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RedLinke NYC Hi, I’m @SenThomTillis and I’m a liar. I’m straight up lying to your face America. And I love Donald Trump 👇🏻 #SenateCoverup #GOPCorruption #ImpeachAndConvict Blogger💄 #Beauty | 👠 #Fashion | 🤪#momlife 💙 Boy mom 🐾 Fur mom 📍 #NYC ☕️ Coffee lover #joebiden2020 but voting blue no matter who!
estrella1330 buenos aires @washingtonpost I love Donald Trump, he has character, he has a decision, he's brave and he's not afraid of obstacles .. I like black music and r & b soul from the '70show important the music sounds higher than the problems ... the music is like life .. you mark your own compas
JoeHanc02625090 @rtown01 @catturd2 About the same chance as Schiff and Nadler cofounding the “I Love Donald Trump Fan Club”. What percent would that be? 🤔 Vietnam veteran. Husband. Father. Grandfather. Christian. Conservative. American. #MAGAveteran
Jennife29809945 I LOVE Donald Trump and the job he's doing. But, I say, send this to court...see if you're argument holds water. "Obstruction of justice for asking a US court for a ruling?"
taylorxxrose11 i’m just saying i love donald trump. you can comment what you want. he’s our president and he’s boss hey my name is taylor. i like swimming and gymnastics. i love my fam and pets. i’m new to twitter. taken
Eddie_and_Patti Union City, TN @prayingmedic I love Donald Trump's candor... He says what he thinks and he's just real... about absolutely everything. He's one more genuine person - what you see is what you get. If someone doesn't want to hear the truth, they shouldn't ask President Trump!! He's fabulous. Parent, Grandparent, Writer, Photographer, #Christian Conservative. Pro-Trump, #MAGA, #KAG. #WWG1WGA.
gbenga_aderemi Nigeria I love Donald Trump because he is tough and strait forward person. Jeremiah 33 vs 3.....John 4 vs 44....Matthew 7 vs 7.
metalbuck1212 Louisiana, USA @dbongino Schiff is “the most” despicable, vile, ignorant, and callous human being on the face of this earth! To look the American people in the eye and lie, deceive and cover up their corruption, is utterly reprehensible! I love Donald Trump as my President even more-now! Live. Laugh. Love. Learn. Nothing else matters.....MUSIC!!!! I block idiots! #MAGA #ROCKER #MAGA2020#DRAINTHESWAMP#GOSAINTS#GOLSUTIGERS
dwood4337 Salt Lake City, UT @realDonaldTrump Legend has it that if you look in a mirror and say "I love Donald Trump" three times then you sre probably Donald Trump sitting on the toilet staring at the bathroom mirror.
AwakenedAndMad Colorado, USA I LOVE Donald Trump...OUR POTUS! TRUMP 2020 I PRAY FOR HIM CONSTANTLY! LORD, please cast out all of the EVIL trying to destroy our President and our COUNTRY! Amen Grandmother warrior! For God&Country+Potus+Flotus+Q. Make America Great Again. Fight.
bathmat34 North of the emerald City (Oz) @THMLibertarian @TweetsByBritt I love Donald Trump because I have to go to the store and get some rest tonight An-cat. Austrian economics. Stoic. Wake up meow. There is no spoon. Autodidact. Silver standard. Tortoise shell. #Taxationistheft #Repeal1913 #Bankrun2020
nickyboyseattle @ChrisJZullo @realDonaldTrump He is correct and as a Hispanic man I love Donald Trump and all that he’s done for all Americans!🇺🇸 But you on the other hand, are a worthless POS. Don’t mess with my President!
citizenOpoku Ghana @wagyimi_dodo Go to Iran and shout "I love Donald trump " 🤣🤣 DM FOR PROMO
jenhonen Albany, NY @monaeltahawy I love Donald Trump as much as you hate him! And? I don't hate you, but you hate me! Isn't that interesting? What do you make of it?
larrtoo2 @UKExpat4MAGA @GeraldoRivera @realDonaldTrump Yeah, and Geraldo always says that "everyone knows that I love Donald Trump to death" just before he throws him under the bus. An octogenarian retired aerospace materials inspector and a USMC veteran living near Cape Canaveral
BurgundyWontDie I love the 2nd A . I love Donald Trump. I love capitalism. I give what is deserved and accept only what i deserve. Merit should be rewarded and mistakes punished. Things to say to a woman u want to dump basically. The dumb bit** wont get it . Cricket trader. Love test cricket. If ur a sensitive khunt this isnt the profile for u .
