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Donald Trump Embarrasses Me.

The things some people say about Donald Trump Embarrasses Me.

RealJamesWoods Let me be clearer: the voters have already picked a President. His name is Donald Trump, and he has already selected a successor to Justice Ginsburg. Now close your lid and hop into your jammies. This is the ONLY verified Twitter account for James Woods. ALL others are fake. I am on NO other social media (except a private Instagram). They’re ALL fake.
eugenegu eugene@coolquit.com I never knew that speaking out against racism in medicine as an Asian American doctor would get a bunch of racist white doctors ganging up on me with Donald Trump Jr. to falsely accuse me of domestic violence and sexual assault. This is the United States? Feels like North Korea. Founder and CEO of With our team of Stanford trained doctors, we’re fighting the coronavirus pandemic and tobacco addiction through telemedicine.
SykesCharlie Milwaukee, WI Call me a skeptic, but I’m not sure that this is what working class voters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan wanted: A billionaire who hardly pays any income taxes... Founder, Editor-at-large, The Bulwark; Host, Bulwark Podcast; Contributor, MSNBC; Author, "How the Right Lost Its Mind" Email: cjaysykes@gmail.com
HiddingL @VoteMarsha Well it appears me and my family all pay more taxes than Donald Trump probably Marsha’s to lets see your tax returns Marsha Trump is dangerous we’ve got to vote early.
jeremybear123 West Midlands, England @HelpfulOlive Why does Donald Trump wear a red tie? Red is the colour of power and dominance. “Don’t mess with me”, it says. IT professional, married with 3 grown-up sons. Hates xenophobia and religious intolerance. Irish citizen. Supports Scottish indy but not nationalism. #RejoinEU
TronaldDumpBot NY Times, Fake News Media, and Fake News lose to me. Donald Trump will make them regret it. Make America Great Again! NO COLLUSION!
tlewinskySD New York, USA Y’all keep trusting donald trump if y’all want to. Gemini men know how to naturally lie and cheat their asses off. They will set your bottom up for the okie doke real quick! Trust me I dated one and have them as friends I know them well! They make good friends though lol 😂 just mutable and adaptable asf
calwatch Pomona, California Interesting point about Trump tax returns, they only refer to Trump and not any of his wives. I assume he is filing MFS, as many folks with pre-nups do, which would lead me to believe that Melania has paid many times as much taxes as Donald. "public finance expert" by biography, engineer by training #gobears
JeffMarsh19 Donald Trump, tax evading far-right psychopath and current US president, claims the IRS "does not treat me very well." Will he leave office in November or will he start a new civil war? Who on earth voted for this guy? Green. Humanist. Anarchist. Interested in Personal-growth, Low-impact living, organic growing. Founder of the Holifield Network.
jpwincubs United States Remember how they caught the Golden State killer. Well it was similar to that how we got Trump's family's DNA. Then do a reverse family tree. And it goes back to Donald Trump's grandfather Malcolm MacLeod. Not afraid of Donald cause he would have to give DNA to prove me wrong. Loving daughter. Dyslexic sorry 4 grammar Patriot #Founder:Youcan'tteachcommonsense. 🌊👭 #resistance BLM
IPProAudio Cardiff, Wales Me, as a freelance sound engineer, paid roughly 4x more tax than Donald Trump and now my business is unviable for support from the government... Sound Engineer | Coffee Addict
self36014751 Gates of hell, waiting for DT @Goss30Goss I don't mean to be argumentative, but... you can claim to be a Christian all you like, and still support Donald Trump. But not even God, will believe you. We all know Trump is no Bible thumper, and even Jesus is a never trumper. For the Bible tells me so. I have a preconditioned existence. Or a pre-existing condition. Crap, I can never remember which.
AvaGazzilli does anyone else find it so hilarious when trump will get exposed for something and he’ll literally just tweet out- “FAKE NEWS!” that is so funny to me like sit down donald how does that do anything she/her
saraigawa she/her so you’re telling me an elementary teacher (who makes an average under $50,000 a year) pays $7,239 in income tax but donald trump paid $750 in income tax and is a billionaire😀 pls pls pls vote if you can i choose moobloom
lisab7us Edinburgh, UK Good morning from the NYT and me 🥳 “Donald J. Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes the year he won the presidency. He had paid no income taxes at all in 10 of the previous 15 years — largely because he reported losing much more money than he made.” Dutch/Yorkshire lass. Used to work in politics, now work in HE. Friend of every dog I encounter. 🐕
CapAm9D Okay Donald... don't tell anyone but I can personally make all of your criminal, tax fraud and other legal exposure problems disappear and all you have to do is resign & turn yourself in to The Authorities and confess. Then give me a call. Only I can fix it. @realDonaldTrump There are more of us #TeamJustice #BlackLivesMatter #AmericaOrTrump My cats think I'm a Superhero anyway No MAGA loons or GOP but those Voting Blue No DMs
LynerTobias Slap bang in the middle @thedailybeast I was so upset......I went to the shop and bought a box of tissues so I could cry for Donald Trump and how badly he is treated by those "nasty" women at the IRS... The shopkeeper treated me very badly.... He asked me to pay for the tissues using MY OWN money...... Registered Allied Health Professional. Trump is playing Commodus...Still looking to cast Maximus....would consider an ethical Republican....
EnoBergman Islington, London @BrentTerhune U talkin ma kinda crap they're! See U got... 1. Them Europanese 2. Them Pandemocrats 4. Them Putinese 6. Them Chinopeans An nows... 9. Them Taxidermists, all tryin to stuff our Supreme and Beloved leader, President Donald Jong Trump, and his FLATUS, Marlene, it blows me away man. A culture war is underway. The rise of far-right scum, ignored by some politicians - encouraged by others, is now ours to fight. 🇪🇺 / Toryphobic / He/Him
Simmy_k16 Cape Town, South Africa Correct me if I'm wrong, but did Donald Trump not call out Richard Hatch on The Apprentice for being charged for NOT paying his taxes and tax evasion??
Dorquemada1 @DangerDirk @the_resistor @DavidJHarrisJr @realDonaldTrump 1. As should everyone. But when you overvalue 4 loans and undervalue ur taxes, like ur Messiah does, somebody's gonna get got. 2. Neither do I. Show me. 3. LOL.. I'm hurling insults at you because you're intellectually dishonest and morally bankrupt. It’s not me. It’s you. Most definitely you. I purge my Tweets on the weekends, since my mom knows I'm here. New account. Last one fought the good fight #resist
brandee_simons Watauga, TX Sharing... interesting info about a crook @realDonaldTrump let me guess... fake news right ? Lmfao Donald trump is a joke! And a liar! Mother, Wife, Businessowner, #BOSSlady #Boldbrightlipsbybrandee #beautyconfidence #UpliftEmpowervalidate #SimonsAgency #SimonsInsuranceAgency
Azalialexi Los Angeles, CA literally. i’ll have one follower. idc. donald trump is a white supremecist and if you don’t agree unfollow and kill me. he is a racist pussc bitch. i would fight him in hand to hand combat. why say lot word when few word do trick? she/her
Coach_DKC Las Cruces, NM Honestly. I don’t like Joe Biden, and I’m not voting for him, but if he wins and in his little speech says “Hey Donald, you’re fired” