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RedRedSuit Silicon Valley, CA @wil_da_beast630 Not really. Right now the GOP is TrumpGOP. Supporting Ds over Rs, given the 2 choices, is simple common sense; and anyone who’d vote Trump 2020 is either malicious or can’t think. It’s that simple. So what you said is bullcrap. Coder, software architect. Moscow, MN-IN, Caltech, Silicon Valley. Good faith - even when aggro. Trump=house-fire NOW. Ultra-woke=long-term prob. YIMBY=yes.
SarahLongwell25 In a PA focus group with swing voters (Trump 2016/Not Trump 2020) and ZERO are planning to vote for Doug Mastriano for Governor. Even those willing to vote for OZ were “no’s” on Mastriano. CEO, | Publisher, | Founder @AccountableGOP | Host: The Focus Group Podcast
maggieNYT In a later email, Mr. Wilenchik said that the rush to file the papers with the Supreme Court was “to give legal ‘cover’ for the electors in AZ to ‘vote’” on Dec. 14, 2020, the day the Electoral College was slated to gather and cast votes. Senior Political Reporter NYT/analyst CNN maggie.haberman@nytimes.com
maggieNYT The email was sent on Dec. 11, 2020, three days before the electoral college was to meet and vote. According to the email, the campaign had requested that its so-called fake electors meet and vote. But there was no legal action underway in AZ at that point Senior Political Reporter NYT/analyst CNN maggie.haberman@nytimes.com
DudleyMODD Americans believe voters decide elections. Matt Gaetz is a Trump Republican that pushed the Big Lie, voted to overturn the 2020 election, and requested a pardon. Want accountability? Vote him out. #RegisterDemocrats #Voterizer I am fan of @CPucelli I love Comic Cons and Cristina Pucelli. I am Pro Democrat, registered and born Democratic, Pro Antifa, Anti MAGA, Anti Trump, Leftist
Kat4Obama Washington State, USA Trump must believe in family, because he's made three of them. So Eric is saying God made his daddy lose the popular vote in 2016 even with Russian help, then God made Trump massively lose the vote *and* the EC in 2020 even with Russian help. “The cynics may be the loudest voices – but I promise you, they will accomplish the least.” – President Barack Obama
UnVaxPureBlood @InTheMatrix1776 @Kathy4Truth And now you and others are trying to convince 900,000 Republicans to vote for Oz when they disagreed with Trump the first time. He will get about 300K of that 900K but the rest will not sell their morals. And 2020 does need to get fixed Then maybe everyone will know she won both Redeemed, Sancitifed, Cleansed and Forgiven to declare His Majesty. Jesus, the Name above all!
LaxSharma11 USA @GuyHilllll @RepLizCheney Well if you call 1/2 of US citizen as cult followers then you are insulting 1/2 of your fellow workers in office and everywhere. I'm an independent NOT happy with #Biden. Loved #Obama #Hilary will vote for #TRUMP again in 2024, voted for him on 2020. TSLA trader!~
mpg2815 Trump lost popular vote twice & maybe both elections?? He not only lost in 2020 he lost the house & senate drunk.he’s not going to be able to ever run for office ever again when all is said and done. But stop kidding yourself if he could that’s D’s want to run against. Stupid
thesawpit Greenwich, CT @celen_1 @dpakman And when Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 it’s because 3 million illegal immigrants voted. Zero evidence. In 2020 he claimed the election was rigged and he actually won. Zero evidence didn’t stop Republican in Congress promoting his crazy lie. How can you support these nuts? Does your analysis have predictive value?
SoulSoldSeprtly Brooklyn, NY @RedInTheHead80 @marklevinshow Hardly. Trump will lose again, and by a wider margin of votes than in either 2016 or 2020. He’ll be the only POTUS in history to lose the popular vote three times. ✡️ 🇺🇦 🇮🇱 🇮🇹 🥬 VoteBlue22 💙, ❤️ my animals, chess, word games & crosswords, math tutor, data analysis, hikes
nodekeeper Utah @dbongino You know it's just not #2000mules either. It's demographic data from counties and how they vote year to year. The numbers simply do not add up and we're supposed to turn off our brains to that? In 2020 9/10 bellwether counties went to Trump. Biden gets 81 million votes really???? Only stopping in for the trainwrecks. Belonged to the political middle wth happened? How were all those bellwether counties wrong in 2020?
