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gfeinholtz Tucson "No, if you claimed to be embarrassed by Barack Obama but you’re somehow not embarrassed by Donald Trump—I’m going to strongly suggest it was largely a pigmentation issue. And as an American...committed to diversity and equality...that, embarrasses me." Many hats worn - many more yet to wear
CharlesMBlow Brooklyn Read my column, “Impeach Donald Trump?,” and let me know what you think. NYT columnist. Author of #FireShutUpInMyBones Bookings: Instagram
CNN "I announced my candidacy in the middle of a blizzard, and he made fun of me for talking about climate change — by the way, happy #EarthDay…I said, 'Hey Donald Trump, the science is on my side.'" -Sen. Amy Klobuchar on controlling the message when facing Trump #KlobucharTownHall It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. Join us! For more breaking news updates follow @CNNBRK & Download our app 📲
AndrewCMcCarthy New York, NY Reminds me of when @NBCNews somehow managed to get past its deep moral qualms and cover leaked Trump tax return a month before Election Day. Bestselling author. Contributing Editor at National Review & Fellow at NR Inst. Fox News Contributor. Former Chief Asst. U.S. Attorney
dijoni @Simplylisette @sianoresist @DanielStromgre1 Me too. Donald Trump and his son-in-law are foreign agent. Working for Saudi Arabia and the Russian government. Actor, Fashion consultant, motivational speaker. Black consciousness. Believe in human rights oppressed people.
Johnhaight14 Massachusetts, USA @jdavidharden @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump This will be the greatest debate ever.. Donald won’t hold back lol. Joe when did you know Obama had the fbi try and set me up Incase I won? Btw joe probably didn’t even know Obama was a Muslim. Just look when he talks. He is lost I can see a phony a mile away. Aka the media
Annie03630007 @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Excuse me, but who thinks CC is as stupid and crazier than the Donald. It's a tuff call.
edington901 The FBI and the CIA won't be there to help!!!!! Think about who you would call if your loved goes missing, or a person that you know or yourself is threatened by someone. Trust me, Donald Trump is not who you want to call!!! This man is not fit to be President of this country!
roseblvds my mom told me that she had a dream that donald trump came to her job and wrote maga on her board and she shot him. BLM|free palestine🇵🇸|♑️
mike_nanfito Connecticut, USA I am in Virginia Beach today. I am extremely proud and grateful for the brave men and women who sacrifice every day to protect me, my beautiful daughters and every American. I am proud to be an American and I am proud that Donald J Trump is my commander in chief. Legal US Citizen. Single Dad. Proud CCDL & NRA member and defender of 3 beautiful daughters. INDEPENDENT TRUMPSERVATIVE. #MAGA #NRA. #2A. #TRUMP
consrvtvelatino Los Angeles, CA @froomkin Lol “Donald Trump is why...” spare me the semantics. Every President since as far back as I can remember has been a part of the disaster of foreign policies and war interventions, if you’re just now realizing because it’s a guy you don’t like, you’re a complete idiot. •Veteran (USCG) 🇺🇸 • Bilingual Political Commentator/Writer •RNHA CA, Director of Communications •Co-Founder of ‘Free Thinking Latinos’ Podcast
TCIMAGE_Marta Phoenix, AZ 588 people I follow and that follow me, follow Donald Trump. Why? You don’t need to follow him to see his tweets. Trump Hater- Any Functioning Adult 2020 - Literally Anyone Else 2020 #DoesNotExonerate #FollowEveryResister #RussiaAttackedUSA-Ignore DMs #DoSomethingForNothing
digitaldraco Nova Albion, CA @Donald_E_Heller @sberg0 @rtoutkou @imbernomics As someone who was pursuing a Masters at your school and had hoped to continue, this has made me SERIOUSLY reconsider. I hope you reconsider. I'll let my tweets chirp for themselves. Games, psychology (MHRS, MFT grad student at USF), photography, science, nerd stuff. Ravenclaw. Democrat. #resist
m_bruntz In my humble opinion. I believe that all Resisters should unfollow Donald. There really isn't any reason to follow him if you want to see his tweets all you have to do is look at his feed. But that's just me and how I do it. We share a profile,we have no secrets.Proud Resisters.Resisting hate & corruption,followed by Scott Dworkin and The Palmer Report #resistance #FreedomOfThePress
Donald_Duck217 Boise, ID @PFTCommenter yo get me into tonight, I go to ECU and couldn’t get a ticket 267-261-0678
marilyngster Downtown SLC Donald Trump use of the words "Presidential Harassment", makes me angry. He's a public figure in America, people have a right to discuss him. A free press as the right to comment on his policies and behavior. He demeans people on a daily basis. Ask women about real harassment.