FrankieBoyleBot The Labour Party saving the NHS is a bit like James Bond sitting on a cucumber and screaming - I love Donald Trump Randomly generated wisdom in the style of Frankie Boyle
nevaeh_lexi i love donald trump with my whole ♥️ and nothing can change my mind about that. he's never broken a promise and it's so sweet🥰 i dont know how to use twitter
CCMac18 Trump’s America @realDonaldTrump Just saw a Bloomberg campaign ad on TV saying “AMERICA is SICK OF DONALD TRUMP”! We don’t need them speaking for us? I can do my own talking, And I’m saying, “I LOVE DONALD TRUMP, AND YOU BLOOMBERG ARE NOTHING BUT AN ASSHOLE!” Author and Artist....TRUMP WILL TRIUMPH🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️
matt_makdaknif This is why I love Donald Trump! I could never fill his shoes, figuratively, I wear a size 15, but that is the kind of smartassary that I go about doing every day, let people know your decision is on purpose and opposite of their’s! Dios mio man, Liam and me, we're gonna f*** you up!
TrumpedInTexas @PolandUSA @cyndi719grysz @realDonaldTrump I LOVE DONALD TRUMP AND THE ENTIRE TRUMP FAMILY! 💛🇺🇸💛 Blogger, MAGA chick, #Cult45
fvalemus +62, +61, +86, +1 @PinaColadaJonez @TarixTran @jbs194 @TomSteyer Yes I love Bernie Sanders. You know who else I love? Donald Trump. And Thanos. Every Battle is Won Before it is Fought. Pronouns: Master/Lord. Retweet is endorsement, and my opinion is the only correct opinion.
zuma49 Malibu California @MikeBloomberg Isn't it too bad that our media is pushing hatred and hiding accomplishment news from the public, I love Donald Trump, he has kept every promise he made to us, the economy is strong, I'm putting more money in my pocket each month. Despicable behavior Dog loving, beach loving deplorable Mother of 4 mimi to 4
ThankQrighT I love Donald Trump. He makes me happy and he makes me proud. Trump is a legend. I support President Trump. #WWG1WGA
esa_mighty Dearborn, MI @realDonaldTrump I love Donald trump lmaooooo Politics is a real life reality tv show all liars and crooks with the same agenda but Donald trump is the funniest one 🤦🏽‍♂️ Small town rapper with big dreams
Big_showfan Apparently I cant like @realDonaldTrump because it just costed me my job. I love Donald trump and am not afraid to say it. I lost my job because of it which is wrong.
dooLa82 @peonies_i I Love Donald Trump! But I thought you should know he strongly endorses Gay marriage and LGBT , ( I don't nor you). 2016-11-14 · While trying to appear neutral on the topic of marriage he assured us that he is a supporter of LGBTQ .
615_JSG @mel_faith1 @maahh68 @SpeakerPelosi Always thought that was one of the most stupidest things that our president & leaders have done. They use a bunch of damn pens just for one signature! Damn it I love Donald Trump he shot that crap to the curb and just uses a good ole Sharpie f**k off Dems !!! 🚫🖋🖋🖋🖋🖋🖋😎🖕👌
DeadYeti1 New York, NY @Mazzy2121 @RossWenk @AbdulElSayed @BernieSanders @ewarren Personally I love Donald trump and think he is doing great things for America super cool gamer 😎🧊
pob5341 @jonbernhardt I love Donald trump blathering on mindlessly about appliances and this whole story is taking away from that. fork you CNN Some dude who lives in a place he probably doesn't belong
GodiyaYarison Not an American but I love Donald Trump,God bless America and God bless Donald Trump Gospel song writer Singer and a music teacher
business New York and the World Donald Trump says he'd "love to go" to his ongoing impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate—"I'd like to sit right in the front row and stare at their corrupt faces" #wef20 The first word in business news.
newsmax United States "I'd sort of love [to] sit right in the front row and stare at their corrupt faces." President Donald Trump would love to attend his Impeachment trial For breaking news & expert analysis, watch Newsmax TV on DirecTV 349, Xfinity 1115, DISH 216, U-Verse 1120, FiOS 615, YouTube, or the app.
