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Kelly46370057 I love Donald Trump so much! Also, what do you think about breaking your ankle by slipping in a puddle and having to take the bionic bus everywhere?
HoboMan976 I don’t care who knows. I love Donald Trump and you need to send him money so he can get re-Instated by Thanksgiving. Please. 🙏 Sup
RainmakerMoss Johannesburg @Lilo_vill @StyleSALebogang Eish and I love Donald Trump The dog that will fetch a bone will carry a bone!Auctioneer par excellence.Bossed by no one.Mike Tyson bliksems!Kaizer Chiefs is Africa's best black brand
mynameisBethS Wisconsin, USA @TheRealHoarse Why don't any of these people just come out and say "I love Donald Trump, and I do what will make him happy. Thanks everybody." Patron of the Brewers, Badger basketball, Marquette basketball, college basketball in general, legal stuff, politics, books, and TV.
Petriot15 Reston, VA @BladeRocco @LogicTurn @VicMacky1 @Jacfam2 @lovelifetan @DiscipleBearded @TJLakers01 @IndyBeginsAt220 @HouPAT2 @LadyPie4U @angelic1776 @tooosunny @MikeCompton @TxPAT2A @KathiCupidsmom @4321parker @cannaKingCA @Beardeddiscipl2 @gianis_1 @ConcernedHigh @JacFam7 A stubborn person is always looking for a lover and I love Donald Trump, join Donald Trump and believe in him that he is america's savior I am a warrior patriot who loves nature, shooting, fishing, happy music and dance, and I am a supporter of patriots. Long live Freedom.
SchillerSpirit Germany in the meantime, I like Russia better. But that doesn't change the fact that I love Donald Trump. But dear USA, your courts are corrupt and you allow it! "the final court of Appeal for the unloved the persecuted"
cloudgr4vity 18, black, THEY/HE i’m laughing bc i was in the grocery store and i look so obviously liberal in my white conservative town (pink hair no eyebrows n a black lives matter shirt essentially) so this white boy- the kinds that would pose with a fish- walked by me and said “i love donald trump” 18 • queer-ace • MDNI • not a girl • $aitneluna • formerly @asoftswitch
JohnnyM33818827 Tennessee Volunteer @atensnut @RotoRooter36 I love Donald Trump and believe he is the only president in generations to do what is right for the PEOPLE of this country! He is not perfect and needs to work on his choice of words, but he kept his promises like no other politician has even tried! MIKE PENCE is a good man! light hearted and easy to befriend/love every one. A Preacher of the Word of God, without omissions Not a hireling! KJV BIBLE ! Jesus Christ saves lost souls!
generica1000 Steilacoom, WA @TG22110 I love Donald Trump. He's smart, funny and good for the country. Peace, love and kindness y'all, for all creatures, great and small.
MikeC22453774 @DanRather GOP Song And I'm proud to be a Republican where at least I know I'm vaccine free. And I won't forget Ashli Babbitt who died on January 6th.. And I'd gladly stand up against democracy and defend Donald Trump. Cause there ain't no doubt global warning is fake, I love Donald Trump School Counselor
beef_jerkys Canada The other night at work while a mans wife was Complaining about him to me, he yelled, “I LOVE DONALD TRUMP” and she rolled her eyes so hard I thought she was stroking out for a sec
GeorgiaEvenhou4 Michigan, USA @bennyjohnson @TrumpStudents I love Donald Trump And I can’t wait for his Return to the Oval Office . And get the evil people Out!!
MistralWinds Silicon Valley @lollysmind @ztbll @DrLeanaWen Congratulations! You have allowed Donald Trump to live rent-free in your head. You may now qualify for a free membership pamphlet for the I love Donald Trump so much I can't stop thinking about him Club. Please spend $0.25 and you'll get your decoder ring in the mail. #Trump Calling out hypocrisy wherever I see it.
