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RealMacReport Earth 🌎 Jesse Watters: "Remember all that talks about whether the Russians had dirt on Donald Trump and that may be affecting his policies. Why don't we ever hear about maybe the fact that the Chinese have dirt on Joe Biden, if that's affecting his policies?" Research & Analysis • Foreign Policy • Media Manager at • Breaking News • 🎥Clips •
SWinstonWolkoff New York, NY Someone should let Donald know what else former President Jimmy Carter said… “I think a full investigation would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election, and he was put into office because the Russians interfered on his behalf.” Author of MELANIA AND ME: The Rise & Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady. #1 NYT Best Seller. swinstonwolkoff@mstdn.party
ScottBiller2 @DRJardin @megynkelly Misinformation like if you get vaxxed you can't get covid again? Or Donald Trump colluded with russians? I heard a lot of that Misinformation from ABC and nbc
Dark_ReaperUSMC @ralfwk @brouse_aaron @potogalindo @RobertHoudin @jannykmak @DWUhlfelderLaw @damintoell @elonmusk I bet you even believe Donald J Trump stole Classified Nuclear Documents and sold them to the Russians while the FBI, DHS, DOD, NSA and CIA sat back and did absolutely nothing for nearly 2 years. 🇩🇪🇺🇲🏳️‍🌈 DDR Immigrant Conservative Husband, Father, Paw-Paw Marine DeSantis '24 The views on this page don't represent the USMC, DOD or SOCOM
yellowduck1958 Pennsylvania, USA Elon Musk Donald Trump their platform on Twitter must be shut down company is in shambles thanks to Elon Musk anti-democratic supports neo-nazis white supremacy and is a backer of the Russians..Democrats if you are watching shut down tweeter!!! retired from Yellow freight
LongPeace69 Portland, OR @CCHEREagain @JackPosobiec You can read here about Russia's clear involvement in the DNC's hacks. The Russian spies are even named. They wanted Donald Trump elected so they helped him in 2016. Logo and mycophile, among other things.
jjspringgay Watch the u-tube videos done by Zembla - explosive Dutch TV documentary videos on Trump and the Russians called ‘ Dubious friends of Donald Trump ‘The Russians’. There are 3 or 4 videos. Also covers Kushner and Guillaini.
jjspringgay Watch the u-tube videos done by Zembla - explosive Dutch TV documentary videos on Trump and the Russians called ‘ Dubious friends of Donald Trump ‘The Russians’. There are 3 or 4 videos. Also covers Kushner and Guillaini.
jjspringgay Watch the u-tube videos done by Zembla - explosive Dutch TV documentary videos on Trump and the Russians called ‘ Dubious friends of Donald Trump ‘The Russians’. There are 3 or 4 videos. Also covers Kushner and Guillaini.
jjspringgay Watch the u-tube videos done by Zembla - explosive Dutch TV documentary videos on Trump and the Russians called ‘ Dubious friends of Donald Trump ‘The Russians’. There are 3 or 4 videos. Also covers Kushner and Guillaini.
donald_isidor @Christi33442932 @rebekahtackett @OccupyDemocrats He literally told you to drink bleach to avoid getting sick. He also gave you a temporary tax cut, while he gave the rich permanent ones. Also, why do people forget that gas was artificially low due to the Russians and Saudis overproducing? It was always going to go up.
zekeeverette Anaheim, CA @elonmusk Bullcrap! That pole was about as scientific as a pimple on my ass. How many Russians and bots voted in this so called pole? Twitter is weak just like Elon and Donald. Both those guys are piss poor examples of men.
mindmatters001 @JohnnyBucklin @dukeofyork1776 @garonsen @libbyemmons @AOC Nope we said that the Russians meddled and they did. Putin dtood right beside Donald and said as much that time when Donald disgraced himself I’m front of the world At Helsinki Screenwriter, mean fighter, ball of energy! USA lover, politically & culturally fearless. One life on 🌎 so Speak the truth!
annch1 Scotland, United Kingdom @elonmusk @saylor Shame you didn't implement a by country poll for Donald trump's reinstatement. All those Russians and Russia supporters wouldn't have been able to vote!
Gaga7214 @Limes_inferi0r @NLwartracker @ArtyomLukin Also in 🇩🇪 the prices for petrol and diesel fall daily. How is it in Russia with indoor toilets, MC Donald, Burger King and co. out? Oh crap, forget it, you Russians don't have that anymore. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ehrlich,direkt
Sathyanveshi161 Elon Donald Musk Trump. They both like Saudis and Russians. #auspol
tx_poster between Red River & Rio Grande Very little new content here to day. Mastodon sounds interesting but I’m gonna stick with Insta for now. BTW: Donald J Trump can go fork himself and the Saudis and Russians he rode in on. #ClimateActionNow 🇺🇦
imdb2022_2023 Annapolis, MD @BillGates if true story and this big DT uptick is DT running for president and it’s some sort of coup take over from rpm at the buzzer. It’s very dangerous rays already come up with a story that maybe the Russians are involved with Elon musk & Donald Trump. Buick LeSabre lawyer, rape victim; get an I-phone agree to let Apple google murdoch gates nsa Watch and listen to you have sex poop and pee @geniusluvscmpny
9aeri no so my manager (russian) was telling me about the time she met donald trump and apparently he held her hand very firmly for like 15 minutes and went on and on about how beautiful she was obviously he has a type (russians) but omg???? #CHANYEOL #박찬열 #JENNIE #김제니
TheOriginalTC27 @elonmusk You have to be the greatest snake oil salesman in the history of mankind. I don’t mean that as a compliment. Who would’ve thought someone with your resources would play bitch for Donald Trump and the Russians? The best part of you ran down your mothers leg when you were conceived
MarkRichie1956 Janesville WI @RepMTG Lol. Slimy donald and you make a pair of dirty russians plotting to destroy America. You skank.
