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mkolken Buffalo, New York I didn't vote for Trump in 2016 (Gary Johnson). I voted for Trump in 2020 in response to Democrats working with the intelligence community to lie to a FISA court and four years of gaslighting from legacy media, which ultimately formed the basis for obstruction of Congress. Father of twins and a French bulldog. Immigration lawyer. Former Elected Director of the @ailanational Board of Governors.
alexbruesewitz America First. Always. .@chiproytx is very proud of his vote to certify the 2020 election. He still thinks Mike Pence did the right thing. The 140 House Republicans and the 12 senators who voted to object on January 6th did the right thing! Chip failed to do the right thing because he hates Trump. CEO of @XStrategiesLLC | #Trump2024
IMAO_ Austin, TX I dislike Trump even more than in the past, but with the Lincoln Project and the Democrat working overtime to make sure he’s the Republican nominee, I’ll warn you: If Trump is the Republican nominee, unlike in 2016 or 2020, I will vote for him this time. Former engineer, now Scripted Creator for @realDailyWire. Married to @preptodye. 4 kids, youngest with DS. Trying to be more Christ-like. Or trying to try.
TrainwreckJerry Nashville, TN Here's a news flash, Elise. The Dems beat Trump by 7 million votes in 2020. And I'd vote for a "Soros-funded" candidate long before I'd vote for one funded and supported by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, xenophobes, racists, homophobes, and the NRA. Husband. Father. Writer. Musician. Story teller. Performer. Entertainer. Citizen. Politician. Promoter. Food critic. Marketing genius.
TrainwreckJerry Nashville, TN @EliseStefanik Here's a news flash, Elise. The Dems beat Trump by 7 million votes in 2020. And I'd vote for a "Soros-funded" candidate long before I'd vote for one funded and supported by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, xenophobes, racists, homophobes, and the NRA. Husband. Father. Writer. Musician. Story teller. Performer. Entertainer. Citizen. Politician. Promoter. Food critic. Marketing genius.
JohnMorello7 Chicago, IL @realLizUSA 3. "Trump is not going to win elections. He won in 2016 and, even then, he secured only 46.1 percent of the vote. In 2018, he was a drag on the Republican ticket. In 2020, he lost by 7 million votes. In 2022, he single-handedly demolished the GOP’s chance to retake the Senate." Retired Professor of History. Fulbright. Runner. Red Sox fan. Book reviewer. Dog lover. Student of Latin American Affairs. Libra. Opinions are mine.
BEAVIS1776 Very High🤤land @The_Trump_Train Lol there you go with that voting thing again You can’t Vote your way out of an occupation We were attacked and overthrown by both Foreign and Domestic enemies via a Biological first strike , chaos and Election Fraud You cant have 2024 until you fix 2020 Student, Fry cook at Burger World, Honorary ATF agent Hot Rod Builder BASSman 🎸 NACHO 👑 IFBAP 🖕JB No DM unless your sending Nachos and Boobs
BryanSamuels427 Utah, USA @MackHODLs @JessicaVaugn Look, the right hates Hillary every bit as much as the left hates Trump. And still we couldn't get an earth shattering number of votes, or even beyond her in a popular vote. 157 million votes in 2020, just 129 million four years prior in 2016. Rrrrriiiiiight. A hippie, a patriot and a car guy walk into a bar... I'd happily have a drink with all of them. If you would too add me to your circle.
MagicalTitanium @Solon_Prime @MeidasTouch If they did something illegal. Right now, all we got is folders conveniently added to a hard drive right before the 2020 election. And we didn't even vote for Hunter Biden. BTW, wasn't it Matt Gaetz who referred to Trump as the big guy (2019)? This is the WaPo analysis 👇 Trucker
ReginaJ44233568 @KariLake I believe Trump will have that opportunity once again....if the American people stand together and don't comply to their demands. Biden didn't win the 2020 election 81millions voters didn't vote for Biden agenda only 10%that thought he would be the old fashion democrats guy. Without darkness,you would never know the who knows how to enjoy life doses not need riches. Major Sociology 😇😊🥰 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 ❤ ♥ 💜
X_Wrestler1320 Colorado @Liz_Wheeler Couldn't care less what they say or try to do to Trump, he's got my vote. Just like he did in 2016 and 2020. Christian, Father, Husband, Patriot. I believe in the greatness of this country. We're in deep, dark, cold waters right now, but we will overcome. FJB!
BenSadl44908219 @JackPosobiec Disgusting and disgraceful how this man has been treated get ready Democrats The American people will support President Trump more than ever I believe even people who didn't vote for Trump in 2020 will vote for him in 2024
Alejandro27Ale California, USA @PNWPragmatist @TWLadyGrey Biden >>>>>> Bernie To all my progressive friends who are still upset about Biden winning the primary, I can guarantee you that you'd be even more pissed to see Trump win the 2020 election by narrowly carrying AZ, MI, PA, WI, and GA despite winning the pop vote by four points J.D./MBA and overall politics geek.
