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222sally California @tax_concerned @TeamTrump You forget Trump lied about Covid and suggested poisons as cures and preventatives, 100s of 1000s more Americans died that should have. World traveling, BA Medieval Studies & BA Italian, MA Humanities, Proud UCD Cal Aggie Alum, UCDathletics SacKings SFGiants, MedievalClassicStudies Italophile
NWAlikechicken @xProudPapax @JoeBiden I got all the vaccines and I’m fine. My whole family has it and they are all fine. You understand that people die from even the safest vaccines/cures in the world? It’s not specific to Covid vaccine. And yes that vaccine. Look it up. Trump takes credit to this day cowboys/blazers/Red Sox
BlueJayBoo @suzyinthesun_s Always. The GOP are scammers plain and simple. Trump is their mob boss that opened the door so they could put their sticky thieving fingers on taxpayer dollars for their personal profit. From hawking garbage Covid cures to stealing PPP under false pretenses, this is the GOP. I’m just a little grain of sand. but I feel like a boulder in your eye
OrphanAntoinet2 @laurenboebert The GOO lack of policy, conspiracy theory and fake cures killed people. I'd say ending lives and ruining families is terrible. You're right about that. COVID broke out in Trump's administration. He dropped the ball. Works in TV & Film.Enjoyed the great music scene we had in LA.
luciecmz Netherlands @SenateGOP During Trump's 4 years, there was separation of families at the border, high rate of human trafficking and drug smuggling. The narcissist thought he was a doctor; spread falsehoods about cures for COVID. He was shunned by international democratic leaders. He's a lying bully. '.., this world isn't heaven at all, is it?' Jonathan Seagull. ⛔️: lists; KAG/MAGA; FBR; ❌; QAnon; 🗝️; religious zealots; men following mainly women. 😏 typos
mickiedances @RepThomasMassie @POTUS A partisan gap in COVID-19 deaths widened, with just 40 % of people in counties that voted for Trump vaccinated compared to 53 % of people in counties that voted for Biden. "Does the GOP want you to die?"
ArmyBratBoomer United States @CantSilenceBus @chrislhayes Trump was trying to profit off Covid and suggested idiotic unproven cures. He geld super spreader events and didn’t care who died. Army Brat born travelin’
ArmyBratBoomer United States @SwagBethlehem @chrislhayes The super spreader events were by Trump during his reign of ass-holery and stupidity! He was also a Covid Denier. He in addition mentioned ridiculous cures and caused the effort against covid to lose valuable time. Instead of an actual cure he was trying to monetize it! Army Brat born travelin’
bazakel Elwood @amandahenry546 @ProudElephantUS Technocrats don’t lie. Politicians do, particularly ex-property developers like Donald Trump who talk up the benefits of bleach and quack cures for COVID. Retired scientist. Conservative who values the environment and believes in fairness and respect for all. Alternative views welcome but no personal abuse.
JerseyG327 USA @jose_norte44 @BabaCugs @TheChiefNerd Trump never mandated the jab plus he suggested alternate treatments for covid, HCQ and Ivermectin! Both known cures if taken early enough! No vax needed! Working to elect TRUMP 2024! Time to run Commie Dems & RINO Globalists out of USA! Time to crush Cultural Marxism! #Dilley300 #TheDilleyShow #Trump2024
WalkerBragman New York IMO the most meaningful differences between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on COVID are that 1) Biden didn't embrace quack cures, and 2) Trump faced real pushback when he tried to normalize mass suffering. Journo, JD, cartoons. Co-Founder: @OptOutNews Host: @GILDEDAGEpod Mastdn: Newsletter:
Mike20162518 Massachusetts @Len_Future Good, that`s the best news i have heard in a while. That bastard killed tens of thousands of people by lying about covid and promoting fake cures. He is also responsible for spreading Trump`s big lie of winning the 2020 election when he knew President Biden really did. Disabled, lifetime Democrat, ActBlueMember, resist, Vote Blue.
