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FuriasRuler Search for my Queen and Furya @RLee19783678 Our Governor is THE MAN. Ron DeSantis 2024, 2028. I voted for Trump now he completely embarrasses me. Ron did not even declare and the Donald attacked merely because he’s threatened by his popularity. Thank RLee for the follow. A hunted convict, Furian by birth, eyes shined for 2 packs of Menthol Kools. I killed Lord Marshall Zhylaw who tried to strangle my birth cord. Rule the Dark!!!
MuellerSheWrote San Diego, CA THREAD: If this Special Counsel indicts donald trump, then everyone who worked their asses off to elect Biden can take credit for preserving the rule of law and realizing justice. You've all heard me say countless times that no one man can save us. 1/ @muellershewrote@mastodon.online Tweets by @allisongill. She/her. BLM ▶️ @dailybeanspod
MuellerSheWrote San Diego, CA As many of you know, this is also personal to me. I started a podcast about a special counsel probe. Donald didn't like that I was wrecking his narrative so he fired me from my government job. That freed me up from the Hatch act and we raised $500K to elect Biden and harris. 3/ @muellershewrote@mastodon.online Tweets by @allisongill. She/her. BLM ▶️ @dailybeanspod
AdamParkhomenko McLean, VA This week has been a combination of learning twitter automatically made me follow Donald Trump to getting messages from long time followers they were automatically unfollowed. And it’s only Tuesday. Dem Strategist. Dad. Ukrainian-American. Son Cam’s my life. My better half: @Ally_Sammarco. Advisor to @MeidasTouch & other great Americans. Sometimes Comedian.
dylan15150 @SparkzWally @MUTality7 For example give me Aaron Donald over him all day with 1ap Double or Nothing and 2ap Edge Threat VSU’23 #Noles #Mffl #Cowboys
grote_donald United States @YankeeCowboy24 I have freedom of speech and I'll use WHAT I think is the right pronoun. The Progressives have no right to teach me English; it's been bastardized enough in my lifetime. 20 yr AF Veteran. MAGA Let freedom ring and God bless the USA. If you don't like what I say, go watch CNN or MSNBC. Opinions are welcome, stupidity isn't.
SilasTheViirus manwhore mansion I just realized @_villain_lady laughs like donald duck and it has forever changed me doing gucci doing gojo
CorkyOnTour Michigan, USA @authenticuser1 @Tedcruzsabitch @mteeeezy @ScottFisher2022 @TheGoodLiars cool can you show me which court cases they were filed in and where they were proven to be factually accurate. Affidavits need to be tested of course; Proud irishman..been around the block…Cork to London and the US. Here for some craic. Republican in nature. EFC
gildachomo Jos, Nigeria Try dey snap pictures oo, so that them no go do you like Tinubu and Donald Duke. In other words, book me!! #NFT Genesis Collection on @opensea -THE MAN AND THE SYSTEM- A progressive 6 piece collection, let the Journey Begin ♥️ #Creative #NFTArtist
billybo64099461 Franklin wisconsin @mishynola @donald To compare trump to Lincoln shows how dumb stuff me people can be Lincoln a true hero and trump a insurrectionist singer songwriter old school wrote in many styles currently working on a rock album called kids stuff at studio z Milwaukee
SurrealALincoln Washington, DC Since I'm leaving Twitter, let me declare once and for all, the death of Donald Trump will be the happiest day of my life and will provoke the kind of celebrating not seen since V-J day. It can't happen soon enough. Come on, cholesterol! Work your magic! 16th President. Railsplitter. Theatergoer. Buy my book!
not_onions 🏳️‍🌈Bi+💁‍♂️He/Him @ProfessionaIYB @elonmusk I’m throwing up right now. I can’t believe our democracy allowed Elon Musk to fuel the authoritarian goals of Donald Trump. Allowing MTG and tRUMP back on twitter is a criminal. I will be packing my bags and moving to a CIVILIZED country, YEMEN 🇾🇪! Good luck without me, America. NOT A TROLL OR BOT! (Parody of Reyes Moronta)
MyStarPet1 Australia @elonmusk I am sending a proposal of my idea to Donald Trump also. This will be one of the most popular social Pet-working platforms in the world. Please let me know you recieved it and your thoughts. An All in One Social Media App for Pets to have their own social profiles and Mingle with Humans.
