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Corporate_Rich I don't know who I hate more in life right now... Donald Trump.. or Tariq lol 6'4. Bearded. Tatted. Career minded w/two felonies. God fearing. Husky w/6 abs.. Ohio | Cali
SamIsmainlyaFag A Thread Of Why I Hate Donald Trump I'm gay.
TheBlueIvyPark idk nigga, i'm lost "Donald Trump Jr." is trending. I have no idea what happened but I know i hate him for it BeyHive//Blue Ivy League
DawnNkotb Arkansas, via California @Rosie I HATE Donald Trump!!!! I LOVE New Kids on the Block I'd do anything to go on their cruise 🚒 in October can you help me??? NKOTB fan since '86, have my own magazine Rock Music United, love the Raiders & Warriors, A's & SF Giants, works at KBHQ 100.7, Scentsy representative
Chrismf6 Little Canada MN Honestly I hate these fucker will a fury if unleashed would make the God's look away! " Team Trump's… Cold ass Snowflake ❄️ You are either with us, or with πŸ‘†the @Koolaid 🍹 drinking Russians πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Rs.
samanthaagraace I really hate seeing Donald trump all over my feed but he makes me feel better about my life choices Just Listen.
KingSavage12_ Courtland , AL Just cause my money keep running like like Forrest Gump I got niggas hate me like I'm Donald trump Y K N πŸ’°
robndea Close to Mt. St. Helens I hate those intentionally stupid, proudly stupid, abjectly stupid Deplorables 4 the tragedy of Donald Trump. Trump can't help it, they can. Here and there, More Left than Right Will not participate in Kleptocracy. They can't transfer wealth from poor if we #NationalStrike #UnFollowPOTUS
Baconmuncher42 Missouri, USA @facebook no one gives a fuck about your videos of baby bats eating bananas or donald trump saying shit. I literally hate my own generation. Richard Nixon for President 2020
50shadessssss ♑️ All these bitches hate me like I'm Donald trump THE MEAN ONE....
bobbysoup ÜT: 34.096341,-118.298652 I hate to say it but I think @henryrollins is 100% on the money here I use this platform for brain farts..I really don't like our President or the hypocrisy he is breeding. You know fun stuff..
laurala California, USA I really hate confusing Donald J. Trump & Donald J. Trump, Jr.'s stupid-ass tweets. Making America great again by standing up for First Amendment rights.
baliforniaa I hate this place. I hate America. I hate 2017. I hate Donald trump. I'm running away. Fuck all of this. I'm over i… California Aneda Rose Benson
KendrasWell I FUCKING HATE DONALD TRUMP! I hate what he's done to my country. I hate that treasonous, orange, bastard with a passion. Mom, goofball, TWD addict, bleeding heart animal rescuer, night owl, awkward ambivert, inappropriate shenanigans is my jam, #Resist
Jimi36767249 No Unfollow Me And No Block I hate you Donald Trump so go to your room 😊😊😊😊😊😊
ConsWahoo Center of the Free World I hate Donald Trump for forcing me to retweet @mattyglesias Bryan McGrath (The Conservative Wahoo). American Exceptionalist. Great Power Competitor. Globalist Primacist. Seapower (https://t.co/HmxU7hIm1h)
twe12vegauge @1776FREEDOMNOW @CNN @theblaze I hate Donald Trump and people that lie. I approve this video.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump @cnn When is America going to kick all the white immigrants back to their country and give us back my ancestors lands? "Let's make The real America great again!"
GirlPostsDaiIy me: childish gambino's music is not great donald trump: i hate childish gambino's music me: I'm a Victoria's Secret model, but it's such a secret not even victoria knows.

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