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Vincenz42493578 United States @Topleveltroll @mick719 @1Quetzalcoatl1 @americanconsci3 @GhostOfTick @Khary_Illah @dinmark2 @VT_JizzyFingerz @Christo84554035 @aleeyun_nvaazun @sepitumus @SlimJimJohn1 @chrisg409ubc @LetsNotWorry19 @Vickie627 @hrt6017 @r0xie_f0x @SwettmanF @Mongo3804 @KingCujo @doumindifi @Xaemiel2 @HandNik @HelloHumans9 @Trumpbane1969 @JoeE98Vette @urbansimian @fastcow33 @AllaraTravel1 @TrumpsTrucker @lostandlovinit @Tigertomjr @renster70 @RickySi16087724 @mrwhite90864194 @Yolo20152016 @booda_cat @XThinkerXX @Lied2B @KodiaksPal2 @your_donald @instinctnaturel @brodymccain @MamaMac_ @Black_is_back5 @maryquint7 @usmc_army @2AFan @Trumpmerica_ @TillerySan When you really look at what’s happened/happening it’s plain to see who is, and who is not, working for the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, the corrupt Mexican cartels and all the corrupt politicians from the Obama Admin, and it’s not Trump, nor his supporters. I love Trump!
DalexRoze Florida @realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends Russia TV admits Trump is theirs! Republicans are bought and paid for by Russia TRUMP IS WORKING FOR PUTIN, and even with the Russians boasting on television, House and Senate Republicans will never vote to impeach and convict Donald Trump. PUPPETMAN’S allegiance is to Putin! The time to guard against corruption and tyranny is before they shall have gotten hold of us. (Thomas Jefferson)
lise_latulippe Brampton.Ont "That is because most republican are bought and paid for by Russia" Trump is working for Putin, and even with the Russians boasting on television, House and Senate Republicans will never vote to impeach and convict Donald Trump Trying to change the way patient complaints are handle,
kirkdhansen Sioux City, Iowa Trump is working for Putin, and even with the Russians boasting on television, House and Senate Republicans will never vote to impeach and convict Donald Trump. Son of 2, Brother of 3, Uncle of 9, Great Uncle of 8!
RyanAFournier Washington, DC & Raleigh, NC Facebook interfered in Ireland’s abortion vote. Barack Obama interfered in Israeli elections. Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians. There’s a pattern here and it isn’t Donald Trump. Political Commentator and Analyst - Chairman of @TrumpStudents 📧 ryan@ryanfournier.net
bryanbehar Studio City, CA The difference between petulant Donald Trump and petulant King Joffrey: Americans (and Russians) actually CHOSE Trump. We should all be embarrassed. In a nation of 300 million, this is the best we could find? TV writer. Emotional eater.
NancyWolforth @Real_The_Goof @teddy_cat1 @SethMacFarlane @SpeakerPelosi Trump is a symptom of the bigotry that was exposed by an educated black man elected president, man of integrity, that wanted to give all Americans healthcare. Gave us tea party, citizens united, Mitch, enter the Russians and their roster of players, then despicable Donald Trump. Mom, RV'er, love my country the John Phillips Sousa , George M Cohan way, believer in affordable health care, 🐈 lover
DonaldW40174618 Democrats know Donald Trump Colluded with Russians because they kept Obama in power and they Know the right are racists because they are! 67 years old married with two grown boys.#MAGA #KAG #FOREVER I Follow Back #MAGA. #FOX #NEWS HAS OFFICIALLY JOINED THE ENEMY! 😠👊🇺🇸🦅
largetruckload @SenSchumer @realDonaldTrump @senatemajldr Chuck you need to get yourself straight stop pandering the Russians did not help Donald Trump they tried to help Hillary that didn't work. Get busy pass immigration reform or sit out and shut up
kchumbadze Tbilisi, Georgia Donald Tusk in Batumi, echoing Vladimir Putin's famous remarks: "Collapse of t/#SovietUnion was a blessing to Georgians, Poles, Ukrainians, to t/whole Central & Eastern Europe. And I’m convinced that also to Russians." #BatumiConferenceEaP10 Deputy Political Director 🇬🇪 MFA of Georgia
obiora_odi @Rschooley @TinaMorphis Russians through the Russian sponsored and Controlled GOP Communist Senate allowed Frankenstein and nightmare Donald Adolf Hitler Trump. Engineering Manager,Blessed with a prophetic and Healing Ministry.What a Great God that we serve.
