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TheRealGOP Minneapolis @FloridaManInMO If we put the question like this: The BlueAnon conspiracy theory - "Do you believe that Donald Trump had help from Russia in 2016 and that Russians stole the 2016 election and gave it to Trump?," how many Democrats would agree with BlueAnon? Individual freedom, sound money, peace, free markets. Ron Paul libertarian. Tim Walz lies. An-cap curious. Vikings, Liverpool FC, MN United FC.
atomicpenguin7 Wisconsin, USA @Welshsprout No benefit. Flee and he immediately becomes a target for Russians looking to burn their asset. He is no good to Russia in Scotland. He doesn’t want to be the fall guy, but damnit, Putin ain’t loosing his country over Donald *forking* Trump. former GOP; consoled White Nationalists to help them reintegrate into healthy society. Navy Vet, hearing impaired. He/Him
Charisma_Fries Greenland/Denmark @gately_donald @CarolCr29242278 @Newsweek You think she loves White Russians too? (I’m so bad at puns and funnies). 😂🤪🤓 Er en åben bog, nogle sider i streget kraftigt under eller ud, andet er highlightet helt vildt og nogle sider er revet ud og brændt. Go læsning!
michaelbagby18 @TheLeoTerrell Stay tuned for the next episode which will feature white supremacy, Russians and of course the evil mastermind Donald J Trump. Nancy still loves Donald
Richard31257498 The Citizens of our great country must call congress and have them engage the justice dept and the internal revenue service prosecute Donald Trump for his criminal actions, tax evasion and his actions with the Russians i am a 76year old man
ThingSandwich @TheHolyHominid @BarbenCrotts @Andy_Olsen @CardInAustin @AEcho13 @faktsforu @SamZHaut @ggreenwald Donald repeatedly delayed and blocked sanctions against Putin and allies. He invited Russians into the Oval Office and gave them highly classified information — the exact Russians who ran the electoral interference and disinformation campaigns. Your lies and excuses are tiresome. I LIKE WORDS
PatriotsFTE @adavp123 @EliseStefanik She should be called what she is: A Traitor. She is loyal to a President that she, and the entire GOP, knows was working for a foreign enemy. Donald has been laundering money for the Russians since the mid 80's. What dirt do they have on you Elise? Patriots for the Environment. If you love your country, you want it to be pristine.
markbelmares Denver, CO @fredgarvi @mtaibbi Yes. Donald Trump and those sneaky Russians tricked people into not caring about others….right? Golden Hoop & Hardwood Collective
LMBJRB @SFFCHITOWN @OhioScorpion1 @KevinMKruse And yet, Donald Trump was never a legitimate president. Only the Russians voted for him. Had to deactivate and reactivate🤔
grrenshaw @HawleyMO With leaders like Stefanik & MCarthy in our own govt + senators like @HawleyMO, @tedcruz & @MarshaBlackburn + former presidents like Donald Trump continuing to foment insurrection, who needs the Chinese, the Russians, the North Koreans and the Iranians as enemies? Blue voter in a purple city in a very red state. Insolent bystander. Views my own. I block Trump trolls.
grrenshaw @thehill With leaders like Stefanik & MCarthy in our own government and former presidents like Donald Trump continuing to foment insurrection, who needs the Chinese, the Russians, the North Koreans and the Iranians as enemies? Blue voter in a purple city in a very red state. Insolent bystander. Views my own. I block Trump trolls.
illuminance Minneapolis, Minnesota @Donald_H_Marks @FrankLuntz @ScottGottliebMD Look for any book or article on the Russians continuing counter intelligence efforts against the US and I’m sure you will have an answer. modern world I’m not pleased to meet you. Opinions are my own. #resistance He/Him/His
Donald_H_Marks Morris County, New Jersey @MJJBlackwell @RedIronRaven @FrankLuntz @ScottGottliebMD Could be Russians. Reminds me of the book I am currently reading: "Shadow State: murder mayhem and Russia's attack on the West," by Harding. Reason☕, ethics, health justice, 3rd gen Veteran🇺🇲, Physician⚕️ scientist, medical research. Blog
TheDuke6752 United States @SaraCarterDC Hahahahaha! This propaganda sponsored by criminal Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin President of Russians for Trump!