3inchwillie Mag-a-Lardo @PatriotBob1776 @RobertD38259050 @LadyOfTheOcean1 @America1Eagle1 @KatChat19 @GDFrogperson @miimaewest @RoadWarrior4073 @cherylhart00 @Flattielover @itisjustmebabe @CALUSA18 @BivonaCarol @worldmeetjohn @slinkescouse @FemmeVoilet @VioletRoseHayes @SaltyTanker2 @memequeenkimmy @lanemancini61 @whodisdontcare @Ferahgo684 @Trump_Lost_LOL_ @hailstone92 @TRUMPTROUNCED1 @AcrytearsMag @deciccopad @youknow714 @SteveEstrada11 @LeskoBrandon20 @BrownEye_GirI @WombatCat1 @trueblueusa1 @joeybones07 @Luckboxwinnerr @Carmatta1 @kali8989 @NonBusi67504446 @308long @KongShlong @scumidt @CarlBorman60 @stevenmackeyman @Bn7snortt @DianaCialino @RenayCharlotte @10degBTDC @Andi1381338 @Mr_W_Smith @Sliver5631 Evangelicals hate people who aren't American, they think their god only created and watches America, they sell you fake covid cures on TV, they make millions from morons. Who could trust them for anything they are the closet thing to Neo-Nazis and the KKK. I'm a corrupt grifter, a fraud, a lying two-bit con man, a total sleazebag, a seditious traitor, and many people say I'm a pathetic whiny man-baby, it's true.
JenNan31257027 America @davramdavram She also believes babies are aborted after birth, Ivermectin cures Covid and owns a trump NFT. They are the dumbest Americans alive Christian mom of 3, Life is but a vapour enjoy it to the fullest. Love to Laugh 😂#BLM 🇺🇦🌎🌳 DM’s are deleted
Mike_MFn_Jones N. CACKALACKY @SymbioticEgo @RpsAgainstTrump Now who would recommend AGAINST covid cures, Especially Lil Fauchi and the democrats who THOUGHT Trump would get us all to take their tainted Vaxx. Now they're doing the sudden drop I BLOCK 🚫,GO AWAY
Eeelpout @PaulMaypatriot @__TEAM_USA For trying to protect the American public from the lethal COVID virus and not supporting idiot Trump by pushing snake oil cures.
SummerTymesG @reinjenjenni @PapiTrumpo If I believed all the stupid crap Trump pushes I'd vote for him!Like Dems kill newborns and in Q, and Putin is a nice guy and Kim Jun is his boyfriend... Oh, injecting bleach cures Covid... All that idiocy, yeah, I would too. You hear the one Dems kick dumbasses out of America? Libertarianism is a disease and MAGA is it's stupid little brother. If you promote CW, don't bother. Same info on #Post #Mastodon. #BanFOXfromBriefingRoom.
MinkinaNataly Boston, MA @RollingStone Trump's supporters believe that he is a prophet & take his words literally. Physician, Humanist, Feminist, Democrat,
MinkinaNataly Boston, MA @__TEAM_USA First Trump should stand trial for his handling of the pandemic. Physician, Humanist, Feminist, Democrat,
MinkinaNataly Boston, MA @krassenstein That is what happens when people worship a cult leader or autocrat like Trump. Physician, Humanist, Feminist, Democrat,
311Excitable1 St. Charles @NotThe_TomBrady @MamaShawnaO @thejackhopkins The vaccine that was in development for years prior? The base for the COVID vax was something being used and tested well before COVID was a thing. Good thing people were researching cures to other things or Trump wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.
ScallyNancy Dems brought COVID to the US during Trump’s re-election year, then hid the cures to maximize the deaths… …all to make Trump look bad and sink his re-election. These are ruthless criminals who will kill you to keep their power #ElonMusk #Biden #Trump2024 #crime #Ukraine #nyc Former teacher and current grandmother of three. Now retired, I have returned to my second love, art.
Mind_Forces @EricTrump Trump lied about COVID and got 700,000 Americans needlessly killed. He should have just told people how serious it was, to wear a mask and get a vaccine, and not try some whacky alternative cures like hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin. Trump is more of a murderer than anyone. We’re a think tank dedicated to protecting democracy.