STurdferguson Mars of which the moon is part @dj_eurobeat Same neighborhood where multiple trump voters voted twice and got arrested, the actual confirmed vote fraud of 2020 Windmill sound cancer survivor
MinisterofRnR St Louis, MO @brysoncraig03 I'm an independent,but the 2020 election had the largest vote turnout since 18 year olds got the right to vote and they voted against trump.That made a big difference and before you say that maybe they shouldn't have the right to vote,they can serve in the military. Big flirt when single,completely faithful when taken..Love music,football, hockey and just having fun.Ask me for $,you're deleted,i'm here for fun with anyone😎
NelsonM08892362 Alabama @eliseo1183 I highly encourage all Republicans to vote for President Trump, even if they have to write him in. We cannot allow the RINOs and Trump-haters to prevail after they refused to support Trump in 2020, and continue to speak about about him. The RINOs support DeSantis. Ret. Army/Vietnam Vet/DI, Bama, Sig Corps/MP, B.S Psych U of Maryland; B.S. Accounting Athens State U. Kneel for the flag u are just sorry, Pronouns: Phc/you
rileysdad641920 @thatssosadbruh @DeniseM_I_Am @AceLuceroTech @EdKrassen You don't realize that millions were voting not so much for Biden in 2020 as much as they were voting against 4 more years of Trump? I've voted GOP a lot in the past. Today I will not vote for them in any position and I never have missed voting in election. State, local, midterms Never Trumper. Love my senior rescue pitbulls that have come and gone over the years. Prefer company of dogs over most people today.
jals2010 @McBrideLawNYC We did pray for him joe. We prayed for the 1 Term, Twice Impeached, loser of the House, Senate WH, Popular Vote Twice, 7 Times Bankrupt, 3 Failed Marriages, Disgraced, Failed, Ex-President to lose the 2020 election, and our prayers were answered.
LibertyCollar @UHateTruth @RobAmericana @DrRalphNap @Cernovich I agree that nobody likes Biden, but people turned out to vote against Trump. What makes you believe the exact same thing wont happen again? Either it was rigged (same people who rigged have more power now) and/or people united to vote against Trump in 2020 and that’s why he lost Husband, Father, Carpenter.
JonRFleming @UfuomaAtsiangbe The late night Biden bump was widely predicted well before the election. Trump said don't vote mail-in. Democrats are smart enough to avoid contagion. The mail-ins were overwhelmingly for Biden and reported in one or more batches.
realvaultteam6 Arkansas, USA @Liz_Wheeler I voted for Trump in 2016, 2020, and will vote for Trump in 2024. The Official Twitter Account of Vaultteam6: UFO News, Paranormal News, And The Mandela Effect. #MAGA.
LonelyDem1 @SouthboundTexas @EdKrassen In 2020 the maga base was about 25% with about 20% of non maga Republicans still on the trump train. After J6 both have significantly decreased. Only the maga fools can't see the truth about trump and there's simply not enough of them to vote trump into office.
dweise Hamilton, NJ @arodsEVILlilP @jimsilpeg @EdKrassen If you think Trump will ever get elected you're the one that's being played. He's lost the popular vote by increasing margins in both of his elections and got smoked in the electoral college in 2020. Most normal people have had enough of him. Only the die hard cultists remain
ijbailey Myrtle Beach, S.C. I’ve been saying for awhile now that Obama was the outlier and is why talk of voters of color becoming Republican makes little sense: “George W. Bush won about the same percentage of the Latino vote in his presidential campaigns as Trump did in 2020.” Husband. Black dad. Stutterer. Davidson College Batten professor. Visiting Columbia University journalism professor. Harvard Nieman Fellow. Sweet tea drinker.
MYORANGESHINY Vega System @LeeWilk8897 @DineshDSouza Trump will never be president again. Lol He lost 2020 by landslide both electoral college AND popular vote, 7 million votes. Being indicted in multiple jurisdictions isn't going to win back independents and moderates. Loser, sad What's mine is mine and mine and mine. And mine and mine and mine! Not yours!
