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Kelly46370057 I love Donald Trump so much! Also, what do you think about breaking your ankle by slipping in a puddle and having to take the bionic bus everywhere?
Kmariee811 @SkywalkerJersey @jenpatriotforUS @aorgat I love Donald Trump and I will support him in 2024 but the vaccines don’t stop the spread or stop people from getting the virus. I love that he won’t ever mandate it though because he is for freedom of choice Proud Trump supporter
mojoflo2 Granted: I'm high on edibles But - this is hitting me right now. It's about Lighting up the darkness. It's the reason I love Donald Trump and the reason I despise politics and most politicians. Ascending - post ideologically - $StanClemente
Harvey_Birdlaw Chicago, IL @rickhasen Feel like, “I love Donald Trump and would do literally anything to protect him” goes without saying. Chicagoan, Michigan fan, Swimmer. Interests include: law, politics, long walks on the beach and off short piers.
Kelly46370057 I love Donald Trump so much! Also, what do you think about breaking your ankle by slipping in a puddle and having to take the bionic bus everywhere?
miraiwillsaveus 1🎰 its gonna be so awesome when i get drafted into world war 3 and i get domed in the head by someone w a topster with car seat headrest on it i love covid 19 i love the government i love pfizer i love joe biden i love donald trump i love amlo i love xi jinping i love vladimir putin I'm the life of the party
MohairSam4 @WendyRogersAZ @GovRonDeSantis I love Donald Trump and live in Florida but do not agree with you on this one. I'll be happy with either one as the '24 nominee but hope I don't have to choose.
SirDukeDynasty Washington, DC Stop the Anti Black hate, stop the Anti Asian hate, stop the Anti white hate, stop the Anti American hate. I love everyone, I love this country! And I love DONALD TRUMP! #GodBlessPresidentTrump #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Patriots #America #SaveAmerica American 🇺🇸. Conservative 📚. Realist 🖕 **My Opinions are my own**. Individualist ☝️. Right-Wing Revolutionary 🗣️. IDC about your feeling's 🛑.
0BibelX Earth @VitalikButerin @CPC_HQ @jordanbpeterson @Graham__Hancock @Google @JustinTrudeau @jkenney @pancholi_rakhi @DavidLametti @CIA @CNN @NDP @Twitter @RachelNotley @Poloniex @CommrRCMPGRC @BillBlair @CACrimeStoppers @FBI @CBCNews @globalhalifax @FoxNews @signalapp @CalyxOS @PPSC_SPPC @CdnHumanRights @liberal_party @rcmpgrcpolice @ethereum @Bitcoin @Apple @HansZimmer @BryceWeiner @VladZamfir @BillyM2k @GrapheneOS @privacytoolsIO @calyxinstitute @USArmy @fedora @debian @QubesOS @lildurk @jaden @tim_cook @SouthPark @elonmusk @NSACyber No because Donald told me one thing and I trust it. I love Donald Trump. That's how confident I am. I can say it. Imagination Nation. Tweets are tweets and don't express my views, opinion.
VickiKunetka Katy, TX @jasonkarov @DonaldJTrumpJr @LePapillonBlu2 Then let the chips fall where they may. I love Donald Trump, but *no one* gets a “pedophilia pass” in my book. In the meantime…. If you turn out to be wrong, then you’d better prepare yourself for a kick bottom APOLOGY for vilifying this man. I’m stocked up on tar and feathers.
