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CardinalIda @MarshaBlackburn The @GOP totalled the Economy when they mishandled the Covid Pandemic. They offered up Quack Cures. They killed One Million Americans and Broke the Supply Chains. They lie about the origins to cover their tracks. The are furious that Biden's Job Numbers far outpace Trump's. I am only here to troll Trump in order to keep my blood pressure low & the emotional eating/drinking in check. Thank you for all the retweets, likes & follows.
PatTheTerrible @SpeakerMcCarthy when Ds had the House majority they saved thousands of lives from covid after Trump killed >600,000 MAGA by pushing fake cures and made millions from his China bank account and Ivanka's China trademarks. Blogging the Mendel Beilis trial transcript in English; Torah urban legend busting; classic knitting including Shetland lace, gardening, DIY
jessienot_james @joncoopertweets DEATH He is a Murderer of Covid victims with his lies downplaying it lying about cures also the people that died Jan 6th from Trump inciting violence and calling for the deaths of government officials, days before leaving office he ok'd executions of 13 people so he's OK with it!
KatrinTammearu Melrose, MA 02176 @angelaretail @DemocraticDaisy One Huge difference between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump: our former president consciously caused the death of hundreds and even thousands of our fellow citizens during the Çovid Pandemic with his denials, absurd "cures" and antimasking tirades. persistent. Draw: pencil paper draw.
saxahoya2 @GIBILL57 @The_Trump_Train Not gonna read that. Feel free to summarize. Trump lost because he was unpopular. Fought with reporters during taskforce meetings instead of being honest. Pushed fake cures, lied about every covid component and didn’t unite us all. Even after getting covid he didn’t pivot.
anti_malice @SpeakerMcCarthy We also deserve to know why #Trump downplsyed #Covid, promised quack cures, and won't acknowledge the tragedy of 100,000s families losing lived ones during his Presidency.
KidGuacamole @GodlessApe666 @Godslightangel7 @jbizzy6969 @dogsdontliket @Memer59028919 @MogliRocks @podcasts_suck @DragonHawk1959 @avatarmax123 @logicaldebate @_HughJasole_ @srasberry1 @TheActual_Brian @BconnectedJ @AdHominoid @AgainMothra @DuhartKimberlie @astragal @MarshallW73 @tmcs10 @HamRadioJoe @patDaily @Alwaysblue4ever @yourmomswatchin @jobagdonuts @ThereseOSulliv2 @JamesCa70626795 @8BrianVogel4 @najjar_richard @hrt6017 @KimberlyMcKeeve @2_drac @KristinMarieH83 @alacilento1 @CoadyBj @ghost321 @BostonBob59 @375NorseLegend @NoreneD39766667 @nedorton @tRick_the_only @ByteD0wn @dulcieburt @JAlan21813286 @Michael073153 @AngryFleas @ShellyRKirchoff @lostandlovinit @Kengie91597487 Trump told everyone the cures for covid and they ignored him and vilified HCQ and IV, which would have stopped the plandemic- but they wanted masks and mail in ballots to cheat in the election and to ruin Trump's great economy. Trying to figure it all out like everyone else.
GRGirl8 @SolNataMD @r45760268 Public health was knocked down by Trump and all his supporters. Threats of violence, promoting hack cures, all of it made a mess of covid response. That on top of chronic underfunding got us where we are today. Resist. BLM. Retired RN BSN. WEAR A MASK! GET VACCINATED! VoteBlue2024! Vote the GOP OUT! I SUPPORT DEMOCRACY.
bethm724 South Western PA @garyallen1998 @mahkamp_94 @delta6d6e @CalltoActivism But you’re ok with trump “brainstorming” on live tv and cures for Covid. Like drinking or injecting bleach? 🤡 Catholic, immigrant 🇵🇱, dog lover, Biden2020, and since 2010 proud to call myself an American, no DMs
ametureboxer NC Wake County Donald Trump we must remember did a great job during his tenure! Sadly covid was the train that derailed all things it was an active either a man or nature but the effect the same nonetheless. But today's credit worked on cures quickly and recommended States open like red gov did Mr Reagan 1st term was my 1st vote. Relocated from LI NY to NC at 41 so kids could go to NC colleges. contractor/remodelor.
jjdmulligan @glenngusgus @MeidasTouch Your worthless responses such as "Puuhhlease" are noted. Trump deliberately lied about the severity of COVID which killed many and promoted quack cures that killed many more. Also that treason thing.
realgonegone @CGidez @VivekGRamaswamy Unless your name is Trump and you have a smart following. Just think about it. Masks never worked. Covid never happened. We all had it as babies too. Ivermectin cures cancer too. The purpose of life is undefined beyond the meaning we each choose to give it.
