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Garrettparkerr @jonnyglenk @60Minutes @vxx46 I have posted “I hate Donald Trump” for 4 years and stopped talking to some of my family because of supporting him. Lol. Who u think ur talking to ? twitter isn't my job so i can tell you to eat my bottom with no repercussions // always forgive
KarenSue1972 I've never hated anyone or anything as much as I hate donald trump and all those who support him. Can't describe it, but I now believe there is a Satan. Old hippie from way back. Not a bot, troll or Russian but happily a liberal snowflake among millions. Snow storm coming Trumpster Neantherthals! Buckle up!
wanderlusterHD Tulsa, OK Despicable. I hate Donald Trump and I hate #MAGA!!!! I HATE EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM! I ❤️ animals, my Harley, 🏍 🏕 ing, my 🐶 ies; Trump is a 🤡 &👹&🤥! #TrumpisaFascist #VoteBluetoSaveAmerica #BidenHarris2020 Joe’s my man. I’m voting for JOE!
MThenekin @oaxacamark @mokaccinooo @BeforeThatCold I don't wear a mask because I hate Donald Trump, I wear a mask because I don't want to spread or catch a potentially deadly virus (well I mean I already caught it and it's gone now, but most people don't know that), also I think they're pretty cool looking and I look nicer. the toa metru are better than the toa mata, okay? I don't wanna see any paperwork about this. #blacksupremacy #whitelivesmatter
_NellaVita 1327 Y’all get on this app with “Omg I hate Donald Trump 😡” and do everything in the world but forking vote brightest blue in the dark | 22 | shsu alumnus | ΛΘΦ
Traci45999420 I hate Donald Trump. I am not a person who hates. I feel like my whole life has been flipped upside down from an ignorant selfish man who doesn’t know right from wrong. And worse doesn’t care. He needs to be removed now. He’s evil and amoral. Professor of Political Science. Anti-Trump. Vote Biden before Trump kills us all with his incompetence. 🌊🌊🌊 Trump needs to be removed from office NOW!!!!
MaggieWolfe20 Georgia, USA I can personally attest that I hate Donald trump more than I can even describe but have never even contemplated running over a Trump sign. And yet this sign has gotten run over consistently, EVEN AFTER I PUT IT ON REBAR. duke 25 / still in my salad days
Mission28039176 @Atul_Gawande If masks didn’t work and not just N95s there would be mass breakouts at hospitals and hospital shutdowns. It’s completely absurd to think they don’t work. I’ve seen it work before and after wearing masks at the hospital. I hate Donald Trump!!! Independent
jimbraly @TheRickWilson @thedailybeast My name is James Braly and I hate donald trump...please note that!
WillRollon New Orleans, LA @kirstiealley @realDonaldTrump I buy my drugs from a guy who’s not a pharmacist so I guess I get your point. and I dont like politicians, specifically a political system that lets them tell half truths and full lies and I lean right on issues of economic growth but I HATE DONALD TRUMP AS A HUMAN BEING I follow you for motivation, entertainment, education, and perspective.
FROGOVALGOGGLES any neopronouns | 13TEEN !% @tokitouusimp there should be no "doing it for the funny" in a presidential election. i hate joe biden and i hate donald trump but biden will at least let people live. it is an election for basic human rights and to stop fascism. COME ON, FATHER PUCCI... STONE FREE! trans nblw dyke who do funny things ADHD-C (diagnosed) layout: Jojo X Gucci 'JOLYNE, FLY HIGH WITH GUCCI' :D :3 :0 CQs
KeyWestAntifa Key West, FL @evilzenmuppet @volticxx @thatguysdad @GovWhitmer I mean, I hate Donald trump and all. But I’m pretty sure the feds aren’t over watching my grandmothers healthcare right now. We pay a lot for it. Fighting Fascism Everyday! Together we resist! United we stand against the oppressive Nazis! Tomorrow is #PunchANaziDay
Zearth18 Infernals @IiT0x1c @CarlosP48694716 @Corporal8 mate you know my info, i hate donald trump bcz his a dumb kid who have a small brain and gives dumb ideas 15 / Youtuber / Arsenal Pro / Scripter He/Him my Channel: yeah i am a Fire Force Fan
AhlstrandJacob @nytopinion I mean I hate Donald Trump, but let's not forget about Bush and Reagan and Clinton and Nixon and Johnson and Johnson again and Truman and Wilson and Buchanan and Jackson and NYY/NYG/NYI for life. I stand with MLB players, not MLB owners. Black lives matter.
JasonEBrode1 Pennsylvania, USA Watching #TheWayISeeIt helped me to understand why I hate Donald Trump and Mitch Mcconnell so much...it's about what they have done to try and wreck the truth about what a great man and president Obama was...thanks Pete for showing us the best way you could...through your lense.