SarahLongwell25 In a PA focus group with swing voters (Trump 2016/Not Trump 2020) and ZERO are planning to vote for Doug Mastriano for Governor. Even those willing to vote for OZ were “no’s” on Mastriano. CEO, | Publisher, | Founder @AccountableGOP | Host: The Focus Group Podcast
YodaSheisty I’m pretty neutral on Trump and Biden as President, I voted for Trump in 2020 but definitely not voting for Biden in 2024, either. Leaning towards Andrew Yang and Forward Party. I think Trump will win in 2024 and I may vote for him again but this FBI search is interesting.
LexLoomers @EliseStefanik Sorry but I don’t believe you. When you folks stood on the sidelines for the 2020 election and ran out Thick Lizzy to prosecute mall walkers I decided I will only vote for Trump then I’m done.
wolf9walker California, USA @TheLeoTerrell Well 1st it was less and all those rinos you keep calling out and saying they are not trump supporters, well those numbers yo7 have are dropping quickly. I know 3 people that voted for him in 2017 and 2020, but are getting tired of his rhetoric and drama, they won't vote 3rd time Essential worker. I'm not a lib, not a dem, not a repub, definitely not a trump support, so nuts to U if U cant understand that.
7thSign4 @KathyHochul Trump Won 2020, and everyone knows it. It went from "count every vote" to "but nobody can look at them" real quick... People are watching now. Future Election THEFT is doomed.
w0rlock93 @JaketSailboat @martyrmade Oh I don't care about that. It's specifically the Trump part. Let go of him and move on. I will never vote for a D that held office in 2020 but I'll never vote for him either. West coast refugee. Crypto anon. Former local spelling bee champ.
Toniann561 @toddstarnes Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 and 2020. The American people want him to go home and knit!
CrazyAssWoman75 Love love love @johnrich! Thanks @JoeBiden's @FBI for raiding Trump's home. Yep 81 million Americans vote for Trump in 2020. We'll be back with a vengeance! Trump will run and will win just like 2020! Financial Professional in Texas. Daughter of an F4 Fighter Pilot, 'NO GUTS, NO GLORY!' Can't Fix Stupid-Definition of Democrats! Can't keep a good woman down.
RATMbola Phoenix, AZ @RonnyJacksonTX You said the FBI is the enemy of the people and Trump supporters are threatening them and the judge. Trump committed numerous crimes, move on from him. He lost 2020, never won the majority vote and he will lose 2024. Indictments are coming. Combat veteran OEF 2012-2013. Plays bass and guitar. Huge Pokémon fan, Snivy is my favorite! Plays Magic: the Gathering and loves weasels and ferrets!
mickiedances @TomFitton @Twitter Montgomery claimed he could prove a federal conspiracy against Sheriff Joe Arpaio — and collected $100,000 from Maricopa County before it determined it was a hoax — is a key figure in the election fraud conspiracy pushed by supporters of Donald Trump.
