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gbama11 Alabama, USA @FoxNews Don't worry. Isn't COVID just a hoax 2 bring down Trump's approval rating? @seanhannity told us it was no big deal. Rush Limbaugh said it was the common cold. Laura Ingram will B passing out cures like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and, 4 this Nu variant, mayonnaise likely. Not a Qanon hydroxychloroquine demon semen sympathizer
AlisonChainsCA California, USA @amandablount2 I’d rather her spend money on useful things like cookware than trump flags, hats, and quack covid cures. Earthling, US citizen, CA resident. Supporter of #commonsense & leaving the world better than I found it. #resist My 🌈 cat IS judging you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
bigdaddywags_ Las Vegas, NV More Dems are dead from COVID than Repubs! Why? …b/c Dems won’t search out truth & accept fake news and Fauci as gospel and don’t know about therapeutic cures. Question is why are Dems and fake news so willing to thin out their own heard just because they hate Trump so much? God, Family, Country in that order
WorldFall22 @ladymisswolfe @kallmemeg In Vitro is not much of a test. Was similar right wing hype about that HCQ and that does not cure Covid. Humans are generally not great at finding fast “cures” for viruses. The more advanced Expensive monoclonal antibody treatments are closest at min. Like what Trump Had UK
Megatron_God @cindyray73 @MagicMeese @lynnd87 @robertw36517796 @POTUS You do know that every single major organization has said there's more people that have died with covid-19 under Biden than there was under Trump right and that's with three vaccines and a pill that cures it within 4 days like you're now just lying to lie I have returned. Welcome to the $#!+ show
GlobalBoomer Global Former Trump adviser Scott Atlas blames Deborah Birx + Anthony Fauci for “headline-dominating debacles” about quack #Covid19 cures but omits mentioning chief proponent of snake-oil treatments, including #hydroxychloroquine and disinfectant, was Trump. Enlightened Capitalist + Boomer: born 1946 - 1964. I follow back, if you are not threatened by, + agree, #socialism is not #communism + people trump profits
redwitch497 United States @GOPChairwoman “Americans in counties that voted mostly for Trump were more than three times as likely to die from COVID in October than those in counties that voted mostly for Biden.”
Newslink7com United States In a new book, former Trump adviser Scott Atlas blames Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci for “headline-dominating debacles” about quack cures for Covid-19 Read More on Read Know Talk Worldwide News Website #newslink7 #News #Aggregator We Always have News!
PullPieces On MSN: " Former Trump adviser Scott Atlas blames Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci for “headline-dominating debacles” about quack cures for Covid-19" As if we didn't hear w/our own ears TFG rant about drinking bleach and flashlight enema's! GASLIGHTING! A comedy podcast! SUBSCRIBE at Apple, Google, Spotify, Alexa, Podbean, IHeart radio, Tune in radio & Youtube. #BBBCrew
misguidedsoul7 Rollerskating in buffalo herd An aside on Dr. Zelenko: Rudy pushed him and his Covid cures hard. Zelenko wrote Trump in April 2020 and said failure to provide hydroxychloroquine (with a dash of zinc) would be A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY./ Words. Not worms
murdochtamara1 @seanhannity 😂😂😂! Biden accomplished more in 10 months than the criminal Trump did in 4years! And he has not stated that bleach cures Covid and windmills cause cancer.Nor that raking forests prevents wildfires!
David_desJ @itaisher Having “many people” question experts on whether greenhouse gases warm the planet and whether Trump won the 2020 election and whether ivermectin cures Covid hasn’t actually been all that good.
nezbrun @abbieasr A very low information take. Who is claiming the "Ivermectin cures covid" There are many who claim it's a treatment, but no one's claiming it's a "cure". You don't understand what "Cultural Marxism" is. Now do Covid lab leak & Trump Russia conspiracy and get back to us. I can think for myself, thank you.
