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dfwhatevertakes Texas, USA @TheAdamGoldberg @realDonaldTrump Ivoted Republican before Donald Trump and embrace the Republican philosophy. He embarrasses me-anybody that can watch him on TV and defend him has lost their freaking mind call me a Rino don’t care I’ll be voting on 11-3 with most of America happily voting his bottom out of office
DGComedy Los Angeles “I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so when you write negative stories about me, no one will believe you.” ~ Donald J Trump I write jokes, tell them on stages, and do some other things to make the world better. 🏳️‍🌈 Weekly guest on SiriusXM Progress 127
BernieSanders Vermont Together, we can win Michigan, defeat Donald Trump, and create a country that works for all of us, not just the 1%. Join me and @RashidaTlaib today at 7 p.m. ET for a virtual town hall with guests @DebDingell, @Oday_Aboushi75 and @MMFlint. Watch at U.S. Senator for Vermont. Not me, us.
NewYorker New York, NY The Borowitz Report: Voters preferred Hunter Biden over Donald Trump when asked who would do a better job of “handling the pandemic,” “creating jobs,” and “caring about people like me.” Unparalleled reporting and commentary on politics and culture, plus humor and cartoons, fiction and poetry, reviews, and criticism.
PymPurnell @JamesD_1985 It seems to me that some cases are reported in the media etc - such as Stephen Lawrence and others not - such as Kriss Donald etc - because the media are trying to portray society in a particular way - white people are racists Poet GERONIMO - MY BOOK OF POETRY
inkyobus Monthly Updates - Requests: 🚫 @MT_Loom Get me to 500 followers by the end of October and I'll draw Donald Trump's fursona. Northerner who draws | Comms: | Work Status: | Q/A: - Minors DNI - Priv @lnkyobus
LSajdowitz Hartland, WI Donald Trump As The Joker via @YouTube OMG I WAS DRINKING COFFEE AND LEGIT SPIT IT ALL OUT 😂😂😂 idk why this was so funny to me Political science student, God bless America, God bless ALL the American people 🇺🇸 I’m not an R or a D just enjoy Elections.
JayBroemmeling7 @OANN @realDonaldTrump Excuse me! It’s round 3 of the presidential debates on: November 22,2020 and my president: Donald J. Trump will win this 3 Third Debate,and as Trump won the 1 St and 2 ND debate. # No competition #Trump #4MoreYears #BestPresidentEver45 #TrumpPence2020 #VoteTrump2020 and my .... Proud American that is blessed from Jesus Christ and God to live in the USA. Supporting Trump 8 years all the way to 2024 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️married,woman,i love🇺🇸👍
Raphael25388511 @JoyMitc12712055 I think we have to pray to God in America to give us a good leader to server the nation in America for me the government of Obama is good for me meanwhile I can't say Donald is bad or something but I think we have to think wise cause this is America and let's make a better choice Don't judge me if you're not close to me cause it's a sin to criticize someone you don't know anything about
chems Ireland @myballs40 @salior_liam Last week I had one dream including my first girlfriend, post malone, a suicide bomber and Donald trump. Me and posty were parashooting through new York still can't believe it digital genius ethanchem@yahoo.co.uk
GovernmentTiny When Donald Trump said "Russia, if your listening, please send me hillaries 33,000 emails" The media took him too seriously and reported "Donald Trump requests interference from Putin" Society thrives when government is tiny
OverthrowSir Im convinced someone was following me, when I went to sign on this morning. I must be really getting to Donald Trump, that he is having me followed by his henchmen. You won't silence me Trump, I've got your number and proof on Excel. I am an expert on Football, Politics, Gynecology, in fact I'm an expert on everything. Michael Eisner follows me to. parody of a parody account.
jameseddolls uk @James_Baldwin02 @lionarted @sportbible Nah i would say that the southend and exeter interviews are the ones haha. He even spoke to our media guy and apologised for his behavior. "Donald Trump is a bit more diplomatic than me" - John Yems - 2020 😂
Michael52943487 @securethebagLUV @DrPimK @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Yes! America and the world has issues with Donald Trump! After November 3rd we will get rid of a turd! Your gaslighting will never phase me! There’s a good chance that Donald Trump could be the first ex president to go to jail. And Hillary Clinton is gonna be the first visitor!
