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jeremynewberger United States The J6 insurrectionists were tourists. The FBI illegally raided Mar-a-Lago and planted fake evidence. Horse paste cures that hoax COVID. Trump is a successful honest businessman in perfect health with an enormous dick. After you stop believing all this crap expect great shame. Mr. Newberger: a Political Satirist, Emmy nominated Filmmaker, TV Director, joke writer, and world class Schmendrick. Are you following me yet?
Vote_Dems_USA Connecticut, USA @GOPChairwoman You can blame inflation on Covid, the pandemic that Trump allowed to spread across the US by lying about it and recommending fake cures. @POTUS is getting it under control. Gas has already dropped by $1.00/gallon and still heading down. Democrats are for democracy. Republicans are for autocracy. Pass a Voting Rights Bill. Seniors on SS need financial help too.
PepinLachance Milwaukee, WI @DumbBih12 @LindaLeeYou123 @4CPcomics @davidsirota More then a million people have died. COVID has killed more then several wars. It has now killed more Americans then AIDS has in decades. Trump and the GOP could have stopped this, but they instead choose to make it worse. They pushed bullcrap "cures" for 💰. L systems hobbiest, Graphene fan, Father, musician, and creator of the collaborative resist playlist. We are all 1 on the planet. #GeneralStrike
b2_gary NewYork @wendy_resists He wasn’t decent at all. He allow TFG to crap on America and he’ll destroy the country through hate and division. He was head of Covid task force and allowed Trump to sow doubt and offer miracle cures and misinformation. He did ONE thing but that was his obligation. #BlueCrew Aviator, husband, father, grandfather, artist, guitars, love nature, science, space, NY Rangers, Mets,, voter blue. Woman’s rights,Resister,#BlueCrew NO DMs
c_listening You are here @StevenShoemate @DanaBrasher6 @ProudElephantUS Still your President 😂 J6 rioters were tourists. FBI illegally raided Mar-a-Lago and planted fake evidence. Horse paste cures hoax COVID. Trump is a successful honest businessman in perfect health with an enormous dick. After you stop believing all this crap expect great shame. Never forget Jan 6th - fork Trump and everyone in his orbit - true patriots don’t tolerate current GOP, MAGA and Trumpism
jeremynewberger United States The J6 insurrectionists were tourists. The FBI illegally raided Mar-a-Lago and planted fake evidence. Horse paste cures that hoax COVID. Trump is a successful honest businessman in perfect health with an enormous dick. After you stop believing all this crap expect great shame. Mr. Newberger: a Political Satirist, Emmy nominated Filmmaker, TV Director, joke writer, and world class Schmendrick. Are you following me yet?
PabloNazareno1 @caslernoel @GOP Lest we forget: Trump actively suppressed the situation re. Covid and supported nonsensical cures and treatments as he felt the news would reflect on his poll nos. Many hundreds of thousands died as a result of this self-serving decision. Just a grumpy old snowflake
TomGreg05368229 @RonFilipkowski @AVindman And Bleach cures Covid. And President Barrack Obama was born in Kenya. And Trump University was not a scam. And President Biden lost the election. How anyone can believe anything this grifter says is beyond me. Someone learning to live in retirement in a country I thought I knew.
Reeinventurself @Breakuptheecho @eturleye @Garrett_Archer Sadly, even a second rate hack like Biden did better than Trump. Let's face it, Trump lost by a landslide and he lost because people would rather have a loaf of bread as president than someone who thinks injecting bleach cures covid. He lost jobs that Obama created Nuance. I keep falling off the bandwagon.
AddieShepherd19 @GeorgePapa19 Like COVID, think about the one million who would have lived if Trump acted early and didn’t like about fake cures. I'm an 13-year-old Australian Shepherd with a keen mind and an affinity for Frisbee.
VictorKoman Southern California @EricG1247 Democrats denounced and suppressed cures for Covid because Trump publicized them, so your side KILLED MILLIONS. Communism is the Meth of the Elites. Use-of-Farce & Gender-Parody Expert. IT PhD, Agorist Archives Head Librarian. Three-time Prometheus Award-winning novelist.
