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tangleroc @Truckeelocal @mtgreenee Here’s an example of proven Republican voter fraud in the 2020 election: Now you post a proven example of Democrat voter fraud. We’ll go back and forth. It’ll be fun. Your turn. Deep but playable
LaurenBoebert4 Lauren's very lonely head @Ronmorton802 @PystCat Read and weep boomer. Republican voter fraud is real... The only braincell of Lauren Boebert, AMA
LaurenBoebert4 Lauren's very lonely head @CalhanThe @HueReddish @jonlawless4real @ksorbs Here, read and weep you clown... The only braincell of Lauren Boebert, AMA
Bob85703632 @f44reggie @nuttyrutty13 @JackLombardi @Scotus Coach: Didn’t Trump pick 3 of the SCOTUS? Since you were unable to provide any proof of what you said and since most have been debunked i thought I would help you out. Husband and proud dad from South Carolina
Rdirt_jr Party of Projection...oh and racism. The Future is Female...can we speed that up please....Support Progress. Regaining the WH is just the beginning. Often enough the Void is the best listener.
roxknox0608 @GOP "Voter fraud is extremely rare in the US. A database maintained by the conservative Heritage Foundation found only 193 convicted cases of voter fraud between 2000 and 2020, during which about 250 million votes were cast." The email lady was right...about everything
HomerStonkson Rent Free @theblaag @JackPosobiec Cheating happens. To orchestrate it at a scale that would have a difference is far too difficult to coordinate and risky, which is why it’s confined to clowns like this: you overestimate how many of us who live in reality care about your MSM boogeyman hi snowflake ❄️
mehdirhasan Washington DC "Actually they just lost the White House... I may decide to beat them for a third time." Surprise! Trump doubles down on the Big Lie at CPAC. For the record: Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 and lost the popular vote *and* the Electoral College in 2020. Host, @mehdihasanshow on NBC's @peacockTV Political analyst, @MSNBC
TheBradBlog In the middle with you. Merrick Garland, Cyrus Vance and the Road to Trump Accountability: Today's #BradCast Guest: Marcy Wheeler of @emptywheel; Also: SCOTUS rejects GOP challenge to PA's 2020 election; GA Repubs move new vote suppression measures forward. FULL STORY, LISTEN: From & Brad Friedman. Trouble-making/muckraking since '04! Hosts DAILY nationally syndicated #BradCast on Pacifica Radio:
MollyBeck Wisconsin One of the attorneys making this argument sought to throw out his own vote (and his wife's): If your mother says she loves you, check it out. (Politics and state government for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
veryzenny Albuquerque, NM @EmmGifts @RobertSommers80 @HelenKennedy @GoyaFoods I agree that this New Cold War is horrible. That applies to both Russia and China I just would say that Trump is low hanging fruit for criticism, but his behavior forced me to vote Blue in 2020. retired mental health professional, psychotherapist, union president, long leftist, vegetarian for 37yrs, now vegan 6 yrs an anti Zionist
WLSmith991 Los Angeles, California @fmh794 We had a fair election and Trump won in 2016. I'm pretty sure Democrats cheated in 2020. I voted for Sanders twice, I no longer vote Democrat. Still waiting for the $2,000 stimulus payment Biden promised. Did I change your mind? #EndCitizensUnited Sociopolitical Conceptual Artist, antisocial, and friends with a cat.
Danny14396 @thebradfordfile Everything is a fraud with this guy: Emmy's, the primary, the popular vote 2016 and 2020 election. Poor Trump, everyone is against him. Just another Dad
Caps_Girl1969 @Deneteus @mspeggy50 @americagreat55 @DanRather And here’s a good one Registered Independent. Working on my catch-phrase.
apotson4real Nigeria @stuartpstevens @TeresaMac2009 What make Biden election perfect in 2020 and Trump Russian vote in 2016. Democrats are reaping what they sow. Activist to d core,hate injustice,Love Nigeria with all my heart.
