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engadget Global Shortly after Facebook and YouTube removed @realDonaldTrump 's most recent video and post, Twitter appears to have also removed them. Engadget is the original home for technology news and reviews.
KeithMukai Chicago / LA @BitcoinCensus @ACLU This whole era has been rife with blurred lines in exactly how the gov't does or does not speak, leaving other bureaucrats and the military to interpret and risk putting themselves in political hot water from either flank. Bitcoin mostimalist; python/C++/etc dev; gymnastics coach; former English teacher. I will correct your crapty grammar.
btownmoose the attic @ill_bea_bitch My favorite game (used to be) reading Donald Trump tweets in Master Shake's voice, because they're one and the same. -30- He/Him. Incognito college-town homeowner documenting the absurdities and small pleasures of each day. Laughter is the best medicine. Go Hoosiers! #LEO
Balldinho Bermuda & London @santanathadon Like goddamn... people must want Man Utd/Liverpool, Pussy chat and Donald Trump tweets all day. What a timeline Bermudian Body Builder/ISSA Certified Trainer - Snapchat: Balldinho
GaterMit LAW AND ORDER! - Ghost of Donald Trump Tweets Amy Covid Barrett got me in Twitmo one week before the election. 😒Mitigatingfactors #BidenHarris2020 #MaskUp #TrialWatcher #Resist
scottmc02113514 @thehill They have been tricked by Fox News and Donald trump tweets and all the tennicles that have grown from this crap filled soil.
istillheartny I had stopped being active on Twitter TBH because of Donald Trump tweets but now that his account is gone this might be the time to return. Not sure if the damage is already done and I might have lost the joy I used to find here. Artist-at-large, NYC explorer, I think I am funny.
fideljetsfan Everwhere I am not gonna sit here and LIE I am having Donald Trump Tweets Withdrawals
cloppyhorse Texas, USA @jaketapper World's largest collection of porn, comic books, and a compendium of Donald Trump tweets. . Hard pass. worker bee, INTJ, Elon supporter
piace27karen New Jersey, USA @BrianKarem He’s been prepping us for this moment since 2016 when he claimed Cruz stole the Iowa caucus. Nature lover, wear a mask 😷, proud resister 💪🏻, love the earth, mom of 2💚 💗, She/Her #bekindalways
TabBo01 @Emj96x @chrissyteigen This tweet is 12 yrs old...she wasn’t that popular then and she didn’t know John... come with something better than that... Donald Trump tweets were sarcastically allday everyday Mother of 2 awesome young men.
Lucille_K_ Brisbane, Queensland @janet_orenstein @mainepatty @joshgroban I did! He is such a funny guy. Loved him singing Kanye West and Donald Trump tweets 'Your sadness, it's a thief.' 🎼🎹🍷🌍 she/her.
Rob_Z_Tobor English Welsh Borders There was a time on @twitter when it was quiet a chap could go and read a few Donald Trump tweets and have a bit of a sAfrican-American. Maybe adding another sarcastic remark to the 10,000 already there Happy Days. . . . . Still I bet he is absolutely fuming now so it's not all bad. An old and slightly reclusive Artist. Retired . . Sometimes a bit grumpy, particularly when its raining. I have a plan but its not going to plan
OChenault Sacramento To Tweets, As hard as it was to shut down Donald Trump Tweets, I know you are facing suit over it. But I Thank You, for stepping up to save lives because of his spewing hate. There is a patten of incident of shooting and attacks if anyone bother to check fact in regards to Trump 2 Brain Surgery Multi-Aneurysm left no filter, find it hard to breathe, EV COPD Stop all Treatment, just want to be. But life won't let me. Calling it out
hcimsit Samsun, Türkiye Dostumuz Serdar Durat bey diyor ki: Donald Trump Tweets He Won't Attend Joe Biden Inauguration- “What an arrogant statement.. He is responsible for insurrection and six victims in DC. He may possibly go to the hell instead! Adalet yoksa, vatan da yok olur. Clémenceau (Fransa Başbakanı) İsmini yazamayanlar engellenir. Boğaziçi Ün. Mak.Müh.'75, İÜHF2006, Eş, Baba(4 evlat, 1 Torun)
TKennaw51 Charleston, SC What’s more dangerous? The fact that billionaire corporations in Silicon Valley can determine who does and who doesn’t get to have the unalienable right of free speech. Or the nonsense that Donald Trump tweets? I don’t agree with what he promotes but this is dystopian. “You will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension” ~Tesla~ Psalm 73:26
l78lancer Listen...hear that? There it is again. That is the beautiful sound of silence. It's the world without the ignorant, obnoxious noise of Donald Trump tweets, and mindless, blathering news outlets chasing and pining behind each and every stupid utterance he makes. It's so lovely. It's like this: Protest is born out of pain. Progress is born out of struggle. Freedom will be born out of persistence. Mark that down. Larry Middleton 8/29/20
keith_seklep Chu Chua Donald Trump Tweets ‘We Will Not Be Silenced’ And Is Then Silenced After Permanent Twitter Ban Former chief and private business owner. A superhero in hiding waiting for the mothership. Is there any intelligent life here? Aspiring zombie hunter.
HiredSword Tampa, FL People out here archiving old Donald Trump Tweets like they are old and rare NES games. A leftist and a fan of videogames, apparently also a fan of watching my mental health deteriorate by logging on to this app daily. #BlackLivesMatter
KaluleIvan12 I think you need to check on what you post on yo accounts, misleading information like "foreign forces want to distabilize our country" ring a bell in the western world more than you mean it. President Donald Trump tweets cause a suspension of his handle and accounts. @nyamadon hard work and humility defines
Mr_W_Carpenter Walsall, England With Donald Trump tweets no longer available, an awful lot of progressives and sundry wokists are going to be very disappointed. They used to jump on his every tweet with invective and bile. The jilted generation. Aspiring lottery winner.
yemi_adebowale Nigeria The arrogance of Jack regardless of what Donald Trump tweets and the clear bias for the democrats is an important subject to discuss about this app someday. Undercover Ruffler of Feathers | Digital Media Strategist | Extend beyond your preconceived limits! —Lorii Myers
BBOYWORTHING Seattle & across the USA Low key these are two of my favorite Donald Trump tweets all time, and the rocket man joint where he said his bombs were bigger or some crap. Lmaoooo I can’t find it. Snapchat: BryantWorthing
kathrynresister Colorado, USA I have been waiting patiently for years after reporting Donald Trump tweets, and today he finally got suspended. Twitter never responded to any of my reported tweets over those years so I kind of gave up! So glad DJT is gone gone gone! #BidenHarrisWon, world traveler until COVID, married, climate change, writer, #TeamPelosi, #RESIST, @TWRBlue, #wtpBLUE RC
YoureLied2 United States @OakParkExclusiv @theangiestanton @jack @Twitter @TwitterSupport I joined this platform for 2 reasons: Donald John Trump tweets and to piss liberals off...and I’m all out of Donald Trump tweets OBEY CONSUME CONFORM STAY ASLEEP EAT REPRODUCE WORK TAKE PILLS SUBMIT WATCH TV
DxnvxrW Alberta, Canada @NeerajKA @CaitlinLong_ It's nice for me, btc way up, and I don't have to read any more Donald Trump tweets ever again! $btc era
DocekalConnie Donald Trump Tweets ‘We Will Not Be Silenced’ And Is Then Silenced After Permanent Twitter Ban
SriCharan79 Dravida Nadu, Lemuria Going to be frank, Donald Trump tweets like an impulsive toddler even though he's a grown bottom man. You can go on and on about how sm is left oriented but Trump is an old man in a diaper. They won't suspend @narendramodi 's account since he tweets in a more mature way.
117Miller please tell me someone saved the donald trump tweets about robert pattinson and kristen stewart in a cosmic sort of way, yes
yeetgenstein NYC GPT model which takes news headlines as input and returns Donald Trump tweets commenting on those headlines as output I prefer nothing, unless it is true.
dalrymple_benny Kentucky, USA @DeanBrowningPA @HillaryClinton The reason for this is people are getting tired of DONALD TRUMP TWEETS DONT YOU THINK EVERY TIME HE WAS ON HERE ALL HE TALKED ABOUT IS THEY STOLE THE ELECTION AND DEGRADING OUR DEMOCRACY HE STOLEN THE ELECTION FROM HILLARY CAUSE RUSSIA HELPED HIM SHE DIDN'T HAVE TERRORISTS PEOPLE My name is Benny iam a good person and a Christian I can handle any situation but still be fair
Mojo54David Donald Trump Tweets ‘We Will Not Be Silenced’ And Is Then Silenced After Permanent Twitter Ban Trying to Silent a sitting President is not Democracy. It is Treason be careful.
hammerdip People who were made to feel important for talking about and replying to Donald Trump tweets hardest hit "You can find me on Parler!," said several of them owner of over 100 confederate flags and 3 confederate flag bandanas
_nickmartinez__ Miami, FL Damn what will Twitter be without Donald trump tweets and bot accounts like america1776patriot replying under saying how amazing he is When the power of Love overcomes the love of Power, the world will know peace.
