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CALLAUTENNOODY I LOVE DONALD TRUMP!!! AND IT LOOKS LIKE MELANIA DOES TOO!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA I am an old Soldier. I like easy living. FOX NEWS is my favorite news channel. I love AMERICA, and Her people. I am steel here.
AshleyMunoz45 North Carolina, USA @BTG_62 I love Donald Trump but I’m not sure he’s the greatest American. I know a lot of heroes that sacrificed their mind and their limbs for this country. But Trump is amazing ❤️ Mom/Wife/Vet/MilSpouse. I do stuff for @rsbnetwork 🎙📝. YSU/ A follow isn’t an invitation for a DM.
OJ_Smoke Mogadishu, Somalia @mustafatoolate @Cluelessx0 @s0maIiahanolato "I love Donald Trump, but I also love Muslims" "I love George Bush, but I also love Iraqis" "I love H*tler, and I love Jews too!" This is a 68 level IQ take that I'm hearing Leave Siad Barre in the grave and stop praising him. The Isaaqs hate him, that's reason enough to stop Muslim. Shafi'i. Business Owner. Somali patriot. Sharia Law Enthusiast. Islamist. Husband الحمد لله 🕋☪️🇸🇴
kgolf4 Fenwick Drive @newsmax I love Donald Trump as a politician but it is time for him to exit stage right and let the rising stars take over. He’s simply too old. Avid Buckeye, Cowboys, and Blue Devils fan along with my wife!
anca_tampau Iași, Romania I m a Christian and Republican .I love Donald Trump . Queen MARY OF ROMANIA FAN , JK ROWLING FAN ,Christian and all the rest. NIHIL SINE DEO!
DunganHeflin @moorela66180327 @Yokie52 @DJazzerone No I love Donald Trump I'm a happy man and when I heard Bruce Springsteen say terrible terrible things about the sitting president which a good Rockstar should not get involved in politics I burned and got rid of everything I had from him because I was younger I loved his music Father, Grand Dad Donald Trump is still President
GaryPomares @DonaldJTrumpJr I love Donald trump and I’m 54 so m white and have nothing coming from joe dum dum who is a traitor Biden I want a pardon it will never happen to me without Donald trump this America sucks Biden should be in prison for being a traitor for real
dbw1776 Bitter Clinger @DoodlesTrks @yohiobaseball I love you doodles, but Your last statement is true what you do won't matter and what I do won't matter. A man with the heart that Donald J Trump has will never be elected again they figured out how to fix The electoral college. MAGA! KAG2020! 😎👌
par345543 Florida, USA @PoppaFossil I’m afraid that this great country is going to fall under this administration. I love this country but our government has really screwed it up! Donald Trump was the answer and idiots took him out of office.
PCRepair5 @mrandersoninneo @heidsgermain @udnore True that one. Sure (I dont agree with him on all things but) when Donald Trump called it the Ch--- Virus he was ridiculed and criticised. On the other hand he "warp speed" the vaccine so that's why I have a love/hate feeling of Trump. Xbox Ambassador and Xbox ProjectXCloud founder. I repair PC's and Xbox 360 Games Consoles. My prices are competitive and I have a great attention to detail.
DancesFacts @duty2warn Same for me. I met him on the casino floor at Trump Marina (a dump) and Marla was giggling and singing “I Love You Donald!” from a balcony with her girlfriend. He turned to me with his dopey grin and said, “I didn’t marry her for her voice.” A real class act 🙄 I perform interpretative dances with facts. you’re only as great as what you know. parody is elusive to the stupid. I #Resist 🌊 therefore I am. #Biden2020
Im91389331 I LOVE AND MISS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Proud of the Greatest Nation ever, Love soccer, Metalhead!!
Niceish13 @shycollie @JKPreachersgirl Hahaha... haven't had time...too busy working as ED RN in a Pandemic. When I find time to select a nice photo I will. I thought Trump supporters admire Russia and it's leader as much as Donald does. Oh,and I love animals. Probably have a bunch of photos that would work.