billybo64099461 Franklin wisconsin @mesah11 @David_Leavitt @donald Maybe I should inform you that America has no king and because of a king America was born trump is king in his dreams but to me he’s a glorified crook and insurrectionist and so are his followers which are on the decline beside s soon to be jail bird bye bye donny Capone singer songwriter old school wrote in many styles currently working on a rock album called kids stuff at studio z Milwaukee
mellohibi 16 || any/all pronouns aimsey meeting donald is gonna be me meeting him and ranboo and guqqie and sneeg and all of them dude. ⭐️ multifandom artist/live tweeter || if i hit 1k by the end of the year i’ll draw ranboo everyday until he plays omori /srs 🪐
splatoobur he/him +neos aimsey meeting donald duck is so me this is exactly what would happen if i met wilbur soot like exactly i would be shaking and crying and losing it and going insane i am just a little guy who writes sometimes ✧ 3/3 deltatrio!!! (layout @scivious_)
Cryptic__love the netherworld Aimsey talking about their reactions to Donald duck honestly make me cry and smile so bad because of how happy he is whaddup baby (♡)| 🍁🍂God, please save me, it's been so hard lately🍁🍂 | they/them xe/xem |
LilevjenSpecial @SSimpsonrose @Derby9445 @TheSGTJoker @GOP Let me preface this by saying that I am absolutely opposed to what happened on January 6th. I believe those responsible must be held accountable. I support the 1/6 investigations, and personally believe Donald Trump is responsible for what happened. Engineer, Father, moderate. I now aspire (though often fail) to be more like Ted Lasso: a font of optimism and positivity to boost the lives of those I meet.
marzley_ she/they/sun, bisexual aimseys og donald story reminded me of when I went to disney and spent the entire trip looking for Daisy. I never ended up finding her and it haunts me to this day ☀ co-founder of lunarduo w @lepidia_ and @_winndale | auDHD | 51gc/segc | sag sun, cap moon, virgo rising | fan account
pamh127 United States @DDsulzbach This Thanksgiving sucks my mom been in the hospital since the 11. We were supposed to go to my cousin house but his family has the flu so me and my daughter is staying home I would use the money for mc Donald's to make her happy 😊 $momandjas/ cashapp
Call_Me_ZoomE Pennsylvania, USA @SpiroAgnewGhost Pence is at too much of a little bitch to rat Donald out. He will only give vague answers and/or plead the fifth. Diehard soccer fan | Union | LFC | USMNT | Jaded wrestling fan | Occasional crap posting Y'all take this app way too seriously
faithnoell1 @IanJaegerNPC That's what kills me about people that talk about Donald Trump being a billionaire and then being president at least he had his money before he went into office he didn't make it while he was in office he's the only president to lose net worth wine office
jasonfrat1 #ΜΟΛΩΝΛΑΒΕ @frampitaz96 @CO420Loiterer @lavern_spicer @KariLake If U knew me you’d know he was my next to last choice in the 2015 primary season, dopey. The Donald’s success as prez surpassed my wildest expectations. Low unemployment, secure border, rising wages and peace breaking out all over the world (see Abraham Accords) for starters. 🇺🇸 I ❤️ God, My Family, the US Constitution, Natural Rights, Sports, #InterMilan, Scotchy Scotch, Good Wine and Especially, Eating After Midnight! 🇺🇸🇮🇹
Danielkellison @pete_wells Hey not sure if you're referring to me at Jim McMullen's when I got stiffed on a tip from Donald when I was in college after serving him and his family for 2-3 hours after the restaurant closed? TV Producer. Jackhole. Partner with Sarah Silverman, Tim & Eric, Reggie Watts and Michael Cera in JASH. Contributor to GRANTLAND. I'm a turtle.