Ma1907FB @RachelleRoyse @JonSmit10303693 You voted for sleepy joe in 2020 and probably will vote for democRATS in 2024 it's clear you're not a real conservative, a conservative can not turn back President Trump like this except paid desantis clowns Dünya tersine dönsede Fenerbahçe¹⁹⁰⁷
DavidCable13 Seattle Asian, Black and Latino Americans combined in 2020 to vote around 73 percent for Joe Biden, compared to 25 percent for then-President Trump. Alaskan, wanderer, identical twin. DMs ignored. Shortcuts lead to long delays ~ Bilbo Baggins
insciuspopulus @amuse I didn’t vote for Trump in 2020, I went third party, and I wasn’t going to vote for him in 2024 but if this happens he gets my vote. My comments do not represent me and I still don’t stand with Ukraine. There is no reason to follow me either. I don’t like any of you.
orvis2010 Everywhere I Go @CyIssRight @MayoIsSpicyy Making a lot of assumptions there Dingleberry- Let me be crystal clear- I didn’t like Trump in 2016, 2020 or now because he is a moronic craphead, supported by simpletons, who does nothing but lie and grift. I would never vote for that piece of crap because I am not stupid. It’s a new day in America
alt_ccc @PfPopulist Meijer ran ahead of Trump as an incumbent and got the same % of the vote as James did. That’s an ok performance and itself enough to make MI-03 competitive in 2022. And then you have the fact that a lot of very important things have happened since 2020. Wine and Cheese Republican 🍷 🧀 🔴 🐘 “The Marie Antoinette of Twitter”. Merrick Garland isn’t human.
oldphoneguy18 @AmericanMade__ @piersmorgan @GovRonDeSantis I voted for trump in 2020 and I would probably vote for Niki Haley over him at this point Likes and retweets are not character endorsements. 🇺🇸 , 🎺, 🏒, 🏋🏻, 📊.
MarkDay03532755 Morganton, NC @Liz_Wheeler I voted for Trump in 2020 and will vote for him in 2024. All this is going on to keep eyes off whats going on with biden and the money laundering that his family has done. Corporate office furniture assembler for a major corporate furniture manufacturer
NoSmooshSnek Orlando, FL @mmpadellan And no... - I don't support Trump. - I didn't vote for him in 2016 or 2020. - I won't be voting for him in any future election. - I don't want him to win the primary (I can't vote in it because I'm not a registered Republican).
bluebirdpoopies SECRETLY FOLLOWING YOU @Striper651 @Phil_Motta @PennyFarringt14 @MollyTeachesFCS @rugboettcher @kbean511 @joamclean @muchmoren @Bourealis9 @durnyank @Stinkerbelle359 @GladuVince @TheFnVoor @ALLPatriotRebel @reedmom54 @GoFishLynn @Ferahgo684 @RobinNunya14 @GusF80706932 @stevebarone @niloc14061952 @BrandedPatriots @FoxNews @NEWSMAX @BarackObama @POTUS @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson @SpeakerMcCarthy @RepLizCheney @SenSchumer @LeaderMcConnell @Trump @RonDeSantisFL @GovRonDeSantis @RealCandaceO @realDonaldTrump In case you cant figure out the math it is basically saying that if all the NONVOTERS eligible to vote in 2020 had voted in unison they would have beat both Trump and Biden. Its a bit of a hard one for the math deficient. Try recounting a few dozen times. I am here to watch digital Rome burn. Bear poking rock turner. 🐋@slippyshoe
tarahtori USA I voted for him in 2016, 2020 and I will vote for him in 2024! Let's goooo Trump USA Patriots 💖✵。.✰💖*•.¸¸.•* 🕊GOD🕊 *•.¸¸.•*💖 ✰.。.✵💖 #ElectionDenier💖#VeryMarried✨🇺🇸🗣𝓣𝓻𝓾𝓶𝓹 Won 🇺🇸✨ I ❤ TX ⚾️World Champion ASTROS x2⚾️ ♥Spicy Christian♥
SFoxFive @Liz_Wheeler Neither is influential. The difference in the value of a dollar between 2020 and now and state of America is all I need to vote Trump. Bush and Ryan rubbing shoulders with DeSantis is all I need to know he isn’t the one. Miami Hurricanes, reds, bengals I like tacos too SH/IT
GlazerDisc @TheDanKnapp @davereaboi 2020 was stolen. But if President Trump couldn't stop the steal in 2020, then there's no way that citizen Trump can stop the steal in 2024. Even if it's close, they'll just drag out the vote count for a month and then wait for Republicans to dutifully accept the results. Jonathan Glazer's alt.
TrumpSsux @MSUFan313 @RonFilipkowski Don’t blame this crap on boomers. My boomer parents and all of their boomer friends were vehemently anti-Trump. My boomer colleagues who never voted for a democrat in their entire life would’ve crawled over broken glass to vote against Trump in 2020. Trumpism and the modern GQP Qult must be dismantled. I show up for democracy!
hunter_welcher Smyrna, TN @Jim_Jordan Aren't you guys threatening to cut a bunch of border patrol if you don't get your way with the budget? And didn't you vote against the Inflation Reduction Act? Also, attacking Trump seemed to work well in 2020. #LetsGoPeay, #EveryoneN, #Smashville fan. Futilely talking about sports like my opinions matter at all. Professional meme stealer
icandosocanu York, England @Aroucho @DanCady MASSIVE Koch money >>>>> calling out bad behaviour, climate denial & propaganda #climatejustice = #socialjustice There is no democracy w/out integrity
elliecl58192255 @sexytori17 @cdallencounty I did not vote for Trump the first time and really didn't care for him. During lock down I watched his Covid press briefings, the way that the media lied and twisted everything he said got to me. I voted for him in 2020! I have serious questions about GA PA and MI votes.
