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nicolebyer NYC/LA/? I’m beginning to think and stay with me here... Donald Trump doesn’t care about black people See me live? Buy my merch?👇🏾click da link Nailed It & Comedians of the World on Netflix listen to my podcasts Why Won’t You Date Me? 90 Day Bae & Best Friends
davidsirota Denver, CO The Democrats are literally right now pushing to give Donald Trump more surveillance and police power. Never again tell me they don’t deserve criticism or presssure. Never, ever say it again. Subscribe: @JacobinMag editor; @GuardianUS columnist; @EmilyforCO's spouse; @TheGoldbergsABC character; Past: @BernieSanders speechwriter
svdate “You know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so when you write negative stories about me, no one will believe you." -- Donald Trump to Lesley Stahl, 2016 White House correspondent at HuffPost. Biographer, novelist, sailor of many ocean miles.
stiIlhoran crying over niall horan if you support donald trump, racist, rapist and murdered unfollow me right now 𝗵𝗼𝗹𝗱 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗶𝘁'𝘀 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗱𝗯𝘆𝗲
sydrne toronto donald trump is literally allowing and executing a kill order on people protesting the death of a black man and police brutality but PLEASE tell me again how he is not racist 😐 viet and lao babyyy
tcsagacious FCT, Abuja Nigeria Follow the link below to pray along with me for President Donald Trump and every member of his administration. @realDonaldTrump @Mike_Pence @SecPompeo @USEmbassyAbuja A servant, son & joint heirs with Jesus Christ.
Real_BAREWITHME @jaybrigitte I see these types of posts all the time, with no explanation , it’s just name calling and fake news. How about show me why Donald trump is Hitler??? This is my Gaming twitter and I wont add anyone on it , mainly for posting and messaging.
bluebird5986 @jameslankford Donald Trump must go for the good of the country. How can you sit back and watch as the country gets torn apart. There will never be trust in the government the way this is going. You are representing me! An Oklahoman. I deserve to be heard. #Yanggang #humanityfirst
StanleyLJean Florida, USA @realDonaldTrump They won't stop and I won't stop I will survive every insult what they are I am Donald I don't have to go away neither do they...conundrum when they first started with me I was befuddled then it grew on me who are they I thought now I don’t care
lilbbgigi if you’re latinx and support donald trump forking unfollow me right now okay so i wanna go to warped tour with my lunch lady, but we're both still debating either or not it's illegal. so, is it? | DaCrib University ‘21 | she/her
Rddedhd Redwood City, CA @Robertamnesia @FakaktaSouth @donald_j_putin My esteem was low to medium anyway. Learning Pompeo was first in his class at West Point killed it for me. That and White Power signs at the Army Navy game. Attorney, Deadhead, Associate Professor Paralegal Studies CSUEB, High School Mock Trial Coach #TheResistance #Resist #FBR
roseblack2_0 Arizona, USA @ewarren @UnimpressedWU Why!!!!!!?????!!!! Why do you twist and turn reality in order to fit your political agenda!?!?!?!??!? I'm neither of fan or a hater of Donald Trump but what disgusts me is this kind of crap. Stop it woman. Grow the fork up. 🤠 Mexican chick living in the Arizona desert 🌵🇺🇸
Gailbee TN by way of VA he would yell to me on the ship. Suddenly, I began to realize that the more Donald tried to drain the swamp, the more the swamp was going to drain him. Larger and larger alligators began to swim up and take large chunks out of our ship. We began to take on water and I knew then IFB Patriots No follow for those with ⬆️ follow/FB ratio. Married @Net2percentmiu No DMs. No spammers. InstaBLOCK! RN w 40+yrs Trump2020 #KAG #AlwaysTrump
krc062 Catholics for Trump are also often right-wing extremists, & loyal to Steve Bannon and Donald Trump than to the Sermon on the Mount Teachings, while, haters & defamers of Pope Francis. These types of Catholics make me want to Vomit, as its more loyal to Trump than Pope Francis. 🤮
JanetTa00959461 Florida, USA @Comey Voting and taking as many with me as possible. For Donald Trump.. Retired teacher. ❤️ The Bible, hubs, family & quilting ❤️ the Lord! Twitter for political discourse. #MAGA #KAG #CCOT #ProLife #1A #2A Text TRUMP to 88022
AshtonP1960 new york So let me get this straight. Trump can threaten my life, my family and friends lives but I can not Threaten his life? @CNN @maddow @JoeNBC @MichaelOprea1 @BakerHugh @mmpadellan @BillShedd @LarryRK04 @donald_line Physician Assistant.
stayfoo The empty space btwen the atom @jasonpaisley @Suggie4JC @tamalyn1 @OnlyInLVNV Tell that to Donald and he surely be delighted but not me. Maybe #DonaldtheHorrible can add some more to his science/tech advisers and spice up the crazy forks advisories/words that came out from very the man that long become the joke of the century! me wanna be the warm breeze that blows your cold in the freezing rains..
