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Cazza_James60 @WATSONVISI0N @nypost I hate Donald trump too, but it's more civilised to not ban people who you disagree with politically. That's the first step in censorship, and look at China, censorship is an awful thing College student ~ Gamer ~ Bri'ish
ReflectionsVid1 Tampa, FL @Madisontx76 Marijuana, toys, tofu, rules for radicals by Saul Alinsky, an I hate Donald Trump flyer, and a worn out keep abortion legal sign. Candidate for the US Congress 2022 Florida - Ordained 37-year Pastor stepped aside to run against a 16 yr. congressman who voted for HR 550 and HR 4350
LaurelinStephe1 somewhere beyond the sea I think the only thing the Twitter algorithm knows about me is that I'm a Democrat and I hate Donald Trump. My feed ain't what it used to be. No Twitter surveys. No saying this will help us update your feed! Me thinks something is different English teacher. gather ye rosebuds while ye may carpe diem, seize the day vote blue.
hersh_ya I hate Donald Trump as much as the next regular non-racist person. But let’s be real. This is one of the hardest things ever said. It’s so insane and funny it makes me unironically laugh, like bro was in his bag that day.I want my president to say crap like that, just not be evil This is my public diary at this point
BrawndoLabs @JonahDispatch @jtLOL @DavidAFrench @rkylesmith Dude, how hard is it to say, “ Man, I hate Donald Trump and I finally realize that many of my colleagues are out to get him.”? It's got electrolytes! Happily wished into the cornfield. Hyperbole degrades credibility.
50KFeet Orion Arm, Milky Way @realTylerZed @PaulfromtheRGHT Yeah and I read a story in the Enkwhyer about a pregnant woman's baby tapping out morse code that said "I hate Donald Trump." MAGA(!!!!)🇺🇸, 1A,2A, INTP-ESFJ, Look and SEE, Listen and HEAR!, Think(!!!), DrainTheSwamp(!!)
Kai31241401 @Az7u_ @Mikias_Kass @Go_For_It @elonmusk and yet you still can't name one!!! typical response from people with TDS and the LEFT! "I hate Donald Trump" "Why"? "I just do.." "give me one reason why".... and they walked away.......
CarrieM38512385 @TheLeoTerrell @realDonaldTrump He’s a criminal a conman, a blatant liar who uses hate, and division to cause chaos and violence! What’s not to love? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ My mother taught me not to hate people! Donald Trump has shown me rules have exceptions! I hate Donald Trump!!
BlackFluffyWolf Sol III @elonmusk The biggest asshole is usually the one blackmailing everyone else and right now I hate north korea more than I hate donald trump To err is human, to forgive divine A trekkie GOD BLESS THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHERE IT'S LEGAL TO USE PROFANITY ON YOUR BALLOT! I'M RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT! TRUTH SELLS!
JohnPDX Portland, OR @Mike_Pence I hate Donald Trump. But I got hand it to him, he had you pegged from the get go. You ARE a pussy. You haven't got a chance of becoming president because MAGA republicans hate you and so do democrats. Give it up Mikey. PS, I ain't buying your BS book. Every day's a new adventure!
VoteBlue25 Georgia @HillaryClinton @JoJoFromJerz Thank you Sec Clinton. I too hate seeing all this hate in America. Enough of this hating people bc of race and sexual orientation in America. There are truly some sick people in this Country. I hate Donald Trump and what he stands for 👇 I am a blue Dem from Ga. Hate all things MAGA/Trump 🌊 #Resist #BLM #EqualityForALL #ProChoice #BanAssaultWeaponsNOW #VoteBlue #bluecrew 🌊
GordonS75916012 @CalltoActivism I hate Donald Trump and would love to see him charged and convicted. Unfortunately, I have heard that so often, it's getting tiring. Proud Canadian with an opinion on just about everything
schattenwurf I hate Donald Trump and I'm not alone in this. That's reassuring. #dirtytrump #dirtydonald #dirtydon #stupidtrump #stupiddonald #stupiddon Ein Kommen und Gehen.
