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davidcicilline I am humbled that Speaker Pelosi has asked me to serve as an impeachment manager when we try Donald Trump before the United States Senate. The President is a clear and present danger to our republic. We will hold him accountable. Congressman for Rhode Island’s 1st District. Antitrust Subcommittee Chairman. #ForThePeople
vanOnselenP Watching Coalition MPs defend Donald Trump’s freedom of speech when inciting a riot and coup I wonder where they all were when their PM and past Coalition PMs sought to get me and other commentators sacked complaining to our bosses, for expressing our opinions... 🤷‍♂️ Professor of political science and public policy. PhD on democratic political institutions. Email: peter.vanonselen@uwa.edu.au.
UTwenty20 United States of America @TheRightMelissa @KurtSchlichter An elf dressed like Donald Duck told me it was actually MAGA Trump supporters dressed like Democrats JUST to make the right look bad. I saw them swap clothes on buses before the Capitol police dropped them off and helped them start that fire. SWEAR... F Republican. F Democrat. We are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Stop the division. End the hate. Shame on our leaders for working to create division, not unity.
RobinWa37426735 He cant call Mike that just because under his chin that' s what trumpy NECK looks like . AND IT LOOKS LIKE A BRUISED ONE TO ME. TRUMPY look in the MIRRORS BEFORE TALKING ABOUT MIKE Mike Pence finally reached his limit with Donald Trump, and it wasnt pretty an mother of 6 youngest is 3yr old. married for fr loves Life, but please don't get it twisted if you want me to be fake 🤥 this I can not do don't like FAKERY.
PhaethonTweets Chelsea, Mourning Donald "Double Impeachment" Trump: "I have been briefed by the US Secret Service..." TRANSLATION to British English: "My own bodyguards have read me the riot act and told me to 'quit being a cnut'." Recovering scientist. Still not dead. All media manipulated unless stated o/wise. (C)Phaethon=All rights reserved I do not condone or follow protected accounts.
NYCDemocrat318 New York, NY The GOP ran ads against Joseph Maxwell Cleland that included photos of Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Donald Trump attacked John McCain. But @jaketapper is disgusting @mikehahn_ ? Give me a forking break. #DemCast #DemCastGA #GASen #FlipGABlue
askerickforreal Washington, DC The best argument I’ve heard all week as it pertains to ME! And of course IMPEACHMENT OF DONALD J TRUMP ▪️Community Engagement. ▪️Youth and Civil Rights Activist ▪️Know Your Rights Camp ▪️Student Minister of Truth 🇬🇼 🇭🇹🔌 @NAACP @NATIONALSCLC #blacklivesmatter
Screamingbrain1 That's right Donald --you lost! And let me tell what you didn't win: a twenty Volume set of the Encyclopedia International, a case of Turtle Wax, and a Year's supply of Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat. But that's not all!... I love to talk
Da_Me_3 Allan Donald, Brett Lee and Dale Steyn That's me in the corner.. 🇲🇾🇺🇲🇹🇭🇲🇿🇿🇦
paws4zen New Jersey, USA @hexanowl @Comey He knows first hand what a criminal and liar Donald Trump is and he talks about pardoning him give me a break wife, proud mother of LQBTQ+, liberal. I ignore DMs #RESIST
Sportvideogamer Janesville, WI @w2spw2_23 Oh you must be looking for the Trump 2nd term inauguration. Let me help you with that. You can find that next two never happening and no chance in hell. If you need help finding it Donald Jr or Ivanka can help you find it. Huge Chicago sports fan of the Bulls, Cubs & Bears and a very proud American 🇺🇸
BloodySlattt Kent/Lagos So basically Yangy added me on sc and introduced himself as Donald so in case there's a Donald with the handle “iam_adolphus” texting you, it is Yangy. Get the fork out my way.
