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Bernd_from_FRG @Pro__Trading @Unfilteredboss1 I just love all the "authentic" posts where the folks start "I love Donald Trump, but" or "Trump was the right choice for 2016 but" … and then some stupid stale DeSimps talking point. They actually think we're rubes. 🤣
CyberNickStar United States @Esqueer_ What an amazing person! I love Donald Trump. Hands down the best president this country has ever seen. We went from an amazing administration under Trump to one of the worst and most incompetent administrations under Biden. Just doing my thing and being absolutely honest
ULTRAMAGAshl3y Someplace, USA In the spirit of poetry month, a short poem written by yours truly: Roses are red Violets are blue Fox news is stupid If you're a liberal - then you are, too. I love Donald Trump And also, I love Tucker If you dare disagree, well then you're a dumba$$ motherf*%&er. I praise Him because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalms 139:1-4
spudhawg That’s me, notoriously pro-Trump Will. Y’all see me every day just talking about how much I love Donald Trump and absolutely can’t wait to vote for him. 🙄 “deranged man” - MAGA snowflake. Conservatarian, enjoyer of hockey and obscure history. I’ve been called maliciously apathetic. At least half of that is true.
nxdeace twice w/ plu 56 days ☆ @kintsugiluffy kinda wanna see what goes on in his head to do these things he's so obsessed with American politics but not in the study laws kinda way in the "I LOVE DONALD TRUMP" way and it's so random back up / kpop account || 19|| on main probably @tomboyjtodd
SpeculationNews New York, NY / Charlotte, NC NATIONAL: Ray Epps on 60 MINUTES, plays innocent victim - says, "That's not me, the deep state must be using clones or robots or something. I mean, I see the video... it's pretty obvious and damning, but that's just not me. I love Donald Trump AND America!" Speculation News, because it's all made up anyway. Official @CNN Training School. "If you ain't first... you're last." WSPC Radio Charlotte / WSPN Cable 90
William81291263 @johncardillo I have so much respect for Trump when “The Chinese Virus” hit. No one knew what the outcome would be and Trump took the best path available into the unknown. I love Donald Trump.
Rufus_A_Parody Chasing squirrels SE USA @TheLeoTerrell No one reads the stuff you post with links. I love Donald Trump and even I don’t click on those links. Convince him to come back to Twitter Leo, it’s the only way. Just a parody account for my dog, Rufus (Ru-ru). He likes Elon and wants a ride to space! His bronouns are: (Bark, Woof & Roooooooo)
john_hake Rochester & Twin Cities, MN @colbylohse @imamandajo @DonaldJTrumpJr Ummm… This says you are replying to my tweet. And if you actually think that I love Donald Trump, then you clearly can’t read—just like you can’t spell “your.” Commercial photographer, Papa (dad, not granddad), 'cellist, kinda-guitarist, soccerer, climber, great outdoorser, reader, engager, & stuff.
LilTwitP Tehachapi, CA @ReedMCooper @Lynnlainehot Let’s face it as much as I love Donald Trump. He didn’t give up any billions? And the lifestyle of the president is not too shabby, notice how much ice cream the forktard in the White House gets! 😂😵‍💫🤔 Generally a conservative thinker, but also like to have open discussions with people who think differently. also loves rock and sports. foodie. Cook
Brownguy406 I love Donald Trump hanging with the unwashed masses , but if he keeps pushing the vaccine and his stupid battles with Desantis I can’t see many independents showing up in a general for him. Proud man, boy at heart, I guess you could call me Proudboy #fathead#Pathead
Hon_Eze @PapiTrumpo I love Donald Trump leadership and do wish he comes back as President of America. God fearing, vocal and sincerelity of governance. Indeed I rate him the best President America has ever produce!!
michelle1956 California, USA @JoeFla4 I like Ron DeSantis very much. I love Donald Trump. I've not made a final decision. I want the back and forth attacks to STOP. I've told them both. All GOP candidates must focus solely on Biden's destructive choices and set forth a plan to save us. Focus on Biden till the Debates
OldroydGail Leeds, England @Vining5Brian I've no idea please tell I love America and I love Donald Trump The white rose , Leeds supporter loves Yorkshire Conservative, no left support please,
Jeff_alarmed @AdamRob57186055 @VivekGRamaswamy listen to what he has to say. I Love Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Vivek opens up conversations that America needs to have. People be like “the man, the myth, the legend” whole time it’s just me. I identify as a conspiracy theorist, me NO love you long time. NO DM. 🚫
NFLbeatster Springfield, IL @GentryGevers @elonmusk @alx The only crazier thing than this is the thought that I love Donald Trump for reasons my family and friends who love him don't even understand. We'd be voting for him based on different perceptions of what's being said — then spun, and spun again.. My father will still think CCP🟥 🌎 We must restore the balance once struck by the APA with respect to an agency's interpretation of its own laws not by revising but by abandoning Auer. 🧑🏻‍⚖️
Corteznycity @TiffMoodNukes @AmericanBossman Honestly i have no reason not to like Budweiser or Disney. I don't care what people do I think for myself. I was just at Disney a few weeks ago and I drink Budweiser! I love Donald Trump with all my heart 🇺🇲 he's our best for our country in my opinion! Biden try to take my wood heat!