WFieler @The_Zeppenwolf @ZaleskiLuke @SpeakerMcCarthy Hate to break this to ya Zep. There are no known cures for TDS. The best chance for democrats would be doubling the amount of covid vaccine injections, and that will only get you to maybe the 2024 Trump inauguration. Conservative common sense American that believes men are men, women are women and anything else is make believe.
soma77 Sparks, Nevada @FoxNews Rick Scott who defrauded Medicare for over a Billion dollars, pushed lies with Trump that covid was a hoax, praised China, was against covid shots, but for bleach and other stupid cures by Republican donors so now is concerned about covid not the lies Republicans pushed about it The presenter, John Kuykendall lived as a monk and has some refreshing ideas on Christianity. He is author of the book titled Evolution of Consciousness which
fordjp delran nj @RepThomasMassie It was the Trump administration’s management of Covid that cost so many lives. The times called for a cautious, risk adverse approach and instead Trump gave us false promises, fake cures and disparagement of those who wore masks. Trump cared more about his re-election than us. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity. William Butler Yeats.
HappyinaMini WA Ican't help but think of the health crisis created by the @GOP when all of you and your dear leader trump denied Covid's lethality and promoted bogus cures like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine while 1.1 million Americans have died, not to mention those living with long Covid. Married 55 yrs, 2 children, 1 dog, 1 cat. Retired healthcare worker From Coos Bay, Oregon
KidGuacamole @NoreneD39766667 @podcasts_suck @srasberry1 @TheActual_Brian @DragonHawk1959 @BconnectedJ @Godslightangel7 @AdHominoid @AgainMothra @DuhartKimberlie @astragal @GodlessApe666 @jbizzy6969 @logicaldebate @MarshallW73 @tmcs10 @HamRadioJoe @patDaily @Alwaysblue4ever @yourmomswatchin @jobagdonuts @ThereseOSulliv2 @JamesCa70626795 @RickStelter @MogliRocks @8BrianVogel4 @peripheriquepar @najjar_richard @avatarmax123 @hrt6017 @KimberlyMcKeeve @2_drac @KristinMarieH83 @alacilento1 @CoadyBj @ghost321 @BostonBob59 @375NorseLegend @nedorton @tRick_the_only @ByteD0wn @dulcieburt @JAlan21813286 @Michael073153 @AngryFleas @dogsdontliket @ShellyRKirchoff @lostandlovinit @Kengie91597487 @dirk_fasshauer Trump suggested the cures that would have stopped covid in its tracks which are Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin protocols. Instead they wanted to have the lockdowns, masks and mail in ballots so they could cheat better. Trying to figure it all out like everyone else.
Mind_Forces @unhealthytruth How did Hillary kill all those people? Did she tell them COVID was a hoax and push alternative cures like hydroxychloroquine? Hold on (checks notes) no, that was Trump. And 700,000 Americans needlessly died as a result. Our northern neighbor Canada had 1/3 the deaths per capita. We’re a think tank dedicated to protecting democracy.
nlewis1111 Lubbock, TX Congress TX-19 @ddemw4 @4AnimalLife @MacFarlaneNews Trump said COVID was going away by Easter and lied repeatedly about miracle cures, told people to inject bleach. Come on, no contest. Next!! Independent- Former US Congressional candidate Dist #19 in Texas. Lubbock | Abilene | Big Spring | Plainview
soulvaymusic Los Angeles, CA Covid is real but the scare and protocols was a scam and still are especially since vitamin d prevents and cures covid cited by the NIH. And apparently the covid virus knows not to attack you if you sit down and eat. fork Democrats and republicans. fork Biden and trump. Hip Hop artist from Detroit now reside in LBC 24 years old.
RichardMilikin Newnan, GA @DoaneBarile @BostonCharlie5 @EdKrassen I’m not defending Trump. I blame a LOT of the misery America went through during Covid on his crap response. It was a disaster. The hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin snake oil cures he’d spread during his daily updates. Injecting bleach, light in the body…etc. It was a crap… Retired USAF, politics junkie, zombie book aficionado, and a blue GA voter. Happily married, Pro-420 legalization, Y2K survivor. Pro-choice. Anti-Trump/MAGA.
graypelican SF Bay Area, California Bartiromo has gone FULL Trump and so she is paid to spout this stupidity. But Senator Paul is actually a physician and it's unforgivable for him to go along with claims about bogus Covid cures. Come on, Kentucky, send someone decent to the Senate. Mom was right about Republicans
DLerch22 @sullivan_larry @CK2524565 @thehellusaid @john_odocoileus @realpeteyb123 @Masks My god…trump talked about ingesting bleach and hitting to body with ultra-violet light…not to mention the use of ivermectin etc etc…NONE of which are viable cures for Covid… Darkness can't drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate can't drive out hate; only love can do that. - Martin Luther King, Jr.
