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gregpinelo I hate Donald Trump. I believe he's a criminal, a racist, a misogynist and a sexual predator. But if you told me Trump would use an orphan baby for political damage control after he inspired a racist massacre, I'd have said "c'mon you sound crazy, even HE wouldn't do that." Democratic strategist / Obama ad maker / do-gooder / Cuban-American / KY native / Oberlin grad / half-decent guitarist. Opinions are my own. And 100% correct.
MarroneEBaloneY Clifton Heights, PA Listen i hate Donald Trump as much as the next guy but give it the fork up already dudes been your president for 3 years and will be for Atleast another if you have a problem with that get off Twitter and go vote "I am now, I was then, and I still will be; a child born into his own storm"-Griz/Chasing the Golden Hour ☀️ /△⃒⃘/ Butterfly Beings Drink Bassnectar
Sculpting10 the moon. @RepAdamSchiff This is deplorable for a US president, tor so called one, to not stand up for his own countrymen. I hate Donald trump and all he stands for. he's unamerican, an opportunist and caters to the hifghest bidder whether foreign or domestic. I believe in equality. human rights and that we all should be part of protecting the earth for future generations.
grcekat 815 i hate donald trump did you know that i’m sorry i can’t remember if i told you i hate him but did you know i hate donald trump hi i’m grace i really really don’t like trump did you know that but just so you know and just to make sure you know i hate donald trump i love calum hood🌜
TorrieFreedman burlington, vt i hate donald trump.....but i can’t say that in front of most of my friends.......because they will all gang up on me and roast my political beliefs...........and i can’t defend myself because that gives me 𝒶𝓃𝓍𝒾𝑒𝓉𝓎 fork pretty, i'm gorgeous
jycefisher Rockville, MD @theabstoddard @richardstengel @AaronBlake @ChrisJansing for the record, I am a Democrat, I am female and I guess you can call me elderly. I hate Donald Trump however I will not vote for Elizabeth Warren if she is the nominee. She is way too liberal for me! alan s's mom
LORINOKA I hate Donald Trump so much. I hate guns, but won't someone with a high powered rifle and scope take the DJT threat out? Please? #resist #trumpisnotmypresident #imstillwithher
Lines_In_Sand California, USA @JohnMTalmadgeMD @4EverCynCity Donald Trump is the Face of @GOP AND I HATE DONALD TRUMP’s FACE AND THE @GOP ‘s FACE...and...oops. Did i just prove your point there? Male👤, Tree-hugging🌲, animal-loving🐺, fitness obsessed🏋️‍♂️, music enthusiast🥁, and writer ✍️, with a deep disgust for the Orange Abomination🖕.🌊🦕🦖
SeanDaHam I hate Donald trump and his admin but that doesn’t mean I hate all Christians. Same for Netanyahu, I hate him and his govt but it doesn’t mean I hate Jewish people. Calling out the Israeli govt is not anti Semitic. It’s the right thing to do. He’s a criminal human abuser. Progressive Wave - BLM - #Dreamers - Overturn Citizens United - Raise To $15 - #Medicare4All
PhilosophyofKLo Manchester, NH I am a Liberal, I Hate Donald Trump, but The Left Wing is not Helping Itself with Boycotts and Potentially Violent Protests via @wordpressdotcom Writer, blogger, English Teacher, cheeseburger addict, Laughing Fool : )
PhilosophyofKLo Manchester, NH @BetoORourke @Davisbluegirl Yes! But...we have to be more specific. Current US culture is knee jerk reactions. Racism is a word that leads to offense. I personally agree w/you, but people get angry @ perception of accusation and the (metaphorical) fires start. We must do better! Writer, blogger, English Teacher, cheeseburger addict, Laughing Fool : )
PhilosophyofKLo Manchester, NH @HamptonNHPatch Oh, I hope so! I wrote this piece, on the eve of Trump arriving in my state, about what Democrats might want to try doing... Writer, blogger, English Teacher, cheeseburger addict, Laughing Fool : )
SeahorsePuncher the ocean @money_dfs You're a racist dumb fork and you're part of the problem. I hate Donald Trump more than I hated Obama lmao. You just assumed I support Trump and that I am a racist based solely on the color of my skin. By definition, you are a racist piece of worthless crap. #Tulsi2020
tolag Hawaii @TrueFactsStated I hate Donald trump, I hate dondon jr. I hate Eric, and I hate Ivanka I never hated anyone in my life before!! Midwife, gardener and lover of truth
lmao_ara Wendy’s I hate Donald trump and Melanie 😁 #forkdonaldtrump #mexican #dontdeportmelania deport them sksks
PhilosophyofKLo Manchester, NH @dscc I wrote this piece about a different way to approach, and why fighting hate with hate is only going to hurt us 😞 Writer, blogger, English Teacher, cheeseburger addict, Laughing Fool : )
ZannerTryon Utah, USA @txmedic37 I don’t hate the country, I hate Donald Trump and the fact that he’s giving racial license to a bunch of forking idiots! Period! I'd rather be a loving Liberal, than a judgmental, negative, divisive Conservative who supports a lying, cheating, instigator!
