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I hate donald trump.

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sruddystar Woodinville WA I hate Donald Trump for many things, but the destruction of families, and damage to these children is unforgivable. Horrendous. @GOP’s plan: 2 kill us, starting w/ the weakest, elderly, disabled, poor, etc. Pro life? Only if you’re a fetus. #RESIST #ImpeachNow #NoWall #WhereAreTheGirls
Depetrify Wisconsin, USA @4a_of Hello #Resisters I am a transgender and I HATE DONALD TRUMP and I'm sure he hates me too . Please add me to the list . Metrosexual Bodybuilder Nuclear Engineer 5'6''
chriswyoillini @MadWorldNews @The4GNet When Chris Wallace speaks on camera, @FoxNews should put the caption "I Hate Donald Trump" under him. This would make them fair and balanced.
BuddyWinston Ecuador Andes Don't need a fitbit to tell me how far I've walked. Don't need a calorie counter to tell me how much I have eaten. AND I don't need a heart monitor to tell me how much I love integrity, or how much I hate Donald Trump #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachTrumpNow #impeach Professional humorist Staff Writer Tonight Show Monologue Jay Leno AUTHOR An Out Of Buddy Experience and my new IMPEACHMENT novel "Trumping Frumpf" #RESIST #FBR
AmerIAAlahmad1 I hate Donald Trump and Natinyahu --primeminister in Israel ---they kill every day Palestine people ---real owners of Palestine ---I love Palestine people Muslim and Christian ضابط متقاعد
_stephyboo Los Angeles, CA Nephew: Donald trip is fat and chunky. No one : . . . Nephew: I hate Donald trump I want to punch him on the penis!! Me: 😂
LucasLee45 The GREAT State of Colorado. Look, I hate Donald Trump, I hate him. But he isn't going to be impeached no matter what he did. You know it, I know it. Absolutely nothing is going to come of this and he will probably forking win again in 2020. Ugh. Colorado native. Husker roots. Western kid. Racing, hockey, cfb, jokes. Live the best that you can, don’t lie and don’t steal. #JustLeDouxIt #DangleNavy
HYUKB33 2/7VFT, she/her, A NEGRO I hate donald trump as much as the next African-American but THIS AINT ABOUT HIM? LITERALLY YOU COULDVE JUST MADE A forkING SONG AND MOVED ON PIECE OF crap wonho please come back
DragonessDeluxe Undisclosed Swamp @Fatdragonfiesta I’m a fat dragon and I hate Donald Trump, the rich and powerful, and capitalism, gimme socialism ùwú ★ she/her (trans) ★ commie, antifa ,18 ★ ad is @dragonbloat ★ pfp by @Lemons_Cake header by @PlushClover, 18+, Minors are blocked! 🔞 Nazis fork off.
kayesinch @brycetache I have never hated someone so much in my life. But I hate Donald Trump and what he has done to our country!
QuantumJJean The Milky Way @realDonaldTrump @LouDobbs Aaaaagh!!! shut the f__k up. We will never vote for you again. You have to leave now. You are a monster of the worst kind. I hate liars. I hate hypocrites. I hate boastful fat orange face dork. I hate Donald Trump and his adult family. How can you exist in the 21st century??? 🌊🍑🌊#RESIST🌊🍑🌊 Science Is Everything GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL I SUPPORT @GretaThunberg BE GOOD FOR OUR EARTH, NO DM. #Atheist
SadMusketeer East Coast @Jorge_Silva I hate Donald Trump the Sociopath and his Nazi advisors. #GOPIsEvil #StephenMillerIsANazi #ImpeachTrump Failed time traveler. Professor of history. Humanist. #ImpeachTrump
m_reegz Pennsylvania, USA I was taught we should never hate anyone. I was molested as a child. I sought to understand why and was ultimately able to forgive my abuser. That said, I hate Donald Trump and what he's done to our country. It's unforgivable. Impeach the MF. Wife and mom. Cleveland native, Pittsburgh transplant. Lover of animals. Proud liberal. Band mom. Type 1 mom. #Resist #Resistance #NeverTrump
kari_schratz @eugenegu This explains a lot. I hate Donald Trump and a dozen other jerks in DC right now. Stomach pain.
