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themillers44 Illinois, USA @inthecopa @alwaysthemama I am a Trump supporter and The Donald embarrasses me sometimes. The POTUS does not light a candle to the gaff machine that is Biden though. 🤭 Father, Loving Husband, Handyman, RVer, Conservative, Juvenal at Heart, Hero in my children's eyes.
OrinKerr Berkeley, California Refuse to cooperate and then say, "look, I don't get along with this man Starr. He's after me. He's a Republican." -- Donald Trump in 1998, offering advice on what Bill Clinton should have done at the deposition in the Paula Jones case. (h/t politico) Law professor at @BerkeleyLaw. Computer crime law and criminal procedure. Lawyer, but not yours. Co-founder, @chkbal. "human scum!" -- @RealDonaldTrump
SethAbramson All views mine. (I find watching Steve Castor *so* painful as a attorney that a part of me wants to switch parties, put on a suit, take a flight to Washington, and testify in his place on Donald Trump's behalf just to get this absolute embarrassment to federal testimony off my television screen) @Newsweek columnist. NYT bestselling author of Proof of Collusion (Simon & Schuster) and Proof of Conspiracy (Macmillan, Professor. Lawyer.
DanScavino Washington, DC✈️New York “If you are going to impeach me, do it now, fast, so we can have a fair trial in the Senate, and so that our Country can get back to business.” President Donald J. Trump MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Personal Twitter Handle.
bogard_donald Hello FB Friends, we have 2 Microsoft surfaces for sale. Both windows 10, and each has detachable keyboards, and chargers. Good for Christmas presents. Asking 100.00 firm on each one of them. Call or text me at 785-215-0176.
GaiaLove888 In masses). I told y’all the moment I saw Donald trump he reminds me of HITLER and he’s behind all of this and I know it. Mind control, he’s big mad because people hate him so he is such a control freak that he would literally find a way to mass mind control Americans to vote for ☁️✨🌸 Creator Goddess
Cla97878552Kyle Earth @1912Fenway @DMansini @RepDLesko @senatemajldr Interesting conversation with a Republican Senator's staffer today. She actually agreed with me that donald is a scumbag. I'm telling all of them they can either be a "Harry Truman" making the tough decision or they can be the 2nd in line to turn and no one will care less. Better hurry. Who are we supposed to hate on today? I'm confused.
not_that_donald New Hampshire, USA Believe it or not, I had the chance to meet Bailey and Bruce Mann tonight (who knew me as the t shirt guy 😳) If you’re willing to let it slide, the #canvassingstreak is alive at #day7 because the bartender is filling out a PTV. @NHforWarren @ewarren @TeamWarren @warrenstanclub Hall of Fame Class of 2019. #Warren2020
Rashid36964094 Libya @IvankaTrump @USDOL Hello mr. Donald Trump I am a Libyan citizen and my name is Rashid. He was born on 8/21/1999. I want to help and I want to achieve my dream I want to get American citizenship. To realize my dream, I want you to help me 00218928578754 And to be frank I want $ 29500000 p
dawnamore Homestead, FL @GovMikeHuckabee @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump Please don’t disappoint me Senator Graham!!!! I always said I would move to South Carolina just because of you !!! Please stand firm and don’t let the Dems get away with this!!!! Best President Ever Donald J Trump !! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
William79304674 London. England. He would say that though. Hes never going to be honest and say what he thinks which I'd imagine goes like this " WHAT? OH fork OFF AND LET ME N DONALD STEAL AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE " Ardent LEEDS fan. Dad and grandad. political idiot. learning. In the distance I remember everything.
sfondonella This is a huge fork YOU to the man who was riding my bottom and slammed into the back of my car causing me to slam into the car infront of me totaling my car AND THEN has the audacity TO forkING FLEE THE SCENCE. Karma is coming for you and his name is Donald Trump.