RobertChurchy10 Portland, Oregon @DeeLeeHappyBee @kangaroos991 And you "know" that ... how ??? Maybe the same way you "know" that Trump, as stupid as a lump of concrete, is a "very stable genius" and that horse de-wormer cures COVID !!!! Thinker & doer; semi-retired, emphasis on "semi". Work with early-stage companies. Former CEO of a technical services co.; taught at MIT. 🌊🌊🌊 🇺🇸🇺🇦🇺🇳
Elgianne Western NC @PeteSouza Wow how dumb! Ivermectin cures Covid and Pres Trump NEVER said that. End Horse Slaughter; VOTE 4 SAFE Act! Save #wildhorses from BLM! Daughter of Navy Veteran #MAGA #BacktheBlue #SpayNeuter #MadeinUSA
DaimbertYurt Why yes. Trump made Covid far worse by dismantling our pandemic prep & embracing fake cures and dismissing masks & distancing. He deliberately weakened regulations that would have made bank failures & train derailments less likely. The right should blame him too. Fantasy author and medieval history professor.
GrubHooligan Maryland, USA @Danimolls @ThatLordFae @SergioVengeance @ConSelfOwns You're right that there was mistrust of the vaccine before it existed, but all of that mistrust was directly on Trump. He was the guy saying covid would magically go away, and he was also the guy suggesting a bunch of miracle cures with no evidence. Guy occasionally on Twitter
JohnGri52552981 Has Fox or any of it's host or higher ups ever think about some of the people who died from the covid cures that spoke about to help Trump push his lie's the crazy cures that people tried because they believed what fox and Trump were saying
JamiesonSmallw1 @laurenboebert Wake up! This mess is due to Trump! He downplayed Covid, so He wouldn't look bad. " It will be gone in 3 days." "When the weather warms up, it will be gone."Then there were his asinine cures. Schools and Businesses closed. Now corporations are price gouging.
caringguy1957 TN/DC @GOP How about holding trump accountable for lying to the American people about the severity of Covid, pushing fake cures, closing the pandemic office and throwing out the playbook, resisting masks, hoping it would go away with no action, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. Dog lover, #resist, science educated, world traveler, Veteran, proud dad, smartass, blocked by Kari Lake, 🚫MAGA (they can't keep up) #drcole #voteblue
billo_lai @MickP_22 @ChuckCallesto Trump not only eliminated the pandemic response team, he lied to American ppl, peddled false cures, and said you can inject chlorine to stop Covid. The worst man at the worst time, sad for America to have a con man grifter as POTUS. And ppl want 4 more years of the crapshow? 🤮
CSAresu Newark, DE @JerasIkehorn He was in between a rock and a hard place, trying 2 explain the realities & dangers of COVID under a criminally incompetent POTUS who called COVID a "democrat hoax," later suggesting we inject bleach & ingest horse de-wormers as cures. One million Americans are dead b/c of Trump 🌊 🌊Retired admin. for a scientific institute in Houston. Wife, mom, Democrat, political activist. Block RWNJ, MAGA. NO DMs. #Resist. #BLM. Coexist.
Kirkwoodk137 Mableton, GA @0tt0rama @Victorshi2020 Trump hid evidence and promoted fake covid cures. That should get trump a prison sentence. Trump lied thousands died. I am a Homo-Sapien Spiritual but not Religious 😳 Pronoun/Woke
degiap01 Northeast @BWhite0331 @MaryLay14562078 @JoJoFromJerz @POTUS Let me guess January 6th was a hoax and trump convinced u bleach cures COVID YOU sir might be the dumbest sh!thead ever to live Business development manager, digital marketing background MLB, NFL, NCAA fan - open to new ideas and ways to improve myself. #ridinwithbiden #LFGM
lisakrstin Born in Chicago, IL Dr. Fauci was the only person to correct Donald Trump's false assertions and fake cures during the pandemic. MAGAts trying to vilify this man while still supporting Trump who lied from the very beginning about Covid-19 are idiots. Democrat For Life. MTG Owns McCarthy. BLM. Gun Control. Pro-Choice. LGBTQ. BlueCrew. Blocked by Woods, Bongino, Posobiec, #FBR #FBPE #DaBears #Married No DMs!