AMacnevins @SocialPowerOne1 As a liberal Christian I hate to say it, but I hate Donald Trump, and I hate him more every day. I am most into "God" its properties and I seek a true and right God. Philanthropy, truth and the upward movement of humanity. MY DIRECT MESSAGES WERE HIJACKED
AnimalsBeCool1 @pamela49668405 @NBCNewsPR @SavannahGuthrie @NikkiHaley @TODAYshow I hate Donald Trump also, but didn't write a book to stroke his ego and keep myself in the game, but she is not fooling me, she likes his disgusting policies, so there is that Lazy, Mama, worker and Grandma pragmatic and blunt to a fault hate walks on the beach love Margaritas and never a Trumper
MothrOfDrag0ns I hate Donald trump supporters and Donald trump 24. writer & artist. traveling around the world. magician in training. Sith Lord, khaleesi, wizard, avenger & zombie apocalypse survivor. 🌙🌹🐉
JBDC WDC @jmartNYT @DevalPatrick I hate Donald Trump and what he has done to this country. #StayInTheFight all that and a bag of chips. not about to let anyone normalize trump. politics. baseball. sunsets. art. kittens. pro-critical thinking. 💙🌊
tallcornsilk121 @kenolin1 @realDonaldTrump Ken, please listen to the tape. What he says is a story he is retelling. I hate Donald Trump. But this was a story about a heroic soldier, Jews and a German. You are looking incredible. I listened because it seemed so bad, and the context means everything here. Give it a break. Got in under the wire before all this. Privileged because I am white, with learning, making changes.
glenda_aus World citizen @MrsRabbitResist @BubblesResists @okcupid My husband and I met on Yahoo chat in 1999 and been very happy for 20 years now. I hate Donald Trump jr 😄 Music lover (alternative, 70's) empath, fan of justice and good people. Friendly athiest. Pro choice. Cannabis Educator. #microdosing #resist
Breonuh_ work I don’t care how accepted Stormy Daniels wants to be now and how bad she wants to be on the “I hate Donald Trump too” campaign but at one point you forked him and that’s SICK 😷 〽️aryland 📍 P.G County 🤟🏾❤️ IG: _Chrissyb._
TaranReynardWhy East Hawthorn, Australia @elle_desylva @VeronicaAddlem1 So do I and want the whole world to know it! I HATE DONALD TRUMP!!! I am resisting from Australia because Trump is not just America's problem. He is the world's problem.🦊🗯️👿🌈🌊. Democracy will win! NO DMS!
caleb00318159 @ava I hate Donald trump he is a lieing and he is big dumb and him towers suck Hi Mai name is Caleb Michael lindstead
Keokkeoked Brier, WA I hate country music and I hate Donald trump but I love nashville I’ve never felt so conflicted 2006 2x Unicycle National Champ
PG_Jones1 Bedford, Texas @garymandehr Every time is see the word FACT in your tweet I want to vomit. I spent my adult life in criminal courts and know facts. Democrats have no facts. Why not tell the truth and just say, I hate Donald Trump and he stole the election from Hillary. As least you’d look like a man. Christian-Married-Veteran-Retired
realDonaldTruz San Francisco, CA @bgree0126 @morrisal1ster @RomeoIsAKing @itsJeffTiedrich @lorneculp @realDonaldTrump Oh I guess I should try not to be a boomer and instead spend every waking second of my life thinking about how much I hate Donald Trump. You guys need to find something useful to fill up your day with. Sports are cool
annestevens75 Riverhead, NY @GraceARMY16 @realDonaldTrump I feel the same way and I’m 66 and low income. I hate Donald Trump. 66+, Liberal union member most of my working years and a Mom and Nana. Retired from telecom field. NO DMs, please. ☕️☮️
AbbyismsUneditd Indiana @dianejeffersonc This was my FB post on Election Day ☹️ I honestly believe it’s one of the reasons I hate Donald Trump SO much. He made me a liar and I don’t lie to my daughter. I’ve worked tirelessly for 3 years to make up for it because I owe that little girl that. #shewon Introvert forced to people. I love curse words. A bit weird. #BlueWave #wife #mom #abbynormal #kindafunny☕️#resist #PostcardsToVoters #pats #tarot #colors #dmb
6edCityofBrass 6th Edition @BonkPolitics @oliverdarcy The Whistle Blower can have an entire wardrobe of I hate Donald Trump shirts and 60 framed pictures of Joe Biden in his house. IT👏DOES👏NOT👏MATTER👏. Trump confessed, Rudy confessed, Mulvaney confessed and witnesses have testified. It's over. Pick a new horse. One mana of any color
TheRealKenzor Atlanta, GA I hate Donald Trump more with each passing day. The damage he has done to democracy, the US, and the planet . . . once this is all over, I know I will need to let it go, but for now, it is what fuels me. #impeachment #ImpeachTrump #TrumpExtortionist
RazzPBerryAgain West Chester, PA i hate donald trump and his family with a burning passion lol back up
jjjjjj08911765 @BernieSanders Ening in Brazil. Your knowledge is limited to fake statistics and reports that corrupt government officials publish to international news outlets and research reports. You have no idea, or worse you actually do. Shame on you Bernie. I hate Donald Trump, but maybe you are Crazy S
kdmccli Long Beach, CA @TheBernReport I am a homeless student living in my SUV and am partially disabled and I want a Bernie Sanders presidency. PS - I hate Donald tRump with every fiber of my being!!!! #TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison #ImpeachAndRemove Honors student at LBCC applying to UC schools next year. Sitting out semester to deal with diagnosis of rare condition - Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.
