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jamezmarvin Los Angeles @tracivee17 @bernybelvedere @mattbilinsky Mitt Romney is a Republican Senator that voted to impeach Donald Trump, so the Russia thing was not all democrats. And independents hated Hillary more than they liked Trump. Biden wont have the votes in congress to change the tax law or gun laws so independents are good w/ Joe I am a Twitter account $JamezMarvin
kemy21_bug @seanhannity Why Nancy Pelosi has no legacy to leave save that of vindictively trying to impeach Donald Trump, and undermine his Presidency !
AJCalMaga United States No wonder @kylegriffin1 @nytimes is pushing some recycled Trump bank account fake stories again. Don't you think Nancy would have impeach Donald Trump right now if this is true. If Mueller did not find it with his minion and millions, it's fake. Don't raise your voice, improve your argument. I’m Gay not stupid🇺🇸🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸MAGA
Stepwolf7 President Trump has violated his oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, and has obstructed justice. Join me and urge Congress to impeach Trump.
Rick22859063 somewhere in Canada🇨🇦🏴‍☠️☃️ IF Joe Biden wins the election with a landslide they should impeach Donald Trump and throw him out of the White House on November 4th Or he will try To destroy America Before he leaves And there will be no help from the federal government Until he leaves🤔🤔 The lone Wolf I love living in Canada where it's legal to smoke and grow Cannabis on Twitter for a laugh and entertainment and don't take anything seriously
johnkwonglee @JeffreyToobin @realDonaldTrump @BarackObama @JoeBiden So it’s ok for Barack Obama and Joe Biden to impeach Donald Trump without any evidence but it’s not ok for Trump to call for their prosecution with evidence of them breaking the law? Enternal Optimist
bella_futures United States @marklevinshow I am so angry right now I want to know when we will have justice for what Joe Biden and his son did to us the American people. They tried to impeach Donald Trump for uncovering corruption and now that there is evidence that it was Biden who has committed treason. I am a transgender woman who strives to Make America Great Again. Our country needs more people who will not lose their values to a day’s “fancy”. ValuesMatters
AdamSank NYC @SenAlexander Too little too late, Lamar. You had an opportunity to impeach Donald Trump, and you were too cowardly to do so. #GOPTraitors He, Him. Listen to the Adam Sank Show #ASS at and #ApplePodcasts. #BlackLivesMatter #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #RemoveTrumpNow #LGBTQ
longlongtimeme Gainesville, FL /Ordered to convene an emergency session of Congress and impeach Donald Trump tonight and into tomorrow. The act is mandated because of these words "New government of Sudan, ..., agreed to pay $335 MILLION to U.S. terror victims and families. Once deposited, I will lift Sudan / I'm an American Inspiration and Angel hard at work on Triumph and a free, awesome education for all! Steamdriven80@gmail.com.
Cyr1acus Middle East @RBReich Biden and a tail of corruption. 💀
ImNotAFedBoi Washington DC @KamalaHarris @HillaryClinton What about the House of Representatives who took a break and only came back to discuss how to impeach Donald trump? No? Just the Republican controlled parts of the gov? Ugly Indian woman. in no way am i a federal agent
rgnld bronx ny @JRubinBlogger All the Republican senators who had the chance to impeach Donald Trump should loose reelection, because of them two hundred and ten thousand Americans are dead.
EricJen69865234 @KamalaHarris Congress should have been working day and night to help prevent covid, but they spent all of their time trying to impeach Donald Trump of crimes that he was found innocent of.
desoatd United States @ErinNYC75 @realDonaldTrump @marklevinshow @FoxNews @SteveHiltonx Right like when the Dems tried to impeach Donald Trump over russia corruption sort of like what hunter and joe did with China and Ukrain ... like that?
LoViLu Pennsylvania, USA @RepCartwright I bet you wish that clown answer the questions instead of lying through his teeth about and pointing fingers. Thank you for voting to impeach Donald Trump. Nonna and nurturer to twins just trying to survive like the rest. Staying home to take care of everyone long before virus... tired...
Sloth_Equation United States @tori_saylor I don't see a difference between this and saying impeach Donald Trump, kill Trump and so on. You ppl are really stupid and put zero thought into anything, I'm surprised anyone listens to you ppl.
