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TweetingYarnie Davenport, IA @JohnJHarwood I hate Donald Trump but I hate Mike Pence even worse. Pence is a POS bigoted homophobic evangelical creep and is evil pure evil disgusting evil Vote Trump out and under no circumstances ever let any evangelical become president. All things Bernie, Dem socialist working in Nursing and afternoon drive on the radio. 2016 Iowa state Bernie Sanders delegate.
ALSTON2008 Online [watching 13th with my class] Me: I hate Donald trump Me: I hate Reagan Me: I hate the clintons My student: damn u hate everybody on here Me: AND U DONT Student: Naw ion hate nobody fka diorcockring
Thomas90990799 @Julia3131 I hate Donald Trump , everything he stands for and people he supports ! However I really can’t see what Kavanar did wrong here. We have to be disciplined and don’t look for crap Attorney, father, all round good guy
ScottDavies303 Boulder @StaceyBeeBlue @JCTheResistance I hate Donald Trump and his administration with every last fiber of my being. I would vote twice next year if I could. I say use every cheat code at our disposal. China hacks. Dead voters. Dogs and cats. Whatever it takes. I don't care anymore. Play by THEIR rules. fork em'. Husband, Dad, Musician, Patriot, Yankee Democrat, Jersey Born, Colorado Bred. Old account but recently decided to effort. #Tama #Zildjian #Remo
PunksGTSFury The Shadow Realm Here's were I draw the line it's no mistake I hate Donald Trump I hate politics I hate Racism' Sexism and Bigots but rock stars like @JoelDTD ranting about everything from no God to political hate speech is just not cool I looked up to Joel because his music was Huge Fan Of Wrestling, CM Punk, Rap, Rock, Metal, Harley Quinn, Video Games, Movies, Kevin Smith And Hates Trolls
anordinarydayy San Francisco, CA There is a laundry list of things I hate Donald Trump and his regime for. Mostly it’s bc they’re all racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, awful people who are holding kids in cages and making people think it’s ok to be openly racist like it’s 1950 again BUT Sam Clam’s Disco. he/him
dusty_lain Razorback Nation @Acosta Don’t be that reporter Jim. I hate Donald Trump ‘s existance, second only to you but he clarified he wasn’t meaning nukes. Trump does and says plenty of stupd stuff, we don’t need you to fabricate a false context to make his comments stupid. As I've grown older, I've realized that pleasing everybody is impossible, but pissing them all off is a piece of cake.
democracynow18 New England @klairsara @GlennethClevel1 @DavidKnecht20 @LeslieChampion @JimKilbane @realDonaldTrump Let me clear up front I hate Donald Trump he was a joke for president and is a disaster as president, these are my cards. I’m assuming you are a trumper? So with that guess about u, I’m not very hopeful we can have a fact driven conversation. I wish you the best. "Democracy dies in darkness" Know the facts & if you don't do research! Treat people the way you want to be treated. #lovetrumpshate
blkumathurman anywhere @wilson_shannon And let me go ahead and give this friendly warning to you I hate Donald Trump I'm going to say nasty things about him and you probably don't want to follow me LOL this ride ain't for everybody I have Trump supporters who follow me because they like my ideas on sports i killed bill. Liberal Queen of the SEC Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Braves, LA Lakers, Denver Broncos #chopon #wedemboyz #showtime
JohnStall89 @AOC I used to support you because I hate Donald Trump and you are like the opposite of him.. but now I realize you are so opposite that you are actually on the other side of the crazy scale and just as ridiculous
lifesARiskcarna @AielloTV I hate Donald trump but if this was for a political difference to cause panic and damage this is a terrorist attack and this guy a forking idiot!