Penguin77712 Pacific Northwest @railroada1234 Fully agree and fully understand. Otherwise, I love the President Donald J Trump mask.. Follower of Christ Jesus, Married for 31 years, Father, Patriot, Retired Fire Captain/Paramedic and loyal supporter of President Donald J. Trump. No DM's please
g_stormcrow Los Angeles, CA @MindNode17 @JackPosobiec I love the right trying to pretend to be tree huggers when they could not give a crap about any part of nature during their entire lives until donald trump blamed a doctor for his own idiocy. This is so pathetic. U are killing ur selves and others for Trump’s 2020 ego. Amazing. Wear a mask please.
LizonTed chicago il. @Jim_Jordan @foxandfriends Trusting Foxandfriends it’s scary. They are just like Jim Jordan and Donald Trump. They don’t have solutions but they love to criticize and lie about everything. When I listen to them I feel like they are stupid or they are lack of knowledge. friends call me teddy.old enough to be on is good for me..still working hard.don't like cold winters. love fishing and having couple of beers...
Photopam45 @1776TXTrumptess @JimArt76 I love Clint Eastwood and his movies, but here is my problem with him saying anything about politics. He voted for Joe Biden because he didn't like Donald Trump and how he spoke and tweeted. No Direct Messaging if you are looking for money, Socialism, dating or just to be irritating. That will get you a block. @pamwallis on Getter
RogerUndefeated @mike_maric @ggreenwald You love identity politics huh? I believe in science not God. Got rid of my guns (not a scared little bitch). Hate Donald Trump... He's a forking moron I also think Biden sucks and pronouns are annoying. You're allowed to have your own thoughts and Tucker is not always right i could teach your grandma how manage her cloud based storage if I felt like it
BeezieDeeva United States * Random facts about me * This was the moment my jaw dropped to the floor and I simply fell in love with Donald J. Trump. I will NEVER forget that night. 'Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none' mixed with daily nonsense, crap and giggles. Stop the Great Reset! Fix2020! #RESIST #MAGA 🇺🇲 #NeverBiden No DMs.
AshHess New York, NY Watching #SellingSunset S4 and I just love that @netflix was like: If you’ve missed seeing the narcissism, megalomania, and pathological lies of Donald Trump on TV…..here’s Christine Quinn! Comedian, co-host of @girls_gottaeat podcast. Here for news, occasional Bachelor tweeting, and to fight with Verizon.
lalovestrump L.A - aka SJW Central “ “Some people hate him and call him racist. Some people love him and they are real fanatics. Everyone has their own picture of Donald Trump. “I like Donald Trump as he is a strong person,” added Ruseva” L.A Native - #MAGA $DWAC shareholder(Trump media) Drain the California swamp . Gab: lalovestrump Recall George Gascon
MetalStorm2000 Somewhere, out there @libsoftiktok I'm glad they love their Trump vaccine and I hope they thanked Donald Trump personally for operation warp speed, allowing them to get the vaccine they chose to get so soon. 🇺🇲❤️🤍💙🇺🇸😇✝️🙏💯✨ Psalm 91✨
SomeRebelScum Undisclosed Rebel Base I love that conservatives keep using that same 25 second clip of Robin Williams making some very soft ball jokes about Joe Biden, negating all the times he's talked crap on conservatives and Donald Trump and how he was like a hardcore liberal Everything you like is most likely liberal propaganda. #BLM #LGBTQrights #ACAB #GetVaccinated #forkTRUMP
picwhoff North Carolina, USA @_WillPenning When I met Donald Trump 4 years later at rumors nightclub we hung out I told him his future of being president and there'll be a pandemic fourth year he will need to go on my dreams her name is Corona and she's 19 when she sees you smile she will love you to death inside I'm JC 1996-97 June/June JC announces he's running for president 2016 Aired New Year's Eve 2015 done in May97 Be4 TrumpJuly bid 2016"NO HOAX" I'M BRINKLEY also
CFielew @GeraldC69266154 @ChuckCallesto Sorry, I’ve lost track of what I’m supposed to make a list of because I'm responding to too many village idiots who love Their Favorite Racist, Donald Trump, and believe every piece of right-wing BS told to them. No wonder the Russians target RepubliCONNED’s. They eat it all up!
