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LUGOSIISNOTDEAD CALL ME.💥704-754-7616💥 My name is Jeffrey guterman and I hate Donald Trump I lost it every One Stormy Daniels came out and expose Donald Trump wait a minute that is my pee pee dammit man Donald Trump is ripping you off don't look at my weiner stop it VEGAN & PROUD. WHO WE ARE. NOT HUMAN. WE ARE CELESTIAL. PART OF EARTH AND MARS AKA ASGARD. NO PORN. WE SUPPORT SEX WORKERS. IT IS WORK DEALING WITH THE CLIENTE.
JGlenCollins Washington, DC @TeaPainUSA @ToriRob11 I hate Donald Trump and all of his disgusting grifter family and sycophants International human resources/global mobility specialist; avid traveler and airline industry follower #ImpeachTrumpNow #Resist 🇺🇸
oldtimes101 Pennsylvania, USA @TeslaIndy @tedcruz I hate Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP but my tax dollars go to paying their salaries and providing them healthcare Husband, Father of two, Army vet, Proud resister. Let’s take this country back
Spenn714 mario I support trans rights and i hate donald trump where is my free clout game
Cymraeg_Jilly Wales, United Kingdom Shelagh sitting at her microphone shouting ‘god I hate Donald trump’ ‘god I hate Boris Johnson’ oh and ‘god I hate that spic Sergio Ramos’ 🤔 @LBC The future’s bright
CGentzyel PA I want to get this off my chest before I go to work and explode, since I cannot voice my opinion there unless I comply with the census! I hate Donald Trump! His followers are mindless, uneducated, racist, Moronic, greedy bastards that care for nothing except themselves! keeps up with current events. passion for all styles of music, old cars, old b&w movies, football college and pro, and restoring the old to new my way
Namdalla1993 Cheltenham, England @ChrismanSpurs @sean7375 @spursgotlevyd BTW, I hate Donald Trump and everything he stands for 😂 just wanted to say that so no one gets the wrong idea lol #THFC
raintdog FoCo Grown This is Nancy Pelosi, and I hate Donald Trump more than I love America. Christian, Husband, Dad, Son, Georgia BullDawg, & Entrepreneur! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Billy___Hill Somewhere over the rainbow @Bubola I hate Donald Trump and I find this disgusting. I live my life one day at a time. When I tell people that they are sometimes inspired. I always tell them, that’s just how time works. Ye/Thou
pcookee @chrisonsocials @CBSEveningNews The bias of I hate Donald trump and will do anything to get him out of office and I will elect impeachment managers who hate his soul as well new account
Versace__Simba @thebyteof1987 @itsbrimbram @Lucas7yoshi @Ninja I mean isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?...I hate Donald trump and I would hate his skin to if they made one wtf 😂 Simba of course.
Turnip2020 Los Angeles, CA I love and respect Bernie Sanders. I love and respect Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren love and respect each other. I hate Donald Trump. So does Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. There’s a real enemy here. Hi. I’m a turnip and I have a higher IQ than the president. (DMs open)
AnonBarbarian @JoR3LofKrypton @Reuters Listen, I'm an anarchist. I hate Donald Trump every bit as much as I despise Hillary Clinton. this evident fact is not change the satisfaction I find from washing you lunatics shriek and freak out and lose your mind when he got elected. Keep crying, it's delicious Stop banning me Twitter I'm a good boi
madiharper_ Texas, USA @wmoravits23 Don't get your hopes up, I hate Donald Trump and Republicans make me wanna puke but at least they occasionally get crap done. 🎷🐢
JacygalResists Las Vegas, NV @PalmerReport They say it is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. I hate Donald Trump* with everything in me and I'll ask for forgiveness later. NO DMs. Married. These are my opinions and worth exactly what you paid for them. #Resist #GND #TeachPeace #NoH8 #LGBTQ 🌈 #ERANow #FreeRealityWinner
CAU_59 Manhattan, NY @madukes529 @MeloniaSherban @wtp__2020 I hate Donald Trump. Check out my timeline, but retail stores are closing because of Amazon and the like. We don't need to invent reasons that he's evil, IMO. Jokes, Sports & Politics, probably in reverse order. A progressive who enjoys debate, as long as you're not stupid. I play with Photoshop and video a bit.
