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lildonalddrumpf Forlorn Habitat @ek_vry @ksorbs I'm sorry EK. What were you saying about you being dumb? Oh and also about the rioting, looting, and burning that did occur. Hey vote Trump 2020 make America great again 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Grifters gonna grift. Expert in snake oil. Windmill cancer survivor. Grabbin life by da pussy. Right-wingers block me current count: 25
rebelwerewolf Cleveland-ish Currently stopped at a coffee shop. Somewhere along the highway, I saw a billboard that said: BIDEN = MOBS TRUMP = JOBS VOTE TRUMP 2020 I guess technically it came true. Biden won and Trump sent mobs. Asian American trans man (he/him) in my 30’s. I like dogs, gaming, and SFF. I think spiders are cute.
GorillaSuitJudo Bronx, NY @WhittonDrew @jaketapper Yup and for Dumpus Dancer, poet, mystifier, and super genius.
Scott_M_West @itsGarrettFTW Election/voter fraud from #Elections2020 has been found and is being prosecuted...oh Trumpers...don’t get too excited at this announcement...you’ll have to read the actual article! Writer. Creator. Wordslinger. Dark thoughts. I’ve served my country...my blood has drenched foreign lands. I say what I want, I’ve earned it.
GorillaSuitJudo Bronx, NY @TitusNation @JoeBiden To be fair there was SOME voter fraud... And it was for Dumpus. Dancer, poet, mystifier, and super genius.
Jan__Dance @logan_mccord1 @MalisaNoble3 @realDonaldTrump Like the Republican who tried to vote for his mother, got caught and charged This is for real! It's not forever, just for now. Be Kind, calm, & safe. Frontline workers can wear a mask, so can you. New to this Twitter thing! 🥂🌺🌻🎶🎵
Karma_Kangaroo @lmccluer @Gobsmac74666186 @AOC I'm still waiting for evidence. Oh wait there is none. While there's a tonne against republicans. And the confirmed dead voter voted for trump.
SCVIndy @miniberger50 @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden @HouseGOP Suggested #Election2020 John Roberts #SCOTUS For context Trumps pathological lying Even to his own followers for nonexistent #voterfraud 👇 #NeverForget Trumps attack #democracy #FAM46 #election Seeking societal solutions not political slogans. That's what engineers do. My MBA helps w business, budgeting, economic issues. What are we waiting for? #FAM46
FrenchGeorgeKRO uk @DivinelyDebra The only case of this actually found and referenced with credible source “Man accused of pretending to be dead mom to vote for Trump - Business Insider CAMHS & SRCCO
ReadingWriter_ Nova Scotia, Canada @BanditCrumb @Graig_88 you know what. i’ve been converted. thank you for opening my eyes. trump is superior clearly and deserves my vote. trump 2020 canadian who’s opinion doesn’t matter she/her
imkellwils Wintersville, OH @Urunderarrest Dane I supported Trump and voted Trump 2016. I learned my lesson. I did NOT vote Trump 2020. I’m embarrassed and ashamed my vote then contributed to this. I own my mistake. God please save this country. Steelers all day every day.
LMS1188 @AnnaOls38697084 @EmmO94634214 @KristerThelin @realDonaldTrump Trump demanding an investigation and helping the opposing party... Very fraudulent election.
RosaYanarates San Diego, CA @SenTedCruz @tedcruz GMAFB! You are trying a guilt trip of a lie and it is not working! Try again, NOT! THERE WAS NO WIDE SPREAD VOTER FRAUD! There's always a few ¡diots committing voter fraud, (like Republicans) nothing to change this election! We overcame, We did overcome, We did overcome, November 3rd. Oh, deep in my heart, I did believe..
JohnnyRoseATH @Liberallogic5 @SiouxSilly @paulsperry_ You must have missed this. This rarely happens and it seems to usually be Republicans. I am your financial advisor. None of my tweets are opinions. They are directives to buy or sell.
jeguth Nashville, Tennessee @chat423bright @Tennessean Not acceptable at all. Glad he was found and charged. Scientist. Opinions are my own but never mine alone.
