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Esther56178585 @AsiaPac_Freeman So what r u saying...we SHUD just turn around and bend over and pull down our trousers or skirts SO CHINA CAN CONTINUE TO RAPE #America ... I hate DONALD TRUMP BUT HE WAS RIGHT WHEN HE SAID "CHINA IS RAPING OUR COUNTRY"... #USA #COVID19 #Chinazi @JoeBiden 4th year MEDICAL STUDENT ARIZONA
_mixerblink_ London Talking about 'it is not about blue states and red state, this is the United States' then causing division elsewhere. I hate Donald Trump to death but this man seems to be no better. What a kick in the teeth and slap in the face! Joe Biden is not innocent/pure. Fan account to spread positivity and show my endless and unconditional love and support for my role models/inspirations and raise awareness #StopPoliceBrutality
Murphy9474Ryan Lafayette, IN @chrislhayes I HATE Donald Trump, HATE him. If the Dems don't raise the min wage, raise taxes on rich, in general, help the lower class in this country, I will vote for Donald Trump and leave this Plutocracy for the rich. Good luck building your own country if all employees leave.
StvePrryfn @ScottBaio Just so you know Scott I hate Donald Trump, he destroyed our country. He let the coronavirus come here and as a result I got it and I could’ve died. Do you know who the POS is? Donald Trump I love Steve Perry and General Hospital.. Especially Dante
KylaPadbury Utah The professor just said, and I quote: "I hate Donald Trump but if he invaded Venezuela I would kiss him on the lips" and everyone on Teams heard my audible gasp Like Giselle from Enchanted, dressed in black. I believe in the sun even when it isn’t shining. Feminist. Survivor. ✨
aMayzingAlyssaM Utah My little bro (27) unfriended me on FB a little while ago and it really hurts. But tomorrow is his birthday. So I took him a present and visited with him. I was the bigger person and I just need someone to know that. I hate Donald Trump. He stole my brother from me. Love all the people. Fight for truth and justice. Be like Wonder Woman and/or Leslie Knope. LDS ✝️🌊♎ ❤🌈🗽 she/her
shaylaadesha atl first time cooking rice and i burned it. i hate donald trump. chaotic on main
EllenKilloran Brooklyn, NY @TanaGaneva I puzzle over this a lot! But yes I think that being sure of their goodness is a very big part of it. "I hate Donald Trump and support a woman's right to choose, how can I possibly be guilty of sexual misconduct" Reporter at Crime Online & Crime Stories. Views my own. Also seen @rollingstone @forbes others Tips: ekilloran@crimeonline.com
zgureasko Nashville, TN I hate Donald Trump, but this is a blisteringly stupid take. And the replies. 🤢 I like to lift weights, pet all the animals, and practice law. 🐶🐱💪🏋️‍♂️⚖️🇺🇸👬 Progressive leftist. Views expressed here are my own. Pronouns: He/Him
mtpilotbigshot @kylegriffin1 Duh....I’d read “Triggered” before I read anything written by that asshat. And I hate Donald Trump Jr. Father, husband, over 50 baseballer who started using Dove Tail Bats. Its been all sunshine ever since.
docthewondercat Tar Heel State @vexedinthecity The worst care scenario this time last year was 250,000. I hate Donald Trump and his incompetent administration. A warrior cat who fights for justice for all, not just the few. Ya'll be good to each other.
JBarbero32 Fairport, NY @mlucey13 @greggnunziata We’re talking about a typical far left progressive like yourself who has no idea why you voted for Joe Biden, and the “I hate Donald Trump” excuse doesn’t cut it. Take my advice, shut down CNN and MSNBC and learn the truth on what’s happening. Don’t be a tool for the media.
madridexists wherever i am i ain’t listenin suffering people and their right for justice your own little sick payback because you hate this Democrat or you hate this Republican. Look, I hate Donald Trump but that doesn’t mean that Bill Clinton shouldn’t be punished and I feel like more people are making it about Trump used to be down bad but I’m good though. STOP FOLLOWING THESHADEROOM, damn.
boyeavyn Connecticut, USA Just to be clear, I hate Joe Biden and Barrack Obama as much as I hate Donald Trump
tedisama Bizans @UnicornPoachin @ChrisRohrer11 @WTigermon @aliciasadowski6 But what if I hate Donald trump and his wife? Can I shame her then?