James93303960 Donald Trump Jr., Ron DeSantis dominate poll of GOP frontrunners via @YahooNews Don’t forget the lie Don Junior told about the meeting at Trump Tower with the Russians and his daddy put out that lie of a statement to protect his little baby.
Garythepartsman USA @PalmerReport Donald Trumpm is going back to the whitehouse, in 3 1/2 years. You Palmer are an idiot and are blind if you think Biden Administration is not running off the rails. No police, higher taxes, no oil, no international security, Russians owing energy, Hunter paying off the “big guy” Manufacturers of tools, supplies and equipment for auto service centers... over 30 years and still growing.
LudgeThomas @Angry_Staffer I’d like to introduce you to Donald Trump. They didn’t “spy on [his] campaign”, they were listening to Russians and he got caught in the net. Fwitter. Drexel U Design, ‘86. Picky bitch.
FatBoy2517 United States @gilson_kristi @_SierraBreeze_ I paid attention. You support Donald Trump, the man who caused an insurrection, the man who let Russians put bounties on our troops, the man who called vets with ptsd weak, and called vets who died at war losers and suckers. I think its time YOU pay attention Karen To live, is to suffer. To survive, is to find some meaning in that suffering. -Friedrich Nietzsche
newpaltz2013 @charliekirk11 donald trump for prison,,,,colluding with the russians,,,,breaking every law on the books during his 4 year presidency.putting con men and women to head government agencies.lying to the country about the election and creating a violent insurrection.jail for trump
ImTheUnFunnyOne Helsinki, Finland I'll go on record as saying the real donald trump is probably buried under one of his failed casinos and we've been watching deepfakes and holograms created by the russians for the last five years. Same bitch, new acct since jokes abt hats aren't allowed. My main acct is suspended for no reason. This could disappear anytime. She of the shenis variety.
Yahweh95733904 @lavern_spicer Hillary got over three million more votes than Donald, and YOUR PARTY Senator Burr headed the committee that confirmed the Russians interfered. Your Golden Calf did not "win" on the merits. Deal with it. 🤓 For you who are Chosen, get vaccinated and continue to mask up. I am the Messiah. 😇
CoolFella23 @CharlesBurden8 @TacoforFive1 @Princcharmin82 Nice try fool. The Russians ran a campaign to sow discord into our elections. And they used the idiot Donald Trump to do it. So many Russian contacts during the campaign it was incredible. Dopey Don Jr meeting with Russians in Trump Tower to get dirt on Hillary. FACTS!!! I'm a Patriot and Trump is not. Reasonable progressive. Trump is a liar. Prison for corrupt police and fellow cops who don't report them.
FedorsBlog Ленинский район, Россия ‘Calm down, everyone. After Donald Trump imposed sanctions on firms laying the Nord Stream 2 pipe across the Baltic Sea, the Russians sent their own ship, and the work is finished’ The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. - John F. Kennedy
JyotilaxmiK Nashik, Goa India @MeghUpdates Donald Trump has left a good lesson and experience to be learnt , following Benjamin Netanyahu. Russians wise decision post US and Israel elections . Kudos Vladimir Putin , As Chanakya says learn from others mistakes Nation First। Hinduism my way of life | Writer।Traveller।Speaker | Armybrat | Vasudaiva Kutumbakam । 🇮🇳
CruellasBFF 38.9072 ° N, 77.0369° W @MarshaBlackburn "In terms of high-end product influx into the US, Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets," Donald Trump Jr said. "Say, in Dubai, and certainly with our project in SoHo, & anywhere in New York. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia." Mom, wife, concerned American. Democracy is not a spectator sport. #Resist #Teampeople✌
J213Timmy Texas, USA @Snertly @kenvogel @ggreenwald And guess what... that isn’t illegal... the Clinton campaign sought information from Ukrainians and Russians that would damage Donald Trump... was that illegal too? What do you think the Steele dossier was? Career politicians will the be the death of this union. #bitcoin
MillCityCrochet Dunedin, FL @Strandjunker Addin Donald ,the Russians and translator I crochet for my sanity & vacation funds! Ravelry member & Etsy seller. Traveler/ animal/music lover/Democrat/Rev. Own my work pics.