LesterCovax United States @Karl_Mpls I didn't originally see who your response was about, and assumed it was Trump. Was going to say that if he weren't in such a position of power, that I'd actually feel pity for him. Made me think of this article; good read. ♿ ERROR: User is Disabled #Nerd + #Narcolepsy + #Insomnia = #FML #DevOps #ML #3D #NanoTwitch creator/#Dev 🐳 I'm George Costanza ⛓
fbermingham Hong Kong A long read from me looking at four years of Trump trade policy on China and whether or not it can be deemed an economic success Irish journalist, HK. Production editor, political economy, @SCMPnews. Covering trade and supply chains. Running, records, good books. Trade podcast ⬇️
liamteer Sugartits Central @SiHunt1234 Kind of the same/not the same at all but my mum chuckles and shakes her head every time she sees Donald Trump on the news saying something despicable. I just don't get it, it makes me feel ill. Be kind or be right. "crackhead looking ass" - @kittyaurora_ "old rat" - @jackremmington "kevin spacey lookin ass" - @softgamergf
abbieeeee_x UK My brother promised me a Mc Donald’s breakfast and now he’s ‘too busy’ gutted 🏎🏁 Mainly tweet about F1 because my friends get bored of it... #CL16 #LN4
Rippy_21 Central Illinois Blows me away that Donald Trump really said he’d date Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter, and no one cares, but Joe Biden is like “I love my son and accept him :)” and everyone is like “idk bro seems kinda sus” Long Live Pluto | if you don’t support trans people, POC, or trans POC, don’t talk to me :) | he/him
SoozUK London THREAD: I woke up at 6 and immediately HAD to write down the dream I had coz this crap was CRAY. It's about Donald Trump and me. Stand-up, acting, singing and writing. Host @mysteryontherox and @thequeenpod. Rep'd by @unitedagents. she/her "Sooz is the anti Donald Trump" Ed Miliband
BrettaApplebaum Alaska @deeber80020 @JamesGunn @johncardillo I held my dad's hand and hugged him many times in the four days he was dying. I believe it comforted him and I know it helped me. He would never hesitate to kiss or hug me but not in the creepy way Donald fondles Ivanka. #Scientist #NastyWoman Flibbertygibbit #MyDeadMomSays Delectable Mischief #Atheist #Ironbutt #1300VTX #WarOnWomen
neptunitheworld Me and @realDonaldTrump should recreate this scene! Donald, you're Raibaru! he/they, 15, bi, muslim
donald_s4 Georgia, Atlanta @jorgiers I’m here baby. Dm me and get spoilt Sugar daddy and a philanthropist
donald_s4 Georgia, Atlanta @kaleeforneea Dm me baby and get spoilt by daddy Sugar daddy and a philanthropist
donald_s4 Georgia, Atlanta @yppid_j28 @atharv_unhale Dm me and get $800 immediately Sugar daddy and a philanthropist
JL63315462 @TheRightMelissa @realDonaldTrump Sit down and hush up suck ass. Donald hates blacks. What part of that do you not understand? You remind me of someone who shows up at a birthday party that they weren't invited to, trying to fit in. Such an embarrassment. Where is your pride? Where IS your pride?
jdcrowley Mars @hiro_hamakawa @gregkellyusa @DebiC37936 @RudyGiuliani @SachaBaronCohen @JoeBiden Donald Trump hasn't yet responded to allegations that he's actually an alien, so it has to be true. Some might say it's a conspiracy theory but explain to me why he and his kids stand like they learned about legs from watching TV. Their bodies are just suits being used by aliens Three dogs stacked on top of each other in a trench coat. Your new favorite content provider.
kaiser_electric New Jersey, USA @TheGrendle @wonderinggnome @mariojuggernaut @LEFTISTCHAD @krutidiaries @ElijahSchaffer Difference being I don't call people I disagree with subhuman and degenerates and buy into the lies that Fox News and Donald Trump told me about them. Weirdo ace demiboy (he/him) and artsy writer dude (28). Spooked solid!