Myqin1990 Missouri, USA @Snark_P_Bear @letsgohawksgpg @Strandjunker This isn't how truth works. If Fox News says Ivermectin cures CoVid and Trump agreed, that doesn't make it true. What would make it true is double blind research that shows it. That didn't happen
Filthy41443535 @chaser Obama was obviously just Hilary Clinton in a disguise whilst Obama worked with the CIA to creat Covid to make trump fail and true American patriotic Nazi sympathisers get COVID, so that bill gates could inject our microchip cures. Gosh don't you watch sky. I know I don't know as much as I think I know.
Avaiita Chapel Hill, NC @JoeToole13 @Fufuness1 @SecDebHaaland @POTUS And a dewormer cures Covid 19. Biden won the popular vote becauss so many ppl hate Trump. It was proven in many State courts. Give up. Trump is nuts. Profile pic is wild rabbit in yard. Living with MS. Vegan. 2 yrs ago there were 40-50 butterflies in my garden in summer. This yr ~ 5 due to CC.
Public_Service1 E-A-G-L-E-S Country @Acyn Yep, the press refused to lie about the body count that Trump created by his lies about Covid and the fake cures he pedaled. So unfair. #TrumpIsAWhineyBitch Fiscally Responsible, Socially Liberal Scientist exposing the willfully ignorant to facts on a regular basis. Become a hero & save lives: #GetVaxxed
goodbye56789 @FrankLuntz This article blames everyone but Trump, who ignored covid, said it would be gone in a few days, gave fake cures, disregarded experts, divided our country and profited off cures/ppe.Had he not been selfish to win an election we wouldn’t be here. Of course Murdoch’s WSJ spews lies. BIDEN HARRIS! We did it. We RESISTED. Truth matters. Don’t boo, vote. Georgia matters. Focus on the senate..BLM..NY-NC 🌊🌊
torstrick "Fauci has been a controversial figure during the pandemic, in part because of his public clashes with President Donald Trump over Fauci’s support for masks and opposition to unproven covid cures." Also in part because he's been caught lying to the American public so many times. Atheist, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, left of you. Streetside madman. #LeftIsBeths
ScallyNancy @TheEliKlein @JackNas51331300 This is even more surprising since the Democrats tried to make COVID as deadly as possible when Trump was in office. Here’s how: - Dem governors placed COVID patients into nursing homes. - Cures (HCQ and IVM) were blocked. #COVID19 #vaccine #coronavirus #Biden #Trump #Fauci Former teacher and current grandmother of three. Now retired, I have returned to my second love, art.
pjmooney Berkeley, California WP: Accusation about experiments with Beagles that angered so many is false. “Fauci has been a controversial figure during the pandemic in part because of his public clashes with Trump over Fauci’s support for masks and opposition to unproven covid cures.” US journalist based in China from 1994-2012. Moved to Rangoon 2014, now in Hanoi studying Vietnamese. US Army Vietnam Veteran, USMCR. 自由撰稿人,在台北,香港,北京, 仰光工作30多年。
redwondereroft1 Carlisle, arkansas @Mns202021 @chr0m4t1c @ScottAdamsSays Lol…you don’t think Trump had cognitive problems? The man couldn’t string a sentence together without going on incoherent tangents about nonsensical things. FFS, he asked his medical staff if they would test injecting bleach and isopropyl as possible covid cures Patriot and speaker of truth
GROWUPREPUBLIC1 @seanhannity Rebuild? Trump lost a net 3 million jobs. tanked the economy, Forced a bailout of farmers/China tariffs. held kids in cages for months, and told us Hydroxychlorquine cures Covid. Hannity thinks Trump is the answer? Everyone isn't dumb in Texas. In the last election 46% of our residents voted BLUE! Time to clean out this den of Republican vipers in Austin and Washington!
mickey07727429 United States @AlexJonesWs Selling fake Covid cures, vitamins and phony conspiracy theories doesn’t make you right, it makes you a loser like Trump. Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country.
oregonsandstorm USA / EUA @kylegriffin1 Trump was never serious about fighting Covid; he hired unqualified personnel, pushed unproven cures and left state/local gov’ts to fend for themselves. The results: #1 in reported cases and deaths in the world. Consultant, Retail/Economic Sci. Life's eternal student/étudiant de la vie. Opinions are mine/C'est mon avis. GET VACCINATED, IT SAVES LIVES.