JASmius Ecotopia "Trump is not going to win elections going forward. He won in 2016 because he ran against Hillary Clinton — and, even then, he secured only 46.1% of the vote. In 2018, he was a drag on the Republican ticket. In 2020, he lost reelection by 7 million votes." Evangelical Christian. Husband. Father. Reagan conservative. #NeverTrumper. Pragmatically DeSantisian. Geezer. Curmudgeon. Cat daddy. I "bash" everybody.
Bonnie74053227 Houston Yes, I voted for the Lord God's choice in 2016, and 2020 and I will vote for the best President Donald John Trump again in 2024, I believe he is still God's choice for America's Leader. President Trump says he will NEVER surrender. I don't believe he will be arrested,👇 A born-again Christian, a Conservative, and I believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Married, I have six grown children, born in NC, and now live in TX.
Angevin1170 JFK Security line @tntDVM @TheJonMurray51 @ScottAdamsSays Do you think we had a fair and accurate vote count in 2020, or even 2022? I will never be convinced that Trump wasn't the '20 winner or that the McConnell faction control of campaign money didn't critically damage true Conservative candidates in the midterms. Don't settle! #TradCatholic 📿 #MAGA; Small Gov't; Civil Liberties; Pro-Life; Pro-Israel; Homeschool Mom Emerita; I identify as Royal.🚫DMs 🍊🍊🍊
sallyjosie #TrumpArrest AND SOME PEOPLE STILL VOTED FOR THIS IDIOT! "Joe Biden To Charlamagne: “You Ain’t Black” If You Vote For Trump!" May 22, 2020 God-Fearing Christian, Pro-Life, Love Fishing! Strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment! Do Not DM me! AND I BLOCK FAR-LEFT IDIOTS!
theJE28 @SolsberyDavid @Cernovich I’m one of them. I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020. I won’t do it again. If Trump is the nominee then we lose. It’s as simple as that. He won’t win and no, it’s not because I won’t vote for him. He will lose with or without people like me. But yeah, we are done. all lives matter
PapoTerryDB @Wardmaryb @hope87936 @RyanAFournier Yep it stopped showing the apprehension numbers in 2020. I'm referring to the 5 million plus that have come in since your Boyfriend took over and removed the stay in Mexico clause that President Trump had in place. Now they want to give them all amnesty and the right to vote
retiredbballguy United States @mitchellvii I will vote for Trump if he is the nominee. I love his policies and still do. But the childish name calling is just not needed. He is still calling Stormy horse face. Why? This is what turns people off. It cost him the election in 2020. He needs to focus on 24.
RealDoctorT USA @TomDoubting @EducatingTrump2 @MolaRamLinux @Karlton111 @Chuckychuckles1 @Synyster63 @princesspbbaby @MistressRedWasp @RoyQHobbs @AntWindmill @2457klhu @AcrytearsMag @jkoff609 @CanTgetwrite74 @Pis0Mojado @ArtManon1 @MrDeplorableUSA @proundpapaof3 @JonRFleming @TShadowKnow @deciccopad @JamesCa70626795 @jimaw63 @AngryFleas @Usenamegone @tip_ct @TastyMorsel6 @VinceGottalotta @AllyFromCali23 @Kelledin @CRogers1973 @PatrioticKitten @Trumpcrazytrain @MollyTeachesFCS @Pestilence1346A @Inugamiz @missled2u @DigiMalice @AgainMothra @DPBeachNY @MagaPhoenix73 @KayeKittyKitti1 @mad_marlow @417craig @lightfighter24 @TrumpLOST5 @IndikoNamadeus @randyupton33 Trump did not incite an attack on Congress on Jan 6th Jan 6th was a mostly peaceful protest just like all the others that occurred across the US in 2020. Senate and House resumed by 9pm on Jan 6th. Electoral vote count was completed by about 4am next morning. Verified. Christian, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, PhD, Black, Woman, Molecular Biologist, Scientist, stalked by Ian L Strain #LGBTQZPSVRMFXKCAYNJUDEHIOW+
Carella16Maria @krassenstein Idk if this group of GOP WILL ever understand. The majority did not vote for Trump in 2016 or 2020 and rejected you all in 2022. Your rhetoric is tired and not being bought but most of us. That's OK. Don't want u folks around next term