OurPlanetMaters P.E.I SandBar Canada @NewYorkFBI could there be a connection between epstien trump and bayrock russians ? Dubious friends of Donald Trump: the Russians could trump have been a sex trafficking middle man between epstien and others 1.Alternative Powered Farming Resources?tackle climate,energy,poverty and water in one2.Professional Interactive Network 4 ppl and Gov local to global OPM4ALL!
BornToResist45 None of Your Business “Donald Trump Jr. and top advisers like Kellyanne Conway all retweeted these fake accounts. It shows a 2016 Facebook post from candidate Trump himself where he thanked organizers and promoted a rally in Miami. ...Mueller writes that Russians in the IRA organized that rally.” Russia’s choice for POTUS45 asked Black people what we had to lose. Apparently, everything. #voteblue #NOblacksfortrump
Edgwaterprog Chicago, IL @PaulObrienUSA @howyoudoing009 @SaraCarterDC @BarackObama @JoeBiden Donald Jr and Eric admitted they were getting most of their investments from Russians. But good try pretending you don’t know what I meant.
bobby_paulk Tennessee, USA Donald Trump 🇷🇺 colluded with the #Russians and also he Obstructed Justice, my question is,........why hasn't he been impeached yet? I know the Senate won't convict but that's still no excuse. Not to impeach, is to condone Trump's 🇷🇺 #Criminal activities. #Resist #forkTrump #NoWall #PutinsBitch #ImpeachTrump #VoteBlue #FreeRealityWinner No DMs Proud veteran without a President. 🇺🇸💯🌊🌊🌊
chadcrichton Toronto, Canada Say what you will about how much/little you think Reagan contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union, literally NO ONE believes that DONALD TRUMP has been tougher on the Russians than Reagan. Hell, JIMMY CARTER boycotted a Russian Olympics and increased CIA aid to Afghanistan! Tweet, tweet. Tweedle-dee-deet.
StevenP65726928 @realDonaldTrump You’re such a liar Mr. Trump liar liar pants on fire the Mueller report shows that Donald J Trump colluded with the Russians it also shows you covered it up, Guilty guilty guilty guilty we find you guilty of our conspiracy and obstruction your enemy of America I’m a mog, 1/2 Man 1/2 Dog, I’m my own best friend. The gift of discernment, I see through lies with first aware. Basically I can see through lies.
Old_Everthink Owensboro, Kentucky If you're an Evangelical you must believe God has ordained the Donald Trump Presidency. I think it was the Russians and you ignorant Evangelicals. Take your snakes, get in your pickups and git! Former Top Secret Cleared member of the U. S. Army Military Police, Special Security Unit. Washington, D.C. ~ Member: The Sons of The American Revolution.
puppia18 USA @GwilymMcGrew @DavidCornDC Keep dreaming.. the only people paying the Russians are the @GOP and Rethugs. One example. Take care of our Veterans
ACHBALLAZ Florida, USA No matter how hard Trump tries to discredit it, even his own people keep finding that the Russian investigation was legit and the Russians helped elect Donald Trump. #FridayThoughts Living life, making the most of every day. Supporter of common sense and science.
marcobuscaglia Chicago @GOPLeader @realDonaldTrump @RepDanCrenshaw @Scavino45 @MarshaBlackburn Maybe you (with the help of the Russians) can help a guy like Donald Trump learn how to use social media to mislead the people and perhaps win the presidency of the United ... oh, wait. Writer and editor. Responder to your water-game outbursts for more than 40 years.
