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Donald trump is working for the russians.

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EssieForsyth1 @durnyank @Chris_Opines @cr_hornet Nope. Donald Trump himself admitted it Not to mention taking classified documents and selling them to the Russians Nobody cares if DeSantis was making plans to run for president before he announced. You can cry about that all you want but Donald Trump put that in your head…
dre77288 Austin The reason no one trust the system is because donald trump has lied and made up stories and republicans continue to do so so that they can sew confusion among the american people like the russians do.
ronduplantis @DPBeachNY @Brian1336_Brian @jdsteel2022 @DawnHeinricks @scootey @johnthomas_4 @bennyjohnson But there is a coordination connection between Trump and the Russians, based on FACTS, which is the basis of this whole discussion. Whether the data actually helped is irrelevant to THAT point. If, in defense of Donald J Trump, you insist we must prove the data hit its mark, sad Independent militant moderate. Anti-political party, specifically inside government. LSU grad: print journalism. Book author: "The Problem is Party"
billurself New Jersey USA @AAC0519 @cspanwj Jeff Sessions, JD Gordon, Michael Caputo, Avi Berkowitz, Michael Cohen, Ivanka Trump, Felix Sater, The FBI did it’s job securing America and doing it’s due diligence in questioning these interactions that were subsequently lied about.
billurself New Jersey USA @AAC0519 @cspanwj “In the months after the election, Trump and his senior officials repeatedly denied that there had been any contact whatsoever with Russians” Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, George Papadopoulos, Carter Page
ChristyH787560 @kritkalthinker @Randy14997817 The Russians played Jr like a fiddle. It was all a Russian ploy to see just how gullible and how illegal the Trump crime family was willing to be!
TsarinaDreykov @ZelenskyyUa It was a mistake to give governance of your country to a group of rednecks from United States under Donald Trump, then. Trump is dead. My family lives. I am from Chernobyl. You are an embarrassment to Ukrainians and Russians together.
AnneNC @marcorubio Trump: -stole government docs, incl SECRETs and frivolously displayed them; -trusted Putin over US intel, -chose Putin over NATO allies -had secret mtgs w Russians -pulled out of Syria w/o prep -ATTEMPTED A COUP! #RuleofLaw #FactsMatter. Honor, Truth, Accountability, Justice, Inclusion, Integrity, Courage, Compassion matter.
donald_j_putin New York, NY @lizlogan76 God, so many Russians and so much money laundering in the GQP, whichever one do you mean? The premise is to maintain internal cohesion: literally get every frigging Rethuglican out to vote and then count on gerrymandering, voter suppression and electoral college to carry the day. Get over it, losers. Real leader shows himself. Decades of American hostilities toward mother Россия end. Author of
2MyQuietPlace United States "...the Russians had their eyes on Donald Trump as early as the 1970s when he married Ivana Trump, who is from Czechoslovakia." "...the Soviets to bring him over, and that moreover, his personality was the kind of thing they were looking for. They were looking for narcissists." We must participate in our democracy to save it. GOTV! VOTE!
85awsom @TeamTrump @KDWNLasVegas @IamSteveSanchez We HAD a crooked president, donald trump, who is also owned by both the Chinese and the Russians.
Publius1784 Myrtle Beach, SC Furthermore it was (Donald Trump) who just last year was criticizing Joe Biden for not offering Ukraine enough advanced weaponry to the forefront against the Soviet Russians saying he would have given bigger and better weapons. Bio? Psssh
9thmightyoak @DC_Draino FISA is only used when one of the parties on the call is outside of the United States. The fact that Carter Page was interacting with Russians is on him. Just another reason we kicked the living crap out of weak and feckless Fat Donald at the ballot box.
