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124OUNxV9IlLMFN @refusalxx We'll live and see I say that he put you NBC and Facebook will put you in a sack of crap Next week we will live and see You will be torn on the day you were born Donald Trump I love Donald Trump
squashpants Northfield, Minnesota I love Donald Trump. Listening to his presser about what they will do about the non-citizen count, I am struck that every time the Opposition tries to stop him, he finds another way to accomplish his aim, and that way is even worse for his enemies than what he originally sought. Yeah, I am one of those crazy Trump supporters. Emphasis on the "crazy". Watch out!
MassachusettsT1 Boston, MA USA @SpaCare @ravena68 I love Donald Trump & Bill Barr GOD BLESS POTUS TRUMP AND OUR AG ALL DEMS IN CONGRESS cumulatively don't have the IQ OF TRUMP (thinking out of the box) and BARR (within the Constitution) 🥂🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💜💛💚💙💗 MAGA/KAG. GOD LOVES OUR USA!!
Crafty_Clark Joplin, MO @sadielynspencer here is why. Imagine I tweet "I hate Donald Trump!". You retweet it. Then I edit it to say "I love Donald Trump!" The entire twitterverse is built upon favorites and retweets. It would break the system to be able to edit tweets. Thinking is hard, that's why so few do it. $BSV #Handcash = $AndrewClark
PlasmosC Australia @ACTBrigitte @PsychoJoeBKF President Trump should be award 2 Nobel Peace Prizes and a Swamp of Others I LOVE DONALD TRUMP......DO YOU.....SO WHY NOT......LOL Orgonites & Plasma for Energy Healing Protection & Pain Reversal 😍
MenosJavier Madrid, Spain @eucopresident @iainmartin1 I love Rafa Nadal and i love Donald trump YO SOY ESCRITOR Y JAVIER MENOS ES MI PSEUDÓNIMO
HerbertCarol This woman has be given every opportunity and has done well, yet she presents herself as a victim. What a seriously disappointment as a hero sports figure. @rapinoe ruined the love for her success and demanded that we support her hate for @realonaldtrump. I love Donald Trump!
earthlover77 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Planet, Earth. @LegendaryEnergy Free thinkers revel in the grey. Labels are for boxes, not humans. I’m a catholic raised girl who collects crystals, burns sage, believes in humanity, prays to God & dances under the moon. And I love Donald Trump. I do believe there’s more out there like me. *cue x-files music Daughter, sister, mother, wife, goddess. I ❤️divinity, DJT and all things righteous🇺🇸 ~All shall be well~ #MAGA 🙏🏼Amen, Aho🙏🏼 #HEALTHEWORLD 🌎🌍🌏
TerryStottlemy2 Manchester, PA How can the Republicans and all these different states better fighting be Obamacare I love Donald Trump more than they love their own people in their states that is a question that needs to be brought up I hope all Republicans get voted out they're no good for the country Born in York PA
yok_chris @realDonaldTrump @theresa_may I love Donald Trump 4 a lot of reasons and one of those reasons is that he doesn't give a damn who u are.
MsLizShowBiz California, USA, New York USA Alabama, USA.. Really I don't want to answer this, USA. @EricTrump @realDonaldTrump Now, if that means "I love Donald Trump" then that's just too damn bad! Slapping labels on my back won't stop me from caring about any President. And I refuse to be told by people in funny suits who I should support. Besides, I'm an American citizen. I can love whoever I want! Card Creator, Political Scholar, Blogger, Song/Poet Writer, Luck Charm Maker. Political Views: THE MIDDLE #WalkAway #MAGA #TRUMP #CONSTITUTION
JackAlexTurner Hackney, London @piersmorgan You could save yourself a lot of effort if you just said "Look, I love Donald Trump, and if anyone takes issue with him I'm never going to admit to liking them." That's how transparent you are. Husband | Father | Homeowner...are all things I should probably be by now.
trailnut34 Fayetteville, GA Understand I Love Donald Trump He is My President and I love Him. REPENT! FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND!!!🙂
Pauldwlon London I don’t care what the @BBCNews @SkyNews @Channel4News @lbc or any other leftist bigots say....@realDonaldTrump is the best President in my life time(Reagan runs him close) I love Donald Trump, the USA and the UK...and if the haters don’t like that 🖕🏻 you I am a Londoner and I’m thinking of standing for Mayor. #selfiekhan is destroying our city. My Tweets will explain where I stand politically.
nezlicodes Algiers @DoctorCode2 Allow us To correct our tweets and be notified whenever a retweet/ fav is modified.. I mean imagine retweeting "I love coffee" then the person modifies it to " I love Donald Trump ".... Master degree biochem student👩‍🔬 teaching myself to code👩‍💻. Bibliophile📚. coffee addict. ☕ #codeNewbie #100DaysOfCode #WomenWhoCode
goldeng97855168 @acnewsitics @realDonaldTrump And recalled his sycophant, Pence, to begin making new round of “ I love Donald Trump” rallies
chancealexdelar United States Yes I love Donald Trump more now than 2016 he just gets better and better and better every day i'm an interior designer living in the United States of America..