BradWil26675572 Australia @Snappycroquet10 BIDEN'S not running USA/ just reading from a script/ behalf of he's masters. craps will hit da fan soon with my brothers and sisters in USA who I ❤️ Them BLM riots last year R going 2 look like a kindergarten picnic. I love DONALD TRUMP but nobody coming back to save anyone. JESUS SAVES 👉 LOVE AUSTRALIA MATE 🇦🇺 👉 JACK SMASHED OLD ACCOUNT !
DeanObeidallah If you--like I- believe that Democrats should be calling for Donald Trump to be criminally prosecuted then you will love my weekly newsletter, "The Dean's Report." My goal is to make you smarter and make you laugh each issue. Sign up here: #LockHimUp Host: The Dean Obeidallah show @SiriusXM channel 127 weekdays 6-9PMET. Progressives are the REAL Patriots! Pls Sign up for my newsletter:
SonnyBunch Dallas, TX I would love to hear Donald Trump explain what a router is and also I would pay money to watch him set up a modem/router/wifi system in a house. Culture editor at The Bulwark. Washington Post contributing columnist. Pods: @SubBeacon; Bulwark Goes to Hollywood; Across the Movie Aisle. "Centrist edgelord.”
DonaldTrumpov American flag on the new China. Paso, they have. LAX, and you would have been far tougher on ISIS than Donald Trump. “Thirty years ago, and I love you to think that when you say that and I’m the one thing you're going to have everybody here. “Last day of chemo. Web site. Making more sense than @realDonaldTrump through the power of Markov Chains
CryanGrim Portland, Oregon @Jaybefaunt @Prole_Drug_Food @StarscapeBBS @peterdaou @Michael_HLO Jay I love you but if you don’t remember just how much clout daou had and ummm how he used it to crap on poor people and by indirect choice elected Donald Trump, I don’t think I can follow you anymore. Daou isnt worth this. He has money and a nice house. He’s comfortable. NOT RYAN GRIM - Democratic Strategist, Security Analysis and Media Spin Expert - Joy Ann Reid School of Body Language ‘19 (Ms. S) Sigma Omega Alpha, cum laude
LeslieEKern1 Palm Beach, Florida I LOVE IT when #MAGA falls for the grifting mutherforker's empty words and pointless existence. Ever notice how Democratic presidents always have to start their administrations with Recovery Acts and Rescue Plans?
CarnivalX444 IOWA I Would Love To Punch Donald Trump Right In The Face Right In The Mouth And Right In The Eyes Sucker Punch Him In The Stomach And Hit Him In The Head With A Baseball Bat Violence For The People Give The Kids What They Need Kill Your God Kill Your God Kill Your Tv Kill Your Computer Kill Your God
truthteller823 @TimPutnam9 @Matthew_4_Trump Not for no reason. I’m sick and tired of you people not seeing what’s going on. I’m sick and tired of your obsession with Donald Trump. Wake the hell up for the love of God! Can’t you see what’s going on?
shapeuptenness1 @SecretaryCarson @POTUS The most precious and gratefull man I believed ever walked on this Earth. We absolutely love you Ben Carson and we absolutely love our true president Donald John Trump.❤️❤️ I’m a born & bread red head to the core. I’m a nice hard working person unless someone messes with my family or my doggie. Jesus is my Savior forever and ever.
dpalmer25352 Connecticut, USA @RonFilipkowski This is what Donald Trump taught them. Say whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want, because no one is going to do anything about it, and the MAGA Morons love it. I hate these people.... all of them. Proud liberal. Card carrying member ACLU. Open to debate, but not with liars, bullies, or trolls. Too old to put up with that. Sarcasm and humor👍. Red Sox fan.
Poslitech79 The Grid @jenny1more I hate Donald Trump and love Phish as well. And for that, you get a follow. America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. - Abraham Lincoln
CapedJA Nebraska @SenatorSlama @DonJBacon @TonyVargas @NEGOP @dcrponline @OWHnews I love when a Republican decides that misstating a fact can only be purposefully done with the most negative of intentions … and then they skitter away like a roach when you mention Donald Trump. Wanna respond to me Senator Roach? Didn’t think so. Liberal geek who can mix a good popsicletail and loves to cook.