BearsFanatico94 West Allis, WI On the real though, I hate Donald Trump for holding his rally on the same day as the Dem debate is going to air, because that’s two events I need to pay attention to and analyze at the same time, and after today, I’m too mentally drained. 😂 Mainly tweet about the teams in the header. Occasional history, politics and personal life tweets. Host of @JuanFinalPoint & @NFCNorthBrawl. #OnWisconsin & 🐻⬇️
Bandstandchick United States @bubbaprog Oh big deal. I hate Donald Trump with a passion but if I had to come face-to-face with him and I was a public person I’d treat him just the way Vince did. We have much bigger problems than this. Grow the fork up people. Stay focused liberals. Texas liberal chick who loves Beto, Pete, barbecue, art, music, the Boss & the facts. Love will win in the end.
everybodyco Colorado, USA I hate Donald Trump, but after his 2016 campaign, you'd think everyone in political journalism would reevaluate their practices. Nope. Here we are again, 2020, popping monocles and asking hard questions like, "Are the candidates being nice enough to each other???" Definitely a person. He/Him. Co-editor at @ExcessionPress
Tina53572071 @TomiLahren @realDonaldTrump I hate Donald Trump due to his real attitude concerning women. And due to the hostile behavior of most of his base. If the media also hates him, that it coincidental. After all, your vote is what will matter.
dirk_mike99 @Pitttywap @bubbaprog @realDonaldTrump I hate Donald Trump so much, I sit up all night screaming at my tv . My life revolves around hating him and his family. Hopefully my hate and anger towards him fixes everything. Vince Vaughn should have attacked him with a hammer. Instead, that SOB said a few English words to him
lovesmynola New Orleans, Louisiana @SaintsSoulja @_numberthreeRB I hate Donald Trump too but jeez AK and Morestead were in the suite with him too, why y’all hating on Drew so bad?! This video doesn’t prove jack crap but y’all already convicted him! W. T. F?!
ejg2 I don’t like Vince Vaughn and I hate Donald Trump, and the fact that two white men shook hands at a football game IS THE LEAST OF OUR PROBLEMS! OUR ELECTIONS ARE BEING COMPROMISED BY A HOSTILE FOREIGN POWER WHILE YOU ARE CANCELING IRRELEVANT D-BAGS! GET IT TOGETHER, AMERICA!!! "Letter to Lucy: A Manifesto of Creative Redemption—In the Age of Trump, Fascism and Lies" on Amazon: iBooks:
lorikelly37 @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump I an American citizen and I HATE Donald Trump!
RickinFay Fayetteville, AR @Iowa64710354 @AP_Top25 fork that i live in the south and I hate donald trump. dude was booed until the american flag came out. those cheers were not for trump!! Arkansas RAZORBACKS New York Jets New York Yankees Memphis Grizzlies
Asteinberg613 I readily admit that I hate Donald Trump, because I hate the bigotry, racism, and misogyny which is at the core of his intolerance. And nobody is more of an avatar of Trump racism and bigotry, than his despicable, press secretary, Stephanie Grisham. Former Regional Administrator, Region 2 EPA, currently a prolific writer and radio commentator on politics and sports
scarface_chase Indianapolis, IN I hate Donald Trump.. but seriously what do people expect Vince Vaughn to do? Try and fight trump? Cause a scene? Get jumped my secret service? Be real.. Obama shook trumps hand and no one freaked out. A hand shake is just polite. Chill Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.
