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larryelder L.A., Calif. Let me get this straight. When Donald Trump questions the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, he’s a “sore loser” promoting “conspiracy theories” and pushing “The Big Lie.” When @JoeBiden questions the legitimacy of 2022 midterm elections, he’s just keeping it real. The Sage from South Central. Join me, because we've got a state and a country to save.
LouDobbs New York, NY A great day for America! Debi and me atop DC for coverage of the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump - January 20th, 2017
robcrilly Washington DC Donald Trump on call with reporters just now mocked the questions posed at Biden news conference: 'The questions are lovely. I wish they asked me questions so nicely like that and they're almost apologising for ... asking the question.' Senior US political reporter for Before that, WashEx, Afghanistan and Pakistan for Daily Telegraph, old Africa hand, author of Saving Darfur
sweetdreamsbot I hope that one day I have a dream about Mushu the dragon said I have no real skills in life and turns out they actually wanted to poison me all along - it was part of their plan with Donald Trump to get rid of me once and for all... Sayonara! Just a collection of sweet dreams....
ScoR228 Washington, DC @Nate_Cohn Let me remind you that Donald J.Trump was responsible for this.Donald J.Trump was the only President in the history of the United States of America to attempt to overthrow the Government of The United States of America and make himself President for life.
HeuristicLineup Roseville CA @tprickett1 @KangzVas @FoxNews ................. Are you forking kidding me? LMFAO I just got bored of linking times he defending him and praised him Go Sacramento Kings! Go Chicago Bears! Avid not stick to sports-ire
MilkyWa34808762 . 🇺🇸 They can’t stop #Donald_Trump from #winning for a third time- “Let me repeat this slowly for Those Progressives And the apparatus and the globalist that don’t understand this- #Trump_won Your illegitimate The #American #people know it And feel it” . . . . 欲はなく決して怒らず あらゆることを自分を勘定に入れずに 野原ノ松ノ林ノ陰ノ小サナ萱ブキノ小屋ニヰテ 東に病気の子供あれば行って看病してやり 西に疲れた母あれば行ってその稲の束を負い 南に死にそうな人あれば行って怖がらなくてもいいと言い みんなにデクノボーと呼ばれ、そういうものに私はなりたい.。 by K.M
TrumpErowid The next twenty five or six times I wrapped my arms and shoulders above anything else but me because they re doing so since every time Obama comes to this plus minute speech Donald Trump railed at him and gave me her hands in apparent wonder. I'm a markov bot trained on Donald Trump speeches and @erowid trip reports.
tomandannfarris @DKalltheway @Donald_Driver80 signed an autograph for me for my birthday but left it in his car and forgot to mail it until well after my birthday … so he apologized for that. Dude! You’re the best and don’t need to apologize…but that’s why he’s DD. Favorite Packer ever! GPG!
AndyWhibberley @RichardS7370 #5albums82 This one chose itself for me: 1. Richard and Linda Thompson, Shoot Out The Lights 2. Prince, 1999 3. Elvis Costello, Imperial Bedroom 4. Donald Fagan, The Nightfly 5. King Sunny Ade, Juju Music Close: Roxy Music, Warren Zevon. NHS nurse, semi-retired. Long suffering Notts County fan and music obsessive. Dylan, Elvis, Cohen, psych, folk, country, prog, early music. European.
MuracoThe Arkansas, USA Anyone remember people going crazy because they thought Donald Trump was going to start World War III with North Korea? Well…Trump has nothing on Joe Biden. Crazy Joe is threatening Russia, and Russia is deploying 140 warships. Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for The Big Guy Not the wrestler. Just a fan. Opinions are my own. I can have a conversation without being rude or blocking anyone. Let’s be respectful
PamHash5 @Mollyploofkins Only people who hate President Donald Trump would even think like that , we hate the democrats just as bad trust me . That ole bitch you all praise as your president is the dumbest man EVER IN WASHINGTON !!!’ He really is stupid and so are YOU!!’
SJP55555 @newsmax It’s Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine and maybe some relief factor for me. I only take medical advice from Donald J Trump or conservatives who aren’t really doctors but pretend to play them on cable news and radio. Mr. Piedmont is a world renowned gentleman & a true meme scholar.
