our country? Businesses boarded up before the 2020 election just in case Trump won (which he did); jurors vote a certain way (as in the Chauvin case) b/c they don't want more riots; Capitol policeman shoots an unarmed woman; the SCOTUS leaker, & on and on. Cats Rule! Trump Won. Don't care I don't have blue chkmark; I have God's eternal chkmark. FB The Columbia Bugle, Dr. Carol Swain, Doc Washburn. Pro-life.
Chris_Maag Governors and attorneys general hold enormous power over elections. Especially in Pennsylvania, a swing state that can decide the presidency. The Republican candidate for governor wants to steal your right to vote. Pulliam Fellow. Banff Fellow in Literary Journalism. Columnist for The Record & USA Today. Bylines: @NYTimes, @FortuneMagazine, @TIME, @sciam, @HuffPo
Ctopia089 Munich, Bavaria @TeaPainUSA 54% of non-college educated women who voted actually elected Trump in 2016. And he increased that vote number in 2020. Write this down; half the Rethug Party are Adam's Ribbers and they vote for this Christo-Fascist stuff! And this is why we can't have awesome things 👇👇 Mad scientist, playing with the building blocks of life. I know stuff, and publish about some of it. Led the Munich Science March & am an Egalitarian!
lowmaintlib Kentucky, USA @uplatejay Record number if Trump voters voting increased Mitchs vote count too. Did they think mitch having the same amount of votes as trump wasn't pretty ligical considering Kentucky loved Trump? And there was record breaking turn out in 2020. Low Maintenance Liberal Warning: I cuss a little.
PaulTho71764476 I believe the coup started in 2016. Clinton won the popular vote and the electorial college gave it to trump. And biden won the popular vote in 2020. How can we have 1 vote per person if we don't do popular vote. The only free country in the world were the minority legally cheat give to those who cant do for a first responder for a decade, to helping people in their lives to servive.mostly cancer patients.and always truth.
IVONNE94757624 Florida, USA @GrassrootsSpeak No, they cheat! been saying this for 2 years they prepared everything to steal the 2020 elections, it work for MM and LG and who know whom else, it didn't for trump thought that why made the tantrum, I don't bite that 74mill vote for DT, not in a million years. this is the land of confusion🎶 please no DMs, thank you.
faewings WA Letter written Mar. 2020 - The trump admin owns responsibility! Good read! ---- “I can’t vote you out of office because you have life tenure, but I can withdraw whatever insignificant support my Bar membership might seem to provide.” via @slate No lists! Crimes against humanity are worse then most impeachable offenses! Land of The Free cannot be run by a dictator! Communists have no place in the WH!

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