KretzSioux Northern NV @EricM4a @MauraLeeLang @cmhughesmd @NateSilver538 Uh huh. And Biden got 84% of the primary vote. Tell me Asian about all these motivated Leftists Biden is turning his back on. Also: "The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize." No DMs, please.
Sami86461768 @HartChohen @NickGambino2 @SydneyMoon @NateSilver538 are you seriously dellusional or just dumb? wow i cant believe you bernie bros are the same as the trump turds. More dems DID NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP then they did in 2020 LMAO. More REGISTERED republicans voted for Democrats then ever before. Look at the data from PHoenix and atl
BrooksDSimpson Mesa, AZ Both sides turned out the vote in 2020. But the only reason the election was close was the electoral college. Trump used efforts at voter suppression, the courts, and talk of disqualifying foes once more, but it didn't work. But it was the new Republican playbook. Historian ... Islanders/Yankees fan. All tweets are mine, not my employer's. RT does not imply anything.
AmericasCousin Pennsylvania @rubb3rducky17 @SydneyMoon @ATomEAtkins @NateSilver538 Biden hemorrhaged the Latino vote by over 10% in his general election and underperformed with Black voters. Look at Philadelphia and Cook County, Illinois 2016 v. 2020. He came within 45,000 votes of losing the Electoral College to Trump Lawyer, Pianist, Pet Human (of Feline American), MTG Champ, Politics Enthusiast, Coupled, David Lynch, Tori Amos #NotMeUs
FrankCausing2 @SebGorka PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP will be installed by GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF as the legitimate elected victorious thriumphant landslide winner by 90 million popular vote and 410 electoral college vote 🗳 last November 3, 2020 !
caw111 syracuse, ny Trump continues to insist that the 2020 presidential election was rigged and supports a number of election reforms: end early voting, end mail-in voting, and require voter identification to vote. Student in Philosophy. I am passionate about Philosophy, Politics, History, and Baseball.
RightOfLeft_TX @JustInTime_2020 @HeathMayo A Democrat can keep Trump from winning. If that's all that matters to you, vote for a Democrat. If you want to a revitalized and principled conservative movement, you need to look to the party and the the institutions that failed. Daily-ish drivel on US politics. Texas Realtor. GOP-in-exile. Father to four British subjects.
jen_holloman b. #CapeCod reside: #NKY Donald Trump lost the popular vote in 2016, and 2020. He had a steady 39% approval rating as president. 8 million more Americans wanted him to hit the bricks. End Trumpism, it is a cult. #blacklivesmatter I have an #Artproject on IG I'm a dyed in the 🐑🐏 liberal, livng in rural #KY. It's real weird- so I'm documenting it. ⤵️ ✌🏻No lists pls. 🤓
MitchSchindler @pulledbackhigh5 You’re also not taking into account the opposite effect of Trump - that he brought out Democrats to vote against him. In 2018 and 2020 all the focus was on stopping Trump and getting him out of office. What will Democrats do to get people to vote without Trump to scare them? I don't understand anything. I never did.
FriendOfTheYeti @Wesley49er09 @pablo_honey1 @NikkiHaley Trump got in by the smallest of small margins and was overwhelmingly defeated in the national popular vote. Following four years of failure and poor performance numbers with the public, he was defeated for reelection by 7 million votes in 2020. "Corporatist neo liberal" #StillWithHer Blocked by OJ Simpson "I am not a member of any organized party — I am a Democrat." -Will Rogers
SunflowerSoul71 @Ducey55 @jaketapper Let's look what they did for Biden in 2020 and then we will know. They encouraged everyone to vote by mail instead of using voting systems. Intelligence warned them in 16 about vote totals could be changed. and they said we needed OVER VOTES to overcome theft by trump and russia. #SheWon I am tired of crying. Fighting for majority women in Congress and majority of these women being WOC! #StillWithHer
BriannaGarbage @RockRazorbacks @brookeab @Symfuhny Trump 2020 and your not even old enough to vote Hey it’s Brianna or you can call me Bri.