HeidiOCanada Toronto, Ontario My mother taught me to never hate another human being. But ... I hate Donald Trump and all that he stands for. Sorry, mom. A Canadian who was never interested in US politics until Trump. Now I see it as a matter of life and liberty. 🇨🇦 No DMs, pls.
tigersharktom Buckeye, AZ @11ForTexas @RepJerryNadler I don't think they do I hate Donald Trump so bad they're willing to destroy America because Hillary did not win the election a sad day for the Democratic Party and kids will never learn that now because there's no Civics in school it's a indoctrination Center for liberals retired sheet metal planner estimating engineer
xo_emilio I wake up every day and I hate Donald Trump a little more 🤙🏽♌️💦🦁🌹🧜🏽‍♂️
tlrad72 Detroit, MI @CNNPolitics I think I hate Corey Lewandowski almost as much as I hate Donald Trump. And Mitch McConnell and Brett Kavanaugh and Mike Pence and Donald Trump, Jr. and every other frickin’ old white male republican in Washington. #VoteThemAllOut I’m tired. Tired of bullcrap and most of all tired of hypocrisy. Don’t claim to be a Christian while doing the opposite of what Christ taught. #peaceandlove
GayAlexJones @OcelotLusitano2 how do I say "I hate Donald Trump too queen" and "can I hit now" Related Earth.
JackKeable12 England, United Kingdom I hate Donald Trump he’s rubbish and stupid. From Suffolk. I have two guinea pigs and I favourite food chocolate cookies and A coronation Street fan. All my tweets are always talking about the truth.
Rudedeck Eastvale, California @MarcTZee1 @Yankees I hate Donald Trump and Mariano Rivera. And Rivera is the greatest closer I've ever watched throw a baseball. And this is how I feel about Donald Trump as a President... Film- music- politics- human encyclopedia of useless facts. Husband & Father. #HockeyDad #FSU #LAGalaxy #FlaPanthers #Marlins #HeatNation #FinsUp #Peanuts
jaygee614 columbus ohio @1A_1B_ That's true lol but I have opinions on alot of things.... like I just watched t.i. go off about slavery...and I hate Donald trump...lol #Teamlakers....#Teambears.....sports fanatic.....dont forget dem #buckeyes!!!!!!!
stabros68 Indiana, USA fork i hate Donald Trump and you know what. Before him. I wouldnt hate my worst enemy. I give them pity and forgiveness but i would find it very hard to ever forgive Donald Trump for what he does and continues to do to this country on a daily basis. Hes truly the #Antichrist 🖕🖕 51 year old veteran. #WhiteHouseNeedsAnExorcist Tired of the #PropagandaPimp #BabbleOnDon I despise Trump #SeekTruthNotTrump #ComeTogetherRightNowOverTrump
Womp2daWomp Resisting orange man you nazi I’m a potato and I hate Donald Trump. Something something racist something something fascist 🥔 @tedlieu #reeeeeeeesisting heteronormative cis privilege while fighting capitalism on my iPhone Xr++ sipping a white chocolate frappucino(extra soy) at Starbucks
IglooCanadian @PaulyJam79 @KamalaHarris You’re entitled to your opinion and so am I. I am very proud to be Canadian and I hate Donald Trump. 🇨🇦
SmoresJesus kcmo @taxmarch Oh no I'm drunk and thought that said rein in the reich and I was like Yeah! fork Trump supporters! But now I'm still drunk but I read it twice and I'm still like fork those dudes! Ya know? I hate Donald Trump and all of his supporters. Autocorrect just saved me from the number 9 fork brunch
AleksanButtz @BetoORourke You’re a forking tool. I hate Donald Trump, hes a retard and a disgrace to his family and the USA. Is he a white supremacist? No. Go fork yourself.
Francid199 Moundsville, WV @KamalaHarris The democrat platform. America sucks and I hate Donald Trump the most.
themoongypsyy New York, NY I hate Donald trump and I don't care how u feel about the pee brain sob just a queen from queens who reads tarot & natal charts ✨⚡️// Capricorn 🌞 Aries 🌙 Sag ⬆️. exploring the universe💫 Visit my site and book a reading 🦋💙☁️
TrumpsTaxes Show me someone who says "I hate Donald Trump with every fiber of my being but Elizabeth Warren is very liberal so I'll still vote for him" and I'll show you someone who likes Donald Trump more than they're willing to admit. Elect Democrats. Defeat and punish Republicans. Organize. Register. Vote. Donate. Volunteer.
Joe_J_Walker United States @originalspin I am bi racial and I hate Donald trump but I thought comedians were suppose to have thicker skin? Cancel culture is bullcrap and sometimes people make mistakes.