Mag_Vad When Obama was in office the economy was so bad that I lost 2 jobs, many businesses shutting down and it was so hard to find a job. This is one of the many reasons why I love Donald Trump’s great economy! Every where I go there’s this sign “NOW HIRING”
TonyBDavies Campbelltown, Sydney @cherry_LA @DEEGConsulting @johnlegend @JamilahLemieux In the most not racist person in the world and I love Donald Trump. Why would Trump have a black lover for 2 years of he were racist, did you know that?
Steven_tupa95 @DanScavino 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 wow, loved every bit of it. Despite the hate, Grace and anointing has kept POTUS on track. Oh, how I love Donald Trump. 🎼🎶🎵🎻🎹🎷🎧 Black Conservative, love Donald Trump, #KAG2020, #TRUMP2020, #MAGA, unapologetic supporter of ISRAEL, #LoveJews
BugBug3 ma @Alyssa_Milano I love LEGAL immigrants, LGBT, Etc. AND I LOVE DONALD TRUMP. I don't like you and your Anti-Americanism.
billyjoewade67 Apple Valley, CA @PamKeithFL I love Jesus🙌 I love Donald Trump and all of his imperfections. You know what? Jesus loves Donald Trump, too. He even loves you!!! *Jesus Freak *Father *Grandfather *Husband *Loan Officer *NRA Member *Singer *Songwriter *Sports Fan *Conservative Blood *Proud Trump supporter
Louisheng3Pro Singapore @VeD_DeV Go to a prisoner and say I love Donald trump 10 year old boy
JanetRetired1 Naples, FL @PamKeithFL I love Jesus and I love Donald Trump. Guess what I am educated as well. Retired from the rat race.Taking one day at a time. Proud American.🇺🇸🇺🇸 Love our President Trump.🇺🇸👏 Supports Military 🗽Proud Military Stepmom.
jend2977 I love Donald Trump and i dont care what you haters think. Just like my man @bluegut1134 Fun, loving, honest, funny
talisa_edwards @PoliticalShort @DineshDSouza They not only hate Donald Trump they hate his supporters people who truly love this country and don't want to see destruction I love Donald Trump Donald Trump 20/20
JamesMytwosense Alabama, USA @TeaBoots That's why I love Donald Trump he tells it like it is and stupid liberal Democrats like that idiot can't handle it the liberal Democrats just can't handle the truth that's why they hate Trump he's not a politician he's a businessman if you can't do the job History Health World News Music Movies Entertainment Science Government & Politics also an empath and Christian values
smogles Mesa, AZ I love MY COUNTRY. I LOVE GOD. I LOVE DONALD TRUMP!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! GOD BLESS THOSE WHO HAVE SACRIFICED IT ALL... MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN while DEMONCRATS SPEW HATE AND LIES TO DESTROY AMERICA. #I love MY COUNTRY. I LOVE GOD. I LOVE DONALD TRUMP!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! Christian, Conservative, a Mark Levin CRTV Louder with Crowder Rush Limbaugh student who thinks for myself, love to research JFK Assassination
Kenneth29584900 Colorado, USA @buzzman888 @Al__Bizri @AOC Amazing tribute to our country, and our sovereignty, and our continued success. I love Donald Trump. (p.s, I never liked him before he ran and won for our prez, now..........❤️💯 True Patriot🇺🇸#MAGA 64, and been around the block. NO BS! No dates or DM's
Oreo08062474 @realDonaldTrump Great America and I love Donald trump Oreo 🥰😍
Byebitchyyyy @realDonaldTrump I love Donald trump and need new friends 💗😊 call me or text me 203 767 6766 Living one day at a time 👏🏼 Humble😌 killing them a holes
johndenny774 I love being an American and I love Donald Trump being my President... GODDAMN I NEED A BEER! Marine Veteran, father of two very cool kids. I don’t wear old man sneakers.
donamarie03 grown folks conversation The more I think about it, it’s MARVELOUS that Twitter has no edit button because what if someone tweets “save the turtles” it gets a whole bunch of likes and then they edit it to “I love Donald Trump!” Who wants that? I don’t want that. get out of grown folks conversation 🗣
mcfalls_helen I love America n I love Donald trump! And if you don't then you should leave....not go send for all your relatives to come too.that don't make sense
DSSdeltona Trump Country @cimmera1969 @frank_alvaro @LarlovesLisa @lisastark351 @realDonaldTrump I am sweet and I am happy. Not a nasty liberal bone in my body. And I love Donald Trump. We are free to vote for whom we want to in this country and not be hated for our choices. Cat Lover Extraordinaire 🐾 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain 🇺🇸 If you're not a Trump supporter... move on.
BellLopes12 Caeté, Brasil @realDonaldTrump @THAISVIANELLO I do not speak and I do not read in English I'm Brazilian and I love Donald Trump as president He looks a lot like my president Jair Messias Bolsonaro! Eu sem desafios não conhecerei a minha vitória!
MzParker428 New York, NY @TeamTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @Jim_Jordan I love donald trump's podcast. It's informative and insightful, just check out this clip from the most recent episode:
CallYouOut7 Usman “I want to fight Colby for all the Immigrants” Colby “I love Donald Trump” and we all know what Trump has been up to. Similar styles of fighting. But completely different kind of mentalities. Who takes this match up and how? #UFC UFC Fan🇬🇧

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