BiffWhipster Austin, TX, MLKY W, UNVRS @blind_mowing @RichKiss1955 @PamelaHensley22 About what? How I would have handled Covid? You realize that if tRump had just said on day 1 to wear masks and social distance, he’d still be President. His inaction, and intentional denial of the seriousness of Covid killed a lot of people. Lie, a lot. I’m just a dude whose laziness only allows for armchair punditry. He/him #roevwade #lgbtqrights #votebluein2022
SatiricusRex United States @Thygar @ByzCat @xan_desanctis Remember all of the snake-oil COVID cures hawked by Donald Trump & his Dominionist supporters? Aspiring God Emperor of Satirical Commentary; Sing along with my Personal Anthem, “Sowing The Seeds Of Love” by Tears For Fears, at
CollegeLinkNJ @TimRunsHisMouth And wasn't it. Trump who said that windmills cause cancer, and revolutionary war soldiers protected our airports , and drinking bleach cures COVID, and he won the election by millions of votes, California needs to sweep their forest floors and our great national park Yo - Semite. .
IgnorantMagan @laurenboebert Kind of how Trump would blame blue cities for Covid but not red? That is after he finally acknowledged it existed six months too late. Oh and while we was touring fake cures on live TV and bashing his own health team. Fox “News” and Hunters laptop are the extent of my political knowledge. I just need to know where to send my check to support Trumps’s golf game.
DevorahLeah Boston @hotpinkrush40 @sachnowitz @BulwarkOnline @YouTube And Mr Trump then spent months denying COVID was really a problem and spreading numerous myths about it, as well as promoting numerous false cures & demonizing scientists. That was a big problem & it contributed to the deaths of millions. media historian, radio consultant, professor, author of six books & many articles, discovered the rock group Rush & we've been friends for 48 years!
JDLyonsVoiceman Worldwide TV, and Webcasts @atrupar Ha! Drug dealers are rookies, not even in the minor league compared to trump who killed hundreds of thousands of people with his Covid denials and numbskill bleach and bright light cures. Ring Announcer, Boxing, MMA, HBO International, ESPN, ShoBox, Ocean Addict
paulowens782 Las Vegas, NV When Donald Trump said not to take Covid so seriously, right after he almost died from it, that was before vaccines and before Paxlovid and other incredible cures. Now that Biden says it's not so serious, he's right and living proof of it. Now we DO have those combative things. #ConvictTrump ✌️👍🗣👨‍🦰🧢🧢🧢🧢🥏🧩🛴🚙📘
LeftwardSwing The Osage Nation @sdavis1945 @Richard89621318 @NLFD_org Oh and BTW, you don't even understand what the Covid vaccines do at all. They keep you from dying, derp. Want to take a guess what states have the highest % of Covid kill rates? Trump country red states. Cope. We speak facts on the left. Osage. Theh-wah-hoyn Pah-huhn-leh Kah-xah Pee. Eco-Socialist, RT's =/= endorsements. She/her. #PoorPeoplesCampaign #MedicareForAll #MMIW #MarkedByCOVID
ElieNYC NY Me: So let me get this straight: I get Covid and Trump get raided? Good: Yes. Me: What’s the catch? God: Well… Me: Actually don’t tell me. I’m in. [popcorn.gif only with Paxlovid] Justice Correspondent: @thenation. Alfred Knobler Fellow: @typemediacenter Str:12 Dex:8 Con:15 Int:13 Wis:10 Char:14 Author: Allow Me To Retort
jeremynewberger United States The J6 insurrectionists were tourists. The FBI illegally raided Mar-a-Lago and planted fake evidence. Horse paste cures that hoax COVID. Trump is a successful honest businessman in perfect health with an enormous dick. After you stop believing all this crap expect great shame. Mr. Newberger: a Political Satirist, Emmy nominated Filmmaker, TV Director, joke writer, and world class Schmendrick. Are you following me yet?
ZaleskiLuke What is still baffling and troubling on many levels is the fact that all trump had to do was act like a normal US president during Covid and he would’ve rallied the country around the pandemic response, unified America, and won the election and he just wouldn’t do it because why? Legal Affairs Editor, Condé Nast, longtime/former Research Director @GQMagazine Head of fact-checking ‘The Resistance’ #truthhurts
2sticktruckin Virginia @ChrisJansing @NBCNews Good, one less Trump voter. Slowly with their batcrap craziness and lack of Covid vaccination they’ll rid this country of their warped brains. truck driver extraordinaire, wine aficionado, love my pets, peripatetic 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🇫🇷🇨🇦🇮🇹🇨🇭
deviya111 Wintery, nominee from 2021, loved Trump, firearms and didn’t like government nor masks or the vaccine. Covid liberated him from his Earthly shackles before the winter.