Nametak91114174 @NatashaBertrand Remind me again the difference between donald and a terrorist Because donald seems like hes more than willing to hurt Americans out of spite I dont think biden is up to being president my disagreeing doesn't make me a bot. but If your gonna call me one and block I'll roll with it #forktrump #voteblue
_Drama_Queen20 Australia Donald Trump reminds me of a rotten, mouldy Cheeto someone found behind the couch cushions and I think it’s time someone threw that old Cheeto in the bin #DumpTrump #cheeto is twitter still a thing? lol
MarvinPierce16 @realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews DONALD TRUMP in the end times young men will have dreams and older men will have visions that's my gift I have visions no reason for you to believe me but you tell the opposite of truth and I tell the opposite of a lie ... take that in I'm MARVIN PIERCE I was born to be president of United States but got stuck on the short bus
TimesWatchmen I don't support Donald Trump because i like him, i respect his office and the wonderful work he has done thus resulting in me rallying behind him together with the rest of the rights worldwide. God bless you @realDonaldTrump God sent you for such a time as this Regional Editor for October Watchmen teenage theorist PROUD ZIONIST Blessed are the peace makers
TigerDonald2000 Southampton @lhgmk2 I still get that stuff, sorry Donald we are going to have to take that task away from you, My reply "You're more than welcome!" Everyone thinks they can do the tasks better than me. They are welcome to it; it releases time and energy for me. I hope I am a genuine chap; always pleased to hear from others. Regrettably though I don't do dm's.
GeelongCats73 @gerry_91 @JohnBarronUSA Unfortunately they got the memo, and the memo was from Donald Trump and it said "Covid is nothing to worry about, believe me". The mind boggles at the stupidity.
bommel_erik London @TIME I’m pretty sure, after many, many seconds of research (about 1), that no-one has ever put the words, “thinking,” “Donald,” “Positive” and “Trump” together into any sentence in any media at any previous moment in human history. Fight me. You can take the boy out of Te Aroha but you can’t take Te Aroha out of the Man.
intercosmonaut Detained on Earth. @Moonsoother @circusofanarchy @HongPong Seeing your Republicans I always don't know how much of their behavior is an act. With Donald I oscillate between "some" and "most", but Rudy seemed (since longer) like a genuine piece of bread to me - though I can't rule out he prepares an "insanity defense" for later. Practice OPSEC! #BlackLivesMatter! #DefundThePolice! Free *ALL* prison slaves, reparate *EVERYONE*! Abolish Imperialism! Peace! Land! Bread! (he/him)
DevineEarth United Kingdom @MichelleObama I am the Truman show, got hood winked to go and see a friend, but all my contact with every one is sown up, it all goes past Donald Im the new Eva Braun, this is what this is all about me. I am an alchemist. I have found my true self I have always been the observer&truth teller. I see it and tell it as it is. I know how Narcs Tick
suo_gan Wherever faffing is practiced. How Trump "loves" his son... “Without saying a word, his father slapped him across the face, knocking him to the floor in front of all of his classmates. He simply said “put on a suit and meet me outside,’ and closed the door.” "... but deliver us from evil and Barcalounger epidemiologists. Amen."
