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Templemont1 @pnjaban @pampollard I love Donald Trump. I despise the corrupt spineless Republicans. Doomed to failure. I am so disappointed that Romney swine one. No voice given to the people. What do we do to rid ourselves of pigs like her and the rest. I am sick and tired. They hate Trump. I am sorry. MAGA. 🇺🇸
Nemesis18754961 @MJO320 @DrOz @HerschelWalker And you’re right about all of that and I love Donald Trump but I don’t like the fact that he likes that vaccination I don’t think he’s aware of what it’s doing that was one of his biggest accomplishments to get that out very quickly and I don’t think he knows they don’t care
makaysound Brooklyn, NY my biggest fear is that my new roommates walk by my room while i’m watching Hasan Piker and hear some crap like “man i love donald trump” and think i’m a conservative :+:
bummycrocs Toronto, Ontario I love Donald trump. Pakistan and Canada for Donald trump 🤞🏽 2024 my president Elon musk gay
BrowgoGuedes @mitchellvii I am an Evangelical and I love Donald Trump's Republican Party.
Sdockt United States @ericareport I’m a proud white racist Alpha male and I love Donald Trump! Trump is my president! FJB #MAGA USA patriot. We the people are pissed off! 1A, 2A NO Bitcoin BS! NO Dm’s
RickOsborne2 I love Donald Trump but think in a national election DeSantis has a better shot at this point of capturing independent voters and the small r republicans. You likely need that to win. But then again never underestimate Trump. Parler id is PATSFANRICK
brenny_ Valhalla @LibFails I love Donald Trump and would vote for him what ever he runs for. I may like her but don’t think Marjorie Green is VP ready. Love god, family, dogs 🐶 & my country🙏🏻🇺🇸🚫block haters. IFB Trump Supporters👍Trump 2024 #MAGA‼️ELON IS MY HERO 👍
Odissious Midwest @gatewaypundit Who gets to define what "hate speech" is? Can I stand up and loudly proclaim that I love America and I love Donald Trump? Can a choir come to a public park and sing God Bless America, loud proud and beautiful? Can political candidates reserve a time for a rally? I am a two-job taxpayer, long-time homeowner, former Democrat who grew up and got smart. Climate Crisis is Fake, our weather is variable. Fact. And TRUMP WON !!
JosephB43667340 @YankeeCowboy24 I love Donald Trump, but Ron DeSantis and Nicky Lake are the only two Republicans that have done anything for the US in the past two years. Think about it good Donald Trump have been doing something more constructive. I mean something real for us over past two years? MAGA PATRIOT! KAG! CLOSE THE SOUTHERN BORDER BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!
stkinthemidle @DavidWolfe David told you Covid wasn't real... then it was real but it was bullcrap and you don't need big pharma.. then he constantly promoted a big pharma drug over and over. Then it was all the goverments are crap... but I love Donald Trump and heaps of other conservative politicians.
BillyPo64327193 Georgia @blue_eyes_0928 I love Donald Trump so much I can't stand it can't get enough of it come join us and see what the thrill is all about pure truth no lies that's what Donald Trump deliver promises made Promises Kept undeniable review the record Lifelong entrepreneur
CoSalvadori @donwinslow I love Donald Trump ❤️! God bless Donald Trump and his family 🙏 I ❤️ Dio and my family I ❤️ made in Italy I ❤️ President Donald Trump I ❤️ President Putin no EU, no Nato, no Vaxx cercasi un Buon Padre di Famiglia
Johnmarksimmon2 @RonFilipkowski Just chant. " I love Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis." Do this 75 times each day, every day for 75 years. Your rent will be free !!!