TheLoneRaider Los Angeles @BBStiffington @ChrisPeeeeBacon @BindaTraver @TownExcellent Well I used to be a waiter in NYC and Trump came into our restaurant several times, when I waited his table for him and his wife the Bill was $600 and Donald left me a $200 tip, I was more then happy. Raiders, Lakers, Dodgers, Kings. Proud to be Black God damn I'm tired my man Don't worry bout what color I am #RaiderNation
WineloverSFCA Brooklyn, NY Dumb and Dumber…give me a break. Kanye West Says He Asked Donald Trump To Be His 2024 Presidential Running Mate Wine Lover, SF/Oakland native Bay Area Lady living in NYC, golfer, SF 49er Lifer, Golden State Warrior fan, political nerd, absolutely despise #45!
yuhateme80 @Texas4Progress @DrewJon20057393 @honestsportz @elonmusk Slander and libel isn’t hate speech Who decides what’s hate speech You?Me?Donald trump?Joe Biden. Free speech is free speech. I can go out in public and say the Nword or call Jewish people Kword or call gays.Fword. Gov cant do nothing Only person on twitter thatcan decide is musk
schwartzbCNBC New York Thanks for having me @juliemason @MasonMornings! Great chat on Elon Musk and GOP megadonors turning on Donald Trump. @CNBC Political Finance Reporter, Dickinson College Grad. Thoughts are my own. Retweets are not endorsements.
ethorpe125 Durham, NC @reallydrsam @PoliticsVerse Believe me sweetie the IRS was not auditing him. Just another one of his lies that you believed. When you hear the truth, you have to be in the frame of mind to hear the truth and not the truth according to Donald Trump.
Prof_Yakob Kansas City Honestly, Twitter re-platforming Donald Trump is sufficient justification for me to leave. I've loved the engagement with Titans in the world of #PhilRel and want to thank you all for enticing my life with your care and conversations. Hobbyist antimetaphysician in pursuit of metarationality.
j_mac21 AL, MS, GA Look at me and Donald finding common ground on Thanksgiving. Zags. Dodgers. Bama. he/him. Owner: @boxseatprinting | Managment : @a4athletic & @upperdecktees
hannah_olsenxox If he blocks me im gonna cry and block Donald Trump again ✨ weeeee, I’m coming to get you✨ please don’t take my tweets seriously
theforestowls Ithaca, NY @deejayakoni @NoLieWithBTC Did Donald Trump and Joe Biden ensure with TPSLF, that ANY payment made while eligible for PSLF counted (+14 payments for me), yes or no? So prior to qualifying and going on an IBR. … Well if we take all these things and we bury them fast. And we'll pray that they turn into seeds, to roots and then grass. We’d be alright.
donald_soto00 I just put the energy and time to go on tt and beg for me now. They should make me president of the united states! Seriously! I would be great! I would be fantastic!
iv0ry_95 This is Colombia! @elonmusk Yes, I've been banned from an account for only talking about good things about Donald Trump, and damn someone FROM twitter wrote me. that I would never have that (email) account free to create another twitter! when I asked to be free the email...🥺 Centro derecha, rockerisíma, fan de las TIC'S, comics, el manga, los cortos animados, pelis de terror, la ciencia de datos, me rio mucho y mi humor es ácido ☺️
DaveLG California @joshtpm Eric retweets more but that may just be that Twitter forces these on me. Maybe Donald thinks Eric will be more around longer than Eric and his future wife. I've always thought Eric had a better chance to avoid indictment. Hi
BidenHarrisWH Ohio, USA @tribelaw Donald Trump: "My supporters know that the Supreme Court is afraid of its own shadow. The crazy radical left screams: 'STACK THE COURT' and John Roberts trembles. I PUT THEM THERE! But they're scared to protect ME! The one person who could protect them and you! ...I will fix it!" LovePhilosophy+Thinking | Architect+Inventor Science+Art | Seeker of Beauty | Kindness is my legacy! | My words My thoughts! 💙 #Dem #VOTE #BLM #J6 #Resist 💙
MaureenGriffen1 Canada @vkpoole @NucleaurMaga @Chris_Value @devine_moser @19ALB97 @DrShea_DC @PureKity @8goldi @james_pidd @Cav45C @KarenMAGA9 @KristinaJulia2 @vpoole @SandraManchur @angelwings4me @827js @iluvWNC @lettie_cox @Snowfla87445409 @Kellyjk0909 @TJDOGMANR2 You followed me and I am Canadian....but I LOVE Donald Trump and am praying (literally) for his return Roman Catholic. make Rosaries and give them away. pro-life 🇨🇦
Jioke_LOC You no steal any other person photo na a whole Donald Duke own you go steal, and you want to tell me that God didn't place a spirit of error on these PDAPC people? Lol #OyoWelcomesObiDatti #ObiDatti Everything About Peter Obi, incoming President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
cedar1900 United States @motrctymadman @CliftonMackayla @DrLateNightNews @POTUS Youtube? Here are searchable links for tRump...........Lots of them. Get back to me when you can provide links to the accusations and supposed actions and comments shown on youtube. Go big or go home. In the meantime enjoy.🤣🤣🤣 IT COULDN'T BE MORE SIMPLE. A VOTE FOR a tRumpkin IS A VOTE TO DESTROY DEMOCRACY.