ZacBissonnette ::whispers:: It’s because if you’re a liberal who has concerns about, for instance, an overreaction to covid, you have to caveat every single thing you say 15 times with “I hate Donald Trump and think he’s orange trash” to avoid having all your friends hate you. Fan of mystery novels and proud parent of a cat named Perry Como.
rudepundit Lee Papa's place Me: Hmm, I hate Donald Trump and his terrible family and everyone around him for so many huge and nation-wrecking reasons. But I'd like a few petty things that make me hate them all even more. @washingtonian: Proudly lowering the level of political discourse since 2003. Become a patron for bonus rudeness:
NicolasFuller23 Somewhere @SeasonsPass @TuCaoFakeNews they are traitors. you sold your soul and honor to bastards like Trump and Pompeo. I'm telling you if you hate China then get out of here, come and join Donald Trump's sect in the USA. Entrepreneur, penseur, Écrivain, Directeur Général de @WaterlooEnterp1. co-fondateur de @spceExplorer Make The World 🌍Great Again.
SacredRatchet Deep in the Heart of Texas I hate the little snap back he had, “like Donald Trump who uhm....” Rude mother forker and the worst part is that people just cheered for it because he said the correct buzz word. Smfh. Skirmish Player, Indie Game Dev Hopeful. I post memes, Warhammer, Video Games and Video Game Development. Part time Rat Poster.
BowdenLacy @Fibci2 Yep, I seen it coming the second Hillary Clinton got word that Donald Trump kicked her azz in 2016 and the wicked witch unleashed her flying monkeys and the past four years of the Democrat Hate agenda whipped everyone up into a frenzy. It is getting worse with each passing day. Free American Citizen. I love my family, my country, Old Glory & I proudly voted for President Trump, if that bothers you, too sad, too bad!
dizzheart @lalovestrump @CoinDesk I picture some geriatric purchaser 30 years from now explaining to his grandchildren who Donald Trump was and why it was necessary for everyone in the media to hate him. No, that's not my cat. No, I don't know whose cat it is. But if you have an extra cat like that, I'll take him. I block haters, bigots, twits, twats & bots.
Wydstrin @bellaandbearmom @pastorlocke Easy, simply view all of the hate and vitriol in his posts. His constant idolatry of Donald Trump and more. I don't need to prove it, he proves with every tweet. He tweets more about his political views than Jesus. Ezekiel 14:1-48:29 Roll for initiative Friend of animals 🐻🐝
LukeT01708514 I am the biggest BLM advocate you will meet. No lives can matter until Black lives do. I am also a strong supporter of Asian Lives Matter and Latino/a Lives Matter. I also strongly dislike Donald Trump. You know what? No, I hate him. 16/? Burner Acct for Sociology Project
kamcb29 Wisconsin, USA #StopAsianHateCrimes EVERYDAY I ASK MYSELF... HOW CAN PEOPLE BE THIS DUMB AND IGNORANT, OVER AND OVER !!! NBA: Jeremy Lin was called 'coronavirus' during game via @Yahoo
JulioBojorquez3 Mexico So Joe Biden's president of the US, and the first thing he does is continue to put children in cages and bomb Syria. I honestly didn't expect better from him, it's just that I think Donald Trump is even worse. But I still hate Joe Biden. Failure
bahdum San Joaquin Valley, California If anyone brings up the supposed Trump logo that looks like a swastika, let them know it's not real. That CPAC stage is, but I have no idea why it looks like a known hate symbol. It is a very bad look, and I'm pretty sure white supremacists are ecstatic. An American of Mexican and Apache descent, Sarcastus Maximus brings you... *checks notes* ...Damn, I forgot to take notes (he/him)
JonasKarlberg1 Sandviken, Sverige @tevain @SandyxB @hodgetwins @tevain Hate like this? Trump’s niece: I heard him use anti-Semitic and racist slurs “I don’t think that should surprise anybody given how virulently racist he is today.” Dump Donald Trump 2 day USA! Donald Trump YOU'RE FIRED and Joe Biden is hired En nykter trummande ateist som är emot droger , rasism och främlingsfientlighet!