gptom3 St Ignace, MI I voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Will you join me? Find your polling place: #TrumpTrain #Election2016
MrMorganfarts Montana, USA "Mr. Twitter, can I pwease have my bots back? And don't wet twitter be mean to me anymore" - Donald Trump, 2019 Did you know that Dark Side of the Moon was on the charts for 736 consecutive weeks after it came out? crap's wack.
LogosBolo United States Harley Davidson motorcycles DONALD TRUMP Authentically American Hollywood No more lies - The evil goes so far and beyond that Buzz light year is suing L.A. saying “Hey that’s my thing - you gave it to me” Get it - Maybe we all should before they Quake it all to bits.. LA: A Lawless corrupt anti American terrorist controlled City. I am the people’s chosen king, Christ’s Vicar undeservedly, to declare god’s offensive standard.
cadvx_ donald really just laughed when the dude was hitting on me and i felt really uncomfortable 😐 22
oreIlama Canada @katxluisa tell me how tf I got Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Donald Trump, the three most problematic in that gif set I’m lol wtf am I doing
onthefence11 Delaware, USA @RichardKacz @GeraldoRivera It’s ugly and looking uncomfortably accurate, and it makes me wonder if the President is compromised. That’s all. Donald Trump is not a reliable source, to say the very least. Centrist, creative, analytical. Mid-40's, blue collar/college degree. I ridicule Dictator-lovers.#resist #Khashoggi
FairStability New York, USA @phil_mckraken @GOPkleptocrat @HouseOfJames2 @alta247 @LeonWhi63670221 @MagaMKEG @provdcrumblover @canine2 @AwayFromTheKeys @PwrCane1 @Flattielover @alterhan @uptownborg @naturelover3333 @Emanonthx3 @FnicholasR @Big_D_411 @ShellyRKirchoff @TT197 @ristine_kevin @TrumpSugar @ThereseOSulliv2 @gorillastyle @Barbs4579s @conserv_4ever @PRDDEPLBL0157 @AdolphusGusII @PinkRangerAnna1 @Big_crusher1000 @sayit_PrezTrump @georgew73855762 @Murgandy @2tall2fall4it @cvolks83 @donald_aper @clairevaux @IDream_inColor9 @SBDSoultrain @KostiukLeah @MAGATrumpster @SpaceForceBravo @MisterJuanRico @MariaZupan @FaihaD @libertyschild1 @ACMeyor @esta_joy @FreedomRings_ @alshadowdancer @Suzette300700 - and financial improprieties surrounding the "foundation" that IMHO exists only to launder illicit gains and enrich them I will concede that there was a lot of smoke and nothing really there. Not for me to say - I don't know what I don't know but then again, neither do you. Seeking truth always. Facts, just the facts ma'am.
birving101 Kansas City @CES_Alaska @realDonaldTrump First, I’m not un-American; not sure what you mean by that statement— I’m a proud American citizen. Second, I’m not a communist, and Donald Trump is an embarrassment to me. There is nothing liberal about my comment. Thank you and you are entitled to your opinion, sir.
