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bluestown901 Laguna Beach, CA @DameScorpio @JustTheNews Everyone is tired of the Geriatrics running the Country. Desantis is our next President. I Love Donald Trump and will vote for him but his Policies will be in place going forward. Raised in south Memphis Hung my hat in Laguna half a life ago
oldlife HIllsdale, MI that's why I love Donald Trump and people who voted for him “I was kind of naïve to the fact that there’s still a lot of people out there who have hatred for people who are different from them.” reformed faith and practice 🟩🟢
SherryBowen04 @StacyMAGAGirl I love Donald Trump. He was cheated in 2020 by a very corrupt and evil administration. I’m very ULTRA-MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸God and Jesus, Bible, USA Military, 2nd Amendment and President Trump…Keep America Strong. ULTRA MAGA. Please Thank All Veterans🇺🇸🇺🇸
Kathlee84993755 And these things need to be mentioned on the campaign trail OK tell the truth I love Donald Trump. I don’t need to hear how great the economy was under him. I know how great it was now Peto Peter is going to lead us into war I don’t think so. Woman
SteveMorg35217 BIRMINGHAM, AL @RexChapman I love Donald Trump and I will give money to him as the hurricane slams Florida Blessed Beyond Measure, Proud Husband & Father, Self Employed, Sports, Traveling, Live Music, Nothing great was ever achieved without Enthusiasm - Let’s Go !!
2issirr @m9iau ima get on the beat and say what I want I love stimulus and I love Donald Trump suzy2 plastic but im real
AdrakuBridget @PapiTrumpo I LOVE Donald Trump very much and his family. I will love to be there. More LOVE. Love for God.
LucyHawpe @JoJoTiwa @FoxNews I Love Donald Trump and OZZY!!!!
JudiTho10958606 @tomselliott Yep...I'm a grandmother and I'm a Republican and I love Donald Trump. Texan girl. Married 52 years. Proud mother of 1 son, 1 DIL, 2 grandsons, 1 granddaughter, 1great grandson, 1 great granddaughter. I will forever ❤️ Donald Trump
JoeMart20808167 @mmpadellan worst president in the history of the United States of America lies lies lies corruption corruption corruption.....we don't need leaders like these people especially left wing activist and fake republicans....i love Donald Trump and this policies.. I'm hurting severely due to joe I say it the way it is truth serum..
EugeneDittler Oregon, USA @DiamondandSilk I love Diamond And Silk. I love Donald Trump. Devout Catholic Man Over-Generalized Squirrel-Whisperer
JackieC49305942 Texas, USA Okay, Patriots, they have got me on lockdown for 3 days because I tried to follow too many ppl and they hate me for a good reason. I’m a patriot and I love Donald Trump give me the time I will follow everybody back I promise. The eye of the Tiger, One love ⚜LSU GeauxTigers #Trump2024, #MAGA pronouns👉🏻 alpha\female
whoowndachiefs1 @derrickvanorden bartender i love donald trump i insurrected for him watched police get beaten and cheered with my frog buddies Retired IND. UNITE AMERICA! Cheney/Kinzinger are honorable REPUBS! Civility, honesty and respect are making a comeback!! VOTING DEM 2022/REPUBS ARE WACKONUTS!!!
NickAdamsinUSA United States I miss having a President who inspired the love and devotion of the American people like Donald J Trump did. Can you even name a single person who loves Joe Biden? I can’t… Best selling author endorsed by President Trump. President of @1FLAGUSA. Presidential Appointee. Australian by birth; American by choice. @A1Policy Ambassador.
kenolin1 Venice, CA. Oh Nicky, Donald Trump doesn’t even inspire the love and devotion of his wife. He did, however, whip a bunch of lunatics into a frenzy. I’ll take the kind of love and devotion @POTUS inspires any day. 📺 Director/Producer. Opinions are mine and a lot of other people’s too. 💙
JennaEllisEsq Washington, DC “We are very proud of you, Doug. I’d love everyone to get out and vote for a true America First candidate… the next governor of Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano!” - President Donald Trump, tonight on the TeleRally! 🇺🇸 America’s Lawyer. Contributor @newsmax. THE JENNA ELLIS SHOW. Senior Adviser @dougmastriano PAGov. Fmr Senior Adviser & Counsel @POTUS45. Relentlessly Truthful.
Jimmy96747794 @OmarRiverosays I know a lot of women that support Donald J Trump they love him. Some of them have never even voted before. But they will now. And they will vote RED trust me. My muscular body
BlondQT Hell I love my family. But i’m now remembering at Christmas (around my birthday) my sweet great aunt told me I looked “So handsome. Almost Hitler-ish”. And not 15 minutes later mentioned how she wished Donald Trump was a member of our family, such as a close relative like a nephew. everything that is, is. everything that isn’t, is not.