Nez322 Fayetteville, NC @marklevinshow Wow! Definitely a man of character! I’m proud of Donald J Trump! Stand your ground Me President and don’t hesitate todo what is right
tivon24 @vertvsworld @seansuchma_14 @Breaking911 @patriot256 Remember, it was governors and mayors who told their citizens that Donald Trump does not tell me what to do! Therefore he let them run their cities now they are asking him for the National Guard. The hypocrisy never stops.
TN4Jorgensen Tennessee, USA Donald Trump is a fascist and you can’t convince me otherwise Unofficial Campaign Page For Jo Jorgensen @jorgensen4POTUS for the State of Tennessee.
bitchjagger Costa Mesa, CA @aPlainview_ hahahah i love when i get in a uber being mexican and they instantly want to bring up donald trump dude just say you dont like me and leave me on the side of the road im not trying to argue smh 26. ☉sagittarius ↑virgo ☽aries (she/her) 🎸💘 i'm short! i'm brown! i cook! i travel! i like art! 🍱🍷📸
__MAXIMILIAAN__ Singapore and London I just fully realised Donald trump is the equivalent as lord sugar because of the apprentice. Let me just say this again, lord sugar’s Siamese twin is in the White House and calling the shots. Whaaaat. 19 💜 insta: @__maximiliaan__ maximiliaanmusic@gmail.com
KCD_CO @thejtlewis Let me just enlighten you that gen Z will no longer tolerate Donald trump in the White House. 2021... EXPECT BIG CHANGES. Gen Z has never EVER accepted trump and we won’t start any time soon, so start packing up your bags of bullcrap and a new president will commence! Im Keily... that’s all you gotta know
alexxmaria1016 New York, USA honestly people can come gor me i dont even give a crap anymore, fork donald trump. And if you actually support him youre the worst kinda person. #DicklessRapist I said what i said. Trainwreck🧚🏼
ByTwitt3r @Blitz_N_Me @realDonaldTrump President of the United States of America Donald Trump walked right down the street and posed with a bible in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church. Coward what? If Minnesota Freedom Fund uses money to free Anti-Fa members you can be charged with supporting terrorists!
Caudlewag Florida, USA Quick reminder that if you currently support Donald Trump, this Twitter's not for you, my content's not for you. If you can follow that man and claim you care about me you're a liar, and if you don't care about me, why are you here anyway? Get out. Unfollow. Now. Tails. I love them. That's about all there is to know about me really. Oh, also I'm a writer/Soundboy Icon by Lorddirk, Banner by @Chukazoo. Ace He/Him
Bzubyk Vancouver It’s easy for me to believe both of these: 1. Justin Trudeau is the least qualified, least accomplished and least serious PM in Canadian history and should be defeated. 2. Donald Trump is a menace to the democratic world and should have his bottom handed to him in November. sports, politics, travel. Can be grating during Lions and Jays games and elections. Especially elections.
StanleyLJean Florida, USA @realDonaldTrump The chased away can't chase me away Donald America is all I know every friend and every foe I'm brown and black nothing I can do about that
MrReginaldJames Telezart @nytimes "He said, 'You know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so when you write negative stories about me, no one will believe you.' The Commish | Grumphus | NYActorLA | Coach | Writer | Action Hero | Fitness Dude |
CNC_Ent Washington, DC Let me make sure I understand this. Donald Trump really had the police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protestors in DC to clear the streets for a photo op at a church he doesn't attend with a book he's… CNC Entertainment is a socially conscious, boxing promotion company that puts on competitive, fan friendly boxing shows in the Nation's Capital. #CNCEnt #BITNC
emilyym0120 sc: emilyym0120 “donald trump isn’t racist” watch this and tell me if you still believe that. if you do, you indeed are a racist as well BLACK LIVES MATTER
RobertSchonhoff Illinois Me and my neighbor hood are on the watch, and thank you for your prayers, we’ll be fine. You and yours take care of family. Donald 2020 and crap will be awesome Retired,AF Veteran, 1966 to 1972,Married to Sharon over 52 years,Conservative, NRA member, CCL. 2nd A. . Animal Lover, Gods Blessings for People!MAGA! and KAG
DarkMoneyDt Standing Against Injustice 6yo: Donald doesn’t care about people. Why do people vote for him? Me: Disinformation campaigns and misogyny mostly. 6yo: well the people that voted for him are to blame for his actions too right? If they didn’t get him in office then he’d just go away. Me: you get it. #BlackLivesMatter Activist, register voters, against disinfo, stop corruption, fight injustice, save America. Formerly @BatmanResist - fan account.