penpostwriter Colorado, USA If Donald Trump tweets and no one can see it, does he still exist? #Thankyoutwitter Freelance writer, novelist & type 1 diabetic. Passionate about Earth, humanity, and the underdog. Also, regular dogs. Querying... 👽💻📗 #WritingCommunity
NewsNetNews United States ⚠️ Donald Trump Tweets deleted from #POTUS Account - Explanation: POTUS Account is a Government Account As soon as @JoeBiden is sworn in 20Jan21 the POTUS Account transfers to the 46th President so it stays active BUT until then @Twitter is monitoring it and deleting DT Tweets ⚠️ General Assignment News/Photo Service. @NewsNetNews Tweets & RT Global News You Need To Know. Member: NPPA NFPW VPC DWAA NPC ⚡️SkyWarn™ Spotter ⚡️
PaulSGundlach Jersey Shore & Cape Cod @MRecreate That’s a good point, and I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody creates a website of nothing but Donald Trump tweets, particularly ones that can be brought up to show his hypocrisy (e.g. Barack Obama golfing, etc.). Quirky and witty senior with youthful sensibilities. Pithy, insightful, crisp comments. Kind, cool, complex, in that order. Ad man at Y&R; Wharton MBA.
dstenroos Ohio @Disneyland2go 'Hindsight' and it's a circle mouse run coaster that goes 2 miles per hour backwards and just aggressively flashes Donald Trump tweets at you Don't quit your daydream
soheilpro Bali A few months ago, someone contacted me asking for a way to screenshot all the Donald Trump tweets using I thought it was a fun idea and wrote a script to do that and then published them on the Internet Archive: ⚒️ Toolmaker 🚀 Building and growing @Pikaso_me and @PostSheetHQ 😎 #BuildInPublic 💌 DMs open—let's talk!
Iam_Mimi_Long Heavenly Realm @runtoHimdlbq @TwitterSafety @realDonaldTrump We won’t miss you. If you think the hate that Donald Trump tweets out and the violence it incites is okay, maybe you needed reread your Bible. 💫✨#JesusIsMyLordAndSavior✨💫 #IAmAntifa, so is #Jesus. With Jesus there is no fear.
LionLyons2 Columbus, OH Sex is great and all, but have you seen any new Donald Trump tweets lately? 🤣🥳🤣🥳😁 Quite queer, in quite a few strange ways. Self-Proclaimed Official Lion of Columbus, Ohio. Still-dreaming millennial. Handfuls of people moderately-amused.
RanaissanceMan Texas Y’all keep getting those 🖕🏾 Donald Trump tweets off. You know he’s got a burner and will see them!!! Dad, Photographer, Artist, Chef, Beer & Wine Maker, Bonsai & Orchid Grower and all around Fix-It Guy
Fractalxo San Luis Obispo, CA @RedEaglePatriot If it's marked as sensitive you can put adult content. Said kids can easily do google searches too for porn, though I doubt many children are looking up Donald Trump tweets. All he has to do is mark his tweets as bullcrap or anti-democratic or blatant lies and he should be good.
sammisam147 Robert Peston's Mentions Retweeting old Donald Trump tweets from 2012 was actually extremely fun and I'm genuinely devastated Twitter have taken that away from us rip @samisam147 - the real victim of cancel culture
BTCBob100k SEC@PinneapleUndertheSea @Jewtastic @baileylewis23 The social media giants and the ruling class are not doing themselves any favors at all. It’s almost as if they want confrontation. People are very angry in this country. Regular hard working people. Not because of anything Lin Wood writes or Donald Trump tweets. BTC Custodial Expert with considerable BTC ETF application experience
randlight Australia Trump tweeted he won’t attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, undercutting his message a day earlier that he would work to ensure a “smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power” to his successor. I thought Twitter banned him? Travel a lot and realise that Oz is the best country in the world to live in, despite having an LNP government and now 3rd PM 5 years.👎next? Hopefully Albo🤞
larry5hands United States Donald Trump Tweets About “Sacred Landslide Victory” After Telling Protesters To Go Home But Adding “We Love You” – Update ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ Hey, stupid, you seem intent on being the #WorstPresidentEver and a Loser TIRED OF WINNING YET! TRUMP LOST A lover of life, people, places, Family, fine Wine, Martinis (Gin), USMC, and TOMORROW! Biden/Harris 'Americas Future’ with House&Senate=UNITED States🇺🇸
Sims2Dean Wales @realDonaldTrump quote *'I will not be going to the inauguration" - Donald Trump tweets he will break custom and snub Joe Biden's swearing-in on 20 January* to be honest you wont be missed anyway, infact no one wants you there, because of our actions 5 people died, go hide in shame
Pollyrock57 "I will not be going to the inauguration" - Donald Trump tweets he will break custom and snub Joe Biden's swearing-in on 20 January. Just like an errant child