neosskz skz nct atz tbz + more i keep getting texts from this guy named Donald and he says he knows me from Facebook but i don’t have Facebook 🤔 #필릭스: yes i chose burger king get on my level
SLHartley1 In Your Lane ... @MorphRedPill @YamaShuma @kelly2277 @DrDenaGrayson @realDonaldTrump Sure. And when he says the sky is green we should all believe that too because..... why? Because per donald he “knows the sky better than anyone”? Kinda sounds a bit cultish to me Morph. I wouldn’t be swallowing too many of that red pill BS. Liberally liberal, zero tolerance for the intolerant, aspiring writer, ready to throw down for democracy #Resistance #MeToo #RAWarrior #BLM #LGBTQ FBR
BeingKimmieToo Washington, DC Wish I could remember who told @NicolleDWallace that Republicans (I paraphrase) are on 5th Avenue because they’re willing to let Donald Trump get away with anything. Help me out, @DeadlineWH! I need to be reminded who said this and exactly how it was said! #DeadlineWH #Inners [two of me] Government Relations professional. Policy + Politics here. Pop Culture + Sports over at @BeingKimmie. Mommy to a fur baby named @LouieThePoodle.
EchelonStudios Wilmington, DE Hi Melania---I just heard that you and Donald had an argument over dinner this weekend at Mara-a-Lago. I hope it wasn't anything serious. Call me if you need to talk. Worldwide Film Sales/Licensing/Production Company specializing in Indie Films. Contact:
KetonJulie @72ps @Lrihendry @realDonaldTrump Seriously? Please don’t tell me that Donald Trump is your example of a good Christian. I am a Christian and am appalled by the things he says and does. I am also a Democrat. Many people, like myself, believe in the separation of church and state. Mom of Matt, Ben and Owen
daroachbot daroach land me and the squad rolling out to mc donald the official bot of daroach kirby squeak squad (made by @_Daroach) tweets about every 10 mins
VINTAGE4MOMS Germany 70s Vintage Micky Mouse and Donald Duck Pin Retro Vintage Mid via Impressum: Christofer Caric Memelerstr.4 41460 Neuss Kontakt: Telefon: 01726349484 E-Mail: Christofer.Caric@hotmail.de Umsatzsteuer-IdNr.: DE309183550
TruthTrumpTweet United States TWEET of TRUTH I agree. UNFOLLOW that Fellon and FOLLOW ME!!! @DJTRUMPHonest Truthful & Honest Donald Trump (A Parody) #KINGTRUMP!!!! If I were Truthful & Honest, which I am not, these would be my TWEETS of TRUTH
Donald_E_Heller San Francisco, CA @saragoldrickrab Ha ha, this is hilarious. Did you get tired of personal attacks on me, so now you'll attack my institution as well? I'll put my institution's outcomes and metrics up against others out there who serve as diverse a population as ours, including Temple 1/ Provost and VP of Academic Affairs, and Professor of Education, @USFCA. Views are my own - especially those about politics, sports, education, curling, and arts
WerbiskiJames @realDonaldTrump listen Grandpa Donald. The democrats don't see what I sea. Impeachment and trying to prove it is just a waste of tax dollars. Barack did nothing as you fought for me Gramps.Follow me and live. I love to play guitar
Susweca2 Earth It's already KNOWN Kushner gave the Crown Prince a list of their mutual enemies. It was part of his 600 million dollar loan deal. Jamal Khashoggi criticized both Donald Trump and the Crown Prince, so they agreed to take him out. No one will ever be able to convince me otherwise Immune to propaganda, my respect has to be earned, & I value truth. Atheist & I swear!!! NO DM's, no exceptions !!!!!!!! #impeachTrump #resist
RShaw04665232 Columbus, MS This is to all my friends and family there's a guy named Robert Foster running for governor of Mississippi he's a conservative he is a second amendment arrived guy he supports everything Donald Trump does and will stand behind him 100% the man just give me his word vote for him Patriot to the Bone sick of this left-wing liberals time to make America like it used to be a man works for what he gets not handouts handshake mean something
HaloDeck2 Michigan, USA @allinwithchris Mr. Cummings Why are the Democrats treating this lawless president as if he'll wakeup 1 day and say 2 himself "you know trump and this obstruction thing is a true story and like a true patriot I donald j trump will instruct every1 who's worked 4 me 2 fully co-operate w/congress"? Fifty plus mother of 4 grandmother of 14 & great grandmother of 3. SyFy enthusiast & life long Star Trek Fan LIVE LONG AND PROSPER #theresistance #notrump💗🌇🌆
Methodrone1 🍄▫️+ 👅💥Oneness💥👅+▫️🍄 @Noonex8900 I take exception to that. Do you have even the remotest idea just how much money I was paid to defecate all over the Constitution and the American people? No, you don't. Also Donald doesn't pay me for fellatio, that's my pleasure thank you very much. P.S. Pence likes to watch. The nature of your oppression is the aesthetic of our anger. - Crass Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. - Thomas Merton
sierra_grigsby Portland, OR plz tell me why my 5 year old sister just asked me where donald trump lives and why some people are brown.... ur fave lash gal
EdShields12 North Carolina @MarshallCohen @OkieLibSherry Donald Trump tells me something. Almost any other person tells me something... I will believe that almost any other person day in and day out before I will believe Trump about anything! Dad & GrandDad to wonderful kids/grandkids. Lifetime long, very strong, patriotic, objective, pragmatic INDEPENDENT! Love my country - country before ANY party!