Mike20162518 Massachusetts @Mr_Don_Auto Good, i hope they shut down fox news for good for all the lies they spread on air. From promoting false covid cures, to spreading Trump`s lies about losing the 2020 election and saying he won. Disabled, lifetime Democrat, ActBlueMember, resist, Vote Blue.
tomiahonen Hong Kong @MargaretHack11 @CGCalifornia @NedWilcox1 I am hopeful there will be many more lawsuits from all who have been damaged by Fox - this includes theoretically anyone who jumped onboard Trump's mad get-rich schemes with miracle Covid cures, and anyone damaged by Jan 6th violence, etc etc. And many class action suits Author, consultant, motivational speaker. Biggest social media slut in mobile. A mAd vidiot, F1 fan, globetrotting digital gypsy 007 wannabe. The T Dawg
smg9779 San Francisco, CA @morgfair Yes, because Repub voters enjoy being lied to. They’re too fragile to handle reality, so they prefer the fictional one where trans and gay people are groomers, white privilege doesn’t exist, Trump won the 2020 election, horse dewormer cures COVID, and slavery was a good thing #MAGAisCancer #TrumpSupportersAreTraitors Learn the difference between an evidence based narrative and anecdotal bullcrap, then come talk to me
SwiftiePaulie Glendale,AZ @Geo_Is_Pissed @Spireship And trump sells other snake oil cures for covid 8 months older than Scott Swift, my picture is how I looked in 1989, my repu-Tay-tion precedes me.
thegaywhostrayd ✅ DeSantis is further right on policy than Trump. ✅ DeSantis is over 30 years younger and can serve two terms, unlike Trump. ✅ DeSantis has zero baggage, unlike Trump who is consumed by it. ✅ DeSantis rejected Fauci and Covid authoritarianism, unlike Trump who outsourced… “A woman claiming to be a lesbian.” - @TheAdvocateMag / Founder of Gays Against Groomers @againstgrmrs / Graphic Designer / Tweets = my own / LGB✂️TQ+
ZaleskiLuke @kimguilfoyle Trump’s long con for 2024: Rewrite history by pretending he didn’t fail at Covid, crash the economy, surrender Afghanistan, incite insurrection—and actually won. He’s just the same old filthy lying traitor and fraud and propagandist who never built the wall Mexico never paid for. Legal Affairs Editor, Condé Nast, longtime/former Research Director @GQMagazine Head of fact-checking ‘The Resistance’ #truthhurts
Cernovich Had Trump listened to Peter Navarro in January 2020, the Democrats would have owned the Covid deaths and Trump and Republicans would have been in control. It was the greatest blunder of his presidency. Did you read the article?
Coakley1Anne Tennessee, USA And see it for yourself. I got on the CDC website and saw it. During the night, they took it down to look like zero had died from the fake covid vaccine. Also Tucker is right about the Ukraine war. It was started because Biden loves a war going on like the Bush’s. Trump had said Had 6,000 followers, starting all over again. I’m Christian (love Jesus), Married, love America 🇺🇸, Trump supporter, IFBAP, Absolutely No DM’s MAGA 🇺🇸
KenSimonSays @SadieShadySAS @llanier67 Your "support" have trump saying this in July 2020. Schools shutdown in February 2020 (as they should have, and of course, trump just forked up this response like he did the whole pandemic). Art is an act of love.
claes69 Liberal Heaven @jimhubbard_Id @xcupe3931 @SpeakerMcCarthy How many years did the Republicans hold the purse during Obama? The point is that Obama started with the Great Depression and managed to turn things around to a good (not great) economy. Trump took over a good economy and really damage it. Even before covid WOKE!! Trigger Happy In Dog We Trust. E Pluribus Unum - Strength through diversity ‐-------------- * * * * ------------
that_Nico_guy Washington State @RepMTG America: remember this is what the @HouseGOP would rather spend our time and money on! Gas prices rise and inflation has no clear end. Marjorie would rather finds holes in the Covid pandemic 2 blame democrats!Americans are suffering because the Trump admin fought for corporations doggy dad, ice coffee all year round. 🏳️‍🌈 #VOTEBLUE
GDog27883053 @RepAOC Your stupidity is boundless! Revenue went UP as a result of the Trump tax cuts. Spending went up more, mostly due to COVID. But 'write off our yachts'? What does that even MEAN? You have no clue! Nothing in that tax cut had anything to do with yachts and jets.
Dnice041 @dbyrd000 @bennyjohnson Trillions of money were printed in the name of COVID. 2 or 3 trillion under Trump, another 2 or 3 trillion under Biden. The inflation reduction act, another 2 trillion and the omnibus bill another two trillion. All of this $ backed by nothing.