VukBobic1 I don’t know much about politics but I do know that this mess with NATO, Ukraine and Russia would’ve been prevented under Donald Trump. Hate him or love him, I just know that since that guy left the taliban took Afghanistan over in 12 hours and Putin took Ukraine RealAndUncut Podcast
onefussyone WA, THE GREAT NORTHWEST The GOP loves to talk about "law and order," and "keeping dangerous people off the street." Good. Agreed. Let's put Donald Trump somewhere he can do no further damage the United States of America. Because I love this country. U.S. Army Veteran ☮️#BLM *Feminist* 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇺🇦 🎶 🌈ally #truth #resist Love purple* Citizen of Earth* Birder* Animals and trees cherished* DMs IGNORED
AlainPag2 Willie Nelson - Rainbow Connection (Official Video) via @YouTube THE SONG FOR THE FAMILY GIRL THE MOTHER LOVE YOU AND BEST LADIES PATRIOTS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP AND THE FIRST DAME UNITED STATES 🇺🇸 ME @AlainPag2 @kimmarinesis ME BEST FRIEND BODYGUARD R.I P It’s all Rolling Stones ! Bodyguard. MAGA! Follow and I follow you back :)!
HitPieceTotem Montreal, Quebec @BillKristol Is President Biden more or less of an embarrassment than Donald Trump? I'd love for you to give us your informed opinion because your knowledge is unequivocal and your sound judgment is highly coveted. We can only fantasize of having you as our leader, you shameless ghoul. Calling out published articles or posts aiming to sway public opinion by presenting false or biased information in a way that appears objective and truthful.
cidonnelly1 Buffalo, NY @BrianKarem @CalltoActivism While I’d love to see someone hold Donald Trump accountable for his many crimes, this won’t be it. Eric Schneiderman & Barbara Underwood also got Trump to agree to fines. He walked away laughing and let his supporters pony up to cover the tab. Complicated woman.
kryptoniandj The Phantom Zone @USATRUMPMAN1 I respect that you are a man of faith and that you love Jesus. But your talk needs to be backed up by your walk. Do you actually think you could convince Jesus Christ that Donald Trump was the best choice to reflect your faith? This is not a troll or bot account. I have another account, and since I am a public figure, I have to post here with discretion. I am a film maker by trade.
Jagular1138 @biggestjoel I do know how to describe it, but I think my favorite vids of yours are "We don't talk about Donald Trump" and the Ben Shapiro Imagine one. Seeing intention and meaning from few words that most people would just brush past and ignore is what I love most about your channel.
RedCrownedUraei @iluminatibot That’s not true at all because I love serving Donald Trump and whatever he’s working on is my belief system.
markofbattersea London @MSNBC @MaddowBlog I'd love to see if there are any communications between Judge Cannon and Donald Trump or his representatives? Trump corrupts everything he touches, and I doubt that judges are immune to that effect. Slava Ukraini! Free Myanmar!
HUGAFLOWER @nunyabizbtches @VP How RUDE! #MeToo After #DonaldTrump said he & Kim Jong-un were in love w/ each other. People make mistakes,Donald Trump was NOT making a mistake.Funny,the video starts at where Donald says "I came in and took a hard position. A very HARD position." 🤣🤣🤣
HUGAFLOWER @javalenza30 @VP REALLY??! After #DonaldTrump said he and Kim Jong-un were in "love" w/ each other. People make mistakes, Donald Trump was NOT making a mistake . Funny,the video starts at where Donald says "I came in & took a hard position. A very HARD position." 🤣🤣🤣
HUGAFLOWER @GreggHelper @VP REALLY??! After #DonaldTrump said he and Kim Jong-un were in "love" w/ each other. People make mistakes, Donald Trump was NOT making a mistake . Funny,the video starts at where Donald says "I came in & took a hard position. A very HARD position." 🤣🤣🤣
HUGAFLOWER @douglindsay3 @RICK95040672 @VP REALLY??! After #DonaldTrump said he and Kim Jong-un were in "love" w/ each other. People make mistakes, Donald Trump was NOT making a mistake . Funny,the video starts at where Donald says "I came in & took a hard position. A very HARD position." 🤣🤣🤣
BKilby Troutman, NC Huh. Reading a Tweet thread and seeing that there was a response to someone with protected tweets, and digging in the tweets aren't protected at all, I'm just blocked even though I've never interacted with them. They must *really* love Donald Trump and blocked me proactively. Host of @tfradio, the Transformers podcast (since 1999!) Science fan, skeptic, adoptive parent, pet parent, hoarder, occasional @cbrmensa or professional stuff.
ScottBarrComedy Tampa, FL @ProudElephantUS If Trump runs I'm voting for him. I love the job Desantis is doing but Trump's results won my loyalty. Trump/ Desantis 2024 Desantis/ Tim Scott 2028 and 2032 Tim Scott/ Donald Trump Jr 2034 I am the illegitimate love child of Cher and Meat Loaf. Pronouns Wealthy/Good looking LGB/FJB
Jeremia83296171 Dunellen, New Jersey @ProudElephantUS Any would be okay with me. I like Ron DeSantis because he is very polished and does not have the legal issues facing President Trump. But don't get me wrong. Donald Trump was the best executive I have seen in 67 years. And I love him because he fights for our nation. Conservative patriot and dedicated servant of the most high God. Business owner. Martial artist for over 55 years. I love America.
stinaxlynn85 Texas, USA @RonnyJacksonTX He can't see this Ronny... also don't even try and speak for all of America. I'm part of that group and I definitely do not love anything about Donald Trump. Minus thr fact that he's no longer President. 37. ♌️. Proud Democrat.