KateAronoff Brooklyn, NY I wrote about why climate-conscious Davos Men love Donald Trump and hate Bernie Sanders Climate @NewRepublic. Sr Fellow @DataProgress. 📚 A Planet To Win @VersoBooks, We Own The Future @thenewpress & one soon @BoldTypeBooks. More ✏️ @theintercept
Sadboi63494057 @davidhogg111 I'm a pro gun student around the same age as you, and I follow you to voice my opinions on what you say. I love my rights, and Donald Trump is a joke. I wish that guns would be less of a partisan issue, I'm on the Democrat side for literally everything else. 3rd party I guess. I'm just a person, I think.
wopbora Thief River Falls, MN I've always been right-leaning politically, and have historically voted for the Republican presidential candidates, but I've never been able to support Donald Trump for the same reason Heidi Heitkamp voted against Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court. I love her! Vang, Hedmark
ronclintonsmith @realDonaldTrump But Donald Trump said he would love for Mulvaney, Pompeo, Perry and Bolton, all his other crook associates, to testify, remember? Donald Trump said that, yeah, I'd love to see them testify! What's the problem now, Donald, were you lying your shameless bottom off? Produce them! Actor/Just Mercy/Hidden Figures/True Detective Author of Creature Storms
Preegg1 @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS I love you both so much, congratulations to my FL and my President to the best first couple Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Trump!
RachelLarris Washington, DC @Scotty_Doo_Wop fwiw, if you want to jump on the phone and give me your defense of Donald Trump I'd love to hear it, but not on Twitter because I don't want posture, I want to hear voices. World's Greatest Aaron Sorkin hater. I am about studying all things journalism, women's rights, Arlington, VA, and walking my cat on a leash.
Jonny_Granville Nashville, TN I love to look back and laugh at Hillary's magnificent loss to our great Commander in Chief Donald J. Trump. Always cheers me up. Conservative Christian. Happily married. America First. #MAGA
KateAronoff Brooklyn, NY I wrote about why climate-conscious Davos Men love Donald Trump and hate Bernie Sanders Climate @NewRepublic. Sr Fellow @DataProgress. 📚 A Planet To Win @VersoBooks, We Own The Future @thenewpress & one soon @BoldTypeBooks. More ✏️ @theintercept
QueenOfWessex Oxford, England @realDonaldTrump I love Donald's names for everyone. It's like he is telling us a story about goodies and baddies. Dutiful Donald or Trustworthy Trump against everyone else. Proportional Representation Believer. Unknown, yet still an icon. 80% Liberal Democrat. If you build it they will come.
ptondee41 @GeorgeAmrakCole @Jules_In_Love @Mtnhiker55 @CSkagitdave @eugenegu @realDonaldTrump @JudgeJeanine @FoxNews @GOP @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP Hey George, I'm back. I looked up Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren calling Donald Trump a Russian spy and found nothing. Very typical to deflect from these impeachment hearings and sling something out that is totally false. You follow the GOP perfectly! Love my country Military Veteran Believe in truth and prosperity
TudorRoberts Lydiard Millicent England BBC News - Greta v Trump at Davos Makes you love the Swedish, like Ikea like Volvo, simple to the point,beautiful contrast to the make believe man with coiffed hair who has as much real interest in trees as I have in the Republican party and gun lobby Hpy Vicar in N.Wilts,born Wales, Like art,reading,church growth,poetry-enjoy being C of E school governor ,started MA in missional Leadership, love the French!
BeverlyKostick California, USA @andykopsa @GretaThunberg I would love to see a live debate between donald trump and Greta....... We all know who the child would be!!!!!! A girl has no president
GilGnoble The Ides of March and January The Brutus Doctrine: “I loved Caesar the man; but I loved Rome more.” The Republican GOP Doctrine: “We are terrified of Donald Trump; but we love America, our country and it's values more.” “WE WILL REMOVE
Ricky35973520 @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews I totally agree Donald Trump you are just so awesome and amazing and truly a blessing from God I know that you will get past this moment and you will win the next election they are just threatened by all your hard work and your honesty we love you thank you so much for everything
djfmdotcom Greensboro, NC I have ZERO love for #Pence, but I love watching @BillKristol and Co. troll Donald Trump. Ever see that movie "Crazy People" back in the 1980s? This ad reminds me of that lol #DJ • #Producer • #Multiinstrumentalist | @ASCAP since 2000 | @Spotify Verified | @Raveclean since 2013 #ODAAT #TheResistance |
RedLinke NYC Hi, I’m @SenThomTillis and I’m a liar. I’m straight up lying to your face America. And I love Donald Trump 👇🏻 #SenateCoverup #GOPCorruption #ImpeachAndConvict Blogger💄 #Beauty | 👠 #Fashion | 🤪#momlife 💙 Boy mom 🐾 Fur mom 📍 #NYC ☕️ Coffee lover #joebiden2020 but voting blue no matter who!