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theReal16067419 Assisting Donald Trump cures COVID-19 And You Won't Believe the Reason Real.
Twostones00 Trump was told it cures Covid and stupidity. Let it rain! Activist, environmentalist, film photographer, union supporter, pilot, musician and defender of the meek. NEVER trust Republicans. I'm vaccinated
dlidyoffyahooc1 @thedailybeast I never realized what an idiot Waker was until he started promoting the republican fantasy cures for covid, containing snake venom, piss and feces. He obviosly got the recipie from the uneducated family of Trump's, who push all crap items they had made in China's sweat shops.
j2dumfounded A redwood forest, California🌲 @abfabsabs @clearing_fog @brahmresnik @ruelaswritings @jennycohn1 AFLD is a CNP project. They have brought us Dr. Simone Gold, Leigh Dundas, and Florida’s recently replaced surgeon general Labado. Political deep dives, long threads, lists, & legion typos. Alphabet soup of CNP, FARA, GQP, & RU interests. The body you vaccinate may just survive 🦠
Khaja_1 Maine, USA @Jim_Jordan Your pal Trump was President then. If finding the origins of Covid is so important why didn’t he do something to get the answer? We all know why. He was too busy with his creepy cures to pay attention to real medicine and the science behind it. I speak the truth about Donald Trump. Sometimes with a bit of humor. I have a Voice and a Vote!
TMtfromcc @JacksonLahmeyer 5 inconvenient truths for MAGAs: 1. 1A prohibits a national religion and protects religious freedom. 2. Trump LOST, by a landslide 3. Fox lies on COVID are killing mostly unvaxxed MAGAs 4. Oath Keepers, Proud Boys are domestic terrorists 5. Ivermectin cures parasites, not COVID Guitarist, father, husband, humanist . . . but losing patience and concerned about the future of humanity. I follow back, but following back is a 2-way street.
KoganMike Jacksonville, Florida @catturd2 Trump was part of corona bros preventing cures and killing with the vax Misanthrope
ValkyrieRiding @AliAbunimah @JoeBiden And lots of people are 100% certain horse dewormer cures covid. Also, that Trump won the 2020 election. And that the Jan 6 insurrection was really antifa. Add your Biden fantasy to the list.
johnpaulmatthe2 @SkipyGrim @newsmax @RandPaul Always good to see Trump's little people who are in denial of the reality around them. Let me guess - January 6th was just another day in Washington and Bleach cures one of Covid?
James99229887 @MuracoThe @elbarto_113 @GeorgeTakei @billmaher And Trump won and drinking pee cures Covid right? Talk about stupid statements 🤣🤣
dlowther715 California Let's check in with the @GOP and Trump supporters to get the latest cures for COVID-19. Interweb Crank CPA/MBA Algorithms are Idiots All the Expletives
twobigpuppies SW Jersey, near Philly If, as trump supporters claim, Ivermectin cures Covid-19 then why are they now restoring to drinking their own pee is cure Covid. Are these people mentally deranged? Obviously they are and they vote for trump US Army Retired. 70-93 Airborne! Letter Carrier Retired. Pfizer Vaxxed. I believe in Science & Facts. & Facts say trump lost. fork trump. Born on 9-11
tempest1956 Bradenton, FL I’m sorry, but fork these idiots. If they want to drink piss, and swallow dewormer for horses, I say let them. Maybe trump will shove a UV light up their stupid asses. retired air traffic controller. life long Democrat. Father of 3. Air Force Vet.
garytha41304731 williamston ,south carolina @FoxNews This is a person who I bet drinks pee.and thinks it cures Covid 19.btw inbreds,we have more faith in biden.then we every did with Trump.he did not care if we died or not. #fox #MAGA #Trump 60 live in south carolina.bama football , vaccinated. DM NO DM NO DM NO DM disabled. Heart Failure. #BLM #Independent #vaccinated. #420friendly #LGBTQ
Bernade88359301 Albany, NY @HIHKatharine And were Trump's REALLY news conferences @ChrisCillizza?? Weren't they more raging rants, lies, ridiculous cures for COVID and shouting matches with helicopter rotors. And when questions got tough (rarely) he either "couldn't hear" or "had to go." Do better, Chris! Happily married, proud Mom, retired legal asst., news follower, Biden voter, no DMs please.