AnonymousDH206 The Netherlands someone write me a ficlet where Harvey and Mike go for drinks in Seattle and do this but as Donald Paulsen and Mitchell Zane, and how Donna and Rachel find out their husband’s knew about their girls nights in NYC all along 29 | Donna & Harvey fan account | writing & vidding #Darvey | AnonymousDH on FF | can turn anything into (nsfw) darvey trash | IG @iamadarveyfan | she/her
PamHash5 @Globe_RI No taking these back shows what petty people you really are and you make me sick ! All because they are friends with President Donald J. Trump that’s the sick part you all disgust me . I hope you fail!!!!! Cause you deserve to, idiots 👹
gmeinholz @DKalltheway At the urinal in a bathroom at the mall wearing a Packers hoodie when Donald Driver shows up at the urinal next to me, I said nothin and tried not to react when he laughs and says “Yeah its me, lets wait till we wash our hands before we shake them” and we both busted out laughing Legend, liked by Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre... IT’S ALL I HAVE HERE!!!
PaulLeeTeeks United States Seriously, DeathSantis scares me. He's Donald Trump on steroids - but he's smart enough not to say the really scary stuff OUT LOUD. Which Trump could never do, and that's actually what got him elected, but it's also what got him TROUNCED in '20. He's a younger & smarter Trump. I am the Cheese...
Potteryjunkie Los Angeles, CA @RonFilipkowski @RpsAgainstTrump And he’s quoting like things from the Bible he has another one that he’s quoting the Bible like he really really reads it does he understand that Jesus is not a trumper God/Jesus is not for or about Donald Trump! @jonvoight You scare the crap out of me
jaynovel Racine, WI PFF ratings for GB vs SF. Dillon and Adams both being #1 is impressive. Packers OL looking shaky in pass pro. Gary 88.9 PRSH is impressive. Someone tell me why they're talking about Kenny Clark like he's Aaron Donald though... #Rapcine Founder Husband & Father Youth Advocate PA:Racine Case & Horlick RYF SEYFA #BLM @DHGate #GirlDad #SantaDoesExist2021 Gamertag - J Novel
realist2016jlp Gods Lancaster South Carolina I get the same thing and I get letters in the mail too and I clearly let them know where I stand. Until they let me know they are behind Donald Trump they won't get $0.01. And nobody has offered to say they were behind Trump they want the money then they want to dump Trump. It's time everybody. They've let us know we have no Freedom anymore let's let them know how we feel about that! We've gave them every chance
walz_ing OMG, Jensen just posted a bit regarding our “Walz bucks” and I’m out of my mind with his pronunciation of MacBooks! I mean, this just might be the deal breaker for me. Literally NO ONE says “mcBook” (like Mac Donald’s) YES, he said that. I just can’t. 😳🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m not Tim Walz, nobody else is that dumb.
WisdomfromM2 A global citizen @INDprogressives @dahlingitsme @SenatorBraun His behavior continues to surprise me -- he was handed an opportunity to become another Richard Lugar -- and he chose to be a Donald Trump. I will never understand this. Braun trashed opportunity for what? Professor Emeritus, Endowed Chair, Environmentalist, Farm /Lake Owner, Rabid Democrat, Writer, Activist, and Protector of Wild Turkeys and Monarchs
Yapster1 New Jersey, USA @DarkHorseSki @code_name_v @Mightymouse1031 @ProgPolAdvisor Hey, Jon, one thing that bugs me and should bug you...why does Donald Trump have to call Georgia to "find" votes or him to win that state? Even after audits were performed? Does that sound normal to you? Lover of people, music, movies, television and life. Democrat, not Anti-Republican, but absolutely Anti-Trump!
keithcooper United Kingdom Reminds me of my many "Christian" friends that suddenly start blaming others for blasphemy for not accepting Donald Trump as saviour. I happen to agree with my many Jewish friends and family that the Donald is NOT the Mashiach. Love my wife, my kids (THREE!) my Mom and my aunts and uncles who were so nice to me growing up.
RogD76788417 Moved to fly-over country. 😊 @VickiTidwell4 @Renegade0075 @StaciiLewis21 @Donald_McEachin @allender_ann Do you think a Anthropology argument would qualify me for black privilege programs and opportunities I'm currently paying for with my tax dollars? 😉 Male & female=science. Sex ed is not gov's job. Blacks aren't inferior to whites (as CRT says). We've a border secure it. Guns don't need checks to operate. 😉
TheDomBreaker @ChesapeakeRPer @AlphaWolfKaiser Hannibal stepped forward, recognising a cue and gesturing the other man to a chair. "Perhaps you can tell me about that?" He asked. "Donald said the little one had severe trauma, and when Donald says severe..." he trailed off. Biologically submissive, under the protection of @AlphaWolfKaiser, but don't think that means I won't bite 🌈🍖RP/Parody.✒️🕊️ 🔞 RP by #Ophissdia
AreYouAwaQe Hellinois, USA SAVE AMERICA PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP JANUARY 21, 2022 PALM BEACH, FL Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America So let me get this straight, I am being investigated in Georgia for asking an Attorney General with many lawyers and others Raised by Marines, Harley Riding, Gun Carrying, Scientist (Brain Training), Who Loves Her Country, Good Whiskey and Treats Veterans with PTSD 🇺🇸❤️
rdone Tallahassee, FL @RonFilipkowski It reminds me of all the times Donald did his homework by firelight on the back of a shovel. And the time he walked 12 miles to give Deutsche Bank its change. A member of the legal profession, but not a lawyer in the pejorative sense. Historian manqué, WWII and Cold War. Red Sox fan. Gator fan. Practicing Utilitarian.
