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DanDarkPill TIL some Qanon cult types are convinced a crapcard I made as a joke in 2016 is riddled with numerological clues related to Donald Trump tweets and the underlying nature of reality. avant-garde crapposter, mostly satire #bitcoin
Ihornistfinkle @1Rahgirl @thevivafrei @JustinTrudeau Lady you post Liz Cheney and Donald Trump tweets. Canadians are always up in our business. Stay in your lane. Inventor of breakthrough "Reverse 3× Osmosis Unvaccination Machine" Not only is Doctor inventor but Dr. also the owner. Pronoun: Doctor/Dr.
verylargebigtoe Tolley, North Dakota @Eray1775 Alright let me try: “alright guys i think somethinf YUGE happened. These guys let me have their phone and now im on twitter again.” (I dont have enough donald trump tweets to pretend to be him yet) if you hate north dakota move to old town buddy. 2 time Hot wheels: track attack world record holder i will block you if you force swear words into your posts
syllabus_tweets This conversation covers what @DamonLinker’s own trajectory can teach us about the right; why he thinks Sarah Palin represented a turning point; and his case for understanding Donald Trump as a political problem. In @DissentMag & @KnowYrEnemyPod A Knowledge Curation Platform. We index, rank, and review tens of thousands of newly published pieces across text, audio, and video. Subscribe ⬇️
balencijager donald trump's tweets about robert pattinson and kristen stewart are engraved in my memory AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA • she/they • pfp by @sakasa_neo
jaeger_dg @Dershaw11 @Rayzawn58 @MattJLowe11 @DavidShamu @LadyOutdoors1 Yeah because all those people they’re fighting and causing violence were on their phones waiting for Donald Trump‘s tweets. Lmao. Did you really just think that Donald Trump could make a tweet and all those people fighting and riding were just on their phones?😂🤣😂🤣 I came to kick bottom and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of bubblegum. #OBEY
KyleMatovcik Vandergrift, PA .@LPNH has meaner tweets and better policy than Donald Trump Guitarist in A Common Crown. Host of In Liberty and Health. Happy warrior.
GinaM48893552 @DineshDSouza Dinesh, I follow you and Donald Trump Jr as well as Elon Musk to name a few. It probably won’t surprise you that I am not seeing any tweets in my timeline from all 3 of the people I mentioned. 😳😡
KalangoKorite Columbus, OH @RonnyJacksonTX You have a full time job now to tweets crazy stuffs about president Joe Biden,democrats and the left you don't agree with whenever you're drunk... Conman Donald Trump was a disaster and a disgrace Ronnyjackson go and get drunk again as usual.. That's your fun life...
atlashrggd13 Massachusetts, USA @TomCottonAR i’m sick and tired of your tweets time you constantly lie about the President of the United States it’s shameful Donald Trump obviously has something on you Master Photographer. Autism Uncle, democrat and foodie. I am fully vaccinated with 3rd Booster NO DM’s please
JamesPMNFan California @FoxNews This is awful and would have never happened had Donald Trump been so hateful in his rhetoric. He caused so much racial tension with his tweets and media conferences where he supported the white supremacy rally in Virginia in 2017. 🌊Vote Blue 🌊! | Fight for 🇺🇦 | Black Lives Matter | Double Boosted | LGBTQIA+ Supporter | Proud Step Dad of a Trans child | He/Him
biancanejat New York, NY I deleted all my tweets to start anew but the basic jist was I hate Donald Trump and love the Yankees. Persian girl with freckles…. actress…painter…person.
amy8cs @laurenboebert Donald Trump has love letters to and from him!!!!Are you really that dumb?? Who writes your tweets??
missmalindagail Florida, USA I feel like people see my tweets and do the same thing I do when I see Donald trump tweet. “Someone take the twitter privilege away.”
abshire_gary Fruitland, Idaho You may not like Donald Trump’s attitude, arrogance or mean tweets, but China, Russia, North Korea and Iran…never played games with him! Just a dumbass Idaho country boy who loves his God, family and country. Living the Idaho dream with my beautiful wife and black lab Bogey. Cheers!
