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PinarooRay Sydney @yassmin_a I for one totally agree. Not that you would expect much else fro our Trump lite PM and his knucklehead deputy McCormach. The fact his member for Nth. Qld.and the moron from Hughes can spout Trump conspiracy theories and untrue Covid-19 cures is beside the point. Adult Educator & NSW Justice of the Peace
SallyLawry Fremantle Western Australia @deniseshrivell @james00000001 I don’t think the LNP is that coordinated or unified . A ship without a rudder full of Trump supporters and fruit loops promoting bogus Covid cures Murdoch free house . Proud to be a Union member LNP have to go and Trump was a global disaster! Black lives matter . Asylum seekers need kindness not cruelty !
MajorBatGuano Trump Country Tennessee @jonmnelson @Goss30Goss Yes, the owner should think of them instead of lying for Trump 24/7/365, and hawking his fake COVID cures. I really don't like Twitter, but Trump's crapshow makes it hard to look away. One of many former (2018) Republicans ashamed of this president and administration
chiablafartis Trump = everybody dying of Covid... President Elect Biden cures Covid and cancer cup my buttocks
missdaisyfdoo Beautiful England @metalheadfem @Fiorella_im No. Trump got elected and encouraged every white supremacist & conspiracy nut to swarm out from under their rocks. He incited racism, division, hated against migrants. Lied about covid & touted unsafe cures whilst encouraging spreading the disease. Undermined the media. 'Sooner or later... one has to take sides. If one is to remain human.' Graham Greene
consulrome Kernow It's isn't just politics, if we go against the mainstream narrative big tech censor or ban us. Virus / vaccine / cures / Covid / trump and all politics. How scary that they are all working against us, removing free thought and not just free speech? European Citizen NOT E.U. ⚡⚡ #crypto #XRP #btc 1FoTLDUVJ6FmcKG6KVMsW48ujfQHgoAMma Farmer. Christian 🛐. Republican. Gab- consulrome
chris8nix 4/17 Quantum technology is coming. Trump controls everything and is sharing it with everyone. Quantum technology cures everything. Cancer to COVID Trust the administration. @realDonaldTrump @MELANIATRUMP @John_F_Kennnedy
MalikSesay10 The World Capitol hill incident and demonstrations must have cures the Covid 19 Virus its disappeared in the Media now only Trump is important very Strange Sports Agent Football Sportdirector Österlen FC. Experienced Footballcoach Senior and Academy level UEFA B License and Political Science Master and Philosopher
SallyLawry Fremantle Western Australia @DaveSharma Should people be permitted to incite violence , that results in deaths, on social media. Should MP's, such as Craig Kelly, be permitted to promote bogus cures for Covid and lie about the mob at the Capitol on social media. Are the LNP supporting Trump and Kelly? Sounds like it Murdoch free house . Proud to be a Union member LNP have to go and Trump was a global disaster! Black lives matter . Asylum seekers need kindness not cruelty !
JamieQuackers Basingstoke, England @ClassicFM @global Just reached out to your advertising team over the carrying of MyPillow adverts and funding a Trump advocate responsible for freeing Kyle Rittenhouse and supporting fake Covid cures. More: #BLM Part time coder, Lego geek, t-shirt addict, pianist. Doesn't play well with others.
WhatsItAllAbo20 @IngrahamAngle This is about the insanity of lying and inciting violence or harm through disinformation. Laura. Are you a credible journalist? Did you not hear Trump lie, postulate false hypotheses about cures for covid? How he said if he lost, then the election was rigged? We did. Good luck.
EthicalRenewal Universal @thehill @CarlSaganPaleBD Is Donald Trump a moral man? Is it moral to deny the impacts of COVID? Is it moral to trumpet snake oil cures? Is it moral to infect others when you’ve been tested positive for the disease? Is it moral to lie, lie and lie again? Read this: We are a non-profit cooperative focused on the ethical challenges of the modern world. We are not affiliated to any political movement, religion or ideology.