CorrelaWhite @AWeissmann_ And what charges would they be? The Democrats have been trying to find dirt on Donald Trump for four years and have failed to turn up anything. But, you keep dreaming.. "I hate Donald Trump because my television told me he's a bad man." Done lots, seen lots, learnt lots. Proud conservative supporting ScoMo, Trump & Boris. Not my first acct. 🇺🇸🇦🇺🇬🇧 Catch me on Parler @WhiteCorrela
ubervaper Indian Territory Yes, I have a favorite spatula ... and I hate Donald Trump's enablers. To #TheHague with him & them. #GOPCorruptionOverCountry ✍️ #HandMarkedPaperBallots Enlightened Omnivore, 師範霊気, LPI, photog #JoeBiden2020 #KHive4Ever
freedom_lives_o @BeenLucky7 @nicoleperlroth @adamhousley Don't forget "and I hate Donald Trump more than I love my country" I'm here to point out your hypocrisy.
lazzisomi San Diego, CA @omidG9 i hate donald trump and this quarantine crap!!!! Like g no one wants u as president. Give it up already, let us move on. Can you stop acting like the lil bitch in the room. NO ONE likes you. Just go, travel to the bahamas and find ur meaning of life, so we can live our lives in | I don’t have green eyes | UCSD | #BlackLivesMatter |
cystalites California #pencehasapisskink (i’m doing this because I hate Donald Trump and I want pictures of a guy in a maid outfit)
French81289725 @GovChristie Chris Christie I'm not a big fan of yours and I hate Donald Trump but I do hope you get feeling better and pull through this just fine I'm from now on will you please wear a mask old
Emily__Louise89 I've been tweeting a lot about politics recently and thought I'd clear up my position. I hate Donald Trump. I hate Boris Johnson. I hate Joe Biden. I'm a socialist - not a liberal. I'm working class from a council estate in Kent. Retweets are not endorsements of any accounts :)) Screenwriter. Socialist. Retweets are not endorsements.
oldsoul_1111 Divided States of America @RuthResistor @JoeBiden @JLo @AROD My son did say 2 years ago I hate Donald Trump he is so mean and cruel, this son has never said I hate... anybody in his life to me. So a glimmer of hope, I just hope for the future he won't select a president/senator as if it was a horse race, the name I like. #BlackLivesMatter #JoeBidenKamalaHarris2020 Nov. 3rd is coming! #WearAMask #TimesUp #MeToo #Vote
romanet_carol North Carolina @mkraju @ddale8 I. Hate. Donald. Trump. I thought old people were smarter than this. I’m a senior and I see what a lying corrupt jackass this orange clown is. An educated woman who thinks for herself. Seen here with my beautiful sister. The Resistance No Lists or I will block you “Fly Eagles Fly”
hamsIut Chicago, IL "i'm larry hogan and i hate donald trump! instead of voting against him, like i should be doing, i'll cast a vote that effectively votes for trump anyways! not to mention, this president i wrote in also criminalized and terrorized black communities! i'm just smart like that!" 🏳️‍🌈 yo bro you wanna go destroy fascism? (he/him) BLM, ACAB
jgobble Auburndale, FL @chrislongview I had 4 iPhone & iPads and 3 AppleTV's tuned in using the ABC app, Dish Anywhere app, and AppleTVs... 🥳🎉🍾 In my defense, I hate Donald Trump. 😱 I love Disneyland. I get political. Converting Central FL to Blue/🌊 one voter at a time! Don’t blame Florida on me, I just got here!
kc_cove This Account Stans Yahwi Honestly I hate Donald Trump but I don't fully support Joe Biden for personal reasons. And also it's not my concern, I'm not American, I can't vote in the election. Donald Trump doesn't hide the fact he hates Nigerians and even called Nigeria a crap hole.🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ 🌈Bi♡Mikayuu shipper♡Anime Fanfic Writer♡18+ Content Sometimes♡Multifandom but Focused on OnS rn♡MAPS DNI‼ ✨ Wattpad: ✨ She/her ;-)
kc_cove This Account Stans Yahwi Tw// religion What the hell did my Mum just send me? She knows I hate Donald Trump and she decides to send me this. Don't read this if the thought of "r*pture" triggers you. It fills with Lies, Same Lies that Brainwash my homophobic Nigerian Parents 🌈Bi♡Mikayuu shipper♡Anime Fanfic Writer♡18+ Content Sometimes♡Multifandom but Focused on OnS rn♡MAPS DNI‼ ✨ Wattpad: ✨ She/her ;-)
AndrewC49288066 Yes, Mr. Beck I hate Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, William Barr, and any other Russian agent or white supremacist who rears his ugly head. The only reason the American people are suffering during this pandemic are because of these criminals. A President who is ..
durante66 @BeaglesResist @CyrusMMcQueen I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I hate Donald Trump and I'm voting for Biden all the way. But don't attack people that spend 10 or 12 years in school to help people. Not every doctors rich. Dog lover and protector. You are judged by the way you treat the helpless.