Donald_Duck_Fck Washington DTC @NATO Nato considers Russia as first risk for security , but 1. NATO supports Nazi Kiev regime since 9 years, 2. nato weapons kill Russians and civilians 3. NATO cannot stop to expand to Russia. 4 Russia only wanted neutrality for Ukraine, no other member was threatened ! 🇨🇳🇪🇺🇺🇦🇷🇺
Ultra_MAGA_GFY USA @RareImagery @krassenstein I assume you have a shred of proof? No? You DO know that Donald Trump is the one that has nuclear secrets, war plans and information on our allies, right? The same piece of crap that is in bed with the Saudis, Russians and China? I BLOCK LIARS AND GASLIGHTERS (so pretty much every MAGAt dipcrap that I get sick of dealing with)
VVersatile1 @Jim_Jordan why Donald Trump betrayed America and why does he work for russians? what state secrets did Donald Trump manage to sell to foreign entities? how much has Donald Trump compromised the national security? Those are questions, you should be asking, Jim
Marilyn36116765 Hazard, KY @StarfishPrime12 @PawlowskiMario Let’s pray that Donald Trump is eliminated! He’s trash! And he wants to be our ruler! I don’t wanna watch state run like Putin forces Russians to do! Let’s don’t forget that is one of Trumps heroes! Very honest, but kind. Will also have to tell you the painful phone number. 6062161949
MoonWat97093810 Connecticut, USA Friendly reminder: The Russians are fighting in Ukraine against the same Parasitic Global Liberal Elite supported by the Biden Administration trying to destroy America and to put Donald J. Trump in jail for the rest of his life. America First, ULTRA MAGA, Veteran US Army, Trump 2024. 🚫Gender Mythology🚫CRT🚫Woke🚫BLM🚫RINOs➡FJB. No More Wars.
BlairHoughton @krassenstein Donald Trump is selling America to the Saudis and Russians.
WnCerne Smack Dab Middle TN @LouGarza86 It’s digital rape. They sold our lives to the Russians and Donald Trump and our country hasn’t been right since. I don’t forgive Meta and won’t let them ever steal from me again. Left-of-Center Moderate...Learning RE & SMB. Don’t fear challenges. I like to make things. I dabble. Fixing my mistakes regularly. 😁 WV Ex-Pat.
ThePointBeing Resister in AZ @AVindman @TTuberville @SenTuberville Isn’t it amazing how the Democratic Party in the face an absolute collapse of the Republican Party due to collusion of Donald Trump, with Putin& the Russians, have picked up the mantle of defense and run with it, protecting our great nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic Blue collar 48 yrs shipyards,power plants,fab shops I engage the right with shipyard language no sense in being politically correct anymore! its used against us
BTinLCinLA Los Angeles, CA @RollingStone Everyone around the globe hates Donald Trump, except for the Russians and the Saudi who control him. The only thing Donald Trump is good at is inciting a cult of phony patriot saltines who are mad that their privilege is being asked to be shared equally.
KanysLupin Maricopa County, AZ @RpsAgainstTrump The Russians funded NRA, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, and more. The momentum against the Left became a momentum against the country as it gained speed and mass. You cannot stop it by simply stopping Trump, obviously. DeSantis, etc are same words, different tune or vice versa. Witness to and target of intelligence community corruption and likely collusion with foreign intelligence services.
AllanAgard @LXSummer1 Putin made his choice to sacrifice Russians on the alter of war when he invaded Ukraine. Russia is the aggressor and the Russian body bags are piling up. The world has had enough of two thing: Donald Trump Vladimir Putin They are at the apex of their expiry date. The most conscious reggae music can be found here. Check us out on: * iTunes * Spotify * And all other streaming services Follow me and I will follow you back.
_CaptainRon33_ @realTuckFrumper I’d have to disagree with her being intelligent. She married Donald Trump but she got her citizenship by marrying him she got in the White House by him and she’s helping out the Russians so she’s not too dumb. Ohio State Lover
ThereKyle @DPBeachNY @LauraLynn1960 @washingtonpost both consciously pursing the same end, which was the election of Donald Trump. And for the Russians, the extra benefit was disrupting American democracy.”