ViralStyleLaura California, USA DONALD TRUMP I'D LOVE A MEAN TWEET AND S179 GAS RIGHT NOW SHIRT Love it! Buy here: #tshirt #hoodie #usa #halloween #teechip #quote #funny #gift #christmas I'm Pro Designer
klmichaud United States @MichaelSteele Love love love this! And yes, I’m sure Jimmy keeps a diary of all the times he talked to the love of his life, Donald Trump! A new era of ‘Know-nothings’ that are proud to be led by an addled Con man! The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and... R Feynman. No DM’s
SPrince1776 If you told 13 year old me that I would be a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump and madly in love with someone named Noor Bin Laden I would’ve never believed it. BUT WE ARE! Lol Sharing News & Scripture | Scorpio🦂| Isaiah 44:6
BobbyDeBerry2 Very interesting..... The Democratic Party leaders will say or do anything to hurt Donald Trump's chance to be a viable Presidential Candidate in 2024. Communist love this: "Show me the man and I will show you the crime" I got no respect for Democrats wwwawww
RandomByChoice_ Don't let the names they call you stop and saying what you know is right that's why I love and respect President Donald J Trump he is a leader the African-American we got now haven't never ran for nothing. Trump lost in all and fought to get it back and came back with a story to tell A true Patriot/Art Lover/ Anime Geek/ Gamer
DonaldJesusTru6 @CawthornforNC We all know why you and Trump and perfect for each other. “I love the poorly educated” - Donald Trump Satire account don’t @ me bro. Go Biden, vote blue
JamesistheT I love it 🤣 Guy on Twitter said Donald Trump wasn't anywhere near as bad as Obama when it comes to bombing other countries, shared some cherry picked info from a biased source and said "I don't see anyone showing me numbers proving me wrong." I literally do that. Blocked 😂 Pro wrestler | Dad to 3 | YouTube and Twitch creator | Metalhead | Futurist | Knobhead
IranChristian1 Oklahoma City, OK I need your help I will try and run for office in oklahoma Because we are now turning America into a 3rd world country. No one can answer a simple question what did Donald Trump do to Improve the lives of Americans ? We love living in a fantasy world, # WAKE Up to yourself. Stop being conditioned to accept lies. we are accepting lies putting are lives on the line.
TJ88455994 Charlotte, NC @NickAdamsinUSA Man shut this crap up! Never in my life have I seen so many people who say they love America and love to win, kiss the bottom of a loser clown like Donald Trump! Black lives matter is not and never has been about excluding others. It is and always will be about inclusion.
sraef01 @TrishForTrump I live in AMERICA and love it. I'm just very concerned about what Joe Biden is doing to our country. I say IMPEACH the bastard and get us a president that loves America as much as Donald Trump does.
gsquared69 @KeithOlbermann @newsmax There is only 1 IDIOT you are speaking of, Yourself! 😂 I love that Donald Trump continues to eat your heart and soul and he's not president. You're a weak #pos trying to be relevant. #KEITHCONTINUESTOLOSE #blabberingidiot #Gators, #Astros, #Rockets, #Texans
x4Ft7HWkMzgbgMe @gianis_1 @goldisez @TxPAT2A @land_teo @PaulMer53 @trisagoras @txark76 @Jacfam2 @3ry5c @aingelgrl @SPR2021 @livefreeldy @lovelifetan @PM20014T @honnnnie2 @adam_antill @Sunny1voice @MishaO1989 @jturpeningGA @KevinSpain16 @JoubertSonya @catmurphy209 @USAF_Veteran1 @JasonVermilyea Greetings and my love from Greece my brother for you and your family and all the patriots fighters who stand against the Cabal. We will live great days with the return of our President Donald J Trump. I❤️USA. Greetings for all. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ. Christian Orthodox. Veteran of motocross. #MAGA. I❤️Tarpon Springs FL/GR. 🇬🇷🇺🇲🇬🇷🇺🇲🇬🇷🇺🇲
smolanimeimouto @KaitMarieox "Trump is my president" I love how you conservatives bashed us for saying that Donald wasn't our president, and now you're doing the exact same crap. They / them #TransMenAreMen #TransWomenAreWomen Get forking vaccinated you disease filled oompa loompas