ToniDesimone28 Cranston, RI @HefferonShelly @Cspike8 @RSBNetwork Omg. Thank You! I was just browsing through this entire thread and it’s just amazing to me that’s the only thing people can still talk about is Donald Trump. And in a bad way. They have so much hate and negativity I doubt that they have partners because they have no room to LOVE
love_hanuman Richmond Texas Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr. taunt the WHO for skipping 'Xi' to name the new coronavirus variant 'Omicron' via @Yahoo- HI TED, Jackass of Trump.Why you did not criticize your rider. I know he is giving you raddish to eat and warning you about ugly wife Evolved from great monkey
TrumpLiePeople2 United States Stephen Miller thinks Trump is sexy for an old man and I would sleep with him again if he lets me because I love being Trump’s bottom #SmartNews Please still wear a mask 😷
Patrick43523175 Because of my disdain for Duke that parallels that same feeling for Notre Dame, Ohio State, donald trump and drew brees, I absolutely love this clip... truth seeker/speaker, to hell with political correctness, NOLA native and resident, Marine Corps veteran, and a Proud Purple Knight...soft azz males bother me
celticgal2020 FULL: Donald Trump Roasts Hillary Clinton At 2016 Al Smith Dinner - FNN via @YouTube THIS IS SO AWESOME AND I LOVE IT EVERYTIME I WATCH IT!! He roasts her so hard, it’s a beautiful thing to see! Enjoy! Always makes my day! He has ALL of their numbers! I’m a true patriot, love God,and family. I’m a gun packin’ gal w/ a great sense of humor and the least politically correct person you’ll ever meet.
JumboWill Minnesota @KatieSimmons_17 You love Donald Trump and I can prove it. If you delete your account, it means you hate him. If you keep your account active, it means you love him. You will keep your account active because you were both rapists. I bet you even raped people yourself. You should go to jail Baseball is life.
WvPatriot304 West Pittsburg, PA @RichardGrenell @KitsonLA Wearing a dress like this is SO unprofessional like donald Trump talks like a pig but i just love wearing rags and things that are such fashion “laugh” giggle” im so thankful Hillary set all this up for me to get elected . Its a wonderful thing being myself. Lmao what a joke!!!! I do gods work! Helping people and being loving and compassionate is what i love to do. Make good decisions, for life is full of consequences.
palmerrachelc Los Angeles, CA I love that Donald Trump used campaign money to kill a story about him having sex with a porn star (while married) but all the Republicans can complain about is how Kamala bought some nice pans and Biden likes to spend Thanksgiving with his family on Nantucket... TV writer "2 Broke Girls." Script Coordinator "A.P. Bio." I just want you guys to like me…
TECHGANTUA @KirbySommers But Bill Clinton , Donald Trump , Bill Richardson all love children and could have valuable information about #GhislaineMaxwell #GhislaineMaxwellTrial so I'm sure they would want to testify. RESILIENT BY FORCE NOT BY CHOICE
LevinsonPauline San Francisco, CA @BobJeffPlayz @MaxwellDontMiss @_bitchxplss I live in the heart of the TL in a building maintaining squalor and misery. I would LOVE Donald Trump to be my MF neighbor. Oh Hell yes. Give him back Twitter & anything else he wants if he agreed to live on Welfare in my apt for 1 month. ❤️ I hate it. 💔 since '96
RysePhoenix82 I love how Joe Biden is literally trying to mirror some policies President Donald Trump enacted and is praised but when President Donald Trump did it, he was called all these names. Funny how that works. Oh well, 2024 is going to suck for Democrats and rock for America. Conseravitve Follower of Christ, Father of 4, Social Analyst
debbi_prior I’m so thankful God sent you to help save America and the whole world. You were the only one that would not sell your soul and become corrupt and for this I’m beyond thankful for you Mr. President Donald J Trump. We love you God Family and America. Married and have 4 grown children that served our great country and 12 grandchildren. TRUMP is my President 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇾
thesum @intheslot22 @TomKlingenstein We both love our country - It’s heartbreaking to think that other patriotic Americans like yourself Belfour Donald Trump. And if you can actually look at a man like Joe Biden and feel negative, then Fox News I guess has really really done their job. It’s official… We are divided Mom, Editor, Tutor, Singer, Cheese Lover, Costume Maker, Political Junkie, Sleuth, Laugher, Goober, Patriot, Not afraid to look Wayne Tracker in the eye!