Brent_R Texas An organization got ahold of a DARPA internal memo from 2020 that said Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Interferon are CURES for Covid-19. They have let millions die over politics. To them YOU AND I ARE NOTHING compared to getting Trump out of office. Insane!!! You can't praise violence, racism, hate or cancelling in any form, no matter what the person cloaks themselves in. Following unprincipled guarantees you're next
myrshdc DC Twitter is starting to get boring. It’s the same everyday..”trump indictment imminent..republicans coming up with dumbass covid cures as opposed to taking the vaccine..manchin and Sinema forking up our agenda..” #VoteBlueIn2022 true Oreo cookie connoisseur, diehard Philly sports fan, #jailTFG
moinqueens Queens, NY Sen. Paul and the rest of the republicans are trying to blame Dr. Fauci because it shields the true person responsible for this mess. Trump, knew from the beginning what Covid was, he downplayed it, discouraged masks and made testing scarce and pushed bogus cures.
Imissbarack1 @SundaeDivine Silly @SundaeDivine, it's not Democrat pee that cures Covid. And if the pee was free, they would know it was Democrat pee. If Trump doesn't make a profit on it somehow, it won't cure you.
LinasTrudi @tayandmae Of course Trump lies - that’s his brand and behavior even before he was Pres. Messaging from the CDC, NIH , and medical leaders were not lies, just changing as we learn more re Covid. Dangerous, phony cures must be negated , not tolerated. Unite around science and proven facts.
DDastardly4 @DavidHu20354920 @Most_Maximus @joerogan Meanwhile, Trump, who is fat, old, pre diabetic, and likely has many health issues took the same treatment and recovered in days too. If they had effective protocol that cures covid in two days, who would take the vaccine before all the safety data was released? Let’s get it together people. Reason is our weapon and love is our resistance. Our ideologies and disagreements are secondary.
srwchristian California, USA The MAGA Covid cures are sounding more and more like Trump’s sexual escapades. I know a little bit about some stuff - enough to be annoying. Questionable music taste. science fiction nerd
SeanBar68791959 Portland, OR @jbsteinhardt But also weirdly timely—the deadly vape and train wreck music fest came before the real tainted vape and fyre festival, Decker is a Trump-like buffoon who ends up in the Oval Office, and Heidecker’s character (Heidecker) was anti-vax and peddling quack cures years before Covid
stoner253420 Patches house @realKyleKeegan I'm amazed they don't tell them Trump steaks cures Covid and cancer. They don't think business like. 🤣🤣🤣 I heard licking a cat's butthole protects you from Covid too. I only tweet when I think of something clever, so...I won't be taking up too much of your time. #ButterscotchPatches #DealingWithTrumpholes #PatchesTheDog
Nana_Roxie1 Montebello, CA @BlackKnight10k Trump and the Trumptards is what has happened to this country. There is a unhinged and idiotic antivaxxer who is going around telling people to drink their own urine to cure covid. There is also the belief that viagra cures covid and dirt from Canada. Wife, mother, G-mom I work for the Children of L A County.