Shawn435817561 Lakewood, WA @BeardedFunko @Gaz_Cart @elonmusk Donald Trump is a criminal and he needs to show everything he has done,stupid that people think that it’s OK to take national documents to his home -knowing that he deals with the Russians My Heart
jenevieve_rost Utah @deoninafrica @jtfdenver @SenateGOP Not one thing this person said is untrue. U support Donald Trump, U R being a traitor to America right with him. U can see him, he did it live on TV, refusing to denounce Putin and praising him Wife, Mom of 4 girls, 2 boys, New Grandma of 2, 2 fur babies. R born & raised. fork THAT! Proud to learn the truth. Independent in many ways.
dgfmustang @joncoopertweets Donald Trump a illegitimate President put in office by Putin and the Russians McConnell and Paul Husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather and not a Trump fan.
StrawhatSensei @yourheroatlas @Grey675 @WhtRuLike71 @lindyli Wait you know this was true right? In 2019 Rober Mueller’s Special Counsel team indicted like 20 plus Russians and some Russians companies for election interference and 6 Trump advisors were indicted for obstruction. What he could not prove was Donald Trumps involvement. Just a gamer/anime fan going through life looking for his own Harem.
DonaldM91305946 Scotland, United Kingdom It's funny how Donald Trump and his maga republicans wanted to jail Hillary Clinton over e-mailes yet their willing to let trump STEAL classified top secret documents and sell them to the Russians and Saudi's. Ex-forces
FxHoff @BritIndi97 @elonmusk typical: no clue but bring on this loud aggressuve guy donald trump! his election was promoted by russians. he almost started a revolution. technical facts as trump need em. dangerous and not democratic. yes and corrupt anyways.
k_linkov08 @JudiciaryGOP You are really confusing the trump and Biden family, Ivanka received multiple Chinese patents and Donald received loans for his golf clubs from the Russians. Ask Ron Johnson of WI he visited Russia to discuss what loans 🤷🏻‍♀️? A Left Leaning Progressive Democrat💙End Social Injustice 🌈Keep Calm and Vote Democratic🇺🇸#Resist 🌊 #Vaccinated💙NS/KTF♥️Peace on 🌎🌍🌏🕊
SixxtheElder Everywhere @kittyk93 @DefiyantlyFree And leaked insider hoaxes. See “ Donald Trump had nuclear secrets. He was selling to the Russians.,” Who is John Galt. zettamaga
EdithDa02489479 British Columbia, Canada @BriGuy1953 @atrupar Mueller was not investigating Donald Trump, nor was he looking for collusion. He found conspiracy between Don, Jr, and the Russians but did not prosecute because he thought that Jr was ignorant of the law on it. Canadian
YancyFaith Florida, USA OJFC, @RepGregSteube , @RepSwalwell was door stepped by FBI and, unlike the *entire* Donald Trump campaign (Hope Hicks, @RudyGiuliani , @PaulManafort , etc, et al) who were told Russians were infiltrating the group, Swallwell followed their advice, ended all interactions. 1/
Hannah122021 Somewhere in the USA @goodtroubless @KamVTV There was no Russia Trump collusion which they claimed and said he should be impeached for his fake collusion. If you think the Russians persuaded swing state working/middle class voters through Facebook ads or whatever computer hacking you are wrong. Not a bot, had an account and got blocked
1moreTrueTexan Texas, USA @RepAdamSchiff What about you Schiff? You said you had proof that Donald Trump was colluding with the Russians! You were proven wrong and a liar!! Nobody believes anything you say. Don't you realize that!? Native Texan, U.S. Patriot, believer in doing what's right and holding those accountable that don't.