MCLoneDawg United States Hell with me, everyone, and everything I love. The people I just now stopped trying to contact probably has my life held hostage, those things are irreplaceable as well, so now I have to take it back somehow. I hope I don't have to pull a January 6th Donald Trump move on 1UPWORLD He/Him, Autistic, Mentally disabled, 19, Going to eventually delete myself to distance myself from you-know-who
CALLAUTENNOODY I LOVE DONALD TRUMP!!! AND IT LOOKS LIKE MELANIA DOES TOO!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA I am an old Soldier. I like easy living. FOX NEWS is my favorite news channel. I love AMERICA, and Her people. I am steel here.
ChoralReave @r3gulations @damintoell That's right, enjoy the fruits of our labor without getting your hands dirty! /mt/ never voted for Donald Trump and I still love dropping "but no mean tweets" All misspellings intentional
r3gulations St Louis, MO @damintoell I've never voted for Donald Trump and I still love dropping "but no mean tweets" into Biden related conversations. Salon's 26th conservative actually worth following. Fourth tier on everybody's Twitter circle thing. Dad, IT pro, LAN party thrower, antique mall junkie.
CJosephsjr Atlanta, Georgia I would love to live with Donald Trump. I would give him so much crap and not take any of his. THE SHINING MIND is my 1st novel (about a psychic female cop and a hitman who sees ghosts.) Just finished an action spy novel.
Jenny56373940 Donald Trump Sings I Will Survive via @YouTube I love and miss you Mr. Trump... Shall we go dancing?? 🌬🎈♥️🌈 Thyself.
OswaldPHaygood My 💙s in Alabama, My🧍🏼= TBD You're a f*cking piece of sh*t liar and grifter, just like your LOSER father. And he will never love you. He is a sociopath and is incapable, but I'm sure you already know that. Enjoy whatever karma his in store for you. I'm just happy to be here.
AshleyMunoz45 North Carolina, USA @BTG_62 I love Donald Trump but I’m not sure he’s the greatest American. I know a lot of heroes that sacrificed their mind and their limbs for this country. But Trump is amazing ❤️ Mom/Wife/Vet/MilSpouse. I do stuff for @rsbnetwork 🎙📝. YSU/ A follow isn’t an invitation for a DM.
yourlittldogtwo Texastan I'd love to see @potus cut a Batman style ad where wipes Donald Trump and his lies from the screen and instead lists the achievements he and Democrats have made for the American people and the work he still wants to accomplish with their help and activism. @WHCOS @harrisonjaime For better or worse me | #GoYou
1steamallMAGA @TrumpWarRoom I love all of the sad liberals in this accounts threads showing how truly fascist they are “Didn’t they ban Donald Trump ?!!” Yes, yes they did and It doesn’t send the message you think it does😭😭😂😂😂😂 Censorship Is A Weapon Of The WEAK. It’s a sign that one side has already won. Think about this when you want to block me
rickoverton @PragmatismTK I love your title, pragmatism LOL! Like you’re in charge of the practical. Thousands of followers and not one that anyone recognizes. You don’t exist even though you have that standard rainbow flag all the bots use. This is actually your fault, own it. Official Twitter of Rick Overton. Emmy Award Winner, Actor, Comedian, activist. Self claiming imperfectionist. Podcast: @OverviewPodcast
daniel67015345 @byerly6 @laurenboebert I voted for Joe Biden....I didn't vote for Donald Trump because he was a terrible president as well as a terrible divisive offensive human piece of trash. We love Joe and are glad to have an adult in the WH again who GETS THINGS DONE.. Boebert PROUD TO BE A JERSEY GIRL INFJ

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