fxstguy West Central Florida (TB) @Otispfudpucker Let me assure you and everyone else as well it will be easier for them to get Donald Trump's tax returns then it would be to get any information out of me via a DM. I try to be as good as my dogs think I am #DisabledVeteran #ClimateChange #MAT #RetiredFederalLEO #EndPoverty #VoteBlue #PRU #UU🌊 🥃
WiemkenPatriot Normalica, Mars Space Port 1 I hear Democrats are in the Donald Trump is an idiot and a moron stupid has no brains horrible individual with no common sense or leadership skills. Look at this website and compare this to your own portfolio and tell me why he stupid or a moron. Dems Hate what they can’t control A non-religious Follower of Jesus. Ask him if he really is who he claimed to be to show you in a way that you too can believe
BeingKimmieToo Washington, DC Thank you, @JoyAnnReid! I’m tired of people saying we need to have confidence in our Constitution and in our laws; that our institutions will hold and the foundations to democracy will withstand Donald Trump. Really? I don’t see a shred of evidence to make me believe. #Inners [two of me] Government Relations professional. Policy + Politics here. Pop Culture + Sports over at @BeingKimmie. Mommy to a fur baby named @LouieThePoodle.
JulieBiashop1 Thailand. I like Hillary Clinton for the simple reason that she pisses off Donald Trump and that amuses me. Oh I am a guy. I am a pensioner. Married to beautiful Thai lady. Go each year for a year to Thai to look after her mum, 87. Love motor sports. Love a joke.
justicar Seattle @Donald_E_Heller We have more than enough tax revenue if we stop providing tax cuts to billionaires and corporations. Miss me with the “there are more important things to.” It’s false scarcity, and making it sound like it’s Either-Or instead of And is playing into the false narrative. Formerly: Director, Marketing Tech at EA. #HireGlenn #EBFG. Videogames. Sounders. NY Rangers. He/Him. Pins:
RealFakeNews_uc Donald Trump didn't tell the truth when he stated on FEB. 24 "ICE came and endorsed me."
4milichs @WhiteHouse Pelosi, Is so Clear Headed in despising Donald Trump, it gives her the inherent belief that being brain dead is good enough for me to see "IT" day in and day out, over and over and over and over again. Is witnessing this madness really what my freedom should allow me?
DennisEdward18 @MAGA2ARIGHTS @DGPurser @gatewaypundit My mama always told me if you don't know what you're talkin about that off keep your mouth shut that way you don't get people mad at you that's what you need to do is look in the mirror and think about it God bless our President Donald J Trump hey man yes I believe in God is 1
comiesinclair83 Massachusetts, USA @LindseyGrahamSC You sir are an embarrassment not only to the Republican party but to your country! Donald Trump is a moron and utterly without any moral compass and you continue to kiss his ass. You make me sick! he's a goddamn Criminal love my country, hate our Prez. New to Twitter. Woke. Despiser of racism and bigotry. Feed the hungry. Help the poor.

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