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Donald Trump Embarrasses Me.

The things some people say about Donald Trump Embarrasses Me.

MSNBC Katy Tur: If Donald Trump is indicted and he has to be extradited...the extradition process in Florida would require Gov. Ron DeSantis to get involved Vaughn Hillyard: It's very, very complicated and messy. As one law enforcement official told me, this is uncharted territory The place for in-depth analysis, political commentary and diverse perspectives. Home of @MSNBCDaily.
AnnieGrayerCNN Donald Trump and his family failed to report nearly $300,000-worth of gifts they received from foreign governments between 2017 and 2020, according to a new report by House Oversight Democrats obtained by @ZcohenCNN and me Full story: Reporter covering Congress for @CNN. Former 2020 embed who crisscrossed the country reporting on @BernieSanders. Email: Annie.Grayer@cnn.com
ThePlumLineGS If Republicans lose the Wisconsin supreme court race, it will be the third straight loss for MAGA in this key Midwestern state after Biden (2020) and Evers (2022). "MAGA can’t win in 2024 without the Badger State," @benwikler tells me: Columnist for Washington Post Opinions.
wesley_mullinax Douglas, alabama @mitchellvii He’s Donald Trump you dork. He will pay his legal bills and his supporters me included will donate more money if we have to. He’s not going down for this dog and pony show these crooks are playing. #TRUMP🚂2024 #AMERICA FIRST 🇺🇸I’m married and have two beautiful children (thanks2theirmom)😉. I’m a diesel technician. I like sports,and classic cars.
kru37hskwn2j @ryangrim Yea I still hate Donald Trump and even believe Russiagate (!!!) and EVEN I basically think the media is full of nonsense bs like this. They lost ME of all people
AnnecresswellC Donald Trump is a corrupt, lying seditionist and an enemy of America! Prove me wrong! I can think for myself and don't follow a flock. True Blue. Believe in honesty and integrity and kindness. Never ever Trumper.
sethpetersonla L.A. @archam2nina @J59589191 @NonyaBiznessjb @jonnybjaa @PAustinisme @lsferguson @ForAshli The difference between me and you is, I don’t care if politicians go to prison. I’m country over party, and I’m not even a biden fan if he did something illegal I hope he does go to prison. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is clogging the courts right now, so get in line🤣 Dad, #poet, #politics, photography, street art and perpetual debater. In a relationship, no DM’s please
BrotherAnthon10 3824 Nth 13th st Arlington,va @DemInRedOK Give Donald Trump life in prison!! And let me destroy the key!!! And I do it with no charge!! Brotheranthonyxavierbrown1@gmail.com Queens high,M.I.T,finished at Howard University,Desert Storm,Mechanic,customize,racing for corvette,camaro,aston martin aclu naacp
Darrell57624316 Connecticut, USA Spare me, with the phony Wet Market crap. This was a bio weapon used to harm people, that were orchestrated by US, China and perhaps other Countries Governments participated. Dr. Fauci, Donald Trump and others need to be squeezed, so the truth will come out of their mouths. Hello everyone, I'm glad to be part of the twitter media platform. I'm a minister of the gospel. Producer, on Television. Producer/Songwriter.
Richard54745377 Biddeford, ME @Truth_Gazette Now watch and see how much fakebook sensors his speech if Donald needs to get a message out why would he do it here one he has truth social and he's back on Twitter supposedly makes me wonder if these are just fake bot accounts Patriot all the way long live free speech don't really give a rats bottom about feelings so save you're liberals tears fork around and find out
philquin Wellington City, New Zealand If you can spot any daylight between Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn on Ukraine, and US foreign policy generally, you've got better eyesight than me. I treat Twitter as a proxy spouse to whom I relay unsolicited observations about whatever I happen to be watching, reading or thinking. Phil.quin@gmail.com 🌈
DonnaJMessier1 What happened in those secret Donald Vladimir meetings and why is it imp... via @YouTube For the life of me I can't understand how the secret service would allow the president to go into a room alone! Putin could have murdered Trump and the note taker. God made me so i must be special.
finnobarbarian Finland @hirotonfa Reminds me of one Donald duck comic where part of the comic was done like manga and was like my first experience with the comic format Finnish forestry student. I like arts, old adverts and history. Not many marketable skills but trying to acquire some.