EhrlichMd Clermont, FL @Mwam1993_ … the young doctors and nurses who have risked their lives caring for Covid pts while dealing with shortages of everything, including low pay, while trump et al encouraged ppl to refuse to wear masks, and take idiotic ‘cures’ as he enriched himself. Retired physician living in Clermont, FL. married for 50 years in December 2018. A life long Hurricane fan. It’s all about the U!
Kamakykee Los Angeles, CA @Tempest111 @jimmy_dore @cenkuygur @AnaKasparian Anyone promoting Jimmy Dore as an honest actor is an imbecile. And I do believe in russiagate…just like I believe that Tulsi is a progressive, ivermectin cures covid, electing trump will be a good thing, and the Supreme Court is not that important. gtfoh We’re not gonna get good govt until legalized bribery is taken out of politics
ByronYork Washington, D.C. 'It would seem that Mr. Biden has done no better than Donald Trump in defeating Covid despite the benefit of vaccines, better therapies, and more clinical experience.' From @WSJopinion: Chief political correspondent, Washington Examiner. Fox News contributor. Author of OBSESSION: INSIDE THE WASHINGTON ESTABLISHMENT'S NEVER-ENDING WAR ON TRUMP.
bennyjohnson WashingtonDC/ New York City Today the Biden Administration announced a Travel Ban on South Africa and 7 other African nations over the “New COVID Variant” Here was Joe Biden and Kamala Harris when Trump banned Travel: Love my Family, God and Pipe Tobacco; not necessarily in that order. The Benny Show — On Podcasts EVERYWHERE 🇺🇸🔥
RandyRRQuaid WORLD STAGE I’m thankful that Trump was not wasted on 4 years of Covid. Trust in Gods plan for 2024. Today will always be Thanksgiving Day and never Biden Surrendered Us To China Day! Hollywood Actor! Born Texan! Film Maker! Artist! @filmsquaid Husband to @evgeniaquaid We have best furry son in the world!!!
shaft_az Tombstone, AZ @WSJ @WSJopinion You should be embarrassed by this article. Trump talked about people drinking disinfectant and said Covid was gonna be down to zero 1.5 years ago
EfhaasC South Carolina @GOPChairwoman Trump banned travel to and from China in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. He was called "xenophobic" by most every democrat and liberal talking head.
enchantdlola @GovRonDeSantis you forced low-wage, non-benefited hospitality workers back to work during the height of the Covid pandemic by denying them the federal unemployment benefits they were due and by refusing to fix Florida's own broken unemployment system. All so Trump's numbers would look better. "I am alive, and drunk on sunlight."
patric_reynolds Portland, OR @GOPChairwoman I know context and nuance aren't really your thing, but Biden actually didn't call travel bans themselves"xenophobic." He was instead referring to Trump's hostile characterization of COVID as the "Chinese virus" and the "Kung Flu." Artist on The Mask, Hellboy & the BPRD, Joe Golem, Aliens, & more. Recovering Teacher. Represented by Comic Art House. Commissions: bob@comicarthouse.com
WeaverFeever @dbseymour And then you'll moan (again) about how Covid has not been contained. So much "Trump" noise... you have learned a lot from your fuhrer! Should we use the saw excuse for crime in Christchurch, or Wellington? You are so lame!