lgib15 #MorningJoe hum so Russians did not interfere comey didn’t interfere really Donald trump won fair and square really really
notComey Florida, USA Here’s the damning evidence of felony ‘coordination’ between Trump campaign and Russians that the Mueller report overlooked: report: Some Democrats and critics of President Donald Trump have been railing against Republicans for admitting that they… America, the moral torchbearer and defender of human rights, of fairness and justice, of what is good and decent in the World, reduce to Potus45
cwpontwit The account in the original post has been suspended, but I am sure that there are others. Note the lack of completing the last name and the lack of capitalizing Donald. These are errors made by Russians attempting to program more bots to affect the coming votes. @MGdonaldEJackso Aging old hippie, #99%er & so far #left I fell over. #VETSRESIST #TheResistance #FBR Please RT, not just Like. RTs ≠ I agree. NO LISTS/TrueTwit/locked. ❤️2 all!
AskMe_idareyou Medford, Oregon @HighheelsDes @PhDnotMD @MichaelAvenatti @NBCNewYork What wouldn't Donald Trump do to get elected? Or re-elected? Russians, hush money, threats and intimidation? Someone said today that these threatened ICE raids may be a preview of what he has planned for election day 2020 to suppress the Hispanic vote. Widow, mom, gram. Bibliophile. Progressive Retired antique dealer. Lover of words, puns, smart-assery. TWEET BEFORE DM. Make Oregon Vote-by-mail National #Basta
porcelain2015 Eugene, OR @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse I think it's amusing that now Donald is attacking Paul Ryan. Donald Paul helped you get elected. He ignored the Russian presence on Facebook. I'm just a little old lady and I took action against the Russians. I tried to tell on them to the FBI even. All I did was look up Fabric designer
tsiskarashvili Tbilisi, Georgia @eucopresident Donald Tusk: The collapse of the USSR was not the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century Today in #Georgia I want to say loud&clear: the USSR collapse was a blessing to Georgians, Poles, Ukrainians&whole of Central&Eastern Europe. And also to Russians Ambassador, Director of Intl Org Dept, MFA 🇬🇪, former @GeorgiaGeneva Amb & @GeorgiaUN Deputy Amb, joined @MFAgovge in 1997, Fan of the @GeorgianRugby
KitCoco @RadioFreeTom @jcoopertaylor @TheRickWilson Are you suggesting Hillary was a mistake? Because she wasn’t. She won’t popular vote and would’ve won the election without the interference of the Russians :in illegal foreign funds and election propaganda, Donald Trump: in felony election finance fraud payoffs. Dems did good. Fighting to save the Republic. #resist #stillwithher #wherearethechildren
Michael14671577 @satya_or_bust @chamberhands @RedPill_Freedom @thehill And good luck by the way trying to get these guys into a US court to have this case tried they're never going to come here. And but and the kicker we're in this one little indictment does it prove that Donald Trump was coordinating with the Russians?
elva_morris @realDonaldTrump Quit lying Donald. After 6-bankruptcies no banks would lend you money. You went to the Russians and laundered money
JamesLe40607504 Nederland, TX @SenSchumer President @BarackObama knew the Russians where interfering with the election and did nothing besides spying on Donald Trump’s campaign. The United States interfered in Israel’s election at the instruction of Obama’s Administration.
realDonald_Trmp Facebook interfered in Irelands abortion vote. Barack Obama interfered in Israeli elections. Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians. Theres a pattern here and it isnt Donald Fart. In the United Kingdom, 'trump' means 'fart'. I am here to make the hilarity of that clear to the world. I retweet randomly selected tweets about 45, translated.
Wyrtasays @realDonaldTrump And, of course, more fake news from the Russians and All American Idiots supporting the internationally recognized "Inept, Insecure, Incompetent" Donald John Trump for a second term.