Neilogisms @WyomingScience @ScottAdamsSays Oh I see, only the elections democrats win are rigged. You’re all in a delusional cult and I can’t wait for the next 4 years of your being smacked with reality. Only proven voter fraud has been republican psychologist, bleeding heart, leg wrestling dynamo
trumpandputinp1 @nanomagni A $1 million reward for any proof of Dem voter fraud has yet to be claimed. No one has any actual proof, just imagination. Only fraud is shown below, and lo and behold... What happens in the US affects the whole world. Be smart. Use intuition. See clearly. Vote for someone your kids can look up to.
Jan__Dance @JBeck_69 @seattletimes They can't you dumb prick!! They are dead... haha! Republican guy in PA got caught trying to vote for dead mother and was charged. That's what happens 👏 This is for real! It's not forever, just for now. Be Kind, calm, & safe. Frontline workers can wear a mask, so can you. New to this Twitter thing! 🥂🌺🌻🎶🎵
JTMatthews9 @murray_nyc @Nate_Cohn Just wait for Trump to claim fraud.....(Only if he loses of course). And speaking of voter fraud...Political buff. Love science. Cyber-security expert. US Army Signals Intelligence / Crypto analyst vet #BidenHarris2020Landslide #VeteransAgainstTrump #FBR
TubbytobyLanier Tennessee, USA @BeardenCash @AndyBerke What constitution are you talking about? The trump constitution? There were TWO cases of fraud found in Pennsylvania and the guilty party was a.........REPUBLICAN!! 😂🤣 Unapologetic Liberal-NO dms I will not respond
Homer_87 California, USA @being_asaya @mscod1960 @MFGameGenie @GrrrGraphics Fake news. People have common names. Did you see your article says people with the same names not DOB. How many Mark Johnsons have lived and died in the US in the last 60 years. Your a moron. Here's an example of an actual dead person voting... for Trump! Stuff and things... I wish people could think critically!
vtaltos @Karlfly11 @IamJaxColon So "stupid" is immature, but "crap for brains" is perfection. Got it. And hey, you're right that there's only solid evidence of fraud for one candidate! Child of a pastor. Spouse of an immigrant. Parent of a special needs child. // "I didn't leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left me."
larryelder L.A., Calif. Liberal Logic Trump calling the 2020 election "stolen," the SAME word Hillary's used FOR 4 YEARS about 2016 = "delusional, dangerous to our republic." Democrats' plan to AGAIN impeach Trump AND get 2/3rds of the Senate to vote to expel him with days remaining = not so much... Sage from South Central; Larry Elder Show; (888) 971-SAGE;
SShawFL Tampa, FL Trump and his proxies repeatedly pressured Republicans in key swing states won by President-Elect Biden in order to alter their vote counts and illegally toss ballots. @GovRonDesantis repeatedly voiced his endorsement of these efforts. (5/12) Founder, @over_profits | Attorney with @vgattorneys | FL Former FL State Rep | 2018 Dem Nominee for FL Attorney General | ΩΨΦ | FL @dnc member
voxdotcom BREAKING: Trump supporters have breached the US Capitol to call for the overturning of the 2020 election results. The Capitol building is on lockdown and Congress has paused its Electoral College vote count. Understand the news. Subscribe to our daily explainer podcast:
addictionguy At a Planned Parenthood near U @chucknorris @worldoftanks Disappointing you decided to show up at the riot. Strange you decided to throw away your humanity and integrity and vote for Trump. Also, that guy in the photograph ? He is a violent dude who chokeslammed his wife threatened his kid #Atheist Long-term sober guy. Born in Brooklyn. Called "Proud Liberal Scum" by Trumpers. #imstillwithher NO Direct messages. #teambiden #harrisbiden
devilspalm16 Ten years ago, as a disillusioned voter who wanted to vote for Ron Paul:2008, but voted Jill Stein:2012, then Trump:2016, and lastly Kanye West:2020... I'm pretty sure I'm at the same level of disillusionment and disassociation with the American system that I was a decade ago.
