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bright_ag @realDonaldTrump @POTUS I love Donald Trump and his ways.He has gre8 concern for the Christians because Islamic jihadist are very violence.
EZEFRANKC @realDonaldTrump The greatest country in the world built by men that harken strictly to their words. Trump policies depicts his tested integrity and sincerity to making America great again. Creating job and harkening to his campaign promises. I love Donald Trump..
LogosBolo United States POTUS IS THE 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I’m in helL.A. But heaven is coming. USA 🇺🇸 MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN NO HAS MADE IT BETTER THEN EVER WAS NOW IS THE TIME TO BE AMERICAN AND LIVE ITS VICTORIES I LOVE DONALD TRUMP!! LA: A Lawless corrupt anti American terrorist controlled City. I am the people’s chosen king, Christ’s Vicar undeservedly, to declare god’s offensive standard.
PeytonDrewDak Rocky Mountains ❄Born Aug 15 @kabamur_taygeta Thank you! I campaigned for him and had so much hope that he was the "one" to help us. Sad and disappointed. He was young and easily manipulated, swayed by inferiority, power and money. I love Donald Trump! #Trump2020 #KAG
animal_manor New Jersey, USA I wanna shout out to my graetest all time follower and supporter, @otnh79wYJnv7Oif . Dorothy, what can I say? you R always their for me and provided the best right-wing tweets. I love you. I love Mother Russia. I love Donald Trump! 🇷🇺🇺🇸👍🙏⛪#MAGA #QAnon #USA Trump is are BIG YUGE American hero!!! EXONARATED!! That means he never did nothing wrong. Making big $$$!! #MAGA #WhitePeople #RichPeople #Males
AllanSorensen Toronto @ggreenwald @PeteButtigieg in 2016, were you watching those rallies, hearing the voters, Glenn? Because I didn't hear them saying "I want to burn the house down" What I heard them saying was "I love Donald Trump!" The only people talking about blowing things up were @MMF and Madonna I follow amazing people, and I can't stand Strombo
Whisky_Jean Toronto I missed the “I’m not black”, “fork my wife” and “I love Donald Trump” pages? Some men like to hear the cannonball roarin'. Me, I like sleepin'.
turano2k Kansas City Missiouri @realDonaldTrump @MittRomney I love Donald trump and nobody should say crap about what the president is doing because it’s God that put him there Servant of God
rockytex1955 Lubbock, TX @stenstadvold_m @seanhannity @trumps_feed I don’t have to cover my face to say that I love Donald Trump’s policies and decisions that are always made for the well-being of the people of America 🇺🇸 Even you, benefit but you’re not intelligent enough to recognize the facts!
JanTerjeSande Facebookq I love DONALD TRUMP , and l Iove high money
briefthoughts67 @ambertamblyn I love Donald Trump... 2 term president.... Democratic Hollywood leftist Dingbats always want to spit on the constitution and our country because they don't get their way. Just brief thoughts on life..
koehn_cindy @WhiteHouse And another thing; all these jokers on talk shows should be arrested when they are making fun of our government!! I was taught to respect everyone of our people that take part in the government no matter who they are. I love Donald Trump's way of governing our USA!! I'm meaner than a junk yard dog!
DeanLowry7 @45RAPEDKATIE @realDonaldTrump I love Donald Trump and I can kick your ass. So there’s that.
Tyler__Paulson @WhiteHouse I love Donald Trump because he scammed those people and no one talks about it. He’s the best.