JenaJayyy @IlhanMN I love you ilhan Omar and I hate Donald trump . But don’t agree with on this . This isn’t helpful ! Bolton leaving is great ! Trump firing him is something even better! Peace is the goal !
thnksfrthmeghan I hate Donald Trump and everything but honestly his whole plan to ban flavored e cigarettes is one of the few things I approve of him doing stay street
CeeBrzee United States @henryrodgersdc Part 3 - So far I feel UNDERWHELMED. Trust me! I hate Donald Trump. But we Democrats have to find “the One” and be quick to lean into him/her knowing that THIS candidate HAS GOT US and WON’T LET US FALL. Mom, Christian, nurse of many years, animal lover, beach lover Democrat. Not looking for a Man, a Woman or a Scam! #TwitterPhilanthropy
CeeBrzee United States Part 3 - So far I feel UNDERWHELMED. Trust me! I hate Donald Trump. But we Democrats have to find “the One” and be quick to lean into he/she knowing that THIS candidate HAS GOT US and WON’T LET US FALL. Mom, Christian, nurse of many years, animal lover, beach lover Democrat. Not looking for a Man, a Woman or a Scam! #TwitterPhilanthropy
therealzanetta EVERYWHERE Growing up, I would have been SMACKED if I ever used the word HATE!!! Let ALONE saying that I HATE SOMEONE!! I was taught that it was a BAD word...now I know and understand WHY. But ALLOW ME TO BE CLEAR.....I HATE DONALD TRUMP WITH A PASSION. RACIST fork. 🤫 don't tell on me Wine💋 I drink it, so, I sell it. Proudly blocked by Donald Trashy Trump, Pastor Darrell Scott, Dan Bongino & Paris Dennard. Racists can kiss my BLACK ASS!
crlbe Chicago, IL WTF? Didn't this administration admonish President Obama for doing the same thing? I hate Donald Trump and his bullcrap governance. This is crap. Get this #PAB out of our government and get rid of his #PABMinions with him. NO DIRECT MESSAGES
AjeffMy ok I hate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton BLACK CHONG SHAWTY HELLSAcharmer,HEAVENSNOT LLN,XXX,BBF,2P,B.I.G,C,LA&BM
johndeaconforks she/her dear person i hate: donald trump, you are one ugly bottom racist bottom little bitch and i hope you fall off the face of the earth and get eaten by a pack of wild animals how am i supposed to know? @maysdeaky
GinnyWThomas California, USA @ceeresults @RealSaavedra I agree. I have never hated anyone in my entire life, and I'm 56 years old, but I hate Donald Trump. Mom, wife, dog & wine lover, avid reader, Longhorn, Texan, Democrat & a bunch of other stuff. Very opinionated,usually correct #StillWithHer #theResistance #FBR
moderateohioan @realDonaldTrump Yes, I hate Donald Trump. But not as much as I hate #vaping and #vapers. If it's Trump vs. a vaper in 2020 I know who I'm voting for #ourorangesavior Vapers get the wall
JustLookingBlue Williamsburg, VA @kathrynw5 I hate Donald Trump but i think he was just referring to why Melanie ( she) cares about vaping issue ( she’s got a son) and she’s seen “it” means the kids w vapes. I really really hate that racist moronic man but I’m passing him on this one. Opinions solely my own. Bored Over-Tweeter.
atliberalandold Gallifrey Hi, I'm Frankie. I had to go to the vet today because I have a wart on my leg. I hid under a chair. I hate Donald Trump and getting groomed. My mom says she's giving up on humans and just hanging out with me from now on. This seems like a good thing. Have a nice evening. @Liberalandold. #resist Living in occupied United States.
cpurv93 Do these look like drug dealers and criminals to you?🤬🤬. I HATE DONALD TRUMP!🤬🤬 Researcher, Google expert, wife, mom, opinionated blonde. Get over yourself, I’m always right!
LiamAnd82987044 West Virginia, USA @Carla69Senora 💁‍♂️Hi kids. I'm sort of a unicorn. I write Westerns but I hate Donald Trump and the NRA. Writer of general fiction and nonfiction, western friction, copywriter, blogger, photographer

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