TinctureOfMuse Find me in a museum #Day9 Going old school today with the Donald McGill Postcard Museum on the Isle of Wight in 2012. Makes me think of holidays, sunshine and sand. #oneaday #museumblogger #exhibitionphotographs #postcards (also featuring my ickle blonde son 😍) Claire Madge Culture Blogger, Blogger @cartoonmuseumuk Museums & Heritage Vol. of the Year, #NLHF & Founder @AutisminMuseums #autism TinctureofMuseum@gmail.com
AfloatHickory Los Angeles, CA @Chaser_Damar I asked you to give me objective proof that Donald Trump was inciting violence and insurrection. If he didn’t say anything bad in his speech how did he do what you’re saying he should be impeached for? I make cool things sometimes
Agustin209stock United States To the President Donald j Trump can you stop by and visit me cuz I can't have any friends or anyone stop by say hi and give me a high five as soon as possible asp Agustin Salvador Rodriguez Gutierrez Cervantes I'm 30 year old I live in Stockton Oso divorce a father of two children a girl and a boy what can I say
sherrysherry46 2.0 We start again at 0 I'll break that down to Donald J. Trump: Trusting him in the light is nothing and everyone can. Trust him in the dark! That's the art. That is faith and, for me, trust in things. “The next 10 days will be something to tell the grandchildren! It's like 1776 again! "
cidofker I said this and someone wasn't happy with me. I simply asked if he (Donald Trump) had won the election would twitter and other tech bounce him. The answer is No. Trump had always been this way since day one. Saying he isn't is simply a lie. Am Ker Lumtor Luther,a guy who is cool and simple,but if u don't come close to me,u will think am a complicated person...
WeebForsaken @PoorlyAgedStuff "Well what can I say? I love getting impeach. I'm the best at getting impeach, and let me tell you! No other president has gotten impeached like me." - Donald Trump Why are we still here?...Just to suffer?..
liv_weiss College Station, TX One of the most memorable moments in my adult life is when no one else was within earshot and my grandma told me that she didn’t get good vibes from Donald Trump you’re* mom
EmoGirlEllie @KyleG2021 @lickdeezbooman @JackPosobiec I sure as hell don't want someone like you telling me what to do and I certainly don't want Donald forking Trump living over my shoulder either. Government should not exist because it leads to fascism sooner or later. People just need to fork off and leave each other alone. Ich bin nur ein Mädchen, das versucht, meinen Weg im Leben zu finden. Anarchy is the only way.
awodiranidunu @royaltyuso @benmurraybruce I said this and someone blocked me @tutsy. I simply asked if he had won the election Donald would twitter and other tech bounce him. The answer is No. Trump had always been this way since day one. Saying he isn't is simply a lie.
sorensen_ao NWUK #IncitementofInsurrection What if anything is inciteful about this that could cause rioting and or violence?! How this could be considered Trumps fault is beyond me Not a sheep, adore cats, can’t stand corruption, justice obsessed, apolitical, & not short of an opinion or ten, pro 🇮🇱🇭🇰- just common sense really...
RealMattHopkins Edmonton, Alberta You know who the scariest Conservatives are to me, right now, in Canada? The ones who say nothing as bad as Donald Trump could happen here. You know why? They're the ones who are happily paving the way to all of it and they don't seem to care. Maybe it's on purpose? #CDNpoli Gay Canadian lawyer using his powers for good. I will never be silenced again. Opinions mine. Feel free to adopt them. #Edmonton #LGBTQ #LawTwitter #CDNpoli
MickowskiBob Pacifica, Ca If President Donald Trump is not held accountable, we leave the door open to others who might seek to follow in his footsteps and endanger our democracy. Join me and tell Congress he must be convicted. via @SEIU Proud Democrat aka @bobmickowski
RobertE94796112 @moonlightjennie @mkraju That's a VERY expensive asterisk Ma'm. Something tells me that Halftime is over and we get to receive the kickoff this time... #impeachment means absolutely nothing. Donald Trump will be the 19th President of the now free United States of America. #Actof1871 #TRUMPSARA I am an 83 year old freedom loving American. Period.