abstractheory @SquashTheCheeto @michaeljknowles You think a magat cares about this country? They don't care about anything but hurting the rest of us, and if hurting America hurts us, and Trump's the one behind it, they'd worship him even harder. It's not just A cult, it's a death cult. Covid showed us that much. Writer-bit of a drinker-Expat, Somebody, and Traveler who's lived on four continents. Local boy made good. Reluctant Mensan.
philroc99 Atlanta, GA @UnfazedWil @QuinnJKChase @DonaldJTrumpJr Sure blame him and not the global pandemic, Covid. Also be sure to ignore that more people died from Covid under Biden's partial run as POTUS than Trump's term in the office. Typical dumb bottom liberal. Ignore the facts. Entrepreneur, sports fanatic, golfer, & decadence, I has it!
anthonycookppc Vancouver, BC So the FBI raids Trump over documents to be archived 18 months after he left office, meanwhile Obama's documents aren't archived yet after 5 years and he's blaming Covid even though that started 3 years after he left office. Things that make you go Huh? The pro from Dover CEO of Vancouver Eastern Regional #PPC Association
LindaHu14367111 @mykola @POTUS Why is that youvthink Biden can dictate what conclusions the CDC reports? Trump did THAT crap. Do I agree with the CDC? No. But I won't blame a president that has proven, time & time, again that he gives a damn. And, I have been living with Long Covid for over two years. Long Covid...The disabled vastly outnumber the dead...Do what you will, harm none. FYI Liberal Kentuckians fight back... Nolite te bastardes carborundorum! ...
popopcurran @FoxNews He went on vacation.When he comes back it will be doubled😝He sat in his basement and won the Whitehouse.He had covid and trump appointed officials and Trump inner circle have Trump up
MonkeyBad_ @benshapiro You seem like a smart guy, but you act like you do not understand how gas prices work and the damage that trump did to the economy as well as the impacts of COVID as well as the other myriad of world issues that impact oil
Michinbandido Fort Lauderdale @GOPChairwoman Holy crap your brain was eaten by trash trump stupidity, yesterday it was defund the FBI and the police, today is the mess that @GOP created with Covid that forked the economy, abs still want to blame Biden!!!! fork people who wants to destroy America=@GOP
Etherinator San Diego, California @stephanesia @malawiflames @lookatmyuserid @AndrewYang Trump may have done something with taxes or idk what, maybe not. I just voted him last time because I do believe that he worried more about America as a whole then himself or another agenda. Things were going great before COVID and riots I believe. Truths will come out… Crypto investor! peace love freedom trying to uncover the truths never told and expose the lies of the financial/political cartel 🇺🇸 🤑🤑🤑🇺🇸🍻
HawksBearsCubs My heart: Chicago. Me: STL Remember how we used to play "imagine if Obama had done this?" Let's play "imagine if the CDC did this and Trump was President." Nevermind that the CDC is an independent agency, people would absolutely lose their crap that CDC was suddenly like "covid ain't a big deal, y'all" Blackhawks. Bears. Cubs. STLFC. Blues. MO State. Politics. Dumb things.Proud Meatball. My words are backed by nuclear weapons.
buffalorose2 United States @maggieNYT @gtconway3d Trump is making a joke and a fundraiser from putting our country at risk. He didn’t care who died from covid, or about our veterans of police being injured on Jan 6. He completely lacks empathy or compassion.
TJPIRATE Greenville, NC @newsmax Cult Democrats took care of Covid, but took care of Trump, small businesses, and working Americans first. Vote RED in November and get these Nazis out of our government. sports, people, news
Starznreyes @RALPHYD7 @US_taxpayer @PlesEndIt @TheDjOblivion @BruinJustine @MADSENSORY @tomselliott I think I can’t stand pestilent corruption. He will be charged and you know only money would keep him free. Twice as disgusting. Will never forgive Trump for 1/2 million unnecessary Covid deaths either. Freedom to choose. Not afraid of Caravans,Hoaxes, or Wokeness,oh my…I want a tolerant, educated world.
