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kirstiealley Hollywood Covert smirky news girl... I’d respect you more if you cut the baby doll “concern” with false eyelash batting & just start screaming I hate Donald Trump I hate him I hate him I hate him for anything and everything he does. Try it babydoll Mother, actress, Lover of CAPS, lemurs and off color language
KatieHill4CA Washington, DC My 9 y/o niece: “I hate Donald Trump. He wanted to build a wall. He’s the WORST president. And he took all the toilet paper.” My other niece: “Yeah he tried to build a wall with all the toilet paper! This is my favorite recap of the last 4 years. Author of She Will Rise (Fighting for equality w/ HER Time PAC. Fmr Congresswoman from #CA25. Not standing down. Not being silenced.
saaarah Houston, TX I HATE DONALD TRUMP. But I saw a video where he’s just standing there, and people are chanting “VOTE HIM OUT” and my first reaction is omg that poor man they are so mean to him. BUT THEN IM WAIT A SECOND, He’s an awful human and I hate him! What’s wrong with me 🙄 #VoteHimOut2020 somebody give me a vuvuzela thing. and some waffle fries. FO FREE. instagram &snap: saaarahrules
ThatsSarahLabat I hate Donald Trump on a deep level, and also want him voted out. But this isn’t it. This day was to honor RBG and the legacy of her work. The chants and boos were distasteful and out of place. send me pictures of your dogs. really. please. do it. I’m either studying or traveling, but that’s about it.
Susan00146960 California, USA @republiculos I hate Donald Trump,William Barr, and Mitch McConnell. The rest of these clowns are just plain stupid and I just pity them because they fell for this loyalty stunt.They can all see what happened to Michael Cohen, yet they hopped on the Trump cult train anyway selling their souls. Retired after 28 yrs. in the field of medicine. God and family first. Proud Democrat.
kaynmain324 @LittleMissLokii now do i think your country is racist? no, do i hate Donald trump or Joe bidden? no, do i think police brutality is a problem in the usa? go to Mexico and see what is police brutality, do i think socialism is the answer to my problems? i hate living under socialism. 20. i like. 🇲🇽
almostchey Tulsa, OK my 8 year old tutoree just asked to tell me a secret and whispered in my ear “I hate Donald trump” Big Auntie Energy. She/her. Wannabe Poet. Grown bottom Woman.
dbriter @KamVTV Yup and I don't blame him. When POTUS won the election Markle piped up and said "I hate Donald Trump." Well I HATE her!!! She destroyed the Royal Family, the bitch.
Hotshortie11 @Ddaengluvr_ I don't hate anybody. Okay, that's a lie, I hate Donald Trump for taking away so many lives. I hate that he's turning our country into a fascists dictatorship and Mitch McConnell too. But I think Harry's an okay bloke.
rminluvr she/ her l 17 i hate donald trump so much orange chump ugly piece of crap all he does is divide america and spread hatred, he doesn’t care about anyone who’s not white or isn’t republican or is poor i hate his stupid racist misogynist bottom i will cry if he doesn’t get voted out #DENJI: VAM VURGER‼️🍔🍔😏💯💯
JordamnSmith Houston, TX I cried watching this not because I’m sad or because I hate Donald Trump...but because those boos and chants mean there are still people out there willing and ready to fight for what’s right. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that. Also, fork Donald forking Trump. Can someone call my phone? I can’t find mine. She, Her, Hers
RelleSaysKMA Y'all stay confusing disagreeing on a topic with "hate" or "bitterness" I hate Donald Trump. I don't agree that baby mamas deserve praise and "fans" There's a difference. 𝒯𝓇𝒾𝓅𝓈 𝓉𝑜 𝓎𝒶 𝒸𝓇𝒾𝒷 𝒾𝓃 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓂𝒾𝒹𝒹𝓁𝑒 𝑜𝒻 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓃𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉! (I was S worded)
Willymina3 #savethedate #thursdaymorning #VoteBlue2020 #VoteReady #VoteEarly #VoteHimOut2020 #VoteHimOut #TRE45ON I hate donald trump. If you hate him, say it and share it so he knows it! Everyone must Vote for God & Planet! Were all on this together! #AmericansAgainstTrumpsCrimes #PhonieJTrump4Prison #voteyes22 save the gig economy.
MandaRaeB4 Atlanta, GA Things I can’t say on FB because I don’t feel like dealing with drama: I am an atheist, pro choice, pro gun control, I support BLM and LGBTQ, I hate Donald Trump. Just getting a few things off my chest.#ThursdayThoughts #Atheism #ProChoice #BlackLivesMatter #GunControlNow 10 years ago I made a Twitter account and now I’m finally using it!