EricBreitigam Ohio, USA @kirkacevedo I'm going to vote for Joe Biden like I hate donald trump and a plethora of Republicans. Marine, Democrat. #Resist --I am everything you never wanted. -- If your account is just for trying to make money, don't bother following me.
1Wontons @ArcoJove @realDonaldTrump and of course you blame Trump because why not? Just start tweeting I HATE DONALD TRUMP instead of making crap up!
lexxy_cole US just back to say i hate donald trump and anyone who supports him 😁
oldmanweldon A glass jar on the mantelpiece I'll be honest: I hate Ted Mosby more than I hate Donald Trump, and I don't think I'm in the wrong. Just the afterbirth that slithered out on my mother's filth weldon.will@gmail.com
tpwkxdlibyh you don’t have to believe in larry just stop attacking us every time we tweet about it like I HATE donald trump with a burning passion but that doesn’t mean I go out and attack everyone who tweets about their support for him because I know I’m not going to change their opinion loving you’s the antidote | she/her | ot5
cmpintennessee @TheAuthorGuy Just cancelled Thanksgiving plans with my sister’s family at the beach because it looks like small gatherings are driving the latest rise of COVID. I hate Donald Trump. Me a year from now, at Thanksgiving, with Pres. Biden, a blue Congress and COVID much better managed 👇 “What if we aren’t in a tomb, but rather in a womb?” Oh, and if you are hateful or ignorant, you will get blocked.
Kuhlorless I hate Donald Trump with every fiber of my being, but Savannah is honestly so annoying, and the reason she is annoying is the constant need of clarification of information because of how muddied the waters have became on each side. Actually deplorable. i.fletcher8211@gmail.com @KitchenGangFam Powered By @AdvancedGG
JMHendersonSr Far from the Madding Crowd There's only one tweet I need to see from at @SteveScully right now: I thought I was sending a DM. I was mortified when I discovered that I hadn't. I panicked. I lied. And I did all that because I hate Donald Trump. @ACLJ: "Leading religious liberties attorney in US" Supreme Court attorney. Society of Constitutional Raconteurs. Retweets = Retweets
toneybad Montréal, Québec @icecube @CuomoPrimeTime @CNN @cnn is no more a news network, it's a I hate Donald Trump news network. A black man looking out for black people and their mad, why🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 The person I am is the great man my mother raised me to be!!!!!!
Jene08496345 @GeoffMartha 900 people died yesterday I guess that's acceptable to you know second-wave fuk just let him die like I'd hear other people just let us die but they mean somebody else until it happens to their bottom and then they're saying I hate Donald Trump too late you have a mind please vote
hocking_jeff Detroit, MI Undecided voter here; on one hand I hate Donald Trump and on the other hand I want to vote for Joe Biden. Any help would be appreciated Father, husband, small business owner, founder of "The Congregation of Every 1", 501c3 charity that's been serving Detroit's homeless population since 2013.
CuriosityAboun1 @atrupar I have literally never said his about anyone, but I hate Donald Trump and everything the represents. It’s up to US to stop this nightmare. Vote: Donate: Volunteer:
Heelspurs00 @HelenKennedy Great comfort to Americans living on cereal and being evicted There are not words to describe how much I hate Donald Trump Everything
PegCochran USA @springbill_bill I've seen my granddaughter once since March when I normally see her at least once a week. I suspect hubby and I will be celebrating TDay and Christmas alone. I HATE Donald tRump and Jared Kushner. Peg Cochran is a USA Today bestselling author writing cozy and historical mysteries.
marykate_VS I HATE Donald Trump and really dislike Joe Biden 🤔🙃 MaryKate Von Suskil IG: marykate_vs
aqiilaptrkm i hated my fat body more than i hate donald trump and my sucker f boy ex combined which is a lot of hatred already so here you go.
DigitalMagic25 @jack @nypost No need to apologize Jack. I know you must remain neutral in such matters, but I do not. I hate Donald Trump with a fierce passion. Don't worry, after Nov. 3rd and Jan. 20th,(2021) you will not have to put up with this lying cheating cretin called Donald Trump much anymore.
madgurrl United States @CNN @FetsKatze I hate Donald trump. I hate him with an intensity that feels sickening. And this family gossip drama you guys are calling “news?”. Yeah. Also hate it. Can someone be a grown up in all this? Maybe? I like reading and big, goofy dogs and traveling and naps. I hate small-handed orange things.😷🦄🦋🍀🌼🇨🇦🇺🇸
JanetShellenbe2 Suburban woman here. I HATE Donald Trump and voted for Joe Biden yesterday. 😊😊. Oh and I do wish Corie Booker would come to our area. I’m thinking we need some affordable housing for many different kinds of people. Have a nice day.
DismantleNRA Califorina I HATE DONALD TRUMP AND ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS HIM. Crying. Trump is Hitler’s lost twin. Please no DM’s gentlemen. #Resistance 🌊🌊#BlackLivesMatter #BidenHarris2020landslide TrumpIsADoucheCanoe