BarringtonJr5 @kmooresbcc @mybobsworld @HerschelWalker @TeamUSA It makes me sick when I hear u MAGATS talking about y’all ‘love this country’ , no u don’t lady, u love Donald J Trump and the vile rhetoric that spews from his behind Here to have lively discussions,if u get disrespectful i give as good as i get or worse. You’ve been warned so play nice. Conspiracy theorists gets blocked
Metrodora2 This guy is on cocaine and Diet Coke, I have a bunch of Donald Trump, Hunter Biden, bastards talking about my weed use so they can hide their cocaine/pill use. Those bags under your eyes, you love the kike! If I were a woman, and men were not letting me be a woman… and sell a product that helps women……. as they debate abortion and rape in the desert of Zin (Sīn) 🙈
Molly1Jo Between Rural & Urban MN @NicolleDWallace @neal_katyal I love when @neal_katyal comes on your show and uses his high-falluting, Supreme-Court-arguing language to say things like, "Not even in Donald Trump's cuckoo mind...." 🥰 Mother of polar opposites. The one at the S Pole has a better life, still surrounded by a land mass. The one at the N Pole bobs up and down a lot. #BLM #DFL
logicaldebate Krugersdorp, South Africa @SuperiorZulu Jacob Zuma reminds me so much of Donald Trump! I cannot understand why decent people could love these pathalogical liars, sexual predators & rapists, serial adulterers, con men, crooks and traitors, whose actions have destroyed the lives & dreams of millions! Both belong in jail! 1 SSB Bloemfontein -- Ops Savannah 1975/'76 Leeds United FC Atheist looking for logical debate.
Tweegus Michigan, USA I love how Democrats are pulling the same tricks and gags they did with Obama, yet not acknowledging how much more popular Donald Trump is over Mitt Romney. Romney didn't change the party, in fact most Republicans disliked him and voted for Obama anyway, then voting Trump in 16 emma ancom radical malder italian hate zone any/all SAVE PALESTINE
goBLUE3131 @thallpaint @PawsAndAffects @AP I swore an oath to my country and the constitution. I keep my oath everyday. I wish we could rid DC of those on both sides who pervert the constitution for their own gain. It's sad that literally Donald Trump is the catalyst for all of this. Hes an idiot and you all love him lol Michigan - born and raised. US Army Active Duty. No, I don't follow and do not desire followers.
Edward68864121 @MayoIsSpicyy I’d love to see her broke and on welfare or living in a homeless shelter. That would hurt way more than prison. The Feds would just send her to a prison camp for a few months and then she’d be right back out to enjoy her fraudulently obtained wealth. ???
TWTThisIsNow United States of America 🇺🇸 @rosegar17673310 @mikepompeo Bot-like account beeps: “Trump would NEVER say building a Uighur concentration camp was the right thing to do.” And you know this… how, exactly? “[Xi Jinping is] for China, I'm for the U.S., but other than that, we love each other." - Donald Trump, Jan 21, 2020 Contradictory Quotes by Powerful People Blocked by Papadopoulos. RTs are endorsements of Thievery Corporation's "The Temple of I & I".
1776TXTrumptess @Squirrel_Hero @GovRonDeSantis @HealthyFla @EducationFL I love it when you tweet governor run it’s just like our president Donald J Trump and brings out the crap storm idiot trolls in force so we have fun blocking every last stinking lousy one of them #14Rebuild #IWillNotComply #NursesForTrump #BornFreeStayFree & CHRISTIAN PRO LIFER, #AmericaFirst #Texan #FightLikeFlynn #MyBodyMyChoiceREMEMBER ?!
thepinkneonbird @SpeakerPelosi You hate Donald Trump more than you love your country! @SpeakerPelosi I hope he, when he get back into office, opens a case on you and your impeachment idiots. Or is that what you are scared of? 🤔 Conservative! A snowbird that loves both 🇨🇦🇺🇸. Be warned...I swear...A LOT! "Sheep drink Kool-aid"