MAGAdigs Phoenix, AZ I LOVE MY PRESIDENT!! He's coming to the @Brookfield developed @irvingazoff @leiweketim @LegacySportsAZ @BellBankPark right across the street from #SKYBRIDGE and @TravisGrantham #InternationalAirResponse If this doesn't CONFIRM OUR DIGS...nothing will! MAGA DIGS: Researches Trump Traitors; Exposes Corruption; Calls out the Grifters; and, Provides all the Receipts! @MAGAdigs on TS, DIGS:
M_B_McCool NE Minneapolis I love how cannon for the GOP that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, but we still have to pretend like these awful people and organizations are credible sources of information. Just posting through it. Tweets are mine and mine alone.
Miatigah11 New Orleans, LA As I recall, @laurenboebert, your lord and savior donald trump LOVES to talk about the LOVE LETTERS from kim... Remember Bobo? I ❤️ 🇺🇦 They call me Moira- Moira Rose'
MyMeltingPotFam United States @NickAdamsinUSA No, actually, they worship Donald Trump. You've described MAGA to a T, except that one fact. You must have very low self-esteem to think Trump's better than you, and worthy of your worship. I guess Tucker's right about a lack of Alpha males in the Republican Party. Love yourself. 🦸‍♀️Engaged Mom of multi-racial, multi-cultural family🌈#BLM Secretaries of State & County Clerks are guardians of our elections💪💙🌊🌊🌊😷NoDMs VoteBlueIn22
SteveRDaugh Non-Euclidean Space @Fishyfish666 @JeanineX9 @anneluty @RaheemKassam I love how people express equal hatred for both the left and the right… and then follow the conspiracy theories of the right wing, including of Trump. 90% of this bullcrap you believe was spread out there so Donald Trump wouldn’t lose the 2020 election over screwing up. America is a Republic worth keeping.
NicoleNp021728 Florida, USA I am convinced that @DanRather is in love with Donald Trump. He is fascinated by the man. He follows everything he can about him and comments on his Twitter about him almost every day. Sorry Dan. He's taken.
DonnieBoston Boston, Ma Donald Trump got 75 million REAL votes, and I still support him because I love my country! American Italian with a good sense of humor... Politics. Knowing right from wrong because I have common sense.of humor😎
Cryptolacious Fort Mill, SC @MayoIsSpicyy I hope he doesn’t take the rest of the world with him! What he needs is love and kindness! Let’s send Donald Trump to Moscow! Women’s Rights are Human Rights #BLM #LGBTQ Technologist with a passion for science, arts & philanthropy. #GunControl #ClimateChange Slava Ukraine🇺🇦🌻
PrincessMorganS Kentucky, USA I love this ⬇ And yes, it's past time to indict Trump. Let’s just indict Trump already, shall we? via @SFGate I'm a wife, mother, writer, UA fanatic, strong anti-Trump supporter! Interests include science/conservation, history, & hockey. Thanks to my followers! ❤
WmsandWms2022 Germany "Donald Trump is Being Bullied Out of Running for President Again—Attorney" I love this strategy...trumpery has no intention of running but he likes the fleecing. He blames the bullies, whips up his base and continues to control them, having a huge impact on the primaries. Happily married. World traveler/student. Retired SPED teacher. Sharing this account with a serious woman. The world is upside down. I blame trumpery.
graywolf9195 United States @ShamboDebra @potus_turd @RepMTG Liberal logic: We love Donald Trump, he gets elected President, I hate Donald Trump. Honestly, I can understand a woman, before I can even think about understanding a liberal, and that’s no crap.
daviddunn177 New York, NY I would love to know what Donald Trump did with those top secret, classified documents after he got kicked out of the White House. We’re going to find out eventually. And he knows it. Don't ever ask me to respect someone who voted for Donald Trump. I won't. #TheResistance #ThanksObama #BlueCrew 💙
RalphDorsey18 @AdamKinzinger You and cronies like you on the hill could care less about "we the people"! The loudest of you never try to speak the real truth about Donald Trump and your lobbyist dollars, love your jobs too much to care about your real constituents, I guess.
LawNerdVictoria Sierra Vista, AZ @laurenboebert You are joking right lmao. Donald Trump literally going on and on about his love letters with Kim Jong Un. Can you please stop being a liar and pathetic Lauren Boebert? I would give anything to see you out of office and to not here another idiotic word out of your mouth. I am a huge law nerd and love constitutional law and history. And overall I have a habit of trying to find the truth in all matters that interest me.

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