WendyHu76956681 @KariLake Donald Trump not only tried to steal 2020, as you did in 2022, but he successfully utilized corrupt Russians to help him steal 2016. McConnell stole TWO SCOTUS seats. The GOP and MAGA are as ILLEGITIMATE as they come. Traitors criminals and bigots, oh my! #nope
dougdueno Shanghai, China @AndyBxxx There's too much needless death, Russians and Ukrainians. Simply bring back Donald Trump and this ridiculous provocation from the US would stop. Marathon runner—26mi nonstop huff/puff. Despite body breakdowns & mix terrain overdose, I keep going. I'm just that, persistent, resilient, making things happen
Donald_from_HI Honolulu. Hawaii, U.S.A. Only when the Russians are convinced that they have nothing to gain and everything to lose by continuing the war, when they reap the same pain and destruction they have sown upon Ukraine, will they finally quit the fight and leave the Ukrainians be. Streaming random thoughts of consciousness to anyone who cares to listen, e.g., "Слава Україні!" ("Glory to Ukraine!"). Pronouns: Me, Myself & I
Alanste04073097 @RepMTG The Russians are already killing civilians.The Ukrainians are running out of "conventional" shells;what are they supposed to use to defend their selves.Oh,and by the way......why don't you ask Putin if you can relocate to Russia.I'm sure he'd welcome any friend of Donald Trump😩
bobholtzmann St. Louis, MO @realTuckFrumper The Russians probably have the secret US attack plans against Iran, which Donald arranged to have made by the Pentagon, and seems to have misplaced.
qamar_hassaan @TKelv113 @7Madronas @anthonyzenkus Stop lying. You're not eligible to vote in the US, lol! Stop making crap up because there's no valid argument against four more years of peace and prosperity like we've enjoyed since Joe took over from your idol Donald Trump. Why do you Russians love Trump so much? Take him! I love kittens and ice cream
nctowncrier Planet 🌏 If Donald Trump were truly 'presidential material' and he was being honest, then he would have ended #PutinsWar against Ukraine already. He would have done it for the innocent lives getting killed in Ukraine. He would have done it for innocent Russians forced to fight this war. KEEP THE FAITH 🙏 #ButRepublicans NO LISTS PLEASE
ronman201 Dayton, Ohio / Plantation Fla Ukraine's president also said he didn't see former President Donald Trump's assertion that he could end the war in a single day as realistic, given that Trump didn't attempt to fix things between Russia and Ukraine during his presidency. via @Yahoo Hello There, from The Tropic's South in Florida Enjoying Retirement in the Sunshine State
DeepBlueCrypto Satoshi Heights Kodak Black says we need Donald Trump back in office forever just like those Chinese and Russians man. The Democrats have really lost their hood on Black Americans. Truth, Liberty, Freedom, Rights, Humor, Peace matters more than ever in the world now. CBDCs are evil. Bitcoin is freedom money. Blockchain & Crypto enthusiast.
Mommeee_forever Maryland, USA And while you're at it, THIS👇is about as un-American as it gets with Trump's good old boys, @GovChristie. You will never be able to tell me that Russians had nothing to do with everything that is going on against democracy in the US today, with Donald Trump to thank. TRUTH: "If you believe that an AR 15 is worth more than a child you are an enemy of the American people."
NeverMi78466494 Western @IanFerrin I don’t know if the Russians were entirely responsible for Donald Trump getting elected. Certainty they crafted and trolled the Internet more prolifically than any of our foreign adversaries for the benefit of Trump. I’m sure they had a hard in Q anon. Old woman concerned about my grandchildren’s future.