TheAltRightBttm United States Read @ninaturner’s mean tweets. Yet, I bet she cried when President 45 and re-elected President 47, Donald J #Trump gave his statements. The President wanted to Make America Great Again. Nina wants to Make America A 3rd World Country. #TrumpWasRightAboutEverything Who I chose to lay with does not define the way I vote, the way I think, or the religion I chose. There is ONE GOD & ONE UNITED STATES. Both are powerful forces
Dekuscrub21 Just realized I left off the big new thing libertarians and Republicans are doing: refusing to accept they lost elections that they lost by up to 20 points. See: Loren Culp, Donald Trump, that gremlin lady in Florida, basically any republican candidate that tweets 1+2=12 I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes
WebWelly Zummerset, England @brian_kodi I actually enjoyed the tweets, myself. And yes, you are completely right on the attempts at diplomatic relations, even with fruit cakes like Rocket Man. Cannot honestly believe I am saying this, but Donald Trump might be the best US president we've seen in the last 40 years. fork Scraping the mud, filth and grime of totalitarianism off my boots. Think critically, question everything. I also stream on Twitch, sometimes ➡
NATO_4_U Langley, VA @square_bear12 @blackintheempir 1) I’ve never been a member of a group that tried to overthrow the US government and install Donald Trump as POTUS for life. 2) My tweets don’t match propagandists’ tweets verbatim down to the punctuation. Strike 2. Try again. Have you accepted NATO as your Lord and Savior? Totally not funded by the CIA because there is no CIA
democurmudgeon Madison, Wisconsin An amazing non-story...On Twitter, Barnes called Trump a 'Russian spy' and spurned George Washington. Barnes, who is running for the U.S. Senate, has tweeted more than 18,400 times in a decade — an average of nearly five tweets a day. Blogger
Azi Washington, DC "The Johnson campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee, incidentally, were unaware of the tweets by Barnes until asked to comment by the Journal Sentinel last week." Washington Post ⚡️ Breaking Politics News Reporter 💫 Alum: NYTimes, Politico, Knight-Wallace Fellow 🤳🏼 DMs open. Say Hi 👋 He/Him 🇮🇷🇧🇪🇺🇸
jeffwagner620 Milwaukee, WI Today may be the day that the Senate race in Wisconsin ended. The long-anticipated release of tweets shows how far to the Left Mandela Barnes really is. "AOC" is his President? He "could care less" about the 2nd Amendment? And that's just for starters. A recovering lawyer and a radio talk show host for the past 24 years. Listen daily noon - 3 on 620 WTMJ or on demand through the link below.
KarmaYogi9 Jh@nñàtt wid 72 Wh0R£$ When you search Donald Trump or Elon Musk on twitter, 90%tweets you see are negative and defamatory . @elonmusk @HouseGOP Hilal -e-Pakistan Award Winner
VickiMcKenna Milwaukee/Madison If the local/state media was truly interested in what Barnes' positions and thoughts are, they would go thru all 18,400 of his Tweets. But they won't, because they're afraid of what they'll find--and of the time it would take them to spin what he's said. WI talk show host. Right-wing hippie. #Catholic #ProLife #ProMen #KissYourDog #PitBulls #2A #BuyGuns #Vape. I would always rather be fishing.
thousandfathers #RobertPattinson was also #JamesI in a past life and used #KristenStewart as a beard to mark this He had the same dead-eyed killer look back then #DonaldTrump tweeted about him, and #Pattinson confirmed it was a past life marker GW Bush/Neptune gave us Controversy aka Havana Syndrome so by Law we put out fallen secrets. He wanted a runner so we do it publicly. No followers please.