KinglovStacie Houston, TX I just watched “when they see us” and I hate Donald trump and his white racists clan even more like my skin is boiling from this crap 👻 x7egacyx
CougarPhilly Philadelphia, PA @RudyGiuliani @realDonaldTrump I’m 💯 American! And I. Hate. Donald. Trump. He cares nothing for us. He loves only himself. South Philadelphian and lover of life. Ally. she/her. #RESIST. #voteblue #BLM #neveragain 🥃🍷🍸🥂🏳️‍🌈⚖️⚛️♻️🗽🎲🎤 No DMs, please. I am not here to date.
JeneHarvey15 @Jim_Jordan liar no it doesn't make you a liar you know what it makes you an American Donald Trump as a criminal and you people are criminal enablers the Republican party does not give a damn about America I love America I hate Donald Trump I hate his presidency because he's destroyed our I'm a funny detailed and creative person
VirginiaLoughn1 Colorado @RudyGiuliani @realDonaldTrump I hate Donald Trump because he is stupid and a crook. I hate you, too because you seek fame and fortune while pretending to serve some noble cause. You are a sad joke Giuliani. Retired Lawyer/Risk Manager former Republican now proud Democrat love all critters especially dogs cats & horses. I block if you can't keep up or you lie.
Tactical5x5 Bellflower, CA @joncoopertweets If nothing else of my family service in the Navy, Marines, and army. I hate Donald Trump for this betrayal of brotherhood. No trump served in any army for their country for the last five generations. fork that My daughter tells me, I'm a T-shirt and blue jeans guy. I love red wine, and I am an Independent, Amateur historian, Patriot.#glovesoff, I don't play fair. 🍀
geddy_vedder fork no! Why the hell is this crap trending? I hate Donald Trump and Mayor Pete would get destroyed by him. This is a pipe dream. #PeteForPresident I am a black cat that pukes all over the carpet. I meow, I eat, and I sleep. I also make fun of politics.
Megz0284 Basically the only things I tweet about are the Ohio State Buckeyes and how much I hate Donald Trump. Super productive mostly my kids, sports, progressive politics, music, and my babe ❤️
aferata2 @AferataS @realDonaldTrump i hate donald trump ho and my name is aferata #fallowe me
chocoballbird @JoeBiden Joe, I agree with that. Winter is getting shorter and shorter. I like cold weather. I dislike heat and I hate Donald trump and you.
DangerousDC40 Connecticut, USA @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump The lawyer could have “I hate Donald Trump” tattooed on his forehead and it in no way changes what the whistleblower said and what the ensuing testimonies from various witnesses has corroborated The original Daniel Q. Carruthers is out galavanting across Europe. This is his clone filling in 🍻
DavidRo34719838 San Jose, CA @GTSFarmer @RealCandaceO Candence Farmer. I don’t believe in what you believe in and I hate Donald Trump. I am a moderate democrat and I believe in global warming. But you are getting married to the man you love. So I wish you tons of happiness from the “left”. May your married life be a fairy tale! ❤️💕 I love video games, tv shows, music, and movies! but I care deeply about today’s politics! #bluewave
PatriotNoTrump @MerkyWatuh @jonimarielew @Veritas_Invictu @boehmeb @NewsBreaking @RandPaul It is perhaps the ultimate irony that one of the reasons I hate Donald Trump and his Evil Kabal the most is for what they've done to so many of my fellow Americans. He's brought out the very WORST in them. The ignorance. The Fear. The Hate. I hate him for making them my Enemy... I'm here to Resist! Because I love my country (and actually know what that means), Trump and those who support him are my Enemy. #Resistance 🇺🇲🇺🇲
destiny23__ I’m just now watching when they see us and I hate Donald Trump even more 🙄 D. | Bye
PauleyGay @EvanMcMullin I hate Donald Trump. I am angry that he is our pretend president. I want reality back. I want elected representatives to follow the rule of law and impeach this ignorant, evil autocrat. #TrumpMustGo #TrumpIsACrook #DerangedDonald Publisher, college textbooks. Love books, movies, laughs, honesty, good people. All in for PETE BUTTIGIEG 2020 #MakeAmericaGoodAgain. #Resistance No DMs.
Shayxj1 San Jose, CA I hate Donald Trump. I hate Donald Trump. I hate Donald Trump, and I hate you if you don't hate him. san jose state university • sagittarius 🔥•
Draco1226a Maine and Jakarta @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump Must be a lot of people that are like "I hate Donald Trump, but my life sucks so he'll probably win anyways" Expecting him to win and wanting him to win are to very different things....There are a lot of folks with Eeyore syndrome out there. Done with the GOP. Done with Trump.

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