boone_toni wyoming @Beej23328689 @DonaldJTrumpJr The Dems better be worrying about Hunter Biden selling@our@country to the Russians. What a guy! And you@guys are worried about Donald Trump Jr?!!!!
helicopter23my1 chicago il @southerngal56 The Donald is just a mean, Evil person. Wake up,, you've been hypnotized and conned. I really feel sorry for you, and yet scared that there are so many easily influenced people. I guess this country is not as strong as everyone thought. Russians just proved it. Please respond with a comment instead of just a like. I put time and effort into these greatly crafted tweets. I want to hear from you!!
MPWR2 @MarshaBlackburn You didn’t mind when Donald Trump was laundering money for the Russians and kissing Putin’s ass.
DysonCarl Planet Earth @S760Mark @POTUS Remember how the conservatives filibustered two term President, Barack Obama? It was payback to obstruct Donald Trump who was installed by the Russians, and became a one term Russian puppet. American Citizen
TembaThinker Minnesota, USA @GOPLeader You’re speaking about yourself and the grifter, carrier of the big lie, the one who slept with a book by Adolf Hitler by his bedside, the one Russians saw as mentally unstable, the one you said is paid by Putin, your Putin Czar, Donald Trump. Shame on you Qevin. Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Author. “Love Peace Happiness”. “Barbados”. “I Will Treat You Like A Lady”. “You Are Pretty When You Smile”. YouTube: HUBERT TEMBA.
PhilRevard Michigan @MikeS227 @JumboElliott76 @DnvrMetsJetsFan "a Senate panel concluded Tuesday as it detailed how associates of Donald Trump had regular contact with Russians and expected to benefit from the Kremlin’s help."
TPharce @IMHO1969 @TeaPainUSA If nothing happened then why did they lie, twice? You can claim whatever you like about the lawyer. Donald Trump Jr met with Russians with the goal of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton and then lied about doing so, period. Aspiring music teacher and doctoral student in saxophone performance. Husband to Caitlyn. Quoter of 80s movies...
1baddude2 @SongstressTEBF @MarkMeadows Just like all was revealed that Adam Schiff & Fang Fang Swalwell were the biggest liars on the planet, with their constant assurances of solid evidence that Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with and were bribed by the Russians and paid prostitutues to pee on Obama;s bed. Remember @RobMKendall sucks.
SDISBEAUTIFUL1 San Diego, CA @GreveChad @gabby_UCMaroon Plus we need to remember that trumps campaign team worked with the Russians to flood those swing states with disinformation. They told horrible lies about Hillary and built Donald up as something he definitely was not. Mother, sister, aunt. Bowie’s Noni! 🥰 Music lover. Cheers🍷#BLM Animal lover LGBTQ Ally Q=Disturbed #trumpFAILEDmiserably Get vaccinated or STAY HOME!