donskyhater Kitchener, Ontario 🇨🇦 @Myreddinc Picking a part other peoples tweets isn’t gonna change the fact that Donald J Trump has been and always will be a liar a cheat and a thief not to mention a misogynistic racist frankly pig ❤️🔑2️⃣😁 art professor adjunct, decorative painting business then 🚗car wreck. coma. life support...hard work and now I’m on the left. literally me on the left
12MileGeo Portland and other locations. #TFG is a coward, who will never confront anyone face to face. That is why he tweets. New book: Trump nearly fired Jared and Ivanka via tweet Biogeographer by training. Cartographer and IT serf for work. Mad Scientist is just a hobby. These are things that interest me.
NJCSSNetwork New Jersey Ex-President Donald Trump exacerbated anti-Asian hostilit ((in this country with specious statements blaming China for the COVID-19 pandemic and the calling it the  “Chinese virus” and “Kung Flu” for the COVID-19 pandemic. New Jersey Council for the Social Studies (NJCSS), the only statewide association in NJ devoted solely to social studies education.
PRM13001813 Portland (Sullivan’s Gulch) @Marcus_Trueman @ArthurSchwartz Dan Scavino, Donald Trump’s former *caddy and golf course manager,* did most of his writing – including the tweets. Every president has speech writers! Because sometimes they go off the rails – and spew BIGLY word salads! 🥴🥴🥴 Corrector of Trump Twitter. Support local art; condo is a gallery! Will travel x-country for a great concert. Cancer survivor. Blocked by Rudy Giuliani!
KeithDa86499254 @GigaBeers THANK YOU!! THIS IS GOING OUT TO THE DEMS, WOKE, CANCEL CULTURE IDIOTS! THANK YOU FOR THE TWEETS! YOU ARE A PATRIOT! RED TSUNAMI IN NOVEMBER AND DONALD J TRUMP IN 2024. Love college basketball, football, sales, home Improvement, God,, people person.
Susansachs11 @FoxNews @IngrahamAngle Donald Trump is the accelerant A comprehensive timeline of Trump encouraging hate groups and political violence. Blue resister to Red Menace, save our democracy, no assault weapons. Artist, Playwright/librettist, Actor, Certified sexual assault counselor.
RetreatV Las Vegas, NV @JohnRoby22 @TheBlackLegi0n So this guy tweets that he pays attention and believes Donald Trump isn’t always right, but he’s right on this one thing. Your reaction is to criticize him and try to change his mind to think that Donald Trump is wrong on everything? Typical Democrat… Just here…
DavidHu44210446 @GodlessLiz Thank You, but be aware of what You Have just said could be Racist opinion 's matter but You can't believe in America is Blessed and tweets are not we all found that out with Donald trump's War and look what that did For Him.❤️🙏🌈 Forgiven and set Free Beloved ❤️🇺🇸🤣🤠☝️🎶🌎 someone very wise told me that God 🙏 is the Spirit of Hope and Love connection and just wants You too be safe and alive and happiness matters coexist in Your ❤
rhonda_harbison @FoxNews Trump tweets Fox News story with anonymous sources after criticizing ... Fighting for Democracy, WOCN RN, BSN, J.D.
DennyOwen8 Mesa, Arizona I searched your Twitter feed for a similar sentiment throughout 2016 and 2017 in light of this Washington Post article addressing the impeachment of Donald Trump BEFORE he even took office. ZERO TWEETS. Mesa, AZ🌵, μολὼν λαβέ☠, Drone Photog, LEO-Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department, Have Gun-Will Travel: Blocked by Nina Jankowicz @wiczipedia 😎
dodsondude @loldeadbolted @bennyjohnson We all have our own definition of positive change and who has crap for brains! I'll take Donald Trump and mean tweets over the confused, pathetic train wreck now in office any day! Escaped California 25 years ago before it became the basket case it is today. Conservative and proud of it!