soloyochapin Chicago, IL IF criminal TRAITOR TRUMP had a vote for every time he has pleaded the fifth, he might have won the 2020. But since he doesn't he lost badly to @JoeBiden and got kick out of the @WhiteHouse Storyteller, 70 + times Moth Slam winner, Guatemalan, UNDOCUMENTED, poet, writer, t-shirt designer, dancer, published author of YOUR DRIVER HAS ARRIVED
MangoldPhoebe California, USA Fox projection. Biden is a man of honor and will oversee the peaceful transition of power in all legitimately held elections. He would, of course, have the legal right to challenge any contested vote in a court of law - just as Donald Trump did in 2020. Resister. Heros: Jamie Raskin, Adam Schiff, Katie Porter, Stacy Abrams, Rachel Maddow, EC McLaughlin, Glory to Ukraine🌻#HonorTheTreaties, #BLM @ResisterForever
Annette_mont Durham Donald Trump undermine vote-by-mail by slowing down mail delivery and decommissioning mail ballot sorting machines right before the 2020 election •Remains at odds with the White House and Environmental Protection Agency’s recommendations to replace aging gas-powered USPS CRE brkr, frmr. contract interior designer w arch. bckgrnd. - reading, cooking, gardens, museums, singing, movies, new challenges. RTs don't imply agrmt & noDMs
tegriest MD Big Lie #1: Trump won the 2020 election. Started by Trump. Spread by Republicans and crap media (Fox, OANN, Newsmax, etc.). Believed and violently acted upon by his supporters. Stopped by no Republicans. I spot a pattern. Break the pattern. Speak up. Call out the lie. VOTE. GED/ABE teacher. Former ESL teacher and English Professor. Proud parent. LGBTQ Ally. #ASD
MadBastard_v2 Deep South Hell's teeth, after Trump's win in 2016, he _still_ complained about cheating because he didn't win the popular vote. Then in 2020, among other things, he tried to get states to flip their Electoral College votes to him. And Fox News airs this forking bullcrap? I complain about politicians and politics a lot. Sometimes I talk about games. Or cats. Or IT work. Representing Iglarnoth, the Everlasting Hunger. He/Him
UltraMagaMom24 @BreitbartNews Never fear… Fargo, ND voted for Donald Trump in 2020 and 2016. Lutheran Social Services went broke during Trump’s 2016 election due to him clamping down on refugees. The state refuses to put refugee‘s on the ballot because the citizens will vote it down! The Chamber wants more!
PAnotalostcause York, PA @guy_beckett @Mattmilladb8 @AdamKinzinger Now this is interesting. I'm no fan of Trump, although I did vote for him in 2020, as the alternative was too distasteful and he had a policy history that I agreed with more often than not. How about a civil conversation then. Do you wish to know more about what you call evil? Straight White Christian Conservative. AKA, no right to an opinion on anything.
James47377771 Warner, OK @missled2u @TastyMorsel6 @KeithB_age63 @Sofie_Z1 @simontalks12 @GrahamC37637916 @LordButters22 @TreatHunterDog @TomDoubting @FreeAsfork45 @Kelledin @Missy8008135 @Flattielover @gmarshall1965 @MistressRedWasp @BassistOld @Trumpster20 @instinctnaturel @shrekvivre @Evry1H8sGrtzLOL @Synyster63 @cake_candace @TruByte @AmyPollano @DigiMalice @KleeOntheRight @johnmor49451893 @MTStringer1 @Saggit95 @MarcySillver1 @Bigteethyouhave @2020_re_VISION @schmevilagain @lizstl13 @antiLibmob @IZMKS44 @ProudPTDeeDee @MrChingonE @nitros1954 @PruBaker_10 @ElegantLadyBlue @TheBigGuyIsJoe @LadyOfTheOcean1 @Bluzforever @Mike44502881 @SnarkyCity @DocDeezWhat @Huckleberry1023 @stevebarone @rosegar17673310 My wife has never registered until now. Now she's pissed and will be voting for Trump. I seen were over 1.5million people changed parties to republican and independent to vote Trump. Democrats went to far over the mar-a-loga raid. And the bill will not pass in the house tomorrow 💯% conservative ultra Maga 🇺🇸🇺🇸I love the lord and my country no DM'S you will be blocked. America first 🇺🇸❤🇺🇸