_ChrisFrancis11 @Caden_R15 @RockRazorbacks @brookeab @Symfuhny the kid is 16 and has trump 2020 in his bio, lil bro couldn’t even vote for the dude. kids a certified celery stick degenerate gambler
EccoloEccolo1 In the Cloud @BBCWorld Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million in 2016 and in 2020 trump lost the popular vote by 8 million and lost the presidency in a landslide of the Electoral College. Trump is just conning his gullible minions out of their money The’re backing a dead horse. Trump will be in jail works in the shadows
mikekeane70 @DonaldJTrumpJr Beat them a 3rd time??? 😂🤣 Let's see, lost the house, lost the Senate, lost the 2020 election. First president to lose the popular vote twice. Lost over 60 court cases to try and overturn election results. If there is one thing Trump is good at, that's being a loser!!!
tweeterbantme @robreiner actually makes good sense here considering that Trump won 2020 in a massive landslide and yet Biden is in office. It will be hard to win an election when conservatives refuse to vote and beg of civil war instead. Truth sounds like hate to those that hate the TRUTH.
ManateeSoul @CBSNews fair or not, Clinton/Biden easily won the college educated/elite vote, but Trump was the first GOP candidate in history to win the blue collar vote. Just an interesting side note from 2016 and 2020. Wisdom before Conventional Wisdom; Correctness before Political Correctness; Justice before Social Justice
ed_kilgore Monterey, California Trump's claim that no-excuse voting by mail is some sort of 2020 innovation is BS. 34 states, including all the battleground states, had this going into the 2020 cycle. Veteran Democratic wonk, political analyst, Georgia expat; worked for 3 governors, 1 senator, two DC think tanks; now political columnist for New York Magazine.
sharcat12 United States Republicans are kissing the ring of Trump, a one term, twice impeached POTUS who incited an insurrection, lost the popular vote twice, lost the 2020 election by 7 million votes and cost Republicans the House, the White House and the Senate. #Trump2024 sounds good to me! 😂😂 She/Her Deep State Operative #forkTrump, #NeverBernie, TRUMP IS A GRIFTER💰 I block Fake Christian MAGAts and hyperbolic BernieBros #Biden2020
darlenesmith02 Culpeper, VA @Acosta Trump didn't even win one time. He lost the popular vote in 2016 and 2020. Professional Counselor currently living in Virginia; Michael Muhney, Tom Cruise and Nascar's Jimmie Johnson fan!
reluctantzealot Trump lost the people's vote in 2016 and 2020 Trump lost 500K Americans because of his incompetence. Our economy shut down, schools closed, Food lines, poverty, Damn nazi's running CPAC Republican Party is Evil One of last fiscal conservative capitalists left in America. Big govt, high debts govt control of biz is never OK no matter what excuse your party sells you.
DavidCotterJr South Florida/ Missouri @DonaldJTrumpJr 80+ million Americans feel the same way, and are loyal to him. The real winner of the 2020 election. 2024 will bring tons of new voters who were too young to vote in 2020. But will finally be old enough in 2024, and there’s tons of them itching to get to vote for President Trump. 🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸🇮🇱STONG ISRAEL SUPPORTER🇮🇱🇺🇸TRUMP2020🇺🇸CONSTITUTIONALIST🇺🇸PATRIOT 🇺🇸CONSERVATIVE🇺🇸 PRO 1st & 2nd AMENDMENT 🇺🇸PRO-LIFE🇺🇸
HillerShonda Indiana, USA @misterzook @KristySwansonXO I used to be a Democrat (moderate) I’d vote split ticket in local. Then I voted Republican 2016 and felt I didn’t fit anywhere 2020. Trump had some good policies but he was out of control I’ve never seen such division in America. I call myself Independent now. I have 5 followers because I had to start all over. Too much insanity the past year. Not here to argue . I call myself an Independent now 🇺🇸
tangleroc @Truckeelocal @mtgreenee Here’s an example of proven Republican voter fraud in the 2020 election: Now you post a proven example of Democrat voter fraud. We’ll go back and forth. It’ll be fun. Your turn. Deep but playable
anradila17 @w_terrence Dear Terrence Trump won in 2016 but lost Pop Vote by 3 millions . . . Won and already started losing In 2018 lost the House In 2020 lost the Presidency + Pop vote by 7 million In 2021 lost the Senate Democrats preferer him . . . So, Democrats salute you too My Logic is Undeniable
PeckRWood2 @DonaldJTrumpJr Just goes to show you, that Donald Trump is delusional. #1 he lost both the electoral College and popular vote in 2020. #2 If he runs in 2024, he will loose, because he led an insurrection & has been impeached twice. Moderate Republicans will move away from Trump the Treasonous
myoozme @Andimac110 @DonaldJTrumpJr Trump LOST THE POPULAR VOTE IN 2016 AND 2020. All we have is this very minute. Everything else is just a thought you have about the past or the future. The past and the future do not exist. This is it.