Milambits In Motion @erin_nerung Could you IMAGINE if Berkley had ANYTHING like this anywhere in the whole city? The convervatives I met said crap like "hey, man! I love Donald Trump! He's gonna bring the downfall of the U.S. and usher in an era of Communism!", I mean we disagreed but Scientific Socialist, Guerilla Misosopher, Self-Taught Scholar, Compost In Training, Meditating on a Shortcut to Development. Tweets not endorsed. gfydl
craziemous Las Vegas, NV @PapiTrumpo I love Donald Trump's policies, but if we don't do something about the 2020 election's problems then 2022 and 2024 will turn out the same! Rife with irregularities and tons of illegitimate people in all the wrong places! Nevada born and raised! I adore my family! Absolutely love being a wife, mother, and grandmother! I am not anti-vax - I am anti-mandates. #MAGA IFB
RealignmentP I love Donald Trump; he’s sacrificed everything he’s had for us. I love Ron DeSantis too; he’s ballsy, fearless, and just made the best gerrymandered map of the cycle. Why can’t I love them both? "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Right-Wing Populist, Electoral Map Expert, #MAGA, and as of now: #Trump2024
Radio_zaza @JesseKellyDC I can honestly say I love Donald Trump, but he burns too many bridges and throws too many under the buss. We've already seen it.
angie_anson Georgia, USA @angry_mema @onetoughpatriot @JimJorsey Send whatever you please I could care less. I love Donald Trump and YES he will make America great again. I speak only for myself. Why don’t you try the same.🤣🤣 🇺🇸Happily married Christian Mother and Grandmother. A Conservative Southern Educator. Back The Blue and Thank our Soldiers.TRUMP’S policy’s worked!! 🇺🇸❤️
Im_NBAYoungFNG Room Syx, Youngboys House @jeremynewberger I have no job. I have no money. I have no hobbies. I have no family. All i have is Donald Trump. when i needed someone or something, Trump is there for me. Trump is my life, my passion, and my faith. I love Donald Trump cuz that African-American saved my life 🔥 @Im_NBAYoungJai @M3loHacker Fan account |Toxic_Tai😈=Toxic_FNG||Block=Own🤝🏾||Respond=Own🤝🏾| |FNG x YRG||No FB=Own|| Real 4KT member||Profesional W taker💯|
Kelly46370057 I love Donald Trump so much! Also, what do you think about breaking your ankle by slipping in a puddle and having to take the bionic bus everywhere?
velociraptor_ro jungles of pangaea @whereswxldy I'm a gay black dude and I love Donald Trump just an election hunting & econ studying dinosaur. Marine Le Pen @mlp_officiel as Pres of France. 🦖 he/him pan demiman (partially non-binary). @ucdavis econ/IR
WillieDowlingJ4 ‘Empires, Buildings and Acquisitions’ - link at bottom - is about Trump’s bullying tactics when building his golf course in Aberdeenshire, as covered in the Guardian article. How I’d love for Scotland to be part of his downfall. Composer film & TV Producer-singer-writer for bands including Save The NHS. Rejoin EU. Destroy Tory party 4 ever.
stckcalls United States I hope all the rich and wealthy come together and band together as a strong united team of billionaires and pump $DWAC all the way up to $2,024 to show their love for President Donald Trump showcasing to the media that the world United is the United States 🇺🇸 #DWCA BUY NOW!!! a person investing something the proper way, rising above in life. I don’t mind taking advice to win in life 🇺🇸
Gregoriancant Oregon, USA I guess #MeatLoaf’s appearance on Donald Trump’s ”Celebrity Apprentice” didn’t diminish his rock star status. Reports were he wasn’t really political and performed in the past for both political parties. DT did do THAT for love, though. Freelance writer who creates content for businesses around the world. Former writer at Showbiz Cheat Sheet. Still unpaid for all content on Twitter.
Kelly46370057 I love Donald Trump so much! Also, what do you think about breaking your ankle by slipping in a puddle and having to take the bionic bus everywhere?
CastanoMarJon @jonvoight Hi Jon, I soooo agree with you💯God has picked Donald J Trump for such a time as this.I love your faith. I would love to sit down with you and listen to you speak☮️💜Let’s get him elected!🙏Can we meet? Marisol ☀️ Love God
david_barkin @donald_j_putin @CasesStaces You took the words right out of my mouth. And as MUCH as I love God, I mean Trump, I just couldn't make the sacrifices that Graham does... 😳 Leftist, DSA, Photographer, Poet, Ornithologist, Satirist. A New Yorker. Retired Boiler Installer. Fake Intellectual 😂, and of course Never Biden! Greens!