rodrigosz Puebla, Mexico @BenBurgis As I've explained here: And here: /1 Manga fan, metal fan, book proofer(sometimes)/reader, and lots more :P Nyaa/nyaa. Real Christians quote John 13:34–35. DM for Spanish/English translations
bussydestroyer_ Your mom's house @dreamofpov @usedto24hours @CoverageNFan @fadesbea @Higherkarla @chloexpose @badkindofhigher @imaginaryyacht @oldchickenugget @BMonopolyTopple @N3tni @aivIysarymit easy, advocating and or wishing for causes/ and or actions that are xenophobic. For example, even though Trumps immigration policies are xenophobic, (esp to Mexicans and South Americans) 29% of latinos would vote for Trump. she/her 19 Ex-kpop stan turned anti capitalist
TintinKnew Perth, Western Australia 11/2016 - Trump wins electoral collage, Clinton wins popular vote by 3m - Dems "Well, that sucks, we concede" 11/2020 - Biden wins electoral collage and popular vote by 7m - GOP "fork you, you 'stole' the election wah wah wah" 1/2021 - Trump and GOP attempt insurrection Traitors Brit / Aussie married to an American and traversing all three countries. Sitting on the left side of the aisle, always. Anti Guns. #resistance always
WhatsLeftofDems United States #Biden’s margin of victory in the national popular vote was 4.5% in 2020, yet he barely won the #ElectoralCollege. If a total of just 43,000 Biden voters had stayed home across Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin collectively, Trump would have won re-election. Observing American politics from the *genuinely* #progressive end of the political spectrum — to the left of the once liberal but now #centrist Democratic Party
Salions Washington, DC metro area @DavidAFrench My answer to my judgment as a conservative GOPer that Trump was never fit to be POTUS in 2016 was to vote for Rubio in the Primary, McMullin in the General and in 2020 for Biden in both the Primary and General. Communications Specialist, Federal Public Policy Analyst, Writer and Editor; Conservative Republican and Sustainability Advocate; Chicago-born Northwestern alum
Audimaster Indiana, USA @DebbieNider @Just1nMKE @AndrewPollackFL Have you even seen anything from CNN lately? How can you know? Why not ask your fellow Americans before parroting that crap? After all they outnumber your minority vote for Trump both in 2016 and 2020 by the millions. Jazz Guitarist. Patriotism means to support our fellow Americans and never the gov or any president. 🦕 Higher education enthusiast. #BLM 🇺🇸🌎
232Msgta San Francisco, CA @sunshinesk7 @PerezHilton I Googled "the popular vote for Trump 2020," and it says he got 74M, with Biden getting 81M. I believe in Equal Justice Under the Law. #TeamBiden/Centrist. Fan of SF hometown teams.🚫MAGAts, or Nudes&Pervs.
dan95050 @laurenboebert Election integrity? Trump reported MILLIONS of illegal votes in 2016, had 4 years to fix it, and then whines in 2020 that voters didn't choose him! That's the crybaby you're backing. hobo
esq_grumpy Left Coast @kayleighmcenany The main similarities between Jesus and Trump is that neither won the US Presidential Election in 2020 and neither won the US Presidential Election Popular Vote in 2016. Also they both kill trees when they're pitching a bitch. From IRAC to IRL. I just follow stuff I'm interested in. And a few bad asses. KHive. Underhive. RobMob.
nabmcd @MarthaH53184548 @DearAuntCrabby Why do people think there was fraud in 2020 and not in 2016? Trump was shocked he won, Hillary won the popular vote and was predicted in all the polls. Trump was never predicted in 2020, Biden was always ahead.
election_fund Florida, USA As a sign of goodwill and to bring America together, the RNC, has decided to give its record-breaking recent donations to repairing all the damage I’ve done. Sorry, not sorry. Fighting for freedom. Donate today.