jon_lidstone @WholeMarsBlog @elonmusk You are entitled to your opinion. But this is what @elonmusk is working towards. Freedom of speech. I hate Donald Trump. But he allowed to say whatever he wants. Aren’t we all sick of being told what we can and can’t say? Freedom of speech only works if we are able to say anythin
BluesteinSteve Rancho Mirage, CA I hate Donald Trump and everything he stands for. I hate him so much that I am canceling my account here until he is no longer on Twitter. See me on Facebook or on my website In 1972 I became one of the core comedians of that era.I worked as an opening act for Donna Summer BarryManilow.I became a tv writer, Playwright & author
SpeedwagonStan Ogre Street i hate donald trump with all my flesh and blood but oh my god his statements are so stupid they make me laugh Ashley ! ❤️ 24 !!! speedwagon's official simp BLACK LIVES MATTER FREE PALESTINE FREE UKRAINE NSFW !!! she/her/pansexual/polyamorous ASHLEYWAGON REAL!!!!
doubles245678 Wanna know why I hate Donald Trump? Because no matter how many bad stuff he’s done no matter how many racist and offensive comments he makes! He always have republicans having his back and justifying his actions! im creative. im absent minded but im always looking for a adventure. Fan of cartoons/anime/movies/Games voice actor Autistic Writer On Angry Beavers Respooted
TheChadMyers Honolulu, HI @naiivememe @elonmusk I hate Donald Trump with every fiber of my being, but I can admit when something is funny...and this a funny meme. Still the worst president in U.S. History, and still should not have had his Twitter account unbanned. Cartoonist & Comic Strip Artist 🎨✏️🍻 I also play video games on Twitch.
YuzAnderson Bravoux, MJMSW I hate Donald Trump, Elon Musk and the fan fare around them. Tshiamo forever. TDMAL 🐊🐊🐊🐊
HknNyberg Langley, Fairfax, VA @Liz_Wheeler @realDonaldTrump No. I'm just raving mad that a criminal and a traitor is again allowed to spread lies, conspiracy theories and hatred. I hate Donald Trump. And I hate Marxism. Like so many others. Deal with it. • Stay hungry, stay foolish • Слава Україні! • #NAFO • #WeAreNAFO • #Fellas • Clearly a Russophobe • Donate to @georgian_legion and @HospitallersU •
T_Sportswave United States Every Black Man That’s: Sexually Involved With, Dating, Engaged to or Married to A White Woman Hates Himself and Black People. They’re All White Supremacist/Whores. She told y’all African-Americans “I Hate Donald Trump” For Consistent Black Sex. #The_Sportswave NFL, NBA And Sports Analyst. Former Division 3 Football Player. Through NFL Week 10: The_Sportswave (IG) 84-149-1 (56%) Bleacher Report 91-149-1 (61%).
Abegillig Washington, DC @MarkoSilberhand @elonmusk I HATE Donald Trump but voted in favor because I loved to see his stupid tweets. And it's just a plus that he continues to destroy the republican party. Life is short and capricious. Be kind and spend time with those you love.
The_real_SPR @elonmusk I hate Donald trump, I will hate him when he’s dead, I will hate him when he’s dead, I will hate hate him on my deathbed, and I will hate him when I leave this earth while he’s still slowly walking the ramp to hell. #NeverTrump #ihatetrump #TrumptyDumpty #TrumpPoll #TrumpIsDon Former Governor of 9580, Founder of the Bluedonkey, DC nerd, Jurassic Park lover, Centrist Democrat. New Yorker, and Colombian-American
hungryrealtor Ravenna, OH Cuz he don't like when the truth is given to them they want to keep the I hate Donald Trump please prosecute the man for something he hasn't done let's take a civil rights away from him too and that's okay owner of TWC Enterprise & Real Estate Services LL please be advised this page is personal page I am not affiliated with anyone I am entitled to my opinion
critter2you palm springs cali @WickedHellcat heres a real fast reader, it was written by the authors, it has four litigable words and a bunch of nonsense, the four word to let you know they really wrote it are I..HATE...DONALD..TRUMP. YOU can hear it clear as a bell, i played it backwards it said fork joe biden. lol 4th strike patriot start from scratch @fjb 60year biker\punk rock is 98% feral, cant play well\liberals\dumbass's #MAGA #blackflag #upyours
rogerfusselman Seoul, South Korea @elonmusk I hate Donald Trump, Alex Jones, and the like, but the public should know what they believe and say, so they can hate or non-hate them in a fully informed way. Therefore, reinstate both on Twitter. We're all grown-ups and can manage. Your right either way. English teacher, public speaker, improv artist, writer, and most-around smart guy.