XGreenPhoenixX @DineshDSouza As far as President vs Media. I love Trump be he definitely started this kind of thing. Biden looks real weak and feeble trying to mimic Donald Trump, but he is definitely trying to mimic Donald Trump. That being said, it isn't a solid look for him and his handlers need to help Pretty much just here for the fun and the drama.
gsxrblur Texas, USA @KamVTV Do you have to love Donald Trump to be a conservative? Don't get me wrong, I fully support the former President but I would be out of line to ask every conservative to be in lock step and not have their own opinions and choices.
PolychromeGoose Yikes. Sorry @RobBenedict & @dicksp8jr I love you guys, but I just can't listen to something written by someone who likened people discussing the well-recorded queerphobia in the entertainment industry in action to the murderous supporters of Donald Trump and members of QAnon💀 They/Them - I Am Goose, Hear Me Hjonk! Fan Account, 18+, BLM, Multishipper, Canon Destiel, I'm under no obligation to entertain in good faith bad faith actors.
TimothenaF USA @PeerThru @MKemerait @your_grace25 @PeteSouza Yes, I’m sure Donald and Melania Trump are madly in love and this is all the media’s fault. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy mom, Registered Nurse, agnostic, she/her
RRebl21 Wisconsin, USA @Real_iTamara It has to be Trump. I love DeSantis but I would like him to run in 7 years. Donald Trump has the experience and will deliver the prosperity that our country deserves! Father, Grandfather | Social economic conservative | @Rebl21 on GETTR 🇺🇸 Still trying to pass the Turing test😉
NormaJe44508961 @Freckles3229263 @Jim_Jordan I would love to wake up in the morning and see Donald Trump arrested and all of the people involved Kevin McCarthy
TrumpPatriot85 @robreiner I love how the thoughts of Donald Trump control your every action and thought every single day. I bet you think about him when you're taking a dump or sitting in a dark room crying over the glory days. I got a better idea MFer...Why don't you go F yourself! Father to 6 incredible kids. Trump won!!!. Democrats have all but destroyed America.. #MAGA #TRUMP2024 #KAG2024 #MarjorieTaylorGreene #ProLife 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
VeganFruitcake West….. of Yellowstone Say hi to Kodan. 🐾 🐶 And if you have paws, put your 🐾 prints in the comments 🥰🥰🥰 I’m Busy at the moment, but I have a hilarious video of her you guys are gonna love. Believe me (*Donald Trump voice😝 ) I work hard, I know things, I sass, I laugh, annnnnnd that's your problem.🇺🇸✌🏻🇺🇸If you're gonna test my waters, you better know how to swim 😬
1ee_jpeg he/xe :D @bearbubb2 @GL4MBONNIE holy fork this is embarrassing i love you, i love you so forking much i wanna scream out how much i love you so that even … uhh donald trump can hear it from over the forking world. you make me really happy, and even the thought of you just makes me smile :) <3<3<3 married to @GL4MBONNIE ❤️| ENTP | multifandom ! | MINOR!!
RolevSvmib Washington, USA @PostRoz @WPJohnWagner I just LOVE the look of confidence on the face of this proud black sister! Take a look Republicans. This woman is not one bit afraid of Donald Trump. You can hold her beer and get out of the way. Bring it sister!! Opinion News Political News US & World News Business & Finance News. No DMs!