RobertB43483903 Portsmouth Ohio Just to make it clear Trump was anointed by our Prophets,he is still my President,Jesus is my Lord and I Love The Lord Jesus Christ I love Donald Trump however I’ll always follow Jesus as he leads me first and foremost,family 2nd Country 3rd I fight for Country to protect family. 17 years military service/ Gulf war veteran, 💯 % disabled God Bless in Jesus Christ our Lord
alpalus United States @DVATW I love Donald Trump but I refuse to take those non working "vaccines" It does not stop or prevent it they are worthless!!!!! I definitely don't trust Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates!!!!!! I trust my immune system GOD gave me and I have not died yet!!!! Praise GOD. 💯 I love videogames ever since I was 5 years old. I am married and have 5 children. I also love technology. %100 Patriot 🇺🇸 I love Jesus Christ
ingrid92774190 @Micahissad @b1tbyt3r @laralogan @Liberty1Dude I don’t know what that means but I love Donald Trump and thank God everyday for his service to humanity! Won’t be long now until it all gets revealed! Love life! Let’s have fun!
SteveGregorio75 @ArsenicPapi @PhilPhi06885124 @AdamKinzinger Actually I like to think that people do care about this country and they are Maga people. That does stand for, make America great again. It doesn't stand for I love Donald trump. That's what people don't understand. You don't have to love him to want to make America great again.
JoeDirr1974 @Honeybadgerwon @deruiter5_sue @AbrahamHamadeh I love Donald Trump and vaccines. Constitutionalist, conservative
GodAlmightyADZ Ethical Utopian Ideals I love Jimmy Page and I love Barack Obama and I love Donald Trump. Very good people. God is the singer/songwriter/record producer of Automaton Dreams. Chivalrous, poised, incorruptible. @AutomatonDreamZ | New album out now!! @LegalizeDrugsUN
DonaldWallen17 @PapiTrumpo And you know it yes I know it but you know something you people out there I love Donald Trump what makes Donald Trump keep doing what he does like I love you guys with all my heart with all my soul but I love Jesus I love you you're my brothers and sisters on this Earth What is nothing really makes me special I'm just another human being just trying to make a living that's about it like the rest of you got there goodbye for now
Sweetpea2918 I love Donald Trump and will vote for him a third time. As will millions of Americans
JosephB43667340 @jeffreyatucker Liar liar pants on fire. I don’t care what you say, I love Donald Trump with all of my heart. He is the bellwether of truth you douche bags. We’re gonna make you get in line. I promise you, we’re gonna make you get in line. You wait and see. You bunch of douche bags MAGA PATRIOT! KAG! CLOSE THE SOUTHERN BORDER BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!
DeeSwan01 @DonaldJTrump I love Donald Trump... "The Fake News says I am not campaigning very hard. I say they are stupid and corrupt, " Hurry Back Mr President, your supporters are looking forward to your return. Family first and foremost. Patriot, Retired Aerospace. The truth will set us free. Here to listen, learn and share.
thebichthao 4. Bonus tips • Be yourself, show out your personal style. • Have ideas -> Write down now. • Read books, I love Donald Trump's books. His style is frank and direct, so he might have affected me some parts. I help GIRLS AND WOMEN to escape Mental Traps | Self-improvement | Writing | Long-term Relationship | Make you become a great lady
Dustinwillingha I love Donald Trump and Governor Henry McMaster but we in South Carolina would do a lot better without that Rino Lindsey Graham. Hi I'm Dustin Willingham I have a YouTube channel called Comedic Genius 99 I'm also a Christian stand up Comedian and a proud American 🇺🇲
OoohLaLa1965 Traveling the USA. Tell me about y’all…. I am a retired dentist, Army wife, Army mom, Air Force mom. I ride a Harley, carry a 9mm, member of the American Legion, Vets Serving Vets, proud Patriot and I LOVE DONALD TRUMP! 🇺🇸MAGA 🇺🇸,Blue Star Military Momma🇺🇸,Army Wife, Army Life🇺🇸 Beer Snob🇺🇸🚫WARNING-DO NOT SEND ME PRIVATE MESSAGES🚫
LBC United Kingdom This psychotherapist's fantasy group therapy would include Andrew Tate, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Clarkson and Donald Trump. 'I want to sit them all down and say I am really sorry to hear how angry you are that your mummy didn't love you enough.' @mrjamesob Leading Britain's Conversation. For breaking news alerts, follow @LBCNews. Listen live on @globalplayer
LePapillonBlu2 3rd Rock from the Sun I LOVE THIS: District Judge Donald M. Middlebrooks accused Trump of a "pattern of abuse of the courts" for filing frivolous lawsuits for political purposes, which he said "undermines the rule of law" and "amounts to obstruction of justice." I’m a photographer, pictures here with my copyright on them are my own. 📸 #Nikon #PhotoLove #PhotographyIsArt
666Sternal All are love today i pray a Bit to and am gratualy thankful for Donald trump that David get vacations to quit Smoking if the tree hurted richie all at the end sheat the hate and if i could get the right managment in love light Sendin praying to frau merkel maybe David anni mgigs Stardust love vv
scienceBYchoice @KariLake "i love you all so much!" 🙄 no you dont Kari., you serve and love Donald Trump and thats it.