WorldCelestial1 And probably a long list of criminals such as the psychopathic endian larose who you told to assassinate me because Donald won the election you need to be locked up in jail you went around trying to hire people to kill me suck as eli and zackary saikaley pam cheniel or chelien
lcfcmeIIeehh Sweden @POTUS I’m throwing up right now. I finally thought we escaped the years of Trumpian darkness, yet I see that Donald Trump is back on twitter. I will be LEAVING THIS COUNTRY. I already got my passport, and booked my flight for a CIVILIZED country, RUSSIA 🇷🇺! Good luck without me, USA. lcfc • ifk göteborg | #10 #14 #37 | #RodgersOut
furgo1958 Birkenhead, Merseyside. @IsItTrue_false "A like police dramas and looking at farmers, ave got Donald Duck on the bottom of me pyjamas"🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌
Lawrenc03474506 Today I think about Patrick Henry in the congress and what Donald trump relayed I think to be a soldier and defend but the democrats are in between me and my reality like a wedge in a stone trying to break apart the whole!
bonchieredstate United States @jdawson1575 The only person picking up the tactics of the leftist media is Donald J. Trump and his paid influencers. Me telling the truth is definitely not like the leftist media. That's not their thing. Writer for Come for the hot takes, stay for the semi-decent retweets.
dayleenewss your dreams @OnyxvsSantiago Girl….. I just finished. Why would Donald make me watch this crap. He’s so brilliant and I’m just mad about the ending Libra ☉ Aries ☽ Capricorn ↑ | cash app : $DayleeNewss
Lawrenc03474506 Fox holes they have been labeled trenches for the combat soldier to slip into and defend not only his self his fellow soldier I remember my brief tour in Vietnam though black mafia tried to force me to forget my desire us for USA not black or white it is USA like Donald Trump !
thereal_jwoww #SWARM …Donald Glover and Janine Nabers made a thriller/horror story that somehow captures how one deals with grief through social media and celebrity obsession and turned it into something so chilling. Episodes 5 and 7 stuck with me. 🎥🎥🎥
JossiAtheist Same place I was yesterday @MJJean11 @ksorbs We won by getting more people to vote for Joe Biden. The elect was honest, and Donald Trump honestly lost. Tell me how beating Michael Fanone was going to accomplish anything. Those idiots acted like thugs and they deserve everything that happens to them. #atheist #LGBT #LegalizeIt I’m an atheist, I like marijuana, I don’t like people I do not like, MAGAs will be blocked
m4dd092020 @LorenGraham2022 @DeviantCrypto @tinfoilted1 @DineshDSouza What are you talking about? I asked you to show proof Donald Trump committed a crime and you showed me proof that Donald Trump DID NOT commit a crime. Shooting yourself in the foot?
Illcitvirus115 “Sure wish you could’ve been to them with me, Donald and Goofy.” He/him. Born in the USA. Gamer, artist, Warhammer & Gunpla hobbyist. Atheist & Progressive. LGBTQ Rights! #ActuallyAutistic 🇭🇰🏳️‍⚧️🇵🇸🏳️‍🌈
gcomentarios @elonmusk Mr Musk, you are great! Please remove the shadow ban that your employees from Brazil gave me, just because I'm right wing and support Donald Trump! clique no link para comprar minha nova Obra: “O Toque do Criador”
SnidelyWhiplas5 @HermistonBryan @MylesAusPol @RepMTG If I want to read the Lying Fox talking points I’ll watch the Lying Fox Heard one cult member, you’ve heard them all,and I’m done arguing. If you think Skari Lake and Donald Trump won their elections or have a chance to win in 2024, tells me all I need to know about you. I’ve got an uncle who taught at MIT so I’m like really smart
doschiers Donald Trump: Here are a few memories of me and Joe Biden. I'm a king.
ChumpanZeee Spaceship @OctopusCaveman Donald Trump emailed me last week asking for money! I’m not even American. Do people contribute to this crape? And who does the cash even go to? Boss Man McGee. Synth fan. Dog who learnt how to talk.
NOTBrianVail Detroit, MI @Ben602602 @BeachGirl4Lifex @TimRunsHisMouth @GeraldoRivera Your sitting here arguing with yourself about whether or not I’m a Christian. Ranting about Donald Trump and Don Jr. committing, “sins”; all the while holding onto, I’m stupid because Hunter is addicted to Crack. Idk what you want me to say to make you feel better about yourself? FROM BIRTH TO DEATH, JESUS COMMANDS MY DESTINY! I believe in the Constitution and these United States of America 🇺🇸
RANagy396 This list is only the tip of the iceberg. Believe me. Put a thief in the White House, and what do you expect. Thieves steal things. These items will never be recovered. Donald thinks everything is his. via @Yahoo "Listen with the ear of your heart."