PoliticalAnt Missouri, USA Elon Musk refused to pay travel expenses that were racked up by Twitter execs before he took over, report says More and more he reminds me of Deadbeat Donald. #ElonMuskIsaGiantTurd Indie Democratic Socialist🌹, but for #BlueWave2024.🌊 #BlackLivesMatter #NotMeUs🐦 #GetVaccinated💉#DemocracyInDanger⚠ #ReparationsNow⛓ #LegalizeIt
ritway_official Lekki, Nigeria @sirroccoforte @Kingsle24075444 @vsntongs One question: what is the damage done now to Donald duke sir? 🤷‍♂️was his character defamed? Was his image used for Financial gain, oga I am not using big words, i am telling about court proceedings, me and other lawyers just finish this talk, oga there is no case abeg
oknolisten if u harass over ships ur crap @SmartArtsy @animationguild sorry i think you must have used one of the words in this list i made to reduce the amount of dumb discourse i see on my tl to respond to me and i, ang, cannot be bothered to log out to look at what you said so im going to assume you were praising donald trump jr's musk DNI if u don't return the shopping cart when u are physically able to return the shopping cart
Moogreturns @KurtSchlichter The only pedophile the world has tolerated is Donald Trump. And believe me, if you really think "labeling all gay people as pedophiles" is a new or winning idea, you're even dumber than you seem, which is nearly unimaginable. I'm back, I'm morbed out, and I'm ready to whoop some damn ass
CorvusBlacktho1 @nathaliejacoby1 Donald Trump next to me and a recorder in my hand. I would metaphorically hand him rope the entire flight. I am an anthropomorphic raven living in the Portland area.
Donald_L_Hardy California, USA @JennaEllisEsq I'm going on record, too. No one is trying to cancel it or make you recant. Your claim is hollow, and to me your faith is also. Writer, actor, single, and dog-guy. Very left.
CORoadie Colorado @atrupar “@KariLake So Donald, tell me how it is done again. I monetize my loss by lying about a stolen election and tell my marks to send me more money which goes right into my bank account with maybe a penny on the dollar actually spent pretending to look for fraud. Is that right?” UConn Husky Fan, cyclist and someone who just loves the outdoors.
Mr_Arizona2424 @JoJoFromJerz @atrupar If you had told me my local news lady would eventually turn into the female Donald Trump in politics I wouldn't have believed you. But here we are. Glad to see Arizona didn't just vote for a name they know and actually looked at policy and the character of the people running.
CarloBella1234 Tampa, FL @ValhallaValla @gc22gc And it blows me away, how I get attacked accusations calling me a bot.. I’m really a never Trumper.. I still love Donald Trump. I just think he was his worst own enemy.. you take that with having to go up against the media every last second trying to put you in jail.. they won.
drshawnthomas99 @AGAshleyMoody i could go to the dea playyard miami obtain something from there drive can you put me in 1502 collins ave please ritzcarlton @HillaryClinton and i need the 500k ivanka has my electric car grant from donald trump for some reason @IvankaTrump please rush today this the president

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