jessvote Washington, USA @GOPLeader kevin just me in all this Donald won by 63 million americans, the next election, expect and I am low balling 67 million americans just my thought. Retired Boeing mechanic/machinist
LJT_is_me Georgia, USA @WhiteHouse IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this ninth day of December, in the year of our Lord two thousand nineteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-fourth. DONALD J. TRUMP BE what you hope to become-your choice
LJT_is_me Georgia, USA @WhiteHouse NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim December 10, 2019, as Human Rights Day; December 15, 2019, as Bill of Rights Day; BE what you hope to become-your choice
DrGitpaws @atrupar Wait. Let me make sure i get this straight. Donald says Jew's are 'not nice people at all,' but 'Nazis are fine people?' Wow. What nightmare did I just find myself in, and how did I go back to 1941? Retired Chemist, Ph.D. (Ohio State U.), Dog Lover 😛, Amateur Musician with Pawkish sense of humor. I'm so old, I know what Pawkish means...
JCainer Ontario, Canada @stealthygeek All this 'child' stuff is creepy! Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to find out you are some deranged pedophile. Very strange dude and delusional. "Everybody is out to get me! The sites, cyber stalkers, aliens, and Donald Trump!". Poor little pedo guy Patrick Sucks Tomlinson Red pilled and lovin life on the Trump Train! Proud Canadian and loyal Conservative. Big John Stossel fan. #TrudeauMustGo #MAGA #MCGA
coiledgerg1 @houndsandflowe1 @tedcruz I am not worried about what Trump did or what Biden did and I think it’s fair of me to do so...... however I don’t think it’s fair to be cool with what Joe did but not what Donald did
me_hool @realDonaldTrump Dear Donald Trump: Please stop sucking at the Saudi teet and send every one of those trainees out of our country and back to that ruthless son-of-bitch who was involved in 911, killed and dismembered a journalist and had trainee pilot shoot and kill 3 more. Enough is enough! I just got on Twitter and I have no idea what the hell I'm doing on here. Don't know a soul and don't know how to get anywhere.
julesforest @Jim_Jordan Jim attacks anyone who dares to defend the American people against the criminal acts and tyranny of @realDonaldTrump . Donald withheld funds and if he was a democrat, that alone would be enough to impeach for me. Yet, donald can do it . Jim shouts at the process again today. 🙄 Patriot. Scientist. Lover of nature and democracy.
HDblurredvision @BreitbartNews Its odd to me that people are basically saying donald trump should get away with scamming tax payers and try to cheat the election with the help of other governments because he hasnt completely ruined the economy like he has for farmers. I thought I was a leader. Twitter has me believing I'm a damn follower.
GoodeThatBoi Lower Queen Anne, Seattle You know what makes me happy about the Rams/hawks game? Y’all have to do THIS to Aaron Donald and still can’t contain him 😂😂😂 I am twitter
MaggiePeggy123 When Biden was questioned about why he went off on an 83-year-old voter in Iowa and called him a "damn liar" and "fat" - Malarkey Joe stuck his finger in this lady's face and said: "Don't you dare compare me to Donald Trump!" LMAO. He's off the rails!
RealFakeNews_uc Donald Trump lied when he said on FEB. 24 "ICE came and endorsed me."
DaShanneStokes United States I'm not sure which scares me more: how many crimes and abuses of power Donald Trump has committed or that the GOP doesn't seem to care. #impeachmenthearings #igreport #impeachmenthearing Sociologist, author, pundit. Politics and culture scholar. Fighter for equality and justice. You may have caught me on TV or radio or read my work. Views mine.