Phoenixrisingl1 @WhiteHouse Is this Alex Baldwin? It can't be The Donald, because he told his supporters they were going to me in the Capitol. And they went. 🤷🏿‍♀️ Matured
Mavpallack Bay Area. UO 2019 & DLS alum @xDylanxD @JasonAponte2103 @LeoLuna93 @VishKumaran @NinerNick_22 @JackHammer_NFL @JavierVeg_ Aiyuk, Kittle, Warner, Bosa, Greenlaw, Ward. If I could take anyone, it would be Mahomes and Donald, but I assume they would be protected by their teams. So 2 guys I think wouldn’t be protected that I would grab are L’Jarius Snead and... F it. Give me Justin Tucker lol @All49ersSI writer. Tweet me about the 49ers, Bay Area baseball, Oregon Ducks, or any sports. Follow my @BAYseballSports site for Giants and A’s coverage.
Atharen_McDohl Around My brain has just informed me that "Donald Trump has been impeached" has the same meter as "Yankee Doodle went to town" and I'm not sure what to do with this information. Wolf doing wolf things. I'm a writer, doing furry and non-furry work, erotic and otherwise. He/Him. AD is @AdAtharen
Bats_orbeats Seattle, WA #Againnakitabecauseyouaskedsokindly ..... I’m only going to sign this once because Donald Cole in the Navy with you asked me nicely and practically typed it out for me. I don’t want to have to tweet about this again. Ever. That’s the signature please share this tweet.
sljenkins1967 Anywhere I want 2 B @BerniceKing @MichaelBland54 This impeachment means absolutely nothing to me. Donald Trump will still be a racist white man with the ability to terrorize and engage in treasonous acts. Charge him with HIGH TREASON. Emancipated soul that can never be bought or sold.
funnehmemer Krew District, Krewnada So I crop the photo and just straight up publish it on Twitter. It's now deleted by request of @Audrehycake because I tweeted her face. So, again, I'm very sorry because I started this drama at the first place. And please don't treat me like I'm Donald Trump which needs to die. ur local krew fam and krew meme youtuber, i make beautiful krew memes and kontent so u wont have to @itsfunneh pls subscribe with notifs on
shmittfvck if you voted for Donald J Trump please, and i beg of you, block me on twitter very dumb but not a republican
RaymondCarl1 Oslo, Norway I don’t understand The Donald. If the establishment threatened to crush my business and put me in prison, I would be out there in 5 minutes saying, “Hey fellas good game but time to wrap this crap up! I was just screwin around guys. You got to STAY home now.” Deleted all my social media accounts, took a 3 month break, and now I'm back.
robmir Sunny Southern California @SkyNews @alexrossiSKY Let me explain it to the rest of the world what happened in America. Donald Trump and the Republican GOP decided to put in evolutionary standstill and went back 60 years. Hence you have what we had in the 1940s 50s and 60s. Inequality and the white is always right. White isn't. just a simple person.
Layersea2 Lagos, Nigeria @realFFK I won the 1million. Here it's the video of Donald trump and it's family rejoining during riot. I couldn't post dis video earlier cos on tour. @realFFK Daddy my 1million naira. Me need money oooooi MUSICIAN,SONGWRITER, RESEACHER , BLOGGER,ANTI CORRUPTION,VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS & ECONOMY ANALYSIS. GAY & LESBIAN ARE HUMAN THEY ALSO HAVE RIGHT AS A CITIZENS.
bigPenguan Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting a different outcome. Remind me what happened the first time they impeached Donald.
sljenkins1967 Anywhere I want 2 B This impeachment means absolutely nothing to me. Donald J. Trump will still be a racist white man with the ability to continue his terroristic and treasonous acts against the United States of America. Emancipated soul that can never be bought or sold.