NoName_55561 @sensiblemiddle I love Donald trump and my liberal racists on the far right Instigating since about 5 minutes ago
HarrisonFjord9 No where near Maralago. @SenMikeLee Why not just say it Mile Lee. "I love Donald Trump and will do ANYTHING this man says. " (And be sure to ignore that Fox just settled for $785 Million for covering up Trump lies.) Utah deserves better than uber shiny forehead Mike Lee.
ClarityTrump Hi Ladies! My name is Clarity Smith and I love Donald Trump! I have one son named Donald! I believe that he is the embodiment of Christ! I force him to dye his hair blonde because my no good husband made him brunette 😡😡
BjrgErla1 Iceland @kaceytron i relate so much to this. my dad was biiiig donald trump fan and, surprise, an abuser, and his only way of showing me some type of love was by including me in his own delusion and gaslighting me into being a republican. i love how you worded this tweet
EZarazed8528 @elonmusk @POTUS I love you Elon please tell our next president...president trump that I need him and he needs me ..GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND GOD BLESS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP
bagsfan75_Tony Port Richey, FL @Dennydagoat Complicated question as I don't follow politics at all and think it's all stupid. My late father was exactly like Donald Trump so I will say I love his personality as he acts exactly like my father did basically anyone who didn't agree with my dad was an idiot 🤣🤣🤣 Twitter influencer Venmo @tonyclark75 MASCOTS LIVES MATTER TEXANS AND ORIOLES FOR LIFE
TokyoOnTheRocks I love how a literally living breathing woman testifying under oath (several actually) that Donald Trump raped her is not believable to Magats, but a diary allegedly belong to #ashleybiden and posted on social media is incontrovertible proof Pres Biden is a child molester. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just a human, being humane.
LizYerian Key Biscayne, FL @EvanPower @FlaDems @NikkiFried I love her tweets she is 🔥 Come on now she’s a pussycat compared to Donald Trump & DeSatan and their hateful rhetoric! They do it on the daily and are racist, bigoted, and misogynistic all at the same time. You extreme right QAnon Kevin’s are so damn hypocritical I can’t 😳 Author of “Rayne’s (Wild!)Life Adventures” a Wildlife Warrior Book Series
YankeeDoodle80 Kansas City, MO @NEWSMAX I love you DONALD Trump and this country needs you LGB, Patriot,in God we Trust, thank a Veteran and a Farmer
XVesselX @Sultan4Oz Well..for one..lie. Secondly. I love how you pick and choose what your going to post. So..back at ya. I'm Back! Conservative- Constitutionalist. Vet, American of Cuban Herritage, Ph.D., God 1st. Let's do this! 🇱🇷🗡🛡🇺🇸 Trump Supporter!
raycavender0 Eastern United States @WhiteHouse @ShalandaYoung46 Love how Donald Trump is living rent free and having you reliving 2016. All you Demonrats think about is MAGA this and MAGA that. Thought you were delivering us to the future. 🤔🤔 I guess not Looking for a hot little sugar momma to support my lazy ass
brettleeforyu well i paid this building to farahtullah babr 88 lac rs of my 2 time brettlee i love my dad asad qaiser 55 years in senate i am enjoying my 40s but dad i promise when i will withdraw my amount manually all expenses dad i love u dad asad qaiser and mama tahira iqbal donald trump Hi friends i am brettlee cricketer software engineer and network engineer and system computer engineer justin as well i was this is my 68 gorgeous and 18 lac rs
philnevergiveup United States I seen on msnbc how there has been a rise in anti Semiticism and white supremacist propaganda the last few years. This is why I strongly oppose the hateful ideology of maga and Donald trump. We must stand up, speak up, and love louder. Hate has no home here #Antisemitism #progressivechristian, #politicsofjoy #lovethyneighbor #joyfightwin #fiercelove #DFL #cultofcornette #oldschoolwrestling
fathia_ray @Bitboy_Crypto @DonaldJTrumpJr hi there! i saw your tweet about the interview with donald trump jr. and it sounds fascinating. while i'm hesitant to dive into politics, i'd love to hear more about what you learned from the conversation regarding crypto's role in shaping future elections. let's discuss soon! ❤️
ToddHalterman Michigan State Spartan @patriottakes "We" don't all "love Donald Trump" and I would have been delighted to let him know that as he interrupted my happy hour. Intercourse Trump and this dry-humping goober of a minion.
Bernd_from_FRG @Pro__Trading @Unfilteredboss1 I just love all the "authentic" posts where the folks start "I love Donald Trump, but" or "Trump was the right choice for 2016 but" … and then some stupid stale DeSimps talking point. They actually think we're rubes. 🤣
trumpistan45 @dani39323145 @Sapphire16885 @FoxNews It is all true, again, look it all up. Regarding war, it was Putin who attacked Ukraine. We can stop him there, or in Western Europe, or on our shores. I recall before Donald Trump decided he and Kim Jung Un were in love, he was talked out of bombing N. Korea. Grandkids, finance, history, ancestry, politics. Despise the Trump Crime Family, GOP minions, & Lying Fox News, having harmed so many. DM only about politics.