PhilosophyofKLo Manchester, NH Liberals vs. Trump with violence and hate equals no winners. #DonaldTrump #angryliberals #lovenothate #politics Writer, blogger, English Teacher, cheeseburger addict, Laughing Fool : )
shanecenters Fort Lauderdale, FL I hate Donald Trump. And yes hate is a strong word but I can’t find a stronger one. Views expressed here do not reflect those of Donald Trump - I assure you.
marytf5 @Scaramucci @POTUS I hate Donald Trump but your behavior is absurd you propped him up whenever knew he was the biggest buffoon ever born. And now you want to come into our club. I'm not having it. I don't know what your end game is, but you're embarrassing yourself.
AliceIn83663442 Everyone knows I hate Donald Trump but now I hate him even more because of what he did for The Endangered Species Act I hope he lives a very long time and die a terrible death in pain terrible pain I save lives of animals all kinds and I am ageless
Julia_in_DE @BenGDressen @thorstenbenner @RichardGrenell I proudly admit I hate Donald Trump and his administration. That you obviously don’t speaks volumes. My thoughts and prayers. Expat in Germany. Active on Twitter since 45 was elected. #CountryOverParty #FactsNotFiction
BrennanAnnie Annapolis, MD @AynRandPaulRyan @authorsara And where else in life is it okay to lump all of color, race, religion etc together. I am Catholic but I believe in gay marriage. I am republican but I hate Donald Trump. I am honestly more concerned with people who are strictly of one mindset. Open mindedness wins. Small business owner, influencer, speaker, author, and mom
Linda634690711 Nashville, TN @Katpa73 @kenolin1 I thought I could never actually hate someone, but that day has come and gone. My honest, truest feeling is that I hate Donald Trump! Politics Classic Rock Books General News Movies Music NFL Olympics Pop Weather
IoveIyIoner Americans support a monster. this man actually wants to take away everything that makes a immigrants escape to a better place harder and it’s forking disgusting. I hate donald trump. I genuinely with everything in me despise that man and everything he stands for "we'll be alright, even though everything is crazy"
D4thewin Somewhere out West I HATE DONALD TRUMP...I don't hate anything or anyone except DONALD TRUMP and maybe (Cilantro) I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM. Proud Coloradan/#DAR/Agnostic/Photographer/Historical non-fiction lover/ Unapologetically Sarcastic/Queen of Random Caps/#FBR #TheResistance/ #Indivisible
BackyardBillies Minneapolis, Minnesota It's time for the rest of the GOP to grow some balls like Anthony Scaramucci just did. I love this guy, I'm proud of this guy. and I hate Donald Trump. 56 year old Italian, Husband, Father, Grampa, Business owner, Chef, Design Artist, Op- Ed Contributor. #AnnandaleAdvocate #UniversityofMinnesota #neverTrump
ohjulie_why @WinterRae82 Unforkingbearable. Seriously. I don’t hate people. I don’t hate the man who abused me for 8 years and tried to kill me. I HATE Donald Trump. And I lived with a psychopath for 8 years. I know what it looks like. He is a psychopath. Kentucky born, California bred, Mom of 3, Grammy of 1, happy in love. Animal lover. Country girl. Breast cancer survivor as of 10/31/18. 🖕cancer. 🌸
mrorange90 St Louis @lauriec79812303 @SoCal4Trump @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump Yes thank you but really I prefer Budweiser I’m from St. Louis. by the way If you don’t watch straight to DVD movies and then you are definitely a liberal scum think outside the box for a change and by the way I hate Donald Trump I think he’s a forking moron sorta like the left Cool
Deviant2005 DeviantART and XenoVerse @CBSNews This is why I hate Donald Trump because he and the supporters like him are psychopathic demons who shows no signs of remorse to anybody and Donald Trump is a murderer and a monster who wants to destroy the world and CyberWorld just as he's destroying us and the Latinos!👿 call me Demon I'm a Saiyan and a member of DeviantArt and one of the people who wants to protect Cyberworld from peril my destiny is living in CyberWorld.
max_tesnow Howell, MI @JehovahShammah8 To each there own ! You want to believe in a " mythical person " ok Don't ever tell me who I hate ! I hate bigotry, I hate thieves, I hate pedophiles, and yes I hate Donald Trump..... How can I hate something I don't believe in ?? Want JUSTICE stay involved . The gop is corrupt with Russian MONEY thru the N.R.A... USMC #theresistance. #FBR #savetheplanet. Go Blue ! ADD LIST = BLOCK.
kariliv BFE, Arkansas I hate Donald Trump. Why aren't we out marching in the streets? He is systematically destroying our country and we are watching it happen. Words. Coffee. Music. Ice.
scheer_madness New York I hate Donald Trump and his whole damn family. Trump's influence is spreading like a virus (opinion) - CNN I'd rather be fishing but it doesn't pay the bills. Media consultant for print, digital and social. The views expressed here are mine alone.