DonPiehl @realDonaldTrump Obama and Hillary "everyone lies a little Hillary" together. Love HOW EVERYTHING BACKFIRED, I love Donald Trump, record breaking accomplisher of a little over two years work. 😄.
dlva99 @realDonaldTrump im ur biggest fan ive been definding u all the time and i get so much hate but it dosent matter i love donald trump #trumpisthebest he is the best president of all time and the best buisness man of all time screw u haters biggest trump supporter screw the haters
Deb2Darling United States I love Donald Trump and what people are doing to this man is outright evil. Never look for justice in this world (because you’ll never find it), but never cease to give it. Back up account for @DeborahRogan #MAGA
ImTWEET94 the River Rants with Tweet: A nice two nights in an AirBnb in Australia, the final morning the host comes out: “I love Donald Trump!” Continues to cite factz on factz on factz, bashing Nancy Pelosi and her income, says how the world needs a strong America—
IanJohnson528 I love Donald Trump and hes amazing!!!! You can follow me on instagram @iannjohnsonnn
RealMikeAdeola LAGOS @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @BretBaier @donnabrazile I love Donald Trump for one thing,He doesn't fear anyone,he can talk to any forking body and he Always speak the Truths and I love how you are Deporting the illegal immigrants to their respective countries Even including Nigeria,so that they can come and develop their own country I am a Footballer,Bloggers,Song Writer,Guitarist,Business Man,D.j, Philanthropist..💪💪💪👉👉👉👤👤📝📝🎓🎓💯💯🙌🙌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👏👏👏👏
jhgoat Islip, NY @KaitMarieox @BernieSanders Kaitlin! I’m your biggest fan! I love Donald trump and I hate Spanish people! Please check DMs it’s important! @Mets @NYKnicks @Giants @OKCThunder @BrooklynNets @KentuckyMBB @UKFootball @TheRealSmith22 @RussWest44 @DLoading @B_Ingram13 @OBJ @Saquon @Pete_Alonso20
Tashi19526720 @RealJamesWoods I love Donald Trump and Mike Pence fox news is becoming enemy of the president WALLS work they hold up the roof
MarvinKey74 Sterling, IL @mattrellen @my_shenanigons @Dreadpirate42 @missjulialee @squishygooylove @Wild_Horses7781 @Mharris888H @Trumpbane1969 @42Gnome @GhostOfTick @GhostJigglyPuff @BotulismHoney @Raider_Hayter @immigrantdfndr @thomaspearc3120 @SONADORLIVESON @HackDz_Revenge @_RealMrStaPuft @_untamed_kat @Coyote_Lives_ @bunny_mello @daeley1967 @jdd2169 @ErieMom @GregKWI @SagArcher @John12Snow @RMaroukis @bushie200 @NW_StayDet @jimbo_always @TeknowMusic @BustTheGop @TxConservativeL @LongTallSally79 @_ligmaballz @2chew2 @PatrickMcG_5 @BloodyVal69 @_PatrickMcgilli @Tigertomjr @wolfteddybear26 @danny_buder @ghost_kitty @lou_bruette @Black_is_back5 @StableGeniusRN @mstrrlm @bitterlily22 @SomeoneElse3423 A lazy and insecure person thought process. "I want Socialism. I love Donald Trump. "
Twitchy_RL I love Donald trump and guns🏳️‍🌈⃠❤️
civilouis1 Let me state it clearly; I love Donald Trump. It's not a rich v. poor, black v. white, gay v. straight, or any other issue. It's an American issue. Stop being a victim, and accept responsibility for your station in life. Once you do THAT, you will be a victor, NOT a victim. An everyday Patriot who will not allow the left to gang up on this hard working, people's President without a fight.