LawrenceFerber NYC @nxntiny @GunnarGroup @davidmweissman More specifically: 370,000 COVID deaths in the USA under Trump who from the start has done everything in his power to ensure the pandemic raged, from sharing disinformation videos to discouraging masks to promoting snake oil and even dangerous “cures” (like Lysol). Freelance travel and arts writer. NewNowNext, Tripsavvy, Passport Magazine, NY Post, Nat Geo Traveler and more! Also co-wrote gay romcom BearCity!
emile_elliott St. John's NL @joshtpm @realDonaldTrump The little scumbag is Jim Baker and he is back on TV peddling to seniors a magic juice that cures all including COVID. He should be back in prison along with Fat Donny and the Trump mafia Father, hockey fan, car guy and believes everyone is equal. Shares a birthday with Aaron Paul and Pee Wee Herman. My views are my own and it’s ok to disagree.
DinaMalen USA Read this comment, and sign the #petition. It’s time to allow all possible cures for expedited release. via @Change @US_FDA @NIH @nypost @NPRHealth #COVID19 #Ivermectin #DigitalMarketing #CMS #eCommerce #WebDeveloper #Hosting #Firewall #Security @google #SEO #WebAnalytics #recruitment #SMM. Grow biz w/o relying on paid ads.
jo2sadie United States @mmpadellan @kurteichenwald Maybe Trump could try drinking some bleach. I heard it cures covid and depression/instability. Just a suggestion!
JeffreyDuvall6 @LindseyGrahamSC @IvankaTrump @realDonaldTrump If Trump ended world hunger and we discovered his breath cures COVID-19, he'd still be gone in 15 days. Hehehe!
NaijaTrivia @JosefChinedu @jcokechukwu You see how conspiracy theories can become mixed up. Under one breathe, you guys say there is nothing like Coronavirus and under another breathe you say hydroxylchloroquine cures it. Why didn't Trump take it when he had Covid? Instead he tool a popsicletail of antibodies. Lies. Things you ought to know
RepJayapal Seattle, WA Only hours after Trump incited a deadly assault on our Capitol, many Republicans still refused to take the bare minimum COVID-19 precaution and simply wear a damn mask in a crowded room during a pandemic—creating a superspreader event ON TOP of a domestic terrorist attack. Congresswoman and lifelong organizer. Proudly serving WA-07. Chair of @USProgressives, Member of @HouseJudiciary, @EdLaborCmte and @HouseBudgetDems. She/her.
RBReich Berkeley, CA Republicans who say impeachment and removal will "further inflame" should be reminded that Trump's previous incitement -- that governors who closed their states because of COVID be "locked up" -- generated a plot to kidnap and murder Michigan Governor Whitmer. Berkeley prof, frmr Sec of Labor. Cofounder, Inequality Media. New book: The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It. Order a copy:
GeoffRBennett Washington, D.C. NEWS: Biden says he's spoken with members about a way to "bifurcate" Trump's impeachment, so as not to delay his agenda. The Senate would spend "a half day dealing with impeachment and a half day" on confirmations and COVID relief. Says he awaits info from Senate parliamentarian. @NBCNews White House Correspondent, currently covering the Biden presidential transition | Priors: @NPR, @NY1, @ABC & @Morehouse
KaiCiszz Proud Ohioan House GOP #RepublicanPartyIsThePartyOfDeath The won’t wear masks in Congress and spread COVID and they incite domestic terrorism by spreading Trump’s lies and conspiracy theories. We will remember in next election. @GOPLeader @LindseyGrahamSC @marcorubio #tuesdayvibe There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men. ~Ludwig von Mises
Xar1992 I Love U from No Space or Time @SharisseC @IngrahamAngle you tried to blame AntiFa - this meme is for you. BTW: COVID deaths and the Insurrection deaths are because of Fox News' Support of Trump* and his Family. You are all complicit - and will stand before God - and He will ask why you kowtowed to mammon and Murdoch. “There is no greater violence than to deny the dreams of our children." ― Kailash Satyarthi
markdoman1 New York, NY My reaction to this #superspreader photo is trump’s fault. Instead of seeing a beautiful photo celebrating a #NationalChampionship , my first instinct is not happiness but sadness. People will die because those fans think Covid and the need for masks are fake news @RexChapman CEO & Founder - @domangroup.com