daretoleap Toronto, Ontario, Canada @Marie77912461 @ananavarro Read the facts. This article is from Dec. 2020 . Trumps real objective was to win the election at all costs,not help people. He politicized the vaccine and perpetuated ridiculous false "cures" that potentially contributed to thousands of deaths from COVID! Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Trainer
PaulFly93072102 Huntington Beach, CA 92647 @JesseKellyDC Tucker Carlson just came out and said that Viagra cures COVID, Another anti vaxxer claimed drinking your own urine cures COVID. Trump said injecting Bleach cures COVID. How can you not laugh at these clueless Republican idiots? Stupid is what stupid does strong democrat, compassionate
PaulFly93072102 Huntington Beach, CA 92647 @rckmrktng @Cernovich @adamcurry @THErealDVORAK Did you hear Tucker Carlson just came out and said that Viagra cures COVID another anti vaxxer a.sho.le said that drinking urine cures COVID. Trump said injecting bleach and disinfectants cures COVID. The alt Right and the GOP are nothing but a joke. strong democrat, compassionate
azataslanyan Glendale, ca @EM_RESUS What do you know? Just because you had 8 years of medical education suddenly you feel like you're an expert on Covid? Have you seen the proof on Youtube on how fast urine cures covid? and it also prevents covid. Why do you think President Trump was into urine therapy?
penstinger Pickle Jar IT CURES #COVID...or so the #QAnonCult and #Trump'ers ae saying. Activist tired of gridlock in Washington DC, and the world's inability to take Climate Change seriously. Fully Vaccinated-you should be too. #Demcast #VoteBlue
Convict__TRUMP Urine cures COVID, Christopher Key, recently arrested Alabama anti-vaxxer, falsely claims. Go ahead MAGA, drink your urine, and the bleach, and the horse de-wormer. God!!! you are a stupid bunch of cult followers! 💙 #VoteBlue 💙 #Resistance 💙 #Resist 💙 #GOPHypocrisy #GOPSedition #TrumpIsGuilty #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #GOPDomesticTerrorists NO DMs!! .
BombayBevo Nottingham, England @rhysc89 @Cadmarch @mollymaehague Because he got conned........so like Trump talking about cures for covid bleach and light that goes directly into your body he is the Trump of tennis Vet Royal Signals, Patriot......believes in karma Do good feel good........sending good vibes
ToddJohnson1965 Colorado, USA @HouseGOP @GOPLeader Republicans have fought mask mandates from the start. You’ve got a few spewing conspiracy theories about ivermectin and mouth wash cures covid. You’ve been sowing doubt in the vaccine since trump lost Sheetmetal Worker/TAB Tech(retired) LifeSafety/IAQ
DoItBrownies Myrtle Beach, SC @GOPLeader What f*cking world do you live in? Trump allowed covid to spread and GQP is pushing ivermectin, piss and viagra as cures. Infrastructure bill passed that Americans wanted. Unemployment is 3.9% which you touted during Trump's reign of terror. Child tax credit. Just a lifetime female Browns fan. Retired. Democrat.
beavis617 Brooklyn NY... @LieslTrapp1 @DonaldJTrumpJr You're probably from the drinking urine cures Covid -19 camp... Probably agreed with Trump about opening people up and spraying bleach inside them... So I am definitely not listening to you... Brooklyn born and in Brooklyn I still roam... I love this place... It's been home all my life.. Not a Trumper... Sorry... I don't respond to DM's That's It .
WildWestShow4 WildWest @anyonewantchips Watch it morp to it's Trump's pee that cures covid. At that point Trump's greatest aspirations are complete. He will charge his followers outrageous amounts for drops of his miracle pee. They'll buy it and thus literally & figuratively he's giving the whole cult a golden shower. Ranting about politics & the world because I have to. #Wildplaces #Wildlife #Climatescience #Resist
farfelpippic Austin, TX @EricIdle They heard that Trump has a pee tape and assumed it was him talking about how pee cures COVID. Actor, programmer, political gadfly. Democratic Socialist and anti-fascist by birth -- mother was Dutch and in Underground in WWII.
ARudeLiberal Mayor of Sassy Land @BobbyG_37 @thelastpinkcar @beebopboop5 @LifeAndWealthBC @debkenn123 @AnneGaviola First off? We wouldn't have any deaths from COVID under Biden if trump had taken it seriously in the first place, instead of blowing it off and pushing quack cures. Second? How many Marines died in Afghanistan while trump was president? At least Biden got us out of there! Biden won, COVID is real, vaccines work, the earth is round and water is wet. It's not my fault you're an idiot.