KershawJesse @CherylO85 @kathy_trump @witrayler @BillKristol Next you'll say "you probably believe covid killed ppl. And Soros isn't paying crisis actors" I feel bad for you and you don't even understand enough to get that. This is my United States of whatever
bonedaddybadass Dems/ RINOs: - banned families from seeing their loved ones and from burying them - allowed 2020 riots - ignored cancer and diabetic treatments and screenings for COVID - impeached Trump and investigated him for 6 years - sued to keep MTG off GA ballot - raided Trump's home
SocialWorkerLSW Illinois, USA @kareemjeanjr @JoeHsieh24 @mmpadellan Trump tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power, he’s spreading lies for profit & power instead of doing what’s best for America and lets not even talk about how he botched COVID Leaders who demand loyalty & blame innocent ppl when caught are dictators not presidents 💙#Jesus✝️#BlueCrew #Resist💙#MedicareForAll #GOPTaxScam #ProChoice #MeToo #LGBTQIA #BLM #MECFS😷#GunSafety #FBR SHE/HER💙REGISTER:NODisrespect2Jesus
commodore997 NYC/Dyker Hts. @RonnyJacksonTX You also lied to us about Trump's condition when he caught Covid! And we knew it from the get go just by your face expression!!! Now we have proof that he was near death. Lies are always short lived. Show me what u can? LOL. WARNING: Anyone offering crypto investments gets blocked!!!
robinsonmeyer Washington, DC @MattZeitlin really interesting to think about whether a biden who won in 2016 would’ve leaned as hard into reindustrialization, the aesthetics were right and the 2008 “green jobs” meme suggests yes, but the trump shock and covid bottlenecks were key to the new consensus… Staff writer, @TheAtlantic, covering climate & energy. Cofounder, @COVID19Tracking Proud member, @theatlunion Subscribe to my free newsletter ⬇
Brandonsux3 @MeidasTouch @BearNRW73 you are early retired due to covid? and you are anti trump! are stoopid or a mo.ron? 🍊🚛🩸🐸🗽 NO amount of evidence will persuade an idiot!
polka_edward @NickAdamsinUSA How about the LIES he to the American people about Covid and 1000's died!!!! Tell their loved ones that LYING TRUMP never lied!!!!
AzKELLYcom ÜT: 33.541599,-112.266062 @TheGirlScout_ @justinbaragona Hope he right. Remember the #ACA and 90% of you keep your doctor. Biden Covid relief will not cause #Inflation Trump will reduce #Nationaldebt Sadly the fan favorite "Gotcha - I Gotcha back!" is what the 90% seem to like best. Arizona Transplant, Proud USAF vet. been called Goldwater Republican Semi Retired at 40 debt free.
julia_doubleday Washington DC @danaturalleague I have no idea what issue Biden and Trump supporters could have with each other on the COVID response at this pt. I can’t even tell their replies to my tweets about COVID apart anymore. They need to kiss and make up cause “let ppl die” is bipartisan International and domestic politics; Deputy Director, Committee LLC; co-host @committeepro; Julie Oliver for Congress 2020, Beto for Senate 2018, Bernie 2016
pjmcduffie4 Odum Ga @RepLizCheney And your a traitor, Covid was no accident, Covid was leashed on our citizens to make people turn away from Trump and you have crossed over the line, Or have you always been there 🤔 Christian.Husband.Father,American
TiMoudou Toronto, Ontario @mikepompeo What did you do for parents and schools when you were working for paper eater Trump? You Republicans let them all down by unleashing COVID at them. Killed almost 1M people and turned thousands of children orphans under your watch A warrior/The pandemic is real- COVID is AIRBORNE/compassionate towards others in particular elders, disables and children/ Believe in Democracy & Womens rights
BethReam1 @tesicram @Christi63135870 @be_infringed @ExInfantryGrunt @POTUS Because tRump did not do his job! Did you think Covid would just go away because tRump was not the President any longer? Covid was still going to be here and people were going to die! This was already a train going very fast with the brakes not working!
MtthewRubiin Pittsburgh, PA ok am i crazy or has joe biden done more to spread covid and tear down public health response to a pandemic than donald trump, at least in terms of like actual government policy I sometimes tweet about things that make me mad. He/Him.
frankabrenner Chitown @AlexiRogi @hodgetwins Biden is actually doing a fairly good job. He's gotten congress to pass bills, managed COVID vaccine roll out well, and worked some unsavory voodoo with SA to get gas prices down. More than Trump did at this mark. All Don did was pass a horrible tax plan that made my taxes go up. Writer, reader, artist, doer of projects, rationalist, left- minded, right-handed, soup for my family, drummer, jazz enthusiast, enjoy whisky and cold beer.

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