sarcasticharsh @BBCNewsPR Go to hell u motherforkrs. #forkBBC #FakeNews.I hate Donald Trump but I adore him for only one reason that he speaks against #paidmedia and #fakenews #शिवभक्त #ॐनमःशिवाय #vegan
SenninSage @K_Alex1 @jamesackerson2 @XenonHMW I hate the Clintons, but it's impossible to hate them nearly as much as I hate Donald Trump right now. Let's be honest here, Donald Trump is an infinitely more detestable human being. He is scum of the earth. Bill Clinton and Hillary don't even come close. Sorry. Facts and all.
mimichard417 @GregShugar Not always true ...I am a bleach blonde and I hate Donald Trump
BogusDickGrimm Indianapolis, IN @TomSteyer I hate Donald Trump, but I'm starting to hate you, too, a little. Your campaign is ill-conceived from top to bottom, and it's unnecessary. It's wasting resources that would better be used to flip the Senate. It's also annoying. Blocked. I used to be a good fundamentalist Christian, but fork that crap. #Amwriting #Horror. This acct for political rants. @FakeDickGrimm for #Author account| He/him
realfacade1 Purgatory 🤣🤣🤣 I hate Donald Trump, but he's 1000% right about Anthony @Scaramucci. Chris Cuomo has him on @CuomoPrimeTime every other day, defending #Trump's racist policies. Once again: You defend Trump and he'll still kick you in the teeth. Free. DM /Ask anything. Insomniac. Hobbesian. Politics junkie. Research then respond. Never Bernie or Jill.
retireburg96 Perhaps I am biased, as I hate Donald Trump and everything he stands for, but I believe the President of the United States ordered a hit on his best friend, to eliminate his testimony, in a case involving the rape and beating, of a 13 year old girl, at the Epstein mansion in NY. a baby boomer, fighting for peace, justice, and the American way!
delahappy Charlotte North Carolina This clintons epstein thing... holy hell yall... I hate Donald Trump and I'm not accusing him of killing epstein. Maybe the pampered billionaire didn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison as a child sex abuser... Problem Solver | Motorcycle Rider | Proud Father of 3 RIP My precious child Logan
alexblackbleach I hate Donald trump / nobody will convince me otherwise. I m a hippie who knows nothing about the government dude don’t even know who the Vice President is. This man has been accused of rape, harassment, inappropriate conduct of all kinds and were just here supporting it. Insane traveler 👾 / writing n singin/ video gamez / music / essential oils / shmokin shpliffs / takin dope photos / being one with nature 🌱/ all one day at a time 🍕
tawertot magwo its 5am and i cannot stop thinking about how much i hate Donald Trump and his bullcrap excuses FDT
turtle_naomi Southampton @Sillyshib That’s the way to go . A celebration , as my mums last words were an I quote “ the worlds a terrible place, I hate Donald Trump” you can imagine we had lots of laughs and celebration of the wonders of my left wing caring mum. Sending hugs and love born in upstate New York ,left home 1970 travelled on the hippy trail thru Middle East ended up in Cardiff, long story. hates brexit , loves animals , sanity
WalsheKimber Markdale Ontario @dylanmsmitty Hey Dillon I agree Trump is an a****** and I feel sorry for you guys over in the states I'm here in Canada and now he's trying to start a s*** with us that guy's such a goof I hate Donald Trump never like them can't stand this voice he's so ignorant and just oh I can't stand them
baycugazi Brooklyn, NY @grammytammyd @pastorlocke @realDonaldTrump I hate Donald Trump more than the next guy but that's a picture of Nadia Bjorlin as a kid, and definitely not Katie Johnson. Let's be careful with whose pictures we use. Humanitarian
TommyCo82280675 @romyreiner There's nothing wrong with someone carrying their gun on them. It's not a big scary assault rifle. Omg. I hate Donald Trump too but open carry laws are constitutional. Some people defend themselves and don't trust dialing 911. These shootings are setup on purpose for politics Single Dad and sports fanatic. Taxation Is Theft
BartramBobby Cleveland, OH I hate Donald Trump and his entire corrupt administration. I love music
JohnStidhamJr1 there are Blacks i don't like, people from south of our border, even people that come from U.S.A. no-one has the right to tell me who to like or hate. So with a mind clear and a heart saddened I Hate donald Trump. so change my mind if you can.
Tay_J_Jones California @rabiasquared @RodneyClaeys I hate Donald Trump. He and his grifter, racist wife are evil. #Bernie2020 #NoMiddleGround #IWroteTheDamnBill #NotMeUs
gregpinelo I hate Donald Trump. I believe he's a criminal, a racist, a misogynist and a sexual predator. But if you told me Trump would use an orphan baby for political damage control after he inspired a racist massacre, I'd have said "c'mon you sound crazy, even HE wouldn't do that." Democratic strategist / Obama ad maker / do-gooder / Cuban-American / KY native / Oberlin grad / half-decent guitarist. Opinions are my own. And 100% correct.

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