Yolanda24239135 Staten Island, NY @vicky_dollysmom I don’t know who you are but…Years of sobriety pre Covid and post trump, is a feat on to itself. Your laborious acts on a number of levels. To reach & maintain a positive life style can never be diminished by anyone! Take a bow👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #❤️americanotparty
SOFIAHBELL USA @atensnut It's manufactured like covid was, and in time for 2022 elections. Told hubby mo's ago left would come up w/new varient before 2022 elections. Fauci doesn't want Africa travel ban, he didn't want Trump banning travel from China, he wants people infected! Predictable EVIL Left 🌟Believe n Yourself🌟 💫Let Your Voice be Heard💫 Stop Fascism 🇺🇸America Land of the Free🇺🇸 💫One Nation Under GOD💫 🌟#MAGA #TRUMP🌟
paul50078669 @POTUS @JoeBiden @WHO You and Kamala Harris told everyone not to get the Covid vaccines because they were developed during the Trump administration! You phony hypocrite. Jesus is Lord, Country, Family
EllieandLloyd The mind of a child @GOPChairwoman See there’s a difference. Biden is blocking travel to certain countries because of a new variant of Covid, Trump blocked travel based on people not being Christian and having a skin color darker then tan. An imaginary friend and the kid that conjured him. “So much better than real Lloyd” -Dan Beecher. Alt account of @greenfinger1 for politics and stuff
sooverytired @LimpTakes @NumbersMuncher You're not listening. It was a known possibility. It affords him no get out of jail free cards. He made bold claims and fell short. With this logic we could use the "he got unlucky" defense for Trump that covid happened in the first place. Please don't project your political tribalism on to me. Me pointing out why you're dumb doesn't mean I'm on any particular side.
Souplines @CNN didn’t do a hit job trump or pence because they were scared of them so they go after Kamala and joe. This country post Covid is in great shape. Sorry she likes to cook. At least she didn’t play golf 198 times and charge the SS $650 a night to stay in bed bug hotel. I got nothing, but you can always have half
teresainnj New Jersey, USA Businesses lost a lot of money over the last two years because of Covid and Donald Trump‘s lousy management of the crisis. Now they’re raising prices to make that profit back and they don’t care what it does to Americans. And this has nothing to do with Biden because they also 1/ #stillwithher #TeamPete . #KHiveAdjacent
carlosmorenojr Los Angeles @toddstarnes What Trump did wrong was that Covid wasn’t coming from Africa. It was coming from China and EU. This new variant is coming from the continent of Africa and we need to take care of this. Your false rhetoric is that of a fifth grader. Stop it! Point Actor - Dream big! Grow by living out of your comfort zone. Love unconditionally. Forgive. Don't give up. - It's not over, until YOU WIN!
FruetelJon Joe Biden has done no better than Donald Trump in defeating Covid despite the benefit of vaccines, better therapies, and more clinical experience. Here we go!
TommyRobertsJR Trump closed the borders and covid cases dropped Biden opened them up and covid cases went up.
The_Rjones Minnesota, USA @Breaking911 When Trump was president, every single COVID death was blamed on Trump. Now that Biden is president, and more have died on his watch, all the deaths are being blamed on republican governors and the unvaccinated. Bible believing Christian, Husband, father, worker.
1veteranC @JoeBiden More people died w Covid under Biden, yet he called Trump the murderer. Biden called the previous admin’s travel restrictions xenophobic and racist but his own restrictions necessary. Biden is the worst kind of hypocrite who will say anything and destroy anyone for power. Patriot truth teller
GammonJoye Mexico south of Cancun @JoeNBC Yes, and here we go with another round of deaths from Covid. Americans, especially in the South have forgotten all about it. People that live in SC have neglected that science. Please, Mr. President, don't let them come to America like Trump. Stop Now! Newspaper/Retired Living the Life!
RHd1995 🇺🇸 @NickAdamsinUSA What I hated most about Trump was his racist and xenophobic travel ban, when covid first broke. We can all be thankful that Biden would never do something so hateful. We the people are getting tired of the Anti-American sentiment from the left. We the people need to unite and take our country back before it's too late.
mcginty_timmy @Rj472 @therealraj61 @Rob_Lopez @realLizUSA Quit calling it a vaccine. Vaccines provide broad protection. You can still get covid and transmit to others. It’s more of a flu shot that Trump brought to market Can ya get sick drinkin’ piss?