msmith36068459 @robins_roost @itsJeffTiedrich A true PUSSY of a MAN! Now,these 700 plus Jan 6th INSURRECTIONS are crying LIKE SNOWFLAKES. Because they listened to words of hate and RACISM from DONALD TRUMP.They chose 2 think white supremacy would win. boohoo,I can't spend Holidays with my RACIST FAMILY and FRIENDS. POOR ME!! I paid attention to Donald Trump and politics once he platformed for Presidency in 2015, and it doesn't surprise me that AMERICA is HEALING today.
georgietto Shrewsbury, England @campbellclaret Just like the leg-up Donald's given the USA. 52% of the UK voted for brexit, with the rationale for most being simply "fewer foreigners, more for us". It may not be you and me, but we all know it's a lot more than we ever believed. It's going to take years.
PapsNfl @11Jordancole @Sabina2084 I’m not saying he’s Aaron Donald but his game reminds me of Aaron Donald. And he doesn’t have anyone in his front 7 helping him unlike hutch and the Georgia guys sport ball talk
FallonGrant12 Colorado @Donald_McEachin Of course you are, and this is silly. Biden and his “poor kids are just as bright as white kids” and “if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black” and “they want to put you back in chains“, good grief. There are racists- Mitch isn’t one and neither am I. Just stop. You‘re better. Conservative. Mom, Wife, professional business owner, dog lover, volunteer. Gov’t is NOT compassionate. Rights Lost R Hard to Regain
VictorcomdoisRs Canada with Tessa 🇨🇦 My first ever game was MegaMan X3 for the Super Nintendo wich was also my first ever console. Then i remember playing a Donald duck game there too. By 2005 i was ofc 5yo and got a PC. My uncle installed a pack with over 300 super Nintendo games for me. Follow the other retweet! Native Brazilian ✌🏻🇧🇷| I like Cars and Videogames! 🎮🚘| @Tessaalayah's Fiance and Simp 🥰| @Xbox and @RockstarGames Fanboy 💚⭐| Xbox Profile - VictordoisRs
Mr_Lincoln Ohio, USA Jon Voigt is either delusional or senile or both. Donald Trump would be the LAST person that the spirit of Lincoln would guide. Trust me. Trump is the very antithesis of Abraham Lincoln and only lunatics think otherwise. Avocational historian Geoff Elliott tweets about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. Hopefully we'll have fun while learning. #Twitterstorian #CivilWar #Lincoln
davechuffman @bluestein @weareoversight Please make my day and tell me that this is a blatant attempt at election fraud and that every one of these people who have sold their souls to Donald Trump will stand in court and answer for this crime.
donald_fpu Fresno, CA @leedrutman I'm not a Republican but I would say I'm "pro-life" and I think there are plenty of ppl like me who see this as the complicated issue it really is and not as just a political wedge. Eliminating Roe doesn't fundamentally change any of what makes it so morally complicated. Government Relations & External Affairs for @FPU ☀️🐥| Class of ‘07 | Opinions mine. | RT ≠ endorsements | #TeamFPU #GoBirds | #ResilientSF #dubnation |🏌️‍♂️
BruceRFeldman @gtconway3d Wake me when Donald Trump is behind bars or when the civil suits bankrupt Ivanka and she has to fly economy. We’re not really a democracy, are we? Wake me when the hypocrisy, demagoguery, and tyranny of the minority are over. Not just cranky. I’m also an Oscar voter.