NervesUp @prezydentpl From the very outset of COVID 19 wide spreading from Wuhan, I have sent many communications CONCERNING Ethyl benzoylacetate Formula for COVID-19 WHICH I have attached here. Trump was led by hooligans and spiritualists who adhered death. Nerves - Up is the official twitter account of:- Prof. Dr. Nishan C. Wijesinha (D Sc Genomic Medicine, PhD Genetic Science)
deblync76 #VoteBlue #DemocratForLife @Cindy40503648 @CarolJo44 @RichardGrenell @JoeBiden Are you that stupid? trump knew covid was here in Jan or Feb. he knew how bad it was. Did you ever hear him talking to Woodward about it? He knew it was worse than any flu, that young people could die and what did he do? He didn’t tell us. Then after we did find out “Whoever said, "What you don't know can't hurt you." was a complete and total moron”🚫DMs or I’ll block! #WVU #Steelers #Penguins ❤️My Kids & cats❤️
DaveKelley6 Easy Readin' Authorhouse.com @NBCNews @Morning_Joe Personally I've felt for some time, Trump should’ve been removed for his actions concerning Coronavirus… he’s obstructed the federal responses... and pushed the spread… probably 2/3 of Covid deaths have been preventable… Trump is presiding over thousands of deaths, every day… “The US can not be overtaken by outside forces… it can only be collapsed from within… we’re watching it happen… Trump-Russia”… Trump aligns with Russia…
RufusXavier @KenCarmanShow the dots are easy to connect regarding Covid and Alabama. Big Trump state which means the people in general don’t take the disease serious. So Bama players not getting it is interesting and convenient - rolling eyes.
CNNSotu Washington, D.C. White House moving day packed with taxpayer-funded Covid-19 cleanings and shifting sports equipment | ⁦@KateBennett_DC⁩ & ⁦@maeganvaz⁩ From the staff of State of the Union w/ @JakeTapper. Watch Sundays at 9a ET on 📺 @CNN & 🌎🌍🌏 @CNNi + 12p ET on @CNN. Always on #CNNSOTU
Jonnylchf Isle of Man @mrjamesob BoZo and his bike is just a distraction, don't waste too much time on it. Food parcels Covid failures British Gas Trump Solidarity Ebony and Ivory Try to be the person who your dog thinks you are. Dinous 1876 Heads up, I’m not into the Orange Man-Child 👍
EricaCampbell48 Sydney, New South Wales @abcnews This woman is worth so much more: but really Australia? We can stamp out covid but not DV? And we are outraged today because PM not denouncing Trump is akin to supporting him? If you don’t denounce this today, are you condoning it? Or just disinterested? This life mattered. Doing my bit to make the world a better place - if raising 3 daughters to approach it with logic, courage & empathy counts. Politics? - if I laugh, I’ll like.
DudeTheBagMans Pittsburgh, PA Imagine making your entire personality about Trump and then dying dramatically of covid. Karma baby. He/Him Elder Millennial
IncandescentJa4 @Pappyo Both parties are morons,this is nothing but a witchhunt to distract American people from real issues going on with COVID, race, and economy. Democrats will keep taking about Trump even after Jan 20th to deflect because they actually got no damn solution to begin with at all. Oderint dum metuant 
SophiaLipschul1 @SophiaLipschul1 To all Doctors, there has been a notice that THUGS will in be all 50 states I assume with no Masks, so there will be Increase in Covid as Trump still has it. And, All THUGS do also & they dont give a dam if they wear a mask or not riots will breakoutasinDC Studying Reporting/ a love of politics, , An Avid Women to Women of Domestc Violence Like Einstein Books, An avid Swimmer, and a Like of karate
phngluimglw13 Sunken R'lyeh @RepJayapal @JENNIFERANNL0VE One of Trump's main acts of criminal irresponsibility was to make compliance with covid safety and mask wearing, a political act. This should have been all parties, all points of the spectrum, wear a mask, save lives. The first rule of suicide is, you do not talk about suicide. The second rule of suicide is, YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT SUICIDE.