DuckedXff 4900 I hate Donald Trump as much as the next guy but if I’m in his section and he tryna shake my hand I’m not declining lmfao y’all got death-wishes Above The Clouds #LongLiveZo #RIPPhillyRebel #RIPSupermanStecker #RIPTuli #RIPKingCaire
phil_mckraken Texas, USA @CunningMarshal @misshellcav2 @miss_simone247 @RGanley @Flattielover @PhilipEMSkinne1 @Hildolfr3 @TrumpSugar @CRKittle @JohnMcCain_Hero @zaharias19 @TaraCam74631745 @UrLocalDaddie @calijeff1 @akvawe66 @288talk @Shav1962 @scenic_route819 @Politinfo @TiredOf_UrCrap2 @alterhan @J_man63 @DigiVorr @DectiveSamSpade @dastevedaver @donnnie @gorillastyle @DrSMDHdaily @PersevereEver @camp_terrence @HouseOfJames2 @Visitor22 @NavyVetResister @GSquirrelPatton @annableigh @americanationa1 @NoFacebookForMe @ThereseOSulliv2 @GOPkleptocrat @Aimhighffw @SumiNemo169 @WindsorTrader33 @QuidRises @Pittstock @Hodar40680423 @PwrCane1 @ProudlyCanadia4 @TourguideJ @robert_sicario @robert_bergey I hate Donald Trump. It is both normal and healthy to hate poon' pummeling pussy pawers, twat twisting 'tang tuggers, vagina violating vulva vandals, snatch snagging slit slappers and Donald JOHN Trump. If you don't like my insults, you probably voted for President Insult Comic and have Low IQ, maybe Low T.
TheDublinDon @ewarren Translation: "I support the right of the people of Iran to peacefully protest against their corrupt government but ........ I hate Donald Trump and would prefer a democrat was in power and so I won't acknowledge that the protestors are happy Soleimani is finally dead" Dublin Guy in New York. Views are somebody else's.
S4HDM4DH1 he/they || latinx || autistic just wrote a 1,300 word long article on how much i hate donald trump and why dig up thomas jefferson’s grave so we can see if he’s still wearing his miku binder ♡♦️@masadasns♦️♡
GMSarli a secret lair in Texas Hate is a strong word. I hate Donald Trump for betraying our country and destroying our democracy, all to enrich himself. He is a fascist monster and I can't wait to see him rotting in prison. P.S. Out of curiosity, what minority do you think I am? Mad (Political) Scientist™ ♿️ autistic, bipolar, and hEaViLy MeDiCaTeD 🏳️‍🌈 NB; he/him/his
GMSarli a secret lair in Texas @Happy27931421 @realDonaldTrump Hate is a strong word. I hate Donald Trump for betraying our country and destroying our democracy, all to enrich himself. He is a fascist monster and I can't wait to see him rotting in prison. P.S. Out of curiosity, what minority do you think I am? Mad (Political) Scientist™ ♿️ autistic, bipolar, and hEaViLy MeDiCaTeD 🏳️‍🌈 NB; he/him/his
MCEA1969 Georgia, USA @mayawiley I hate Donald Trump more than anyone I remember ever hating. Corey Booker a good man and a good candidate. This primary stinks to high heaven. We have to get the money out. Atlanta native retired from multimedia co.
KristaSueBar Seattle, WA Honestly, I hate Donald Trump. I don’t use the word lightly. But he is legitimately a garbage human and I will never understand how anyone respectable can support him. Politics & crappy tv enthusiast. Advocate for my CF Warrior. Facts are real & knowable. “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum”
thorfin1962 @atrupar @pattonoswalt Maybe because the only ones the Mullahs would let out were maybe not the best people? But don't let that minor truth interrupt your "I hate Donald Trump and he is to blame for everything" rant of unhinged lunacy.
CJ_isnowblue @AnnCross12 Hopefully, Most Canadians share the feelings as the Iranian guy who was on video saying “ I love Americans but I hate Donald Trump”. I can’t wait to get Trump out so we can repair our relationships with our Canadian neighbors and other allies. I just joined Twitter because I’m sick and tired of Trump and the GOP!! I’m not staying quiet anymore!! Follow me and IFB #resist 🌊
laputa86948713 @Iran I am a American and I rather live there with you guys. I hate Donald Trump he a fake bottom bitch. I am pissed he keeps doing all this crap to you guy. Much love and respect to you iran.