WalterKlingler Lynchburg, VA Jim Jordan is so stupid he voted against HR 676, which would prevented Donald Trump from doing the unthinkable and walking away from our allies in NATO to appease the Russians. (Jan. 2019) #JimJordanIsStupid Happily living with my husband & without a god. So left-leaning I'm about to fall over. ❌death penalty! 🎵classical🎶opera #Resist #LGBTQ #BLM #atheist 🌈🌊 ⚛️
DylanQB2525 South-West Beaches... @Horn_Sannity @MuellerSheWrote @TuckerCarlson You people are delusional …ABC had “Slaughter in Syria”saying Donald Trump‘s withdrawal of troops, getting Kurds killed by Russians. But it was a YouTube video filmed in Kentucky automatic weapons rally, and they faked WHOLE STORY… FOX, sucks @ times but don’t create News’s. God n Country, Patriot, father, CRYPTO NUT. Commie Pope, Parler-DylanQB25 #MAGA..Dad WWII Vet, Brother Nam..Left hates 🇺🇸 USA. — we Love 🇺🇸🇺🇸
StanHuddleston3 @RepRichHudson @GOPLeader Most of the people working on that pipeline are Canadian. And asshole Donald Trump was the one that left the Russians get away with murder. Donald Trump let the Russians into our networks and did nothing. The most useless presidents countries ever had next to Jimmy Carter asshole Independent american
FopterIbeX Boston, MA Kleptocracy and capital flight are featured prominently in the personal histories of Donald Trump’s business partners. Without the suffering and loss of others, these men would have accomplished little. #TomBarrack
DerekFriday Concord, NC @cspanwj January 22nd, 2019: Burchett votes against HR 676, which would prevent Donald Trump from doing the unthinkable and walking away from our allies in NATO to appease the Russians. Charlotte NC, Nashville TN, Vallejo CA, Winston-Salem NC, Concord, NC....ba degree in Pol. Science and History via Winston Salem State University #Resistance
Richard21146445 98579 Robert Mueller found in his investigation that the Arabs as well as Russians had influence and people in top positions in the Trump admin. We have forgotten or ignored the raft of influence and corruption in Donald's presidency. Unbelievable ! American/European well traveled and educated MA, BA, Psych - Chemical Dependency, Post Traumatic E.M.D.R. cert- specialist homeless advocate, animal rescue.
LauraWalkerKC United States The Russians and Chinese have now formed an alliance for control. It’s encouraging that after four years of deference under President Donald Trump, the United States and its allies in the world’s techno-democracies are fighting back. Scottish, Sicilian, Texan, Independent. J.D. Sauntering vaguely downward . . . #INTJ
LNKDin New York City “The Russians and Chinese have now formed an alliance for control. It’s encouraging that after four years of deference under President Donald Trump, the United States and its allies in the world’s techno-democracies are fighting back.” Book proposal magician and author whisperer; sports fan of hopeless teams; big fan of truth and justice, and what I thought was the American way.
mesnickerlicker @AtomicDenny We have people claim Russians hacked the election and calling many people Russian spies. We have people claiming Donald trump paid Andrew cuomos accusers and saying they are lying without even a investigation . poof poof poof
DeTyrants @BMeiselas Yeah..they are nothing like YOU make them out to be. Let's not forget you were a big part of the BIGGEST LIE that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians. No one believes you and your record proves why. America the Beautiful
RYP__ Out There It's not like Barrack and Nader were a secret. It's just that most people were obsessed with Russians. "A few months after Mr. Barrack arranged the initial introductions, George Nader... met with the candidate’s son Donald Trump Jr" Still Alive.
Interloper_X Texas, USA @Jim_Jordan Donald Trump and Roger Stone colluded with the Russians and WikiLeaks to smear Hillary Clinton's campaign... That's just common knowledge... Politics⚡Sarcasm⚡Opinion⚡Humor⚡Art⚡Graphic Design⚡Music⚡Destroy Disinformation! Fight Racism! Crush White Supremacy! Country Over Party!💀🌹🇺🇸
R_Johnson05 Washington, DC @SenRonJohnson Russians have a name for Donald Trump and people like you Ron, "Useful Idiots".
zeelister Abroad @jt97927793 @dsctxn @IngrahamAngle It's not talking about Donald Trump. It's talking about the Trump Campaign. The word "collude" is not needed or expected. It's the "act" that matters, and Mueller states as factual that Trump Jr, Manafort, and Kushner met with the Russians in Trump Tower to get dirt on Clinton Corporate I.T./Cyber Security. If you are a brain-dead conspiracy theorist, I strongly suggest that you run.