MakeMonsters Vancouver, British Columbia Yana just showed me Forsaken, which is a Kiefer Sutherland/ Donald Sutherland cowboy movie and god DAMN how did I not know this existed? You know who plays a charming southern gunfighter in it? The badguy from The Crow. Yeah. Dollar Store Demiurge. Words, Sculpts, and MTG Arena Apostate. He/Him. Gatineau, Quebec. Profile image by @Princess_Jem4
garyray48 America. And before someone jumps on and tells me we can have our say in 2020 let me remind you that Donald Trump is already working on the corruption for the 2020 election he has not stopped and the chances are we will be defeated again. Frankly we should be able to have our vote now IMO I'm Not A Liberal Nor A Conservative. I'm Just A Guy That Cares About My Country & as an American citizen I cannot condone nor accept a corrupt President.
swaggymiIkshake bunny girl senpai @LlONS__ Well one person thought I was a catfished and reported me for that. Then I had fork Donald trump in my bio and got in a fight about trump with some white boy and he reported me then I got banned be honest guys, does hanabi deserve rights? | public enemy #1
PalmarianFireFA Islas Canarias, África "You're seeing this event because seems you're interested in politic and Donald Trump" Me what? *Plays Africa by Toto* Generic fox with wonderful hair || 29 || Furry Artist || INTJ-A AD Account: @PalmarianFireAD
StevenTSteven1 @Rschooley in the mail today. a letter from Donald Jr. he set aside a copy of his new book just for me. the postage was paid for by ...wait for it National Republican Congressional Committee. And it came all the way from Washington D.C. - I don't want to open it cause you know, smells. (I'm not LinkedIn.) .....'most men and women will grow up to love servitude and will never dream of revolution. -Aldous Huxley, Brave New World.
cozykristen ucla me talking about how indigenous people consumed meat sustainably for generations and worldwide industrial farming is a result of colonialism vs me when mac donald chicky nugy the human embodiment of “swing and a miss” she/her
Joe_Varner Chicago, IL It feels coordinated. In fact, when you look at today, starting with rosenstein's statement, followed by the IG report, followed by AG bars statement and prosecutor Dunham's statement, ending with Donald Trump's statement, it paints one hell of a picture for me. Bears fan and lover of all things Star Wars
donald_colbert yeaI'mfromNew Iberia,scary ass @AfricaThen @UnitedBlackOrg Her sitting there screaming “ma’am ma’am” over and over is what pissed me off ... 🤦🏾‍♂️ I hate sympathetic black folks Zb4L 1100 Don’t Follow or like crap , UNLESS you’re aiming to fork ME, LOVE me ,or just Aiming to BUILD an INTIMATE relationship,RASTAfarI, Z is the Soul of God
paulitosays Texas Are all y’all LeeAnne Locken haters going as hard on Donald Trump as you are on her? After all, he’s said some pretty racist crap too. Just saying, don’t be petty and stupid. Hold people accountable. I have time so come at me. #RHOD My opinion is MINE and it isn’t yours. Husband. Dog Dad. Mouthy Bitch.
themeparkqueer me, two margaritas down and in line to meet Donald in his silly sombrero theme park enthusiasm for the average folk • they/he • disability friendly • profile pic by @sayomisketches on insta
findtruthalways @RealSaavedra Let me see , turn coat Paul Ryan works for fox, James Comey was not booked to appear on Fox and friends 🤣 🤣 and my uncle is Donald Trump 🤣 🤣 and if all that is true then Jeffrey Epstein did kill himself 😂 😂 #MAGA ❤️ #POTUS We, the #deplorable #draintheswamp #KeepAmericaGreat! #BabiesLivesMatter
MitchRanda11 Boulder, CO I would have won in 2016 if Hillary, Bernie, Jill Stein, Suzan Saradon, and Donald Trump had campaigned for me. Also, there was an utter and complete media blackout on me. They hurt me, but I think Russia did not want me in. My name didn't even appear on ballots in some states. Citizen of the US directly hurt by the corruption and rigging of our political system.