RJDownard Spokane WA @JamesEHiggins @AnnCoulter Evasion & misrepresentation. Not only did @HillaryClinton NEVER contest the legitimacy of the Electoral Vote, she attended Trump's inauguration. It has been Donald Trump who has #RoyCohn lied constantly about his "win" in 2020, and it is tendentious to equate the two today. #TIP Troubles in Paradise anticreationism project + science books "Evolution Slam Dunk" & "The Rocks Were There" & "The Paralogs of Phileas Fogg" sci fi novel
ArchGirl99 Bakersfield, California @SteveSchmidtSES @ProjectLincoln @GOPLeader As a voter in CA 23. I voted against @GOPLeader in the 2020 election as he has been LARPing as Trump's lap dog. I have voted for him and Bill Thomas before him although I have never been a Republican. I will vote against McCarthy until there is a candidate who supports democracy I'm an architect who enjoys traveling, but haven't gone further from home than Virginia since my niece was born.
iz_hip Fort Washington, MD @Vixen95Trish @jackuhoffdorsay @MadameOutrage Vixen, please read all 3 articles and look at the results in Maryland as an example - Trump won 14 MD counties & Biden won 9. Biden won the most populated counties going away. Maryland is known as a blue state, yet most counties go vote red. No Fraud Comics, Music and Wizards are my thang.
realDrSmith1 @textualcongress @EarlGirls @DurwoodKirby @RepAshleyHinson You are either a troll or in serious denial. You said Trump never incites violence, but the evidence from his own mouth is clear, which is why most Americans did not vote for him, in 2016 and 2020, and want him removed. I made my point clear. Peace. Navy Desert Storm Veteran 🎖, Ph.D. 🎓, Physics and Engineering Professor 🔭, Trekkie 🖖, Author 📘, World Traveler 🌎, Irish Ancestry 🍀, Patriot 🗽, 🛑Trump
CardInAustin United States @RyannMcEnany @mattgaetz THAT is Trump’s playbook “Everybody is saying...” Saying the vote was rigged in 2016, then suddenly it wasn’t when he won Claiming election fraud in 2020 over and over with zero evidence You don’t see the con?! Then you are definitely the mark. Technology Politics Premier League NCAA basketball
SamWangPhD Princeton, New Jersey, USA This year Biden got all 10 of Wisconsin's electors. But because Trump won the vote in 6 districts, under this proposed new law the outcome would have been 6 for Trump, 4 for Biden. That would be a shortsighted view for Republicans to take, because... 2/ Scientist @Princeton. Unaffiliated voter. Data-based tweets & sometimes opinions. Help fight gerrymandering: Podcast
perf_tenn @awstar11 @VictorB123 You quote one tweet from the reporter's thread. When I look at the entire thread - it is clearly newsworthy, and important information. Trump incited (and possibly helped plan) an insurrection to change the 2020 vote. In reponse, businesses are reacting. That's news. 7.7 Billion people on Earth is too many. Church and community are OK, but there is no God.
makokawa34 @Jezzrow22 @shannoncoulter That’s a fair statement. He’s probably not a monster but it’s my choice not to buy his brand of shoe. If he came out said something like I regret doing that, then I’d feel differently. I know people who voted for Trump in 2016 and regretted it, and did not vote for him in 2020.
MohamedElibiary #Texas, USA - #GOP The dumbest vote the majority of House Republicans ever made was to not certify the clear 2020 presidential election result. To please Trump and his Kool-Aid drinkers in an idiotic stunt, they lost mature corporate executives. Thread👇 #GOP 🇺🇸Investor,Interfaith,fmr USG HmldSec-CT-CVE guy,served in both Dem&GOP admins,MB=ok,ISIS=bad,Center-Right Republican so hated by FarRight,❤Islam-USA-Egypt.
TrumpLost_2020 Different day, different state @SethAbramson There is a slim possibility @VP is not showing his hand about the #25thAmendment for a reason. Like maybe he's worried about Trump firing his entire cabinet, and replacing them with acting sycophants that wouldn't vote to remove him. 🤔🤔🤔 Army NG vet. Truck drivin', Trump hatin', dog lovin' hubby, dad, & pop-pop. Love most, challenge ignorance, trust few. #BLM #FDT #LGBT #Resist #FBR #FBRParty