cosmickitten93 Fan account donald trump is the face of what whiteness and capital can do to a nation mainly black and brown people. he makes me sick 🍓🌸💌
BETHANYMCIL ang mundo The audacity of Trump to wave a Bible and stand outside a church as a prop, in order to try and empower or justify his deranged and autocratic ideologies really should baffle me but honestly I'm unsurprised. DONALD TRUMP IS POLLUTION. #BLACKLIVESMATTER cr. Associated Press
DiabetoORourke Wuhan, NY Anderson Cooper seems to have a problem with Donald Trump referring to rioters as thugs, but I don’t remember any complaints when Barack Obama did the same, time and time again. The joke’s on me for expecting any semblance of consistency, I guess. Hot dogs are sandwiches.
SpeakkNow13 I have many white friends but if I find out you support donald we’re done. That’s not a difference of opinion. You can’t see me as a human and support anything he stands for simultaneously. step into the daylight and let it go
olivia_cohmark As a woman. As someone with Jewish heritage. As someone who supports POC and #BlackLivesMatter. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community and as a human being, Donald Trump terrifies me. Aspiring actress Vegan Dedicated Sainsbury's worker Kinda hate life wont lie YouTube Channel pending Instagram - @olivia_cohmark
MCSPCorp Remote/USA @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @MELANIATRUMP @FLOTUS I beg you to stop dividing US. Every one of us get along and help each other and are friends more than you think. It's you Donald Trump who make us think the Repubs and Dems hate each other. It's you who make me feel I need to be hate filled towards my peers. I DONT HATE PEOPLE MCSPCCorp Data Processing / Security/ Cloud Technology CyberSecurity - *AWS,*Microsoft Developer III Regulatory, Compliance Auditor in MtgLending & Securities
Tomleegun Michigan, USA @AOC Hey AOC. If you have your Bible nearby, look up Revelation Chapter 13, Verse 5 and tell me if Congress has a contingency plan in case Donald is the one mentioned there. 42 months into his term is July 2020. Dad, Husband, Not President
Randy1116 Dallas, TX Romney went further. “Let me put it very plainly,” he said in March 2016, in a speech criticizing Trump: “If we Republicans choose Donald Trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished.” Randy Mayeux Accomplished Speaker;reads&speaks on books on business&social justice; feminist&anti-racist.-the Dallas Book Guy.
tlouishargon Home @davidfrum It never ceases to amaze me how many folks are willing to ruin their good names and careers they've spent decades polishing, all lost in the service of Donald Trump. I'm a picker I'm a grinner I'm a lover And I'm a sinner Playin' my music in the sun I'm a joker I'm a smoker I'm a mid-night toker I get my lovin' on the run
mom42chal ny @gtconway3d No there hasn't and im sure he will provide us with even lower moments before this crap show called donald trump is through. TELL ME HAVE THE TRUMPERS HAD ENOUGH WINNING YET? mother, wife, animal lover, la dodger fan and syracuse basketball fan. Hate all things Trump. Anybody else 2020
lowry_em Mississippi, USA Donald Trump is not my president. If you are offended: unfollow me, unadd me, unfriend me. I won’t be hurt. If you have seen and heard the things he’s said and you still support him, you are part of the problem. eat the rich
Denitx San Antonio Donald Trump is what happens when parents don't teach their children that "sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me". Writer in the making
njm_el #⃣ #dcblackout Donald Trap talks about sabotage and internal criminality 🤣 and about the attacks that took place in some cities and does not talk aboutThe death and the wheat of the cat is for me, the blacks 😂😂😂 There's no place for me to be racist.
MagNaredo @realDonaldTrump donald trump I want to tell you that what has just happened is an injustice they killed a colored man who did not do anything and also you did not do anything with the person who killed him that stopped me a damn farce because you did not show interest in what 🇰🇷🏳️‍🌈 Todos somos seres humanos no veo porque criticarlos 🖤
Parker0505 Kansas City, MO Barack Obama | Donald Trump But please, tell me how the shiny lights and kind words make you feel as though things are any better under liberal presidents. TFAKC // William Jewell College Alum (‘20) // ΛXA, EN-1362 // Music buff
lilandyprods California, USA @FBI His name is Donald J Trump. He has a twitter handle @realDonaldTrump He was installed as a puppet President by Russia and was seen having innocent protesters gassed today so he could walk in public and show America that he isn’t a #BunkerBaby . If you need more, let me know. Proud Gay Liberal trying to survive in the resurgence of the 1950's under this EVIL President. #Resistance #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #DeleteFacebook
_that_1person_ fork Donald Trump and saying they are “domestic terrorists” talk to me when you get out of the bunker💅🏻 i need friends:/

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