Amiipanman ON 2:48-3:17 BTS Once during New Years me and my cousins were prank calling Mc Donald’s and crap, and one of them snitched and told the parents. Afterwards I went up to her and thanked her for snitching I AM SO? IMAGINE THANKING SOMEONE FOR SNITCHINGND I draw? ✨♡ (Lesbian she/her)
NoahMJones Abilene, TX Will Donald Trump become a click-bait blogger when he loses?!?!?! Cast your vote by Nov. 3rd to find out! And don't forget to follow me and like my posts. President of @abileneyd. HSU Poli Sci. Ann Richards stan.
LADowd Massachusetts I would give anything to have my father back alive to embrace and kiss me like that pic of Joe Biden and his son, AND those pics of Donald Trump and his daughter. Everybody trying to dunk on either family for those displays of affection can STFU. #CertifiedRayOfSunshine ☀️. Proud American-Arab. Defender of the US Constitution. On a list. #2A. Pets: #K9Sunshine #FelineSunshine. Mom: #CableNewsWithMom
English14755403 'God told me Donald Trump will win… and then an asteroid hits' predicts US preacher The notorious televangelist, who wields huge influence among the American religious right, says says Donald Trump's election victory will herald 'the end of the world' If you're offended by tweets that's your own choice. If you're offended then move on elsewhere where you won't be offended. support @realDonaldTrump #TRUMP2020
AfeiyeMuhammed Abuja, Nigeria Sorry my TV and phone got bad, I was told President Buhari have addressed us what did he say? Donald Trump: He's a lifeless President Me: even if he's lifeless, let the robot version talk to us. We are not animals enough of the killing #EndSARS #PoliceBrutality I'm a Research Scientist, Agriculturist, Waste Recycling personal, Author of 3 Books, advocate of new thinking to making the world a better place for us all.
SWWCreative @PhilEhr Donald exclaims, “Rick? Rick Gates?! Whose Rick Gates?” NYT #1 Bestseller Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady (Page 91). Author of Melania and Me. Instagram @melaniaandme. Vogue Magazine & Lincoln Center. Empowering Children @UNWFPA, @YaleEmotion,@AlladaptImmuno,@FEHSF
JaydenLovex Youtube I should make like an extra hard buzzfeed quiz nobody can answer 😂. I could answer any question y'all throw at me. It's like Billie Eilish with the office. Bad words in the house? Darn, booger, and donald trump to name a few. Boom fixed your pix
KittyBarbieto Eugene @djrothkopf @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Donald made the case himself. Starting out revealing himself as a traitor and never getting a forking thing right after that pretty much closed the case for me. Living in a beautiful setting with extensive trails for walking. If not for the continuous chem dumping over the entire area it would be perfect.
SFSilentNoMore1 Southern California @Clarissima5 @BadAssTexan1776 Something else you might enjoy. On yt. Look for 1-Donald Trump and congress early 90s 2-UN renovation project If need assistance let me know. Proud American🇺🇲Hide & Seeker, Deep Thinker, Puddle Stomper, Laugher, Weeper, Hope Giver & Believer When you know better you must do better! Speak Truth!
Safyrae Kansas, USA @LinzDeFranco I'm from Delaware. I feel like we all have met Joe Biden at one point or another. I met him at the gas station, and he was asking me about how many MPG my Mom's car got. He is just a normal guy... What about Donald Trumps weird relationship with his daughter? Married, 30's, trying to improve upon life. AKA Christie (formerly Thick2Thin09) (icon by taozipie)
ishootfootball @pupwalker1 @RealJamesWoods They make fun of The Donald’s dancing? Eff them. His dancing is the best thing about this election. It makes me happy - he’s so genuine and unscripted. Plus, when I see him dance, I think about how my income doubled 1-1/2 yrs into his presidency. Thank you Trump economy!!!!
GabeUnleashed A forest in Texas Y'all really got me f***** up you think I want to be defending Joe Biden? No I don't. I'm not a fan of him I'm not a fan of his record I'm a fan of his ability to stop Donald Trump from destroying this country and taking away what few civil liberties we have left. weird trash animal Possibly from outer space Unhinged lunatic Death metal and Coffee enjoyer

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