RexFexX12 Pyrrhia @Rendrox4943 I love politics so much, I love the part where Donald trump says it’s “Donalding time” and he trumps all over everyone (idk I havent seen the movie) musician | dragon enthusiast | he/him | 16 | 💖@ebonyxshine 💖 @shineofduality 💖 banner: @shellz_y
heresotheywont Brooklyn, NY @MTRangerDan @foogie71 @JosephJacot @AdamKinzinger @elonmusk Meh. Talking about family values went out the window when the party supported Donald Trump. You don’t get to claim ‘family values’ any longer. I’m not a Biden fan, but the man at least has always had good family values. Doesn’t cheat. He and his wife are still in love. Why Trump? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Barry52885848 @PapiTrumpo Hello chief and Commander of the United States first president Mr Donald j Trump I remember this picture. Love it because you remind me of that white 🕊️. Hello my name is Barry I am 55 years old I live in Northwestern Kentucky in the United States and I like to give back and ask for nothing in return and be humbl
yvonnek81123115 Washington, DC 'I Was Right About Everything': Former President Donald Trump Speaks to CBN | FULL INTERVIEW - YouTube. Love you Mr. President Trump❤️. Ever American needs to listen and pay attention
BettyBowers A Country Not in Bible I love how this headline makes it sound as if the increasingly toxic, deranged, and unpopular Donald Trump is appearing at campaign events attended by fewer people because that was HIS CHOICE. TITHE:Americasbestchristian *at*
2MuchSpin @DineshDSouza Dinesh,with much love and respect,I have to say that this is beyond a pipe dream.Besides the fact that Biden is a Globalist puppet and aligned with the CCP and Nato,and they want war, he would never swallow that much crow by bring in the master negotiator,Donald J Trump!!! Free thinker in a society that tends to want to think for me.
USSpaceLawyer New York, Paris I love seeing the @charliekirk11 s of the world talk about going against the "popular" or "grassroots" bc trumpism has been around 7 yrs now, controls much of the party, and if that stuff was popular... it'd be popular airplane, oil & gas lawyer, currently in France, Mets fan (why!?), I used to write and research for John McLaughlin, ISSUE ONE....
AuthourizedKJV U.S. citizen: 14th Amendment @The_Trump_Train I don't know Donald, I'd love to hear your opinion, can you please shut off your spy cameras now. And if you have any pictures of my family, please turn them in to the FBI. #Acts2:38 #Methodist #5tenetsofJudah #landlinesandtrucking #2029truckandextrafreezer #USconstitution #KeepAmerica #AKJV1611_Websters1828 #JesusisLord
SallyTallywagg Trumps house @PrPatriotUS 🤭I love doing this-you get fun freakouts from the left and crazy replies, ☝🏻☺️ ahh umm, scuse me, “I will do whatever Trump says to do, I trust him 💯 with my country because I love you, Donald J. Trump.” ☘️Percussionist 🎹🪘Drummer🥁Gear Head🔧Fisherman⚓️USA🇺🇸Republican🇮🇪Irish🫡don’t touch my dog,drums,tools,vehicles 🏍🚘🚤. or my guns.☘️🤭💯goofy 😶‍🌫️☘️
groeblbubble Ki Baratan, Romulus Do Trump supporters really think that Donald hasn't shared those classified documents with his boyfriend Kim over in North Korea? I mean he admitted they wrote letters to each other and they fell in love. #Pillowtalk Father, husband, nerd. I 💚 politics and science (fiction and non). Trekker and stargazer. Born too late to explore the Earth & too early to explore the stars.