missled2u AMERICA @TastyMorsel6 @KeithB_age63 @Sofie_Z1 @simontalks12 @GrahamC37637916 @LordButters22 @TreatHunterDog @TomDoubting @FreeAsfork45 @Kelledin @Missy8008135 @Flattielover @gmarshall1965 @MistressRedWasp @BassistOld @James47377771 @Trumpster20 @instinctnaturel @shrekvivre @Evry1H8sGrtzLOL @Synyster63 @cake_candace @TruByte @AmyPollano @DigiMalice @KleeOntheRight @johnmor49451893 @MTStringer1 @Saggit95 @MarcySillver1 @Bigteethyouhave @2020_re_VISION @schmevilagain @lizstl13 @antiLibmob @IZMKS44 @ProudPTDeeDee @MrChingonE @nitros1954 @PruBaker_10 @ElegantLadyBlue @TheBigGuyIsJoe @LadyOfTheOcean1 @Bluzforever @Mike44502881 @SnarkyCity @DocDeezWhat @Huckleberry1023 @stevebarone @rosegar17673310 Right here! I always supported DT. but, I'd drag myself over hot coals to go vote for him now. So would our entire circle of friends and family. Which is surprising bc my sister hated trump's personality but after this she's all in. All they did is prove they're corrupt tyrants ULTRA MAGA,CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE, TRUMP is my President, #1A #2A Defender. FREEDOM is worth fighting for. STAND FOR THE FLAG KNEEL 2 GOD IFBP NO DMS
politicalkarin1 @LindseyGrahamSC how did you all vote on Trump's/GOP $2.3 trillion funding and coronavirus relief bill in late 2020? You thought that bill was needed and appropriate because????? Why? Because it was a republican bill of course...it's always politics and only politics for these pieces of feces
julia_doughty Georgia, USA GOP State Senator Burt Jones is Trump-endorsed and was one of Georgia’s “fake electors” in 2020 – a failed plot that is currently under federal investigation by the Department of Justice. Obviously, we’ll VOTE for @charlie4georgia 🗳🇺🇸 #gapol Southern Appalachian soul, married to @RenDoughty. Listens. Reads. Writes. Drinks. Not snowflake. More avalanche. she/her.
ChickenandW Sunnyside, Queens @SamSofiMama @Firestorm1776 @tomaskenn yet the Latino (and yes I know they are not a monolith) vote for Trump increased in 2020 :-( #bidenharris #LGBT #BLM #getvaccinated #xennial he/him 🌈 ☕️ 😷 🎼 🌊 🏝🐈‍⬛🐈🍹🍣 #vaccinate #catlover #nycresident #queensny
langdongrant2 @Atticus59914029 And I'm just speculating, but I think one reason the GOP did better downballot than Trump in 2020 was some voters said, "OK, Trump has to go, but I don't want Dems to have total control, so I'll vote for Rs downballot and they'll go back to being sane once Trump is gone." /1 Husband, dad, lawyer, writer. RTs are not endorsements.
Mugaliens 0011 0000 1001 Throughout the 2020 election, I noted total votes for Biden and Trump on an hourly basis. Subtracting one hour from next provides per-hour vote proportions. Trump lead Biden by 7% through 70% of counting. The last 30% of counting, Biden's share jumped by 33%. I am a data scientist, not a conspiracy theorist. TRUTH IS. I've dedicated my life to debunking idiocies from all sides, not supporting them. Grow a brain.
lisascontras @OccupyDemocrats Don’t think so, trump lost the popular vote both in 2016 and in 2020. But they do know how to lie and make up facts.
Voting4Truth Americans believe voters decide elections. Matt Gaetz is a Trump Republican that pushed the Big Lie, voted to overturn the 2020 election, and requested a pardon. Want accountability? Vote him out. #RegisterDemocrats #Voterizer 🌊 Field Team 6, Indivisible Beach Cities, #Voterizer Register Democrats. Save The World. 🌊
RegDemocrats Americans believe voters decide elections. Matt Gaetz is a Trump Republican that pushed the Big Lie, voted to overturn the 2020 election, and requested a pardon. Want accountability? Vote him out. #RegisterDemocrats #Voterizer Register Democrats. Save the World. Field Team 6.