lightgolightly @elonmusk I hate terrorists. I hate MAGA patriots. I hate Donald Trump and all his mini me's. (test tweet). #ClimateCrisis If you want to deny the consensus view on climate change good luck finding any evidence.
MPG961 Warren, OH @ACTBrigitte Wrong. I hate Donald Trump because he’s a racist, fascist and traitor to the country. Anybody who supports him is the same Husband, Son, Brother, Bowler, sports conspiracy theorist, liberal. Biden won, Trump lost. STFU & GFY #loserdonald
ObamaShrugs Your mom's basement @ACTBrigitte I'm not on the left and I hate Donald Trump. He's grifting you. You're a rube. Donald only cares about Donald. You're in a cult. Please get help. I'm a troll that posts Obama shrugging at people because it amuses me. Twitter is 90% bots. Stop electing old people. They don't change.
CynicalCurtis Tiny speck of dirt in space @ACTBrigitte I hate Donald Trump for a great many reasons. I hate him because “he serves the American people and puts America FIRST!” in the exact same way I hate him for being a magical leprechaun - which is to say, NOT AT ALL. NO DMs. I would really like to leave the Earth in better shape than when I got here…
DarkBolt500 Columbus, Montana @Windoctorx I HATE Donald Trump. Most of the reasons so many hate him are dead on. He needs to reign in crazy talk...he needs less fuel for his ego, he is a habitual liar- and none of that- absolutely none of that, is illegal. So YES- HE NEEDS TO BE RE-ELECTED. Best president since '70. Murica!🇺🇸 They are not black Americans. They are just Americans. Just like everyone else. We are all equals.
sensiblebot I'm a Remoaner member of the Independent Group and I hate Donald Trump. a sensible twitter bot.
la_rubiataradaA im in outer space why does it feel like the whole world is falling apart I HATE ELON MUSK U CAN GET SUCKED INTO A FART AND STAY THERE I HATE DONALD TRUMP I HOPE MELANIA SPITS ON U EVERY NIGHT I HATE MARK ZUCKABERG GO LIVE IN THE METAVERSE AND NEVER COME BACK MAKE ABORTION forkING LEGAL #JustInCase she/her nct💚+ 1d =mental instability haechan come home the kids miss u 😔 aquarius babe 💕🤞🏻🤭
ToddVonTrout Louisiana, USA @TheRickyDavila This old woman has been nothing but trouble for America for way to long. She needs to be investigated, sent to an AA meeting and placed in a retirement home. I don't care how much I hate Donald Trump, I'd never side with evil such as her and her party I try to just be a good human and try to teach my son to be the same
Marileewoodwar2 Miami, FL @JustinRileyTx Hi Justin it's a pleasure to meet you and don't worry I hate DONALD TRUMP MORE THAN ANYONE 🤡🤡🤡💙💙💙💙👍👍 Proud mom of a Lesbian Daughter. Mom to a Firefighter 👨‍🚒Mom to a deaf Son 🤷‍♂️LGBTQ ALLY 🌈🌈🌈💜🧡💛💚💙🌊🌊🌊NO DMs unless invited #BlueCrew🌊
StreetsMilton @ACTBrigitte I hate Donald Trump. I think he’s an unaccomplished white privileged lying con man and thief. Does this count? Black life matters. Trump is corrupt. Convict cops who kill unarmed people. Ghost of Virgil Tibbs. Bengals fan. Who Dey!