Jalalksdhebfib1 i hate donald trump and hes such a dump yassssss I am amazing and better than you!
MsT_Aranda Not your business @kirstiealley I hate Donald Trump for anything and everything he does. 🤣 ❤️TV Shows❤️Meditation, Films, Music and more..
_TheyyCallMeFay Virginia, USA Idk if I’ve used this word and really meant it before but I hate Donald Trump.
kirstiealley Hollywood Covert smirky news girl... I’d respect you more if you cut the baby doll “concern” with false eyelash batting & just start screaming I hate Donald Trump I hate him I hate him I hate him for anything and everything he does. Try it babydoll Mother, actress, Lover of CAPS, lemurs and off color language
Tess96526252 kirikiriroa New Zealand @BeerAndLosing @luipeti @NewshubPolitics Still could assertive inifferences and plain hate speech be separated? Or at least be encouraged as a leader those are good aspirations to have as a decent human being. Hate is a strong word. Maybe instead of saying " I hate donald trump" i could say loathe.. Mother🕉 #dragon Survivor 🎗 Spiritual💫 lover 💛 World peace☮ equality fairness thriving healthy earth kindness...Opinionated! 🙂🌏🦍🐘🐋🐝🌳🌻
KingHuntsberry I don't hate Donald Trump but I hate Donald Trump saying and what he stand for cuz all is coming out his mouth is with Satan is telling me the father of Lies is killing him what to say
kendalljamaal Los Angeles, CA And I know this may seem like a strange, nearly insignificant statement to rail over based on his normal bs but this reminds me of dumb barbershop talk that boils my blood. “Good luck with her” like she’s property to seek control over. I HATE DONALD TRUMP! give me the most simple thing on the menu Entertainment Marketing & PR – @shondaland
ihateth66569139 No one understands how much I HATE Donald trump. How is he still in office ? When it’s clear that he’s done so much illegal crap. I’ll tell u why the American government is not what we think they make it sound like it’s a people’s country and a democracy but in reality it’s a lie I hate the world and people are constantly disappointing me. America is up in flames and it’s driving me crazy. Not just America but the world is UP IN FLAMES
IAmUnphased My Happy Place Donald Trump's own words and actions are why I hate Donald Trump. Stop the minstrel show. Everybody wants to be a beast til it time to act like one. Muscle Bear in the making #Teacher, #Professional,#PreMed #Tatted, #PrinceAlbert #Bisexual.
Wesos67 Anywhere, USA I. HATE. DONALD. TRUMP. The DOUBT he’s placing in Americans over our election & undermining the government that HE’S in charge of? He WANTS TO BREAK the U.S., RUIN democracy and create chaos & a civil war. I. HATE. DONALD. TRUMP. #VoteOutTrump #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica GenXer, Animal lover, Angry Never Trumper! Social justice & equality. BLOCKED by Sean Hannity&Jason Lewis. No DM’s. #FBR #resist #FBRParty
Kevman7987 Erie, PA Every day I hate Donald Trump more and more. GET BACK IN YOUR CAGE!
BrittneyCara God's Country 🎶🎶🎶fork you and you and youuuuuuuuu I hate Donald Trump and his Purge Kids too🎶🎶🎶 Turtle Mountain Anishinaabe if ever there was a fine line between right and wrong, @realdonaldtrump snorted it a long time ago
ReeJamson4 Missouri, USA @brycetache Then I guess that is what we will have to do. Drag his bottom out kicking and screaming. I hate Donald Trump with every fiber of my being. #powerfulwoman #proud-resister #democrat #voter #boxer
scassin93 New York, NY I don’t think I can hate a person more than I hate Donald Trump. If you know me, I am very even emotionally, he is someone who just makes me want to punch him and and forking wall I like sports and Star Wars...Do or do not, there is no try
emberva Ohio I'm going to cry and throw up ugh crap I hate donald trump so much phoenix independent | the cadets | she/her | aries | barista | bgsu biology & dance |
eastofelie Toronto, Ontario @ElBig_Man @nick_till32 @SheaSerrano To be clear, I hate Donald Trump and forking love the homie Shea. Lebanese 🇱🇧 Canadian 🇨🇦, Toronto-based lawyer. Former amateur boxer. Sports fanatic. Lover of all things musical theater.