14nacar1414 Arkansas, USA I still believe all Trump voters in 2020 should file lawsuits about the doubts that their votes actually went to the candidate they chose. Make them prove YOUR vote went to the candidate of your choice. Actually look up your vote and see. Former Nascar Fan, Prison Reform Leader,
hyland114 United States GET A PARLER ACCOUNT NOW. WE NEED TO GO AROUND TWITTER & FACEBOOK PRO-OBAMA & ANTI-AMERICA BIG TECH‼️ VOTE IN PERSON FOR TRUMP🚅🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 BRING A BEACH CHAIR IF NECESSARY👍🏻 How to watch Biden and Trump town halls live tonight Native New Yorker, Hap Married, #MAGA#Blue Lives & Vets Matter. Love Animals. sense Humor. Enjoy Life.List will gt u blocked.#1A #2A. Rockefeller Center Tree
swmorris6034 Florida, USA So @SenBillCassidy won reelection in 2020. No problem. @GOP and #DonaldJTrump will remember Cassidy’s vote to convict Trump. He will be done in 2026 and will probably not even run. Impeachment vote will bitch-slap him out of the race.
Sara_BARISTA Land of the Free Tammy is right. President Trump put it out there and people came to him. Many didn't vote for him in 2016 but they did in 2020. Hence the extra 10M votes. #NextRevFNC #CPAC One Nation🇺🇸under God🙏Indivisible with🗽and ⚖️for All 🇺🇸#InGodWeTrust #KAG #ProLife #Brexit #BacktheBlue #FreeSpeech fb @charliekirk11 @drawandstrike
mrod21mvp @mtnrunfx @Naftul3 @Slutypancake @WillyLumpLump22 @JackPosobiec So much more than just "filing affadavits". trump lawyers didn't file a lot of these affidavits and the ones that were filed did not have the correct information or were here say "I over heard someone say..." but did not have direct knowledge. Texas Born and Raised but not raised Republican. Fave teams are Spurs, Longhorns and Cowboys but not a fan of Jerry Jones right now.
OutOfforksQween Spaceforce1 Trump LOST in 2020 yet the stupid Republican’s think if they continue to worship him, he’ll magically win in 2024! I think we’ll be even MORE motivated and MORE peeps will get out and vote in 2024 than they did in 2020 to make sure a Republican is NEVER elected again! #GOPIdiots Please be patient. Twatter only allows me to follow 400 a day! I promise I’ll catch up! 🌊 Proud liberal. NO DM’s please. #wtpEARTH #DemVoice1 #wtpBLUE
VyFore Resistance, USA @NikkiHaley #Trump lost the popular vote twice Barely won Electoral College in 2016 Lost by BIGLY in 2020 Presidency Senate House Recruited, assembled and directed an insurrection against our Capital and the Congress. But go for it #MAGA He fires up Democratic voters #TrumpSOTU Diehard Union Democrat. Resistance Forever. Republicans are destroying US Democracy, our infrastructure and institutions. #WearAMask It's your patriotic Duty!
nwlyhockey Washington State @phunkshun @joeeule @Yair_Rosenberg @HotlineJosh There's definitely a significant amount of crazy that Trump was able to galvanize. I struggle to imagine though that after declining to reelect Trump, the voters who switched in 2020 would forget everything about Trump's presidency and vote for him in 2024. I hope I'm right.