Lonnies300 @RepAdamSchiff Let me ask you this jerk do you believe your lies now when you tried to impeach Donald Trump look at what your buddy Joe Biden and Hunter Biden is doing you people are so corrupt
Mrgear201 Wales, United Kingdom @HKrassenstein @RudyGiuliani Yes you used less evidence than this to impeach Donald trump and cause havoc on his presidency for 3 years Spyro 1 speedrunner and gamer my YouTube Mrgear20 for spyro speedrunning and gaming gameplay also due to twitter being political I'm a Liberal Conservative
betyclyde Abingdon, IL @SenatorRomney PLEASE VOTE NO ON AMY CONEY BARRETT. YOU VOTED TO IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP SO WHY WOULD WANT TO HELP HIM NOW BY PUTTING HER ON THE SUPREME COURT? APPARENTLY NO CARES ABOUT JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG AND HER FINAL WISH. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING AND VOTE NO!!!!!! I am the Black Sheep of the family. I stay to myself so there is no drama. I didn't say it, I wasn't there. Love baseball and the Cardinals ⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾
whatever_sauce Indio, CA @MittRomney Hey Mitt, when you voted to impeach Donald Trump and then turned around and agreed to cram through his Supreme Court Justice nominee, the whole country saw you for the massive hypocrite you are, and most of us will never believe or trust you again! (dave collins) husband, dad, writer, worker, nuisance. 💘 breaking things, reading, GURPS, @punkrawkboss & making music. tweets != employers opinions. he/him
toro42659 @SenKamalaHarris The Democrats tried to impeach Donald Trump, your PRESIDENT and mine, in the beginning of the pandemic with Pelosi given away pens. What a Joke you and the Democrats are
FanboiV California, USA @kemnay @justinamash He Was anti Trump in 2016, and voted to impeach Donald Trump Minarchist. Bisexual 💖💜💙. LibRight Pro Yoshi @MinarchistP leader. I block Tankies. I was a Theatre kid.#Jo2020 Followed by @justinamash and @repthomasmassie.
CineMava Ben Sasse, Republican Senator of Utah had a chance to impeach Donald tRump and voted NOT to impeach. So I believe him or give a flying fig what he thinks. I hope Donald takes the whole Republican Senate down in the dregs...down in flames with him. @BenSasse ❤️TCM AMBASSADOR ❤️ l, Capricorn, believe in Science and Liberal, Democratic and Progressive ideas. Have a healthy sense of humor if you respond to my tweets.
jackieconaway1 Spur, Tx @KamalaHarris And where where you? trying to impeach Donald Trump & derail everything he was doing for Americans Disabled/retired. Trump supporter. proud Deplorable, & Domestic enemy of the State.
ThabusyBee New Orleans, LA @SenJoniErnst @HHSGov You should've voted to impeach Donald Trump and we be here. 🥺 Wear a Mask Damn It! 😷Dat NOLA Girl, Owner of the Gumbo Dog
vdub12 @LocolopezNYC @realDonaldTrump This is all the GOP can come up with? So quid pro quo is enough to impeach Donald Trump but fraud and quid pro quo together is perfectly acceptable for a Democrat? This is why Donald Trump is going to win.
thpuzzler2 @realDonaldTrump Ahahaha. We knew all along. Dems tried to impeach Donald Trump for what obiden was doing. The FBI even had the proof Biden was a shyster and a crook but they didn't lift a finger to protect the president. Wray needs to go. Censored by twitter.
Lisa50267387 @DonaldJTrumpJr And they wanted to impeach Donald Trump because a foreign dignitary might stay at a Trump hotel. The Biden’s are a crime family and Joe it at the head.
Frank65415163 Good guy Joe Biden my bottom I never saw so much abuse of power. And they wanted to impeach Donald Trump based on lies it’s disgusting. Great job Donald calling out the fake news at your rallies.
KwanDJBynum Ashford Dunwoody The Democrats where right in their decision to "Impeach" Donald Trump, but their mistake was simple. They tried to build a case against Donald Trump according to his actions after he became President, but the proof of his criminal actions and lies goes back twenty (20) years. Visionary: Let's Make America 100% Great For The First Time!
rkj082000 Connecticut They tried to impeach Donald Trump for something Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden did, think about that, they all knew about it 🤬 #TRUMP2020 🇺🇸 #constitutionovercoronavirus
PatriotTrouble @greenfield64 bwahahaha trying to impeach Donald Trump for something Joe Biden did in Ukraine is indefensible. Allowing Hillary Clinton to buy scum from a Russian spy and then hide it for 4 years is indefensible Louder
GoatGrampa @seanmdav Never forget that every Democrat in the Senate and House voted to impeach Donald Trump for expressing concern about what we can see now is completely real. The press needs to ask every one of them about this. Grampa goat
critic99 Orlando @realDonaldTrump @GOP @senatemajldr January 21 congress should impeach DONALD TRUMP A SECOND TIME and this time the Senate Control will vote for impeachment even though he won’t be president! Legal problems for Trumps coming soon

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