RichardtheEE South Eastern US Ok..tell me...is there anybody other than Elon Musk and Donald Trump that care about America more than their bank accounts? Go ahead..tell me..make me happy! Angry old white male. All my heros are dead..except Elon Musk...I love physics , quantum mechanics and logical thought.
lcfcmeIIeehh Sweden @POTUS I’m throwing up right now. I finally thought we escaped the years of Trumpian darkness, yet I see that Donald Trump is back on twitter. I will be LEAVING THIS COUNTRY. I already got my passport, and booked my flight for a CIVILIZED country, RUSSIA 🇷🇺! Good luck without me, USA. lcfc • ifk göteborg | #10 #14 #37 | #RodgersOut
CryptoCecil 🌎 This false Christ trying to cleanse himself gives me this vibe 👇 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. -Daniel 12:10 🕊 The sorrow you feel is the loss of connection with God. I do not make the news. I interpret. It is time to wake up 🕊
Patrick67800114 @TheLeoTerrell @NikkiHaley Could someone tell me how Donald Trump must have a big pair of them because with all the criminal cases coming against them and some of his moral judgment calls and potential prison time he's still doing it at least this lady doesn't have a judge looking over her shoulder
sherodeahonda @HarrisonYoss @nytimes BTW- I can’t stand Donald Trump, and he does seem like a swindler to me as well. It’s just sorta funny how the folks on the alt-left all the sudden picked up the term “grifter” and now it’s in commentary everywhere. Looks like you got the memo, wojak. Opinions, zingers, and truth.
LakeBeast Ithaca & Mythaca, NY Is it too early to start a Go Fund Me page for anyone who has to book Donald Trump and ask him to “Spread ‘em!”? Reclusive, intrusive & obtusive Cryptozoological-American. Hobbies: synchronized swimming with #Ithaca crew boats. Wooing dragon boats. Chugging gravy boats.
debhow1 Pa. @mitchellvii He becoming to big of a bully for me. Swallow your pride Donald, stand down and help get a young candidate elected. Love Jesus, my boys and my life. Ultra MAGA, Patriot, conservative, Outspoken, Truth & Justice, No DM's
omahabe2 The Socialist Republic of Mich @Politics_Polls The GOP needs to STOP THE STEAL! Trouble is, a lot of Republicans will be complicit in the the steal if Donald Trump is the nominee. Traitorous RINO'S and election stealing Democrats will make this poll irrelevant. Our elections are fraudulent BS! Someone please prove me wrong... Fiscal and Social Conservative. Veteran of The United States Army's Military Police Corps. #MAGA #TRUMP2020!
lehint0n @Victorshi2020 Let me remind you #shi-head about the Russia collusion sham that cost taxpayers $32 million. Outcome: No evidence to prove a criminal conspiracy between Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia. I love God, Family, America, Freedom, Safety, and Prosperity. MAGA KAG American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God
ronin559 Fresno @joeQ84149044 @zacksaywha @mR_Irrelevant21 @EdKrassen Give Donald my best, tell him to say “hi” to Jared and Ivanka for me. 🙄 Father, Engineer, Tech Geek, Football fan, Sports fan. #RaiderNation #BulldogBornBulldogBred #SacramentoKings $Ronin559
MirWinthrop @Crystaljar123 @nytimes Awww does wittle snowflake want me to be more politically correct and woke for your fragile feelings?!? These inbreds cheer when fat boy rapey Donald does it but cry their beta eyes out when it’s directed at them. Anti-American freak. Mostly here for fantasy sports
wufman68 United States @9mm_smg Good points and pretty much the same reasons for me. You see the supposed excitement for next week?
imdb2022_2023 InsideTheirTwistedWorld Ray couldn’t even believe the federal government allowed Donald Trump to set up after he lost the election his go fund me fight which took bleated tens hundreds of millions of dollars from those same poor uneducated and Ray hates to say it white Trailor trash masses Buick LeSabre lawyer, rape victim; get an I-phone agree to let Apple google murdoch gates nsa Watch and listen to you have sex poop and pee @geniusluvscmpny
ScottSchwefel Minneapolis, Minnesota @delta   @deltadiamond  took amazing care of me after I mistakenly booked a p.m. flight rather than an a.m. flight, and found out 40 minutes before I was supposed to board in the morning .  Huge shout out to Sharon Jackson and also Donald B and Lynda B in the @deltaskyclub I work with organizations that want to leverage new communication strategies that increase sales, profits & productivity
JonSeraphin @SuzanaD3 @GovRonDeSantis @GovAbbott @GOP @SenTedCruz @HouseGOP @NRSC Life would have been a lot more fun the last six years if only someone had killed Donald Trump and installed Hilary Clinton the rightful president into office January 2017! put me on a list if you dare
ServintheSavior @alexbruesewitz “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.” Donald Trump to the Acting Attorney General and Acting Deputy AG. December 27, 2020.
BrianaBrittany California Donald Duckin’ it, all happy and comfy, but now I want Wendy’s… so the thought of having to put on pants has made me pouty and annoyed 😅 ✨She/They✨ Chaotic energy stuffed into a 5’1 demon daddy🙃 Overlord to my Garden of Heathens💀🌹 Taco Bell Enthusiast🌮 Jane of All Trades💁🏻‍♀️
Imwithherb Cape Cod, MA, USA Someone explain for me how a party which claims to be the party of law and order, of Christian, moral and family values, of "character counts!" ... is controlled by the likes of Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar.... Expect typos....lots of 'em.
OliviaR14144162 @donald_riley Hello @donald_riley I saw your campaign and am willing to help you. Message me now?