Bearcat972 @PegIsRetired @Emilidgafay @RepAOC Obummer added more to debt by % per year than Trump did and Trump had to deal with covid
zipowitz @RepAOC Tax revenues wen up under Trump however COVID and Dem spending blew it all away and will saddle the next POTUS’s for decades to come! The spending is now cooked in and you will blame the next guy, ESPECIALLY if it’s an R. Only Dem sheep believe you. Married, 2 children
1776Swamp_Fox @LauraLoomer You mean like when Trump unnecessarily shut down the whole country for Covid and cost millions of jobs and irreparable damage to the economy? Supporter of freedom and liberty. ‘Till the spoilers are defeated’ (Based/BDE)
GuitarNSynths @1stFenjo @MiaVendetta110 @florida_zia Yeah, it is lol...it will not change anyone's mind...and Ron doesn't want to run on Covid lol.....Trump's numbers are only rising while Ron's are falling hard....Nikki is catching him now. Love 80's culture, 80's metal, 80's music, 80's US President(Reagan), President TRUMP and the beautiful state of Texas! Make America Great Again For Everyone!
DavidHeineken53 @MarkGilbo @DebbieSVA @CollinRugg It actually wasn’t Covid it was the on purpose over reaction to Covid on purpose to get anyone other than trump elected, ask me how I know. I worked as a critical care nurse during Covid. Masks didn’t stop it and the vaccine only worked about 6 months till it mutated Slightly above average
houstonandy @cantcancelmimi @Bidenwonthnkgod @tedcruz You do realize that trump’s contribution to the deficient was the biggest in history to support permanent tax cuts for corporations and billionaires. Check it out Mimi. Inflation is world wide. Check that out too. Companies are making up for covid financial losses. Traveler, sometime actor, Glambert
Chuckles152 #PJStrong $AMC $SNDL “Trump Hugely Increased Deficit” No asaholes, covid did and all the spending and free money had to be handed out so we could kill the economy… Stand for freedom & justice4all 10questions every night, a prescription for #FreeSpeech. Think with your brain not your political allegiances #CensorshipIsWronG
JohnDoeSoetoro Ohio, USA @RM62754427 @cdale_dog @eplatina9 @alivejohnnyfive @ScottPresler Trump has always been against COVID vaccine mandates. Of course he would tout the accomplishment of a vaccine being created so quickly under his watch, but it was always an option and a personal choice. It was never forced on people. Meanwhile, RDS began with tough restrictions. Political junkie. Former fan of the Cavs and Indians (or whatever we’re calling them now). Buckeye4Life
Jared_Morrison New York, NY @faithwillwinall @VernonForGA Biden has never refused to debate Trump. You made that up. I watched the two televised debates in 2020. Didn’t you? I’d have liked a third one, but Trump got COVID and wouldn’t debate remotely. Regardless, there were still debates between Trump and Biden. 9/29/20 and 10/22/20. Working actor and beverage enthusiast living in NYC.
Gma18jac @karenvaites Here is something you need to remember. If covid was a contagious and deadly as they made it out to be all of NYC would have had it before the first lockdown. Mask mandates didn't happen until the first variant by then they knew they didn't work but needed to get rid of Trump
congosdad USA @SpeakerMcCarthy No thanks! GOP costs USA Grift Tax Scam & & & @UniteThePoor @sacbee_news @EconomicPolicy @latimes @_lasentinella @sfchronicle @thehill Grateful and present. We all have a positive role to play. Find yours and get in character. My views are mine.
congosdad USA @debbiez49 @GOPChairwoman @HouseGOP GOP costs USA Grift Tax Scam & & & @UniteThePoor @tulsaworld @EconomicPolicy @TheOklahoman_ @OklahomaPPC @TruthBeTold Grateful and present. We all have a positive role to play. Find yours and get in character. My views are mine.
mro_mark Helena, MT @Dee456890 @DubyaDeSantis DeSantis was my governor - though I was on military orders to Florida from another state. I thought he did a great job with COVID. And then Trump tried to attack him for that. ..... totally confusing. Army Reservist, Native of Montana Texas Longhorn fan. #HookEm Eagle Scout, former Army Officer, Sigma Chi, Veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan... deployed to Korea
KateArete @NWTeel @RobertKennedyJr Well, Mr. Kennedy tried to warn Trump about Fauci when he was in office and Trump didn't listen, unfortunately. I believe Bobby would have handled the Covid crisis completely differently had he been in office and certainly would have gotten rid of Fauci right away (or wouldn't… Lost my last account (Kate Anon). Begrudgingly back!

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