GossDarla @chrisshipitv I hate Donald Trump a little less and hope we can deport harry and Meghan back to UK after she pays us back for her local security. Also, Meghan markle allegedly didn’t pay her taxes this year while she bought a mansion. Who’s money? #megxit New York
icefrozenswift ts mh // she/her // 19 i hate donald trump and i hope he looses in november but i’m feeling so forking sad because i know if he does he’s gonna throw a temper tantrum and do everything he can to try to stay in power. i laugh too much and i love taylor swift a lot.
romanet_carol North Carolina @donwinslow @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews I LOVE DR.FAUCI. As a matter of fact I HATE DONALD TRUMP. AND. as a matter of fact FAUXFOXNEWS IS BAD FOR ALL AMERICANS. AND AS A MATTER OF FACT I’M YELLING. An educated woman who thinks for herself. Seen here with my beautiful sister. The Resistance No Lists or I will block you “Fly Eagles Fly”
HatesOhio Ohio @joncoopertweets I hate Donald Trump. But I bet it works. How could he possibly save face after that? I hope the Senate flips and they impeach and toss his ass. Can read, can write, can't stand Trump. Have a coin jar of Trump lies. Time to cash in. Not created from Demon Spawn. Likes Presidents who use grammar.
theylovejanai Krab Kingz Cause they don’t gaf about any black life in this country and I’m sick. tf has humanity come to where you just pay off a wrongful MURDER?? I hate this country and I hate Donald Trump. 122615 🥀
SowersJon @cjtruth "You can't do that!" "Do you even know who I am?" "I'm Nancy Pelosi, House Drinker and I hate Donald Trump!!"
carriegm Redwood City, CA @algodeTV @NancySinatra @kurteichenwald Exactly. The media line is, "So much division, so sad, everyone is so mean." I don't hate the other side. I hate Donald Trump, his enablers and talk radio/right wing media that never stop talking about how evil we are and how we should be smashed like bugs or killed by COVID.
TWillmc I hate Donald Trump and the entire republican party. Liberal and proud - Only interested in facts, science and the truth. Make America SMART Again. #BlueWave #Resist #Biden2020
LampkinShamekia The only thing that she said over and over and over was I done helped women and children and I hate Donald trump. Well the people on welfare didn’t need help they was helped so much that didn’t even want it smh the forgotten man Black republican
omfgtaylorr 1/19/19 👼🏽 Like I hate Donald Trump so much he is a scum bag piece of dog crap who deserves to be hanged by his nipples from a god damn crane and swung around multiple times ✨✨
oottietaylor I Hate donald Trump, he is just a disgusting piece of crap racist. So glad he is in his 70s and has little time left.
RussOnPolitics New York, NY @thehill I hate Donald Trump with every fiber of my being. If there is a more loathsome individual in this country, I cannot think of one. And yes, I detest his moronic supporters too. These lunatics all deserve each other. Their celebration of ignorance and cruelty disgust me. I'm a political junkie, amateur historian, and avid traveler. Opinionated, unapologetically outspoken, and often right. I just take things as they come.
TequilaMokingj1 I hate Donald Trump. I hate Joe Biden. I hate people too narrow minded to think that it's an impossible job to do and the entire system is setup in a way to make actual change really difficult. I'm just fill of hate and I hate that about myself Who really gives a fork anyway?
wannapeanut And now a haiku - 2020 - I hate Donald Trump. Why won’t he just forking leave.* So the Earth may live. *feel free to swap with another one syllable word. I laugh at inappropriate times.
outdatedolivia ur heart I hate Donald Trump and every single one of his supporters. The fact that a majority of them r poor white people. Like honey, Trump has never lived a DAY in your shoes, he will never know what it’s like in your struggles and u expect that man to help u? HAH simultaneously the calm before the storm & the storm // she/her
lisaboike Henderson, NV @4a_of I hate the man who ran a yellow light, hit and killed my mom and the guy who shot my brother in the head but not as much as I hate donald trump. No Lists #BidenHarris2020 #Resist #StrongerTogether #VoteBluedownballot
BillyESmith West of NYC @katiecouric @MSNBC I’ll never understand when people say they hate Donald Trump...I hate Donald Trump and all Republicans. Never forget that they are all the same. I have an old fashioned heart and an unconventional mind. #OnwardTogether !!! #ReadyForHillary #Hillary2020 #RebelHeart #Madonna
deathy60 Minnesota @_StarButterfly_ @KronoQx @1wubz never dissed Arab or black people lol you just don’t understand quotation marks and I hate Donald trump? He’s a forking dumbass? Any pronouns Fox / INCREDIBLY SHY / blushy Discord: ask through DMs!
chasekujo fork trump @forkwidgets I hate Donald Trump more than them and they are forking scum My vote will not be for Biden it’s against Donald Trump fascism and scum like the McCluskey’s fork trump

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