MulcaheyPatrick Washington, USA @Jamey_Giddens Donald Glover's "Atlanta" is wonderful, if you haven't already seen it. I loved "Dead to Me" too. Linda Cardellini is such an inventive actor. Have you checked out "Succession" yet? It somehow manages to be screamingly funny and deadly serious at the same time. Writer
adammcb Brooklyn, NY Attorney General Barr has counseled Trump that Rudy Giuliani is a liability and a problem for the Trump administration. // Permit me to add: Donald Trump and Attorney General Barr are also both liabilities and problems for the Trump administration. designer user experiences, fixer of computers, resident of nyc, citizen of earth
Aynaiyah @thehill All of Graham’s slick lawyer talk and political gibberish won’t save him and his pal Donald from what is coming upon them: “For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me.” Job 3:25 A facilitator of peace ... the essence of our existence.®
Birddog0804 Augusta, GA.born in Germany @RN_4Vols I just gave that bitch a rude awakening because President Donald Trump is going to win again the hell with Joe Biden and I cussed Her bottom out so she might be blocking me out to I don’t give a rats bottom 😂😂😂😂👍👍👍 Single person 🇩🇪🇺🇸
DiannaMaria United States @tedb75 @JohnSto25170831 @DanScavino @realDonaldTrump AS I’VE SAID OVER AND OVER. Give Donald Trump the key 🔑 and crown 👑 to the United States because what Donald Trump wants Donald Trump gets. Yes, I know he will prob win in 2020 and that is enough to make me 🤮. No thank you. Now just stop and find something to do. ~ I am a very proud mom of a sweet, kind and caring 29 year old son who is the light of my life ~💙~ I also have 2 adorable fur babies ~ 🐱💞🐱💞
5277_665 Houston, TX @bc_philanthropy The only thing I have is a PayPal - 19maddog007@gmail.com ( Donald Hobbs) I have 6 Homeless Vets staying with me. Thank You and God Bless You Born Sept 1947 Not here for dates, relationships or nudity. open minded to all no matter what race you classify yourself in
donald_aper Columbia, Mo @D_Dextra Question: Why haven’t we heard a peep out of the FISA Judges that the FBI lied to in asking for the warrants? Seems to me if I’d have been made to look like a fool by them I’d be pissed as hell and looking to have some G-Man asses in a sling. 🤔 Over the road truck driver, happily married , concerned grandfather of 6, hoping common sense finds us all: NO DM’S..I am a proud NATIONALIST! I support BLEXIT!
LopSidedHalo28 Maryland, USA Think about that for a moment and tell me that Donald Trump has our best interests at heart when doing foreign policy. Aspiring Writer. Fierce Friend. Lover of Men 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
ddchills Florida @goodreads I brought myself the whole Donald Goines collection of books because unfortunately people don't buy me books because they know I like to go to the library and save money. Avid reader of legal thrillers, murder mysteries, drama, and Harlequin romance books! Love watching Reality TV survivor shows!
BillyDeMarco4 @gwizz55692103 @seanhannity @Comey @realDonaldTrump @FBI To late. Got lot's of Cult Babies running around.. Don't need yours and Nancy Pelosi's fake prayers. My lord is taking care of me just fine.. Pssst... his name isn't Donald...🤣 Proud Trump Supporter... #MAGA
FightinGranny Wack'em, Canada @YegRiverEdm @ivyjofreeman For me, it's the comparison between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau. Many Americans would love to have Trudeau as their president. Many Canadians are attacking Trudeau. Really, which is the lesser evil?? In every way, we Canadians are so blessed. Trump, GOP, FOX and MAGAts are a threat to this world. Let's get them gone. #Resistance
BrellYanni @pastorlocke @realDonaldTrump You have no idea what you're talking about. On some level, you know this is true and don't care. Why a pastor would support Donald "Grab em by the puss_" Trump used to be beyond me. Since then it's been made so clear, that religion is th last gasp of American white supremacy music art teaching learning. But my favorite thing to talk about is how Evangelicals have sold any future claim to moral authority by standing with Trump.
ScottFeinberg Los Angeles, CA 99-year-old American hero @BenFerencz, last surviving Nuremberg trials prosecutor and subject of a new doc called PROSECUTING EVIL (now on @Netflix), joins me on the pod to discuss taking on Nazis, fighting for the @IntlCrimCourt & Donald Trump’s behavior .@THR’s awards columnist/host of its 'Awards Chatter' podcast (Oscar/Emmy/Tony contender interviews). Experiences collector. Tweeted views=my own.