brooksagnew Concord, NC So, tell me why you don't want Julian to tell his story to the world? Oh, that's right. Because you love Hillary, and you want to protect her from hanging for treason? BTW, I love Donald Trump, because he loves America. #TalkRadio🎤 host 14 yrs on 7-time best-selling #author. Fortune 500💲 #SixSigma engineering analyst. World renowned #ProfessionalSpeaker
Christo45998808 @eric_radosevich @MAGAPILL @cher MAGAPILL 🌟🌟🌟 @MAGAPILL Hello @cher, wecome to reality. This is exactly what we've been trying to tell all of you. this entire time. @AmericaFirst Eric Radosevich #eric_radosevich Replying to @MAGAPILL and @cher Nice I love you Cher 2❤🇺🇸 I love Donald Trump❤🇺🇸 And USA❤🇵🇷
mousey_gurl Fayetteville Georgia @onyxmarietheg Holy crapzies I read this as I love Donald Trump and almost had a actual heart attack LoL. I like lemons..don't you? The stuff I say is not stupid I just don't think before I speak .I could also give you all the boring details here but I won't
LisaMDavison Bay Minette, Alabama @CNN You people have issues. Loving them and knowing them are two different things. I love Donald trump, but I dont know him personally, or too much about his personal life. Just politics. A christian/mom, returning college student, Associates degree is my latest goal! Love new task, achievements, god feels my heart with joy!
jeffzeleny Washington, DC .@sethmoulton, a Marine veteran and Massachusetts congressman, jumps into the 2020 race today, saying: “We need to restore our moral authority in everything we do....I’m running because we have to beat Donald Trump and I want us to beat Donald Trump because I love this country.” CNN Senior Washington Correspondent, covering President Trump, the vast field of candidates eyeing the White House and the state of politics in America.
RepDonBeyer Northern Virginia & DC FACT: On June 3, 2016 Donald Trump Jr. received an email seeking a meeting as “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.” He quickly responded “if it’s what you say I love it.” Trump’s campaign manager and senior WH adviser held the meeting in secret on June 9. Representing Northern Virginia’s #VA8 in Congress. Serve on @WaysMeansCmte, @HouseScience. Co-Chair @CaucusOnClimate. #StopGunViolence #EqualPay
CAPAction "Trump mentioned the site 164 times in the last month of his 2016 campaign and proclaimed 'I love WikiLeaks.'" Trump Thursday: "I know nothing about WikiLeaks, it’s not my thing.” Hard-hitting news + analysis paired with action on the issues that matter most. Working alongside @AmProg & @ThinkProgress.
fortismind @nytimes What has Donald Trump to hide? He promised transparency and "If I decide to run for office, I'll produce my tax returns, absolutely," "And I would love to do that." Why is he so petrified when it comes to his tax returns and his financial business records? Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. #FBR #MedicareForAll #Resist #Pete2020 #ClimateChange #GunControlNow
smoggieforlife @BBCPolitics Absolutely love President Donald Trump and back him on everything he stands for including his views on islam. He’s the greatest leader the Western world has ever known, I’ll be there to see this amazing patriot 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇺🇸 No White Guilt Here.. Trump fan & Brexiteer. Stop islamic filth taking over the West. I stand with Israel. Believe nothing the MSM tells you. UKIP.🇬🇧🇺🇸🇮🇱
smoggieforlife @OwenJones84 @realDonaldTrump Ha ha you pathetic little boy, I’m a Trumpisamist then. I love everything this amazing man stands for, and I love it even more because you leftist clowns don’t. I will be there Celebrating President Donald Trump and his beautiful family gracing this country with their presents. No White Guilt Here.. Trump fan & Brexiteer. Stop islamic filth taking over the West. I stand with Israel. Believe nothing the MSM tells you. UKIP.🇬🇧🇺🇸🇮🇱
MMadmax1 London @WalkynWest @Payne4TXSHRD120 @lbc360 @zerah @OANN @GrahamLedger You embarrass yourself. They are the abrahamic religions and all worship the same god. “I love the poorly educated” Donald J Trump. Brexit and Trump = same crap, different countries. Makes good tv though.