jafrheiii USA Mueller team and the FBI never examined the DNC's Servers, why? Because they knew the DNC & Hillary Clinton were working with the Russians and Pro-Putin Pro-Moscow Ukraine Pols to undermine Donald Trump's Campaign. Didn't investigate Democrat election interference and collusion. 🇺🇸 Donald Trump is Our President 🇺🇸 #MAGA #KAG #USA #Veteran #Navy #ProLife #Christian #BuildTheWall 🇺🇸#SecureOurBorders #Trump2020 🇺🇸
ALyn722 Amal Clooney Issues Stark Warning About Donald Trump's Attacks On The Press ... such a shame to be rich and famous but can only hang w Russians not the #clooneys 🤣🤣 #TrumpCrimeSyndicate
AofDC The D.M.V. Please Let The U.S. Know What Information The Russians And Donald Trump Have On You That Have You TERRIFIED To Start The Impeachment Inquiries? They Must Have Some Devastating Info About You That You Don't Want The Public To Know About, Chuck Schumer Also. Racism Has To Go, And I'm Willing To Die Fighting Racist.
quazilord Whittier, CA @CIAspygirl Can you use it in a sentence? In 2016, Russians employed a doxing scheme, at the behest of Donald Trump, to sabotage the presidential election and steal it for Trump. Also, Trump is a pervert! I wish I had the self awareness to realize the talents that I already posses and not the lack of self esteem that prompts me to wish for those I think I lack.
DebraJulson @senatemajldr If Donald shot was so innocent and he did not commit collusion which is Robert Mueller never look for but there’s 148 contacts with Russians and his administration two of them are serving a prison time one is going to prison Michael Flynn
JeongtaeRoh "Arms-control experts doubt that the Trump administration has the bandwidth to conduct serious negotiations with the Russians, Chinese and North Koreans at the same time." 쉽게 가는 길 ㄴㄴ ; 멀리 돌아가 ㅇㅋ
MAUERlCK Facebook interfered in Ireland’s abortion vote. Barack Obama interfered in Israeli elections. Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians. There’s a pattern here and it isn’t Donald Trump (nor Salvini). #altotradimento
LouisCy93586254 United States @realDonaldTrump No you WOULD NOT be POTUS. You and the Russians inundated the social media with fake news. You are the WORST POTUS in the history of the United States. You're a pathetic sociopath, corrupt, crooked & incompetent. You've made the USA the laughing stock of the world. Stupid Donald Vietnam veteran, Patriot. let's take back our country from the gutless and insane GOP
WHSCI Washington, DC @SenThomTillis @USMC We were glad to hear General Neller State “Character Matters”, because Tillis, you and Donald Trump have none! You have been Supporting a Traitor, Sexual Predator, Rapist, Racist, Bigot & Conman, and you are being paid for protecting Trump by the Russians, via NRA Donations! Twenty Years in Washington, DC, Protecting Our Constitution and Exposing Traitors! We Do Not Tolerate Traitors, Haters, Racist, and Bigots & Will Block You!
ergoking Reibertenrod, Germany @MarkJKremer The Russians are good at animating soulless, brainless fossils like Jon Voight and Donald J. Trump. Poet, storyteller, and thinker who enjoys hiking, bicycling, running. Who seeks Truth in life, the universe, and everything. Sometimes I write political haiku.
danger3d here @realDonaldTrump “ Today me and my old cronie friends had a social media summit without any one from a social media company present in attendance and we bitched about conspiracy theories and how we could invite the Russians to use them to win in 2020. Are you listening Putin”. Donald Trump Gets angry, post stuff.
ClappSandra Melbourne, Victoria Australia @realDonaldTrump No Crooked Donald, you were a bad risk, so banks wouldn’t lend money to you except Deutsche Bank and the Russians !! #OneTermTrump MAGA Devotees avoid me as will block. Am not looking for a partner, so if you DM be aware I might block you!
skunkwerks16 North of Menethil Harbor, Azeroth You lost $1B of other people's money in a decade. You're a loser. The banks dispute your lie. And if you have your own money, then why get loans from the Russians? Donald Trump is a fraud. If you follow a racist coward who makes you afraid of people by skin color, you're also a racist coward. It's not complicated.
talha21082000 @realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends Facebook interfered in Ireland’s abortion vote. Barack Obama interfered in Israeli elections. Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians. There’s a pattern here and it isn’t Donald Trump.
talha21082000 @realDonaldTrump Facebook interfered in Ireland’s abortion vote. Barack Obama interfered in Israeli elections. Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians. There’s a pattern here and it isn’t Donald Trump.

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