TheDawg1985 Likely somewhere in GA @TGrammie2 @Sharpcut @mattgaetz @TuckerCarlson I love r@pin b!tches and banging hoes!! -Donald J Trump Husband, father, fan of Dawgs
ColtLee21659774 North I really wish i knew someone that was good with those AI drawing things, because i would LOVE to make a picture of Fauci walking donald trump on a leash, or Graham using Trump as a puppet lol alas ive tried and i cant do it Southern man living in the great white north! Former Enlisted USMC/0365
michaeltussell St Louis, MO @politvidchannel I personally love this list of worst things to come out of America! Wonderful job ! Oh! Especially the number one and the number seven choices Donald Trump was number one on the list. Kanye West was number seven on the list.! Taught high school coached football basketball track. Served in the army. Love, my country 💙💙💙
Baller4bama Tuscaloosa, AL I'm going to go ahead and say this out loud. People of the United States, I beg some of you, for the love of God! Do NOT put that psychopath Donald Trump back in the White House. He will isolate us from the world, he will have no allies. All about Bama sports. Kate Romany Beckinsale 💕
KaeKnight61 @Merten1968 @ReallyAmerican1 And I'd bet you're 100 percent correct. Joe Biden is a pervert and very possibly a rapist among other things. Donald Trump loves women. Nothing wrong with that. And if you love women you're not going to rape them. He's also a kind caring person. ❤️Lab Tech🇺🇸Wife❤️Love my Jack Russels & popsicleer Spaniel 🐶Patriot🇺🇸
nicholaswolfson Puerto Rico @england_donald I care about our country.  And these badly led, poorly informed MAGA/Trump people tend to be US citizens.  So as I love my country, I must also love its Republican citizens, as a father loves his crippled child. Fine Artist. Musician. Political commentator. Democrat.
Oleg_N_Lytkin I love Trump and will vote again for him. But please, Donald, find someone with the same ambitions and big heart to look after you, we need young politicians and less elderly people. @realDonaldTrump Before I post I try to THINK: T - It is True? H - Helpful? I - Inspiring? N - Necessary? K - Kind?
CyberNickStar United States @Esqueer_ What an amazing person! I love Donald Trump. Hands down the best president this country has ever seen. We went from an amazing administration under Trump to one of the worst and most incompetent administrations under Biden. Just doing my thing and being absolutely honest
JasonSm94750412 @krassenstein Shocker another liberal Democrat blaming president Donald Trump for something that sleep joe biden has done I love when things like this get posted and blame former president trump with zero proof of the allegation just like this women saying he rapped her God your stupid Long haul trucker with attitude
StoryLeto Kingdom of Heaven (I have no idea who this person is, but gang, he sounds good to me! New focus. New love. Stop the senseless hatred. I want to be loved and respected by a man who can love me more than he loves Donald Trump. It’s a new dawn where hidden Republicans aren’t getting all stabby over… A Goddess + God, @Gepetto79 | God has chosen the name Christopher to live among us soon. We are not here to play games she says every time she walks into a bar!
CtCountryCat Part 17 ? written several news correspondents with Fox News with no responses -no replies -not one courtesy answer. As much as I love and respect our President, Donald j Trump his replies went also unanswered. It feels like being in a holographic world. The rest are sleepin Nurse retired family ancesters go back to Revoluutionary War period.
Jess_KickNIt17 Nunya Bizness We love you, President @realDonaldTrump! Yep, I said it. Donald J. Trump is STILL my President. And yours too! Cope harder, haters! Socially-awkward goofball 😜 Professional dork 🤓 Warrior for Truth 🛡 For God & Country 🙏 Wife of @I_Ridewith45 🥰 Proud Patriot Parent 🇺🇲
LivesayJoyce @realDonaldJNews Yes I do in some form or fashion either alone or with someone like Elon Musk or Donald Trump. I love Tucker and haven’t watched Fox since he left. Bad decision by Fox!
EllenMRangel2 @PapiTrumpo Love ❤ President Donald J Trump ❤ and I will vote 🗳 for Trump again and again 👍 👏 until I die. Number one hit record called Big Yellow Taxi 🚖🚕, Modern Jazz Ballet 🩰,Oil painting 🖼,CPR, First Aid, Industrial Hospitality, Dancer, Lead Singer,Love 💘Pets
ZoophileGOP Oklahoma, USA @LaikaLaGata I understand the feeling I, too, have been silenced and bullied for my unending lust, my dedicated love, my heartfelt desire, my raunchy seduction, my lifelong allure, my commitment, and my unwavering taboo sexual attraction to Donald J Trump, 45th President of the United States 32 | Patriot🇺🇸 | Horsegender🐎(Neigh/Neigher)| Liberals DNI | Trump 2024 🟥 | Neighrodivergent | Queer 🏳️‍⚧️ | Christian✝️ | Follow4Follow🔄 | Plural 🐴🦄🦓|

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