jjones52203804 Huge CHAOS in Moscow! Millions of Russians are Frantically Trying to Fle... via @YouTube DONALD TAKE NOTICE: PEOPLE DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT WANT A DICTATOR GO TO RUSSIA AND SEE PUTIN"S DAYS ARE NUMBERED
jfdayman Ontario, Canada @The_Trump_Train Donald Trump is one of many Republicans who cares only about himself. In fact, he’s established the gold standard for self serving and corruption. Trump is the best money can buy or Kompromise as the Russians would say. Retired, husband, father of 2 and grandparent to 6. Fluent in English and Sarcasm. Opinions are mine and love to share. NO DM’S PLEASE
JosephC49009558 @DavidBehnke13 @realDailyTrite @TomFitton The steel dossier was also correct on two points! Trump Tower Moscow that Donald Trump lied about for two years and when finally confronted with proof he said so what! It was also correct on Trump's contacts with Russians and Russian government agents during the 2016 campaign I'm a 59 year old Grandpa and life is good!
pjmooney Berkeley, California @IanJaeger29 Because Schiff told the truth about Trump and the Russians? And no one cares what Donald says about imprisoning people. He’s not the president. And he should realize that presidents don’t arrest their political enemies. US journalist in China 1994-2012. Moved to Rangoon 2014, most recently in Hanoi studying Vietnamese. US Army Vietnam vet, USMCR. 自由撰稿人,在台北,香港,北京, 仰光, 河内 工作30多年
Harrison8701 Hattiesburg, MS @joyreaper @Danielash79Ash @DonaldJTrumpJr Ukraine is defending themselves, even Russians are bailing on Putin. The entire World backs Ukraine except for Donald Trump and his MAGA supporters. What does that tell you ? Owner and Driver @Anonymous racing . Southern Miss CUSA Champs 96’ 97’ 99’ 03’ 11’. #SMTTT. New Orleans Saints 2010 World Champs 7xNFC South champions #WHODAT
DanMcDa74085612 @WKortepeter Does anyone trust Jake Sullivan? Next thing you know it will be the fault of Donald Trump and the Russians. Just ask shifty Adam Schiff.
MarauderMag Betelgeuse @Courtne08241586 Are you sure this is from Wikipedia? Normally articles on wikipedia feature a section about how Donald Trump is racist and how the Russians intervened in the 2016 election. Strictly Satire. A magazine startup in honor of @elonmusk bringing #FreeSpeech to twitter. Fmr. Associate Producer for @MarioNawfal #SpacesHost
mooswa6 @caslernoel I’m in. Sounds about right. What is your source though? How much of this were you riding armslength / earshot side-saddle to Donald forking Trump? And how much is from elsewhere? How much conjecture? the Trump Hotel in my city was operated by Russians who were 💰🧺 bots. trolls. stalkers. sounds fun. health and happiness. and bye 45!
Alan78174572 Tampa, FL Never mind reporters, I'm worried he sold classified docs to the Russians, Chinese and/or Saudis. Retired USAF officer and high school math teacher. Believes in science and objective reality. Your use of insults and name-calling will get you blocked.
DRADIOMAN2 puerto rico seems to me trump has serious delirium of power and ever since ms universe pageant being bankrupt russians rolled him n a red carpet he still using the real thing here we have missed donald trump is a russian accolade a russian operative in america DESDE LOS 15 MI MADRE FUE LA RADIO!!!!@
rainqanon @harryjsisson Fact Check: The Mueller Report found there was no Russian Collusion with President Trump. On the contrary, Hillary and the FBI colluded with the Russians, paid for the fake Steele Dossier, lied to get a FISA warrant, all part of a witch hunt to frame Donald Trump.
JosephC49009558 Donald Trump and Paul manafort were leading the way! And the steel dossier was correct on Donald Trump contacts with Russians! The steel dossier was also correct on Trump Tower Moscow that Trump lied about for two years until he was caught then he said so what! I'm a 59 year old Grandpa and life is good!
MoonWat97093810 Connecticut, USA “I want everybody to stop dying. They’re dying. Russians and Ukrainians. I want them to stop dying,” - Donald J. Trump America First, ULTRA MAGA, Veteran US Army, Trump 2024. 🚫Gender Mythology🚫CRT🚫Woke🚫BLM🚫RINOs➡FJB. No More Wars.

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