bceyre22 Hobart, TASMANIA @IthinkIsmart @jimmy_dore Nearly 63 million Americans CHOSE to vote for Trump in 2016, and even after 4-years of that bullcrap, OVER 74 million voted for Trump in 2020. I will never comprehend that increase, after witnessing the 4yrs of his Presidency. Americans have to start taking responsibility.
wrightdjohn Kentucky, USA @FascBear @travelgalgreen @CliffSmithZBRDZ @RepLizCheney @Liz_Cheney Even your numbers dispute your point. And I don’t trust Trumpists and poll answers. What matters is how many changeable votes will change. Obviously if none change Trump loses. I believe more will vote against Trump now than in 2020. Christian. Staunch Constitutional Conservative. Steelers Fan. Thinker. Technologist. Writer. #NeverTrump
JHVI1 ATX @ParadoxOfPain1 @TomFitton Lol. I’m talking about the election. Joe Biden won the popular vote and electoral college in 2020. Donald Trump lost the popular vote but won the electoral college in 2016. Fair and square. I I’m sure we are both old enough to remember that. Jan 6 was an attempted insurrection Freethinker wandering a nutty forest of ideology, convention, ancient mysticism. Seeks sustainability/accountability. Occupy/Escape Reality. Jaded, not bitter.
LindaLouWhoH DeLand, FL @MarshaBlackburn Sad Blackburn attached to narcissist psychopath as opposed to protecting democracy. Trump lost popular vote in 2016 & 2020 and electoral college in 2020. Do you think it's time to side with democracy as opposed to fealty to Mafia Don? #GOPfails #TrumpLoser Will never forget attack on America's Capitol by violent antisemitic radical right wing seditionists Integrity, democracy, science, civility & kindness #FBR
Daython48177689 Portland @yasminboland @reaIDonTrumpI Youre laughing about the solidification of Trump 2024. I legal couldnt vote in 2016 and 2020. but I can now. Professional Critic. Libertarian Stupid is as stupid does. What if we were in bed, 👉👈 And I need to crap. 💩 If you block me, I win.
LindaLouWhoH DeLand, FL @JudiciaryGOP So sad GOP has attached themselves to narcissist psychopath as opposed to protecting democracy. I suppose that's reason why Trump lost popular vote in 2016 & 2020 and electoral college in 2020. Do you think it's time to side with democracy??? #GOPfailure Will never forget attack on America's Capitol by violent antisemitic radical right wing seditionists Integrity, democracy, science, civility & kindness #FBR
Alanw73011 @RonnyJacksonTX I'm sure you believe the FBI planted what evidence they find at MLG snd that Trump won the popular vote in 2016 and 2020 but the erasure of messages by the Secret Service and DOD on January 5-6 were simple coincidences. NYC independent
oliver_drk Philip Klein invents entire voting groups which don't exist. “I opposed Trump, didn't vote for him in 2016 or 2020. But then FBI legally obtained a warrant and searched his property in Florida. Now my hands are tied. I'll vote for him in 2024.” That's not a realistic scenario. Money's only worth what you think it's worth.
ricardo4rh Penuelas, Puerto Rico @reedgalen from the start, Trump's #MAGA was always about #WhiteNationalism racism & bigotry. African Americans knew it and so did many other, unfortunately in 2016 too many whites gave Trump a chance and AAs largely didn't vote. In 2020 that all changed and his bottom was kicked out To be even minded is the greatest virtue. -Heraclitus Loving life in retirement - warm days and soft nights in PR
thoang1971 @Vanderlisa @duty2warn But also remember, Trump lost the popular vote both in 2016 and 2020. We do not need his base to win if he’s able to run in 2024. That base is shrinking. “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”~ Frederick Douglass No DMs Please
nothingsmonstrd The Bronx Trump got 46% of the vote in 2016 and 47% in 2020. When pollsters ask people how they voted in previous elections, how are they self-reporting? The handle is from Coriolanus II.ii.84. This account is for whatever I feel like tweeting about. // one-legged juggler // he/him // Black Lives Matter