spectreabyss @uberever @druchkk @DoctorFishbones @9mm_brain @CoriBush Tell me, if she forced the vote when she could would we have M4A right now? Think she alone could’ve pushed it passed the GOP controlled senate, Mitch McConnell’s desk and Donald Trumps desk? you follow me I’ll block you
ScottHoffer68 Puyallup, WA Donald Trump in August 2012, stated that an extremely credible source, called my office and told me that Barack Obama‘s birth certificate is a fraud. What a loser!!! I am a second generation, American who loves his family, pets, & people in general. I believe & love America, and what it stands for; Truth, Justice and Freedom
D_smycar Chicago, IL @FabSocialist 40% percent of people really think Donald Trump is the worst president in modern history than George Bush and Ronald Regan?... That’s crazy to me. One of the main reason Trump was elected in 2016 was because how Regan’s and Bush’s policies.
Alhealey The European Half of the UK I'm glad Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter, but a tiny part of me would love to know what is going through his mind right now! But then again - we don't want the crazies and the red necks knowing, so 🤷🏻‍♀️ Never going to forgive Johnson, Gove et al. I will mute people who think name-calling equals debate. No DMs.
funnehmemer Krew District, Krewnada Do not treat me like Donald Trump. That is all, and I don't want to see drama being continued. @Audrehycake ur local krew fam and krew meme youtuber, i make beautiful krew memes and kontent so u wont have to @itsfunneh pls subscribe with notifs on
MPhiltin Nigeria Donald Trump can’t be doing everything wrong and the so much hate on one person across the globe makes me think there may be one thing he’s doing right they just don’t want the world to see it I tweet my opinion; you share a different view doesn’t mean we have to fight and yes I’d follow you back ASAP
MotlotlegiTT Ko Pelo e Ratang For me Donald Trump will always be that important chapter that allowed Americans for the first time to look inward and realise that they are just a Third World country with loads of weapons. There is nothing special about them. That, I am thankful to Trump. *drops mic* Malome wa Ditlogolo | Accredited Twang Analyst | Brand Ambassador of Northern Cape
DoradorRafael Omaha, NE Trump has told staff not to pay Rudy Giuliani over irritation at being impeached again ⁦@RudyGiulianli⁩ RUDY! HE IS IN BLAMING MODE! But here between you and me, after watching you on tv plying defense lawyer, I will not pay you one dine also.
donald_barack Bot, España The only thing that matters to me but a lot of problems and drugs pouring into our country. I am a markov chains bot that takes the 45th president's tweets and the 44th president's tweets and then some math creates magic. 🤸‍♀️🏹🍇🍇🍇 blame @jamescampbell
tevfiksertel New York, NY @lost_in_la @ScottAdamsSays You are making my point for me. Your echo chamber and feelings about Donald are clouding your judgement on what facts are. You're thinking like a conspiracy theorist in a thirld-world country. IST, PHL, IST, SFO, HOU, LGA - SW. ENG. - leans left, born luckier than most
4YourInsight Tampa, FL @edstetzer @Kaepernick7 the postal service, and other tactics were unleashed... Donald Trump is...a one-term president. Let every man be a liar, but God's Word be true. Brother Stetzer, while the Lord has shown me that this year will (and has) begun rough and there are rough seas ahead, GOOD NEWS! We're here to inspire & elevate you to your God-Intended Best Life. Author, Minister, Eddie Stewart
TheMaskedPosts Wouldn't You Just Love To Know @NHigging @Donthec71705501 @phoenix21194883 @Eriny14 @SpeakerPelosi Sounds like 90% of Christians in our country don't read their bibles. That's what it sounds like to me. Because Donald Trump is the INCARNATION of everything that your bible says is abominable to God. But don't take my word for it... research it and get back to me later. American girl rooting for unity and respect for our planet. Hoping our country will be respected again. That respect part is going to take a long time.
NatalieSincla17 And please don't tell me he got a popsicletail of treatment. Ok, so why can't the so-call convid19, overflowing hospitals patients get that same treatment as too, as The Donald? #IJS🤔🧐🤓 And who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?. Esther 4:14 💓Jesus Christ💒 Yeshua Hamashiach. King Of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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