VeganFruitcake West….. of Yellowstone Say hi to Kodan. 🐾 🐶 And if you have paws, put your 🐾 prints in the comments 🥰🥰🥰 I’m Busy at the moment, but I have a hilarious video of her you guys are gonna love. Believe me (*Donald Trump voice😝 ) I work hard, I know things, I sass, I laugh, annnnnnd that's your problem.🇺🇸✌🏻🇺🇸If you're gonna test my waters, you better know how to swim 😬
CharlesRamos63 Nevada, USA - January 21, 2022 - Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America So let me get this straight, I am being investigated in Georgia for asking an Attorney General with many lawyers and others knowingly on the phone to look for corruption, which ✝️Pastor✝️Journalist💙Publisher-Expert Reviewer✍️Special Inspector🧐Smartass-Engineer-Judge⚖️Sheepdog-Hogwarts Professor🦉Bear Clan Warrior🥷100% Patriot🚂🇺🇸
BobB4161952 United States I listened to Scarborough and Glaude talk yesterday morn and it hit me that the GOP is all about the grift. That is the reason they adore the Grifter in Chief, Donald John Trump. ISTP
1ee_jpeg he/xe :D @bearbubb2 @GL4MBONNIE holy fork this is embarrassing i love you, i love you so forking much i wanna scream out how much i love you so that even … uhh donald trump can hear it from over the forking world. you make me really happy, and even the thought of you just makes me smile :) <3<3<3 married to @GL4MBONNIE ❤️| ENTP | multifandom ! | MINOR!!
HypocriLib @PatrickSasser5 @JCherryWESU @bobforgovernor Imagine candidate Donald Trump....making his infamous escalator ride that kicked of his 2020 Presidential campaign.... He gets to the bottom of the escalator and then says... "What do you want to see for the future of America? Let me know". 7th Gen CT (Dad). 3rd Gen Irish (Mom) Business Owner, Retired Yankee Air Pirate, Eleutheromaniac, Thalassophile Trans Reb/Adopted Son of Dixie/Florida Man
searches4wisdom @JonathanTurley @HillaryClinton : The election was stolen. Trump is an illegitimate president. Donald Trump: The 2020 election was rigged and stolen from me. @POTUS @JoeBiden : The 2024 election is going to be rigged. It will be stolen from me. Anybody seeing a pattern...or is it just me? Stumbling Through Life Tripping Over Answers
Doug_Zbi NW Ohio @UnstopbleWinner @jonvoight Trust me, Donald J. Trump is at the forefront of Donald J. Trump's life and decisions. It's not like he lived 70 years of life as a self-centered terrible person and suddenly turned into a patriotic role model in 2016. 🙄 I've studied culinary arts, astrophysics, radiography, engineering, and music. Still not sure what I'm doing. Warning: Dad joke spammer
DouglasLukasik Dallas, TX Believe me if you want or don't believe me if you want. Donald Trump (and to a lesser extent Twitter) have elevated politics in a way that you should hesitate comparing things that happened in the past to what will happen in the near future. Even in 2014, we'd have ... Free peoples, free markets, with liberty and justice for all, God bless America.
YoungerLorna North Carolina, USA and she had gotten her money, what a Godsend. I was directed to the Facebook page of Agent Donald Smith who bless his heart, is administering these grants. The tone of the initial message is VERY religious. My friend is an atheist which is what first struck me as wrong. I am an advocate at a domestic violence shelter. I graduated from SUNY New Paltz. I am a former Quaker. I am terrible at taking selfies.
EricVal55317070 Bronx, NY @RobSchneider I'm Puerto Rican Dominican my first voting i v e Bill Clinton big mistake and I voted for Donald Trump but they said I can't vote he didn't give me no reason I told those people I pay my taxes here I'm a janitor can you give me no reason they said to me you holding up the line I'm a good person I believe in God I hate when people take advantage other people like Aishah hasnie
jb111 Dreamed I played poker with Donald Trump. He lost and called me a terrible player and a bad person. I told him that may be true but I still want him out of Beard Tower by Friday. 4 years as a Navy Corpsman (medic) with the Marines, then some TV. There are two sides to every story, but sometimes one side is mostly BS.
kielwats0n Let me get this straight ‘The richest in the world’ consortium had to lend 10 million off the so called ‘tightest man in the world’? So the Saudi’s have all these billions available apparently but couldn’t lend Staveley and her fella 10 million? Even Donald can stretch to that formerly known as @kielwatson
MichelleGrace1A New York, NY 🇺🇸PATRIOT🇺🇸 Statement President Donald J. Trump January 21, 2022  So let me get this straight, I am being investigated in Georgia for asking an Attorney General with many lawyers and others knowingly on the phone to look for corruption, 🇺🇸 SAVE AMERICA 🇺🇸 #MAGA 🇺🇸MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN 🇺🇸 America needs President Trump 💖 We America & PATRIOTs knows TRUMP WON 2020 🚫NO DM’s🚫