FrankMc09835119 This scheme should not be a surprise to anyone who has followed Trump's wild and unsupported claims of the election being stolen from him. Hairbrained schemes fit perfectly in line with Trump's claims of cures for Covid and his imagined the nefarious deep state attacking him.
mlalex43 Bowie, Md @LisaRuest1 @watermelonpunch @camila_bijoux @paulxharris @DrEricDing We blamed Trump because he said the virus was a hoax, would disappear, downplayed it, etc. He got vaccine but spent more time pushing unproven “cures”. And now GOP governors, judges, are blocking mask, vaccine mandates. They are literally helping Covid spread to blame Biden. Retired former Staff Director of the Senate's Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.
SwiftiePaulie Glendale,AZ @joncoopertweets I wouldn’t pardon trump if he held the secret cure for cancer Covid and any other cures that he got from the 👽 😝 8 months older than Scott Swift, my picture is how I looked in 1989, my repu-Tay-tion precedes me.
DJCarroll101 @jeremynewberger I wouldn’t put it passed them. They are already dying from COVID because they refused the vacinne and using ”cures” like horse worming, bleach & other nonsense that Trump promoted.
tomhardly A local elected politician and member of the Oath Keepers, a far right "militia," @davideastmanjr that attended the January 6th Trump rally can be seen here hosting a "listening session" about quack cures for COVID and made up claims by a woman in scrubs about the vaccine. Daughter of the Fifth House, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, and Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed
jeffhubbs Greater Atlanta, GA It was Birx who sat by helplessly while Trump famously mused in a press conference covered on live television about injecting disinfectant and shining light into the body as COVID cures. Owner of Mid-Atlantic Consulting, providing services associated with energy systems and climate change research. Also active in electronics and music.
jeffhubbs Greater Atlanta, GA The way things played out after that is a matter of record. Trump continued to downplay the threat and promote quack cures even as NYC hospitals were loading up refrigerated trailers with COVID deceased in March and April 2020. Owner of Mid-Atlantic Consulting, providing services associated with energy systems and climate change research. Also active in electronics and music.
GilGamish3 @Max_Media819 @JesseKellyDC Jesse is a moron. The reason Trump didn't die from covid was because he was treated with drugs non wealthy people can't afford. And he wasn't treated with any of the quack cures he was promoting promoting like hydroxychloroquine. Bulldog fan. Exposing the charlatans.
GilGamish3 @JesseKellyDC Because only rich people can get the care that Trump got when he got covid. And if you notice he wasn't treated with any of those quack cures you guy are always pushing. You are really a moron Jesse. Bulldog fan. Exposing the charlatans.
goodbye56789 Actually,@JaneTimkenOH Dems have won on every front. And if you have to lie about that, then that’s on you. And BTW, covid -Trump Virus- was left for Pres Biden because Trump ignored it, ignored vaccines, then gave fake cures. And like Afghanistan, Biden has to clean up his mess BIDEN HARRIS! We did it. We RESISTED. Truth matters. Don’t boo, vote. Georgia matters. Focus on the senate..BLM. 🌊🌊
mama_feral Rent Free In Your Head @KJ2013JK It is so unfortunate many lives were lost because of Trump’s incompetence as president, the politicization of Covid, the lying about unproven cures, and the vaccine. It’s any wonder people did not trust it. But now, there is no excuse—the vaccine has been lifesaving. #GetTheJab Proud feral mama, political junkie, happy potty mouth podcaster, crazy Creole. #Resistance #Progressive #MilitaryWife #CovidSurvivor No DMs.
theRollDdice United States @solgf3 @SteveJacobson50 @lovealaska1105 Man, you are on a losing streak! Trump never said that… = Wrong Hydroxy/Ivermectin are “proven cures” = Lie Remdesivir - kidney failure and fluid in lungs? = No. That’s COVID. Pixel Pusher. King of Ellipses. Dothraki on my father’s side. Bad behavior influencer. Identifies with He/him/I have chocolate. #FBR #ResistTrump🌊

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