EricJokem Indiana USA @SenateGOP Like when Donald J Trump and Jared Kusher were selling national security secrets off to the Russians and Saudis because no one gets 2 billion dollars out of the goodness of their heart. Indiana resident/American living under the boot Republican Party in Indiana in Eric Jokem's state of corruption/nepotism. #Resist #BlueWave #Democracy #Freedom
QReprobate Plano, formerly Dallas @Jonesie1212 @annbonemalone @NewJeffCT @TheRickWilson 4.2 he did find connections between T**** officials and that the Russians interfered in 2016 (as did the Sen Intel Cmmte) plus that Donald committed 10 indictable counts of obstruction. If you're reading this, you're a MAGgot triggered by my handle. Blocked by MilkshakeAndyNgo 😂
tranceisking Babylon, NY @MattGertz @AOC Aaand Donald Trump is no longer being accused of stealing nuclear secrets and selling them to the Russians. Lets call it even… loser. #billsmafia #Yanks #Isles #Bulls #HalaMadrid #Białoczerwoni #Polska
joewo01 Puerto Vallarta Mexico Russians say Trump works closely for Putin and Russia. RUSSIANS SAY TRUMP COLLUDED AND COLLUDES WITH RUSSIA. Rachel Maddow should have this on her show. @Joewo was stolen by hacker and Twitter won't help. ExPat in Mexico #ImprisonTrump #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #Resistance
RubySJM @USA1Pat1776 @JenniAgitator @therealLCWOLF @GeraldoRivera He's NOT a patriot. REAL patriots are in Ukraine kicking Putin's fascist a**, living w/out heat, daily bombings and dealing w/atrocities (war crimes) in village after village after Russians are kicked out! Donald Trump is WEAK! He is a CRYBABY! He is USELESS. Love my family, hate hypocrisy. Manners was the original term for PC. Since Trump & Friends are "Anti-PC" my response to their BS is 💯 blunt & to the point!
piggy_political United States @GeraldoRivera The Democrats spent two years investigating Donald Trump’s election and claiming he was put there by the Russians- tit for tat! What did you expect? BS CompSci. Black. Woman. Progressive. Independent. #DemExited 2016 I no longer call myself a liberal, Democrat or feminist- they are synonyms for crazy!
hopeb4change #witnessprotection @jimmy_dore @AndrewPollackFL Jared and Ivanka Kyshner $2 billion from Saudi's, $90 million from being in the White House. God knows how much Donald Trump siphoned and stole. @GOP sold out to the #Russians to make millions. On and on.... Prochoice. Help save democracy. Freedom 4 all. I'm BLUNT~ speak the TRUTH #Integrity #tpyoqueen. I deal w/ reality. curmudgeon who says #No2Racism. views my own
PavlishMary @MattJon62478388 @JeanneisaPunk @Paultx890 The Steele Dossier was a "dirty tricks" operation by the 2016 Clinton campaign for president. What don't you understand. The Democrats and FBI used the phony Steele Dossier to push the fake Russian conspiracy between Donald Trump and the Russians. You appear very confused!
JeffBla90811252 @nytimes My God -- Donald Trump KNEW full well that Russia interfered in U.S. elections. He is the ultimate liar, Comey and Mueller were right, there was collusion with Russians ... check this out: political observer
lonestarmoocher Donald Trump cheated on his 1st wife Ivana . Donald Trump cheated on his 2nd wife Marla. Donald Trump cheated on his 3rd wife Melania Donald Trump had the Russians help him win his 1st election. Donald Trump committed ESPIONAGE and No One is Surprised including the 3 wives ANGRY LIBERAL followed by Devin Nunez Cow , Zac Petkanas , and Jim Bob and Ali Velshi ( that’s right the Real Velshi. Please no DM
TheRealJazMcKay Belly of the Beast, Calif Federal agents and prosecutors say former president Donald Trump’s motive for allegedly taking classified documents was his desire to hold on to the materials as mementos not to sell them to the Russians as Democrats have suggested. Retired Radio Host, Writer, Comic, Music Lover, Thrill Seeker & Leftist Antagonist! FJB & FU2! De-Fund the FBI! Protect Liberty! Crush Tyranny!
Magoo72810763 Pluto 🤭👽👾‼️ Can you believe f****** Russians shooting down that ✈️ in Malaysia the one that nobody could figure out from 2014 fork if anybody gives a crap about life regardless what party you're in you ,better wake up to this and thank Donald Trump for his loyalty to Russia JACKASS.... ❤️ 70s and 80s music, into muscle cars, NEVER Trumper! vol.. my time rescuing animals, I believe in reality. semi retired. NO DM'S!!
sicilianopeter1 Gloucester township NJ @TheRickWilson Don't you think before you talk, you spent millions of dollars and being conservative on trying to prove Donald Trump was in cahoots with the Russians and it turned out it was the democrats doing it not bright. Pay back time. love America and the founding fathers
Alanw73011 @Jim_Jordan The Trump family deals are tied into the Saudis, the Russians and the Chinese. Ivanka -Chinese Trademarks, Jared -Saudi loans Donald -Russian Financing none are obvious security risks if you're blind. NYC independent
BillSmi36119086 @RepAdamSchiff @SpeakerPelosi “I have irrefutable evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. “ This is why you’ll be investigated and then impeached.
AndreGRichard Edmonton, AB @tedcruz If you think that’s concerning the fact that Jared and Donald obviously took ridiculous amounts from the Saudis and Russians must utterly appall you. Husband and father. Teacher. Coach. Film collector and cigar aficionado.
Jill58457970 @A412Paul @GeraldoRivera donald trump is a f***g CRIMINAL!!! Big difference !!! He does not collude with Russians and he did not try to overthrow the government and he did nor steal classified documents #WakeUp 🇨🇦 🇿🇦🇺🇸 “You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it”