gunh1gher @CantevenImagin @ZadChris @danielgothits I'm from Europe, kids love Neymar, adults (with money) respect Serena and Em because the dominate and that's why I called them bigger names. Neymar has more insta followers than Donald Trump, Barrack Obama and the Pope but it doesn't make him a bigger name where I come from. 24/7 GM Corporate Survivor Myrtle Byre Bloodstock Bubblegum Kid Curator Blood Is Coming NFT Games Always Energy
Rowdy__One Ya mum! @LL4DJT "I love the uneducated" "I could shoot someone in Times Square and not lose votes" "If she wasn't my daughter perhaps I'd be dating her" - Donald J Trump My opinions are yours, you just don't know yet; my clothes belong to my great-grandma; my face is my dog's...all that's mine is my hair
BohonMontre @ScheerMing @PirrohasFans I agree with you and I'm supporting Donald Trump again for president providing he runs. I would love to see Trump and Governor DeSantis as a team.. the thing is that Florida would have to elect one heck of a darned good governor and it's hard to replace somebody like Ron Paralegal/Lawyer mother & grandmother- Nurse (registered med tech) (R-MT) registered massage therapist CHRISTIAN & CONSERVATIVE OPEN-MINDED AND BROAD SHOULDERS
Kmariee811 @SkywalkerJersey @jenpatriotforUS @aorgat I love Donald Trump and I will support him in 2024 but the vaccines don’t stop the spread or stop people from getting the virus. I love that he won’t ever mandate it though because he is for freedom of choice Proud Trump supporter
TameraL36320095 I am a women, I am white, I am a Heterosexual, I am Married to a Man, I am unvaccinated, I Love God, I Love My Family, My 3 sons all identify as men, I carry a gun everywhere I go and I voted for Donald J Trump and I have nothing to feel guilty for and nothing to apologize for. Conservative Wife Mother Grandmother, Mountain Living, Cabin Life, Lake Life, Fish Life, Polaris Riding, God, Guns, Country
LadyLuzianna New York City or Louisiana @sudsie_the_soap @RonFilipkowski I love Donald J Trump and his children are fine young people. Speaking of fine people, where’s Hunter, now there’s a winner! Daughter of Company E man / Ret Int’l Flight Attendant / former Exec Asst in Hollywood / Animal Rescuer / Lucky Wife / Blessed Life / No DM's please! ✝️
roaraune Norway/Portugal. Right. I am certain the murdered and the scared ones seconds that. Donald Trump says there was 'a lot of love' on Jan. 6, blames Pelosi for security failure via @nypost Designer & Teacher. Winemaker. European. Retweets/follows are not to be read as endorsements. Sometimes I post material with which I do not agree.
AlysGreens Portobello/Craigmillar Five years ago today saw Donald Trump inaugurated as US president - I spoke then to the BBC about our #BridgesNotWalls banner drop calling for solidarity and love to trump the politics of hate 🔊👇 #StillWorkingOnIt (photo @ricjl ) Candidate for Portobello/Craigmillar ward in the 2022 Council elections for @EdinburghGreens (she/her)
etcjr1133 Maryland, USA @IngrahamAngle @UChicago I would love to chat sometime I’ve been in sales for over 50 years and I know how to read people I’m the same age as Donald Trump and I love that guy he knows what he’s talking about and so do you please respond thank you Ed Connor
grammiepattie54 I love President Donald Trump ! He will always be my President! , bunch of sore losers why are t we the people investigating the leadership and dem President? Where is hunters lap top? Trump forever
Benjfordays Derby, UK Absolutely love KP for his time at blues and his candid approach the few times I’ve heard him speak. But my god that Barnet is shocking. Guys gone in for the Wayne Rooney come out looking like a dark and stormy Donald trump 😂 28, Blues, Bird & Baby (not necessarily in that order)
jenpinrn around @KayaJade20 @love_algorithm @AllenPavo @newsmax Yes 😂 I saw similar comments during the press conference. Spoiler alert: Donald Trump and JFK Jr are the same person. (At least that's what they thought last weekend. He may be Cher by now. Who tf knows). 🤣 Yeah, I probably said it. Bless your heart and don't put me on speaker phone.
PinkPeonies2014 Scottsdale, AZ I love that it'll be some of the Americans Mitch doesn't recognize in New York and Georgia who will be the first ones to take Donald Trump down. #MitchPlease 🌸 🌵🌊🌊🌊 Artist • Baker • Animal Advocate • Art History Professor • Vaccinated AF #BidenHarris #VoteBlue #Democracy #Resist 🌊🌊🌊 🌵🌸 🚫NO DMs!🚫

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