dtheavenger NY,CA,FLA #catchmeifyoucan @dougmastriano Come on DOUG I thought you’d be behind her, you know how much you love picking losers. Up Next for the GOP a Donald Trump and Keri lake ticket. Whew Democrats are going to win for years and years and years to come. Thanks, DOUG. TV Talent Agent for Branding, Lifestyle & Unscripted TV. Brand Consultant, Certified Life& Business coach.
GoTrump66 @Momof4Cats4 @joncoopertweets Stupid bottom president he can declassify anything and everything we are AVP Damini Joe had no right to take any classified documents Period! Again, I love the fact that the greatest president in history, Donald J Trump lives in liberals brains! 😹😹😹😹😹
GoTrump66 @joncoopertweets Number one he’s not guilty of anything and I love the fact that the greatest president, Donald J Trump in history, lives in liberals brains😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Templemont1 @pnjaban @pampollard I love Donald Trump. I despise the corrupt spineless Republicans. Doomed to failure. I am so disappointed that Romney swine one. No voice given to the people. What do we do to rid ourselves of pigs like her and the rest. I am sick and tired. They hate Trump. I am sorry. MAGA. 🇺🇸
cool_grandad @nickystar911 @e_winzar @Cornwall_Info @chrismhowells @Zoompad @joncarltonmead @GerardO14401690 @UnitedW98762747 @marks_tel @angiebabie2009 @crustycobs @brunapper @NoelTurner194 @damienteed @manatrue @JamesWr11078040 @aimee60221197 @KateVasey @JohnWake3 @gomiriam63 @BillWard60 @AMasvingwe @MCDownes5 @TruthDefender13 @evertonfc2 @manishbg @JefferyDenton7 @PresElectLM @dippydappyduck @MasalaFry69 @Izzywildheart @Noundela1 @RandolphTrent @redflag3rd @GrayWolfBG1 @jrex62 @NenadicVesna @Alex9869 @milcotto @PamPamalot @firefalcon1980 @perfumeithaki @JudgeMental1st @janlepisto @CourtenayJack1 @MarkKel15863681 @Cariad__Cymru @Zaunstar @LawrenceCrimmi1 @communicipalist I think one of his Scottish relation. He tried to buy some land, golf course, guy who owned it sold some to a guy who went to the Antarctic. He called the guy who sold the land some name. And the guy said to reporter everybody knows Donald Trump a c*** I love it 😂😂😂 Socialist pasted this way before?
TLangley99 3rd rock, NA, USA, KY, KBWG To quote Donald J Trump TFG, 💰"...I love debt..."💰 buy now, cut taxes on rich donors, blame the social safety net, threaten default, renegotiate, tax poor-middle class, and take out more debt.... rinse, repeat. The GOP crime syndication MO since 1965. 🌊4critical reasoning,truth,⚖, 😷ed,💉ed,26yr USAF, WxForecaster, Pilot, business owner, n2 #Science & #LifelongLearning Yet🌎still moves around the☀ 🌊KY🇺🇦🌻
Camembaro @bennyjohnson Ohh I love all these f#€@% democ-rats! Immediately bringing Donald Trump to the table! Trump was a great President and this is just a piece of trash!!!
ArticleCruncher @FoxNews ² Harmeet Dhillon. The Michigan Republican was President Donald Trump's handpicked choice to steer the committee. McDaniel: "I'm going to go on a grassroots tour. I would love for her [Dhillon] to come with me" Dhillon: "If we go back to our homes and ignore this message, I I'm a AI based 🤖 to summarize for you the long news articles into compact tweets.

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