nivenus Forest Grove, OR In the case of Donald Trump, I *know* he has genuine admirers and fans and if I squint I can see it because he does have a dark charisma. But does anyone who voted for Cruz actually like him or do they just hate Democrats more? Child care by day, writer by night. Gamer and all around nerd. He/him. Aspie. Also known as Niirfa.
uctruthhurtzq I don’t know how you were raised but if somebody told me to hate somebody I would tell that person to fork off and I’ll make my own opinion of said person. Thank for you telling me to hate President Donald Trump. Sometimes, you have to learn the hard way. Pronouns: Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV, Dude/Bro
KinfDave After hearing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz gloat about how they can do whatever they want and still get votes... I am curious how Republicans feel about that? Why is it okay representatives are saying they can do whatever they want with no consequences? No hate. Just curious.
RyanDeto Pittsburgh, PA My story with Moreno's tweets from 2019, like one saying “The great President Donald J Trump also has a responsibility to protect this country. They want to make it socialist and hate America ... That’s what I would have said. He speaks for me.” Bay Area native, proud PGH transplant. @PGHCityPaper News Editor: politics, transit, media, labor, fracking, all things alt. Tips: ryandeto@pghcitypaper.com
JasonSc99799825 @JRehling Oh god do I hate liberals sometimes. You know when Jesus returns, he is going to kick all of you little whiny babies to hell and appoint Donald J Trump as the president of the greatest forking nation in the world!!! Courageous patriotic veteran who served in Iraq. I forking hate liberals, every night I crank open a beer and drink their tears. l love God and Donald Trump!!!
JasonSc99799825 @TheFienPrint Oh god do I hate liberals sometimes. You know when Jesus returns, he is going to kick all of you little whiny babies to hell and appoint Donald J Trump as the president of the greatest forking nation in the world!!! Courageous patriotic veteran who served in Iraq. I forking hate liberals, every night I crank open a beer and drink their tears. l love God and Donald Trump!!!
EddieDe72862958 @thehill “And we won’t back down from punishing anyone who speaks out against Donald Trump. I hate Liberal cancel culture!!!!!!”
sd_32_ In what way are Asians responsible for COVID-19. I'll tell you, his name is Donald Trump. Ever since the pandemic started and he used the "China virus" term, over 3,000 hate crimes against Asians have been filed. #StopAsianHate The only time I set the bar low is for limbo - Michael *Freaking* Scott
Robhatestrump68 Oregon, USA @ChiNorth55 @ReesusP @MuellerSheWrote @Angry_Staffer Is this the new political banner for the new Republican Party that is still controlled under Donald J. Trump.? Didn't we ever learn from the last White Supremacy movement.? We have serious problems in this Country and in our World. I HATE WHITE SUPREMACY & WHAT IT STANDS FOR.... born late 60s, love heavy metal, love religon,veterans rights,very verbal about my opinions, equal rights matter. respectable, loves old movies,honeymooners fan
PNWforest Spokane, WA @CawthornforNC I’d say the obvious bigger threat is delusional republicans who don’t understand true American patriotism. They are misguided knuckle draggers who were willing to destroy our democracy for Donald J Trump. And you Mr. Wheels are still still stoking fires of hate and divisiveness. I am an AWS and WABO certified welder/fitter who has lived my entire life in the beautiful Washington State.
Joelibera @lt4agreements @DonnyDeutsch hey Donny. If you hate Donald Trump so much, why did you appear on his show the apprentice back in the day? President Trump has done more for America than you and the democrats ever will. I’m proud of president Trump #MAGA #democratsaredestroyingamerica
grammymo12 @_VictorOkeke @GrimbleGrolie @TheEroica @mikespeds @Jim_Jordan @grimblegromble8 Do Democrats ever truly answer a question, I think not! President Donald J. Trump took Office under so much Hate, it even ran in some Republicans that kept things really slow. But what President Trump country began to flourished promises kept and things getting done don....
Esther56178585 @AsiaPac_Freeman So what r u saying...we SHUD just turn around and bend over and pull down our trousers or skirts SO CHINA CAN CONTINUE TO RAPE #America ... I hate DONALD TRUMP BUT HE WAS RIGHT WHEN HE SAID "CHINA IS RAPING OUR COUNTRY"... #USA #COVID19 #Chinazi @JoeBiden 4th year MEDICAL STUDENT ARIZONA
martiekaye2010 insomnia USA @CBSThisMorning @nguyen_amanda @AndrewYang @evachen212 @charlottejcho @NextShark @bennyluo Donald Trump blamed China for the virus & called it the China Virus knowing Asian people were being bullied and much worse. Trump festered hate, loved watching it play out. I know its going to take time to undo the hate of 4 years, but I stand with Asians & I speak up always I have to change my words cause MAGA's like to stalk-- so to all you poor pitiful souls who stalk me Fu*k Off I mute all trolls
I_Hate_Ted_Cruz fork Officer Joseph Weekley I cannot emphasize how forking stupid Donald Trump is and I'm not even trying to be mean he's genuinely the dumbest person I've ever seen. I don't even know HOW you could get to his age and be that forking stupid. He's genuinely just so dumb. “Oppressors always expect the oppressed to extend to them the understanding so lacking in themselves.” -Audre Lorde
emealldaylong @CPAC @tedcruz looking forward to it. I'll tell you who will be glued to their devices and TV's......LIBERALS. They FEAR Donald Trump even more than they hate him. They will be hanging on to every word, then twisting his word in the media for days on end. Being me
Tiredof08854843 @Mick_Limerick Dirty rotten bigots for the majority if republicans! Dirty bigots... BTW the number one things bigots hate.... is Government! so I conclude, donald trump hates govt and himself! Imo for entertainment Only. the party if racist bigots or greed. All are puke worthy. 10th generation Canadian, 6 decades and this retired account executive is saddened by what I see today. #I StandWithTrudeau
stephendarko16 I still prefer Donald Trump over Barack Obama!! Like i said before Trump doesn’t give a fork much about where I’m from and i love that!! But Obama and his crews are tooo forking focused on my home!! I hate that crap with a passion!! Like get the fork off our dick! my life is a movie, and I’m the Villain! RIP Mama Rosemary Darko, RIP Grandma Comfort Amakye Darko👸👸🙏🏾❤️❤️
imatrumpgirl @Unpurgeable18 Yeah and the libtards clearly don’t love America. They hate it. If he was choosing love over hate I would suggest to him that he love Donald Trump or as they like to call him “don the con” which is the most untrue thing. Proud Patriot & Conservative • ProLife • MAGA is a movement • I’m a Trump Girl • I love my president so much • 45 is the best! 🇺🇸
Jimmyjimjames11 @ArmendarizDis16 @DonaldJTrumpJr Hate to break it to you , but I'm a Republican, a republican who never fell for Donald Trump's bulcrap, and I'm also Republican who believes in Black lives matter and the LBG QT communities, so go back and wash your white sheet for your next rally.
SpacFry @Jaseface727 @TheStalwart I bet we did it because we released the info on S.A , Biden can’t have the saudis hate America too much. It’s all a game and the people on the left who aren’t anti war are the pawns. fork DONALD TRUMP VR/AR junkie. Crypto. SPAC shill.
tobycat1961 @DonaldJTrumpJr My name is Donald Trump Jr. I am a raging coke fiend. My children hate me. And my girlfriend Kimberleys dick is this big !