KillaKoochie New York, NY Nobody: My mother @ 6am: the election was stolen from Trump. Pelosi planned it all. She had those BLM and antifa instigators go and start this crap. Why aren’t Biden supporters rioting back since he got so many votes?? All this crap is fake. Covid too. It’s all a political farce I SAID WHAT I SAID. ⚢. Black Lives Matter. she/her
toriyoung22 Colorado @IvankaTrump and the entire Trump-Kushner family should be treated like the pariahs they are. Four years after they descended on Washington, the U.S. is in shambles. More unemployed than 4 years ago, 3500 dying of Covid daily, domestic terrorists everywhere... #Progressive Host #SaveOurDemocracy Podcast, Writer, Designer, #Feminist, #SupportLGBTQ, #Green, Love cats & #Baseball, #Resist
markedwards2015 @SecPompeo @UN @SecAzar Well, the Trump administration hasn't exactly done much to protect life in America from covid-19, has it? 385,000 deaths now and rising. The figures speak for themselves. I am a former Geoscientist and English teacher, who has recently qualified as a front-end web developer - working from home in the UK.
BregmanPs Toronto, Ontario @realTuckFrumper And advertised it in advance. Did police really believe that the people who terrorized the Michigan legislature over Covid restrictions would come and play by the rules? Esp after Trump praised them for being armed. Retired journalist /lawyer, learned the value if innocuous sounding questions that aren't. Remedy for stress. + cubes at.the wall.
dibble_ted @Worlds_Okayest1 @americamag Trump’s brand is lies, hate, chaos, and incompetence (increasing Covid deaths). If you supported Trump then you also supported lies, hate, chaos, and Covid deaths. I straddle physical chemistry and atmospheric/plasma/combustion chemistry #AtmosChem pronouns: he/him/his
jhockey0785 UK I notice Judd Trump and Jack Lisowski magically failed fake covid tests, for daring to touch hands at the end of the UK championship no doubt. This covid virus really chooses its victims very neatly in line with the medias sham agenda doesn't it? Mask Free and Covid Free since Nineteen Eighty Three
SophiaLipschul1 @SophiaLipschul1 Pls Wear Masks during inaugaration and on Jan 17 Am ppl pls other wise we will have more of Covid that Trump is carrying Studying Reporting/ a love of politics, , An Avid Women to Women of Domestc Violence Like Einstein Books, An avid Swimmer, and a Like of karate
shuboogie on an island @laurenboebert you would do literally anything to keep an illegitimate lunatic in power even aid &abet sedition & murder. Dems meanwhile are capable of taking action against a treasonous fake POTUS AND prepare to tackle economic crisis, Covid and all the other crap from Trump all at once. Writer! Vid/Photo/ graphic artist Ordained by same church as Madonna! EVOLUTION not REVOLUTION. Proudly blocked by famous jerks. #dogs @Adamlambert @pink @muse
iElielSepulchro Asgard Stocks rise and bond yields march higher, as investors focus on economic recovery, instead of Trump turmoil and COVID crisis ( ((#followback) (#siguemeytesigo) (#business) (#news)
CkThePulse Planet Earth @LNieding And running to local media upon return saying it was a peaceful protest and it was Antifa who stormed the Capitol and incited violence Bullcrap!! Always Activating for a World of Awareness and Social Justice! #BlackLivesMatter I care about people! Blue PNW attitude through & through ✨💙✨
theluckyman United States Business Insider - Stocks rise and bond yields march higher, as investors focus on economic recovery, instead of Trump turmoil and COVID crisis Houstonian. Local Intermodal Truck Driver. Moderate Democrat. Proud African-American. 👻/KIK: theluckyman87 #BlackLivesMatter
_hugmartin @sabergermd I haven't read anything like that in the french media and on the bbc... Even if all the news are focused on the covid, every media speak about the trump things and the capitol attack. I'm not so sure of that information. Anyway, it doesn't really look like the European diplomacy.

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