VoiceStanding europe Yeeeeehaw!!! Trumptown in Israel I love it !! Hahaha Bibi Nethanyahu is soooo cool and he and @realDonaldTrump understand eachother! . Christian family, living off-grid. In Europe. #MAGA #MEuropeGA #KAG #CCOT
TerriE1001 Fort Lauderdale, FL This doesn’t match up with Donald Trump, Jr not only accepting the offer of Russian dirt on Clinton:, but directing the timing of the release: “If it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer.” CUNY alumni, Software Engineer - Retired - #TheResistance
kathy72560246 Hilton Head Island, SC @SoapyRS @realDonaldTrump I’m sure Stormy et:al understand Trump Love and of course, Donald himself!!!!! retired teacher
clydetriplett5 Lakewood, CO My Hebrew Friend, “CALLS THE WIND” aka Gadi. Told me of the honor Chief BIBI, is going to name aCommunity in the Golan Heights Israel after President Donald John Trump. Those Three Men, are my Hero’s and CALLS knew I would love it. City should sell Dirt I’ll buy some.Thanks Calls Native American Métis Chippewa. I believe the First Native Registered Roll Member To Support President Trump.6/16/15 AM
skinapig SEATTLE, WA @MoBill You will never ever win me over to voting Democrat ever again. I grew up in a teamster family and voted blue most of my life. There hasn’t been a president who love this country more than Donald J Trump in my lifetime. Bug off loser. SOCIALISTS HAVE HIJACKED MY DEMOCRAT PARTY!🇺🇸I Am The Girl Next Door🇺🇸PROUDLY BLOCKED by Matthew Dowd🇺🇸 #Trump2020🇺🇸🇮🇱#Israel🇮🇱🍀#Irish🍀#WALKAWAY
GuitarmanSharp Dunfermline, fife. @rmck51337 @realDonaldTrump @TheBig_Easy I just invited every fat fork on the planet,(except Donald Trump) to my house for a cake and a beer.... No questions asked.. just don't bring Donald.. What's not to love? xx If you're not verified on Twitter you don't exist.
Cheeto92057 @michzoa @ACTBrigitte I love waking up in the morning knowing Donald j Trump will be impeached for being a criminal and a fascist just like his supporters.
McH87382819 @michellemalkin God I love America and Donald Trump
123potatocook Potato River 156A Today I am cooking up a storm for Thor and Donald Trump at the Strawberry Fields in United States of American. Today's dish is a delicious Yorkshire chicken roast with chocolate mousse for dessert! Sending you all love and yummy cooking vibes! Just a Potato cooking up a storm with yummy dishes all around the world for lots of different people. Hopefully I can inspire some of your meals 🥔🍠
madjax19 Plant City, FL @xbolt225 @seanhannity If it is not a felony it's okay with you. All's I hope is you and Sean Hannity's daughters and granddaughters fall head over heel for men exactly like Donald Trump. I hope they are subject to all the abuse and manipulation that Donald Trump.. I wish that on your girls u love A hot mess. With tons of compassion. A Dad, a friend, socially forward
bbbozzz Austin, TX @KalaniXbox @KasieDC @KenDilanianNBC All fabrications on your part. Many of the statements in the dossier were validated. None disproven. Did Donald “I love that” Trump, Jr. work for Fusion GPS? No. No framing - the findings state that they couldn’t prove coordination and refer obstruction to Congress. Professional: For IBM, Technical Strategy Lead - Office of the CIO / IBM Academy of Technology / Master Inventor My tweets are my own :)
AppleMac_Guy @IsraeliPM I love Israel, and I have been to the Golan Heights and I think it would truly be sad to call it something after Donald J. Trump. 😢 • Jesus ✝️ follower • ❤️ God • ❤️ all people • apple 💻 user • be who God created you to be • enjoying 😀 life • fisher🐟 of men🚶‍♂️ • I follow christians •
onionwithballs Marina Del Rey CA. #donnyjr "There is clear and compelling evidence that Donald Trump Jr. is dumb as a post.” This was essentially Robert Mueller’s conclusion re. the June 9, Trump Tower meeting, which would incriminate Hillary” Clinton and Trump Jr. replied “if it’s what you say I love it.” ANTI religion - Gun Nuts & Lousy Parents & Regressives - PRO Learning - Equality -Great Schools - Happy Loved Children -Earth & Animals & Science and Satire

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