marksurface1 @DonaldJTrumpJr Donald Trump Jr I keep sending you tweets you keep ignoring me I want to help your father get reelected but I also want to advance My lifestyle some too I'm a 62-year-old man and I'm willing to use my brand new RV 35 ft long to get your father's message out in Mark Mark surface 62 years old I'mmarried 28 years happily. independent wife independent.
truth_revisited If you read Ronna McDaniel's @GOPChairwoman tweets, it becomes quickly apparent the only people she prefers are white faux Christian nationalist lickspittles with their lips permanently affixed to Donald Trump's anus. Be honest Ronna, with yourself and America. @GOP, @GOPLeader U.S. Army (1971-1974) Computer Tech, Pet lover, Police Reform, Truth, Excise the cancer of Trumpism. NO DM's
GabeTrentPower Between Jozi and upstate NY It's actually like reading Donald Trump's tweets, just with a spelling and grammar check before sending. NOT GOOD! ??? Why is it shouted and is this literally the best word he could find? CI Specialist (6σ, Lean etc.), Dad was a Red (from St Helens), Mom's a Yank. Veteran. Heretic, Proud father, lover of new words. Science, Reason, Love. NoDMs
Former_Marine_ @mattgaetz @Snowden In 2013, Donald Trump made a series of tweets in which he referred to Snowden as a "traitor", saying he gave "serious information to China and Russia" and "should be executed". Be like a small boat on the ocean sending big waves Into motion. #FBR, #FBRParty, #BlueCrew. I follow back 💯
mbaye_mary @TheRickWilson Well, I think the Republican Party lost their way when they let Donald Trump highjack their party. They lost their voice and their voice was replaced with angry tweets and absurd English. IJS
Ted_xamlord @POTUS No you just gave up on the American people. When you were VP is the time when factory's moved out of the US stop taking credit where you have yet to excel in. Your tweets are worse than Donald Trump's spreading false information and lies to the American people. Step down
Blaque_Dynamite In my Skin @Twitter PUT DONALD TRUMP IN MY TL ONE MORE TIME AFTER I BLOCKED HIM, asked y’all to see less tweets of him, and y’all need to Comply! Tf? #SHE/HER #BlackTwitter2020 ♑️ #Murriedt #PeaceNLove #AnxietyWarrior #MusicLover #DanceFever #Awkward #MichiganBabe #BlackWoman #TMC
hailstone92 USA @johnsexton94 @jays388 @akaetorres2001 @DixonCox12 And Sean Hannity tweets policy to Donald Trump on Jan 6th. Created account in 2011, but never used it till 2020 election, therefore people assume I must be a bot. Who am I to disagree with so many?
SspycaMob Donald Trump would taking a crap going on twitter and would be summoning the funniest tweets like this He got that DAAAAWG in him -seemingly unrelated victim
carolhawthorn20 @BidensWins Please quit sending me your tweets as such lies I kept but what was going on there and Donald Trump’s term we’re not idiots
StrawberryACAB Saggitarius A* When we gonna talk about Fronz liking Donald Trump Jr’s insta posts and tweets? You can scroll through his likes and see the racist and sexist crap Trump Jr says that apparently Fronz endorses. Credit to u/Sensitive-Adaigo-775 for posting about it: Guitar for @trashbagponchos. Theoretically competent; practically pathetic. Bigfoot? Real. Nessie? Bella’s child. UFOs? Tom DeLonge.
IAmClarkGreggs @EmGorse @kalendaearum @VictoriaAnnKei Clarence Thomas (who dislikes New York Times Co. v. Sullivan), Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and pro-Nixon people love those tweets. Retweet’s do not necessarily equal endorsements
jriley8832 NY, NY Trump is calling other people fat? Did he also say DeSantis has credibility issues and tweets too much? Reporter who’s covered NYC courts, politics, law. Supporter of “both sides” journalism. RT is a reading suggestion, and a question does not imply an answer.

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