Shishi198 @Tartine @HassanRouhani @realDonaldTrump Every even in life is a collection of choices and decisions. As much as I hate Donald trump Iran could have been less incompetent. I mean just imagine the amount of stupidity it took to mistaken a plane that took of from YOUR OWN AIRPORT in a city that not close to any borders.
chrisvitali Hermosa Beach, CA @YanksGalaxy28 @TheSportsGuy212 @zanyNSH_NYRgirl @lentzadam533 @NYCKING @steelers1288 @NSpawts @jhm8806 @OGKidoubleD @Dstrang63 @MeekerBeastman @Jonwentrogue666 @photonomicsH @AskiaDaGreat @bsbllnbkns Once Dolan brought in Isiah I was done. Right after he ruined the CBA (and I don't mean Collective Bargaining Agreement) The NBA ended for me that day. Same reason I hate Donald Trump. Not political at all, but he ruined the USFL when i was 8. And we had Generals season tickets. Musician, Yankees/Cowboys/Devils fan, Ex-Chef, Voiceover guy, BBQ lover. Dogs over People. Baseball history and cards make me happy. Founder of Ball Nine.
Sweaty9yo Hi Christmas, whatcha doin? @h8Wankmaggot45 @realDonaldTrump For the past couple of months Iran has been destroying or raiding American sites or embassies, and once Trump does something,it's all, "I HaTE DoNAlD TRUmP h E stARTeD WW31!!!1!!" Insomniac with Aspergers and hip displasia, anything else you need to know?
MarieEF3 @JeffreyGuterman @realDonaldTrump You should just delete this post. I get your frustration, and I hate Donald Trump, but this is below the belt come on, simple minded
vvugs Las Vegas, NV i hate donald trump with the burning intensity of 1,000 suns buuut how fking old are you children? i hate him for his crimes and his acts of extreme violence. i hate him for his escalation tactics and his warmongering. i dont hate him for his goddamn neck what’s wrong with you? chris • 26 // he • they // tweeting about politics and occasional linguistics // eat the rich
BITCHYMlCHY Denver, CO @hyperreptilian and they all defend themselves under the guise of “i hate donald trump, so i can’t be a bad person, we should be focusing on THOSE bad people” Freelance Mortician
Muad_Dibz @scott_tobias Funniest crap I've seen at an awards show in a while actually. And I hate Donald Trump, just wanna get that out there.. I'm an average nobody. I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook. Go Yankees ⚾
Muad_Dibz @mattzollerseitz And for the record I hate Donald Trump and really enjoy mostly anything I've read from MZS I'm an average nobody. I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook. Go Yankees ⚾
polychotomy @ColumbiaBugle @IngrahamAngle After watching this, I realize fully and with commitment that I hate Donald Trump. Never been big on the anti-trumpism, but here I am. Critical thinker, liberal, skeptic, atheist, realist, rationalist, fact man, correct all the time guy, white supremacist. Deep cover BuzzFeed op.
Tfuglstd Norway @SyedBooali1 @HassanRouhani Are you dumb? I hate Donald Trump just as much as the next guy. But this blood is solely on Iranian hands. A quick check at the AIS on the radar and they would see it's a passenger plane. These people have 174 civilian lives on their hands. Rosenborg
porclainmonkey Maryland, USA I hate Donald Trump and everything he stands for, but to blame him for Iran downing the Ukrainian passenger plane is wrong..I'm waiting for Sour Lemon to jump on that bandwagon. #CNN
DeeMem1 USA My message is short and sweet. I hate Donald Trump and his Minion Brigade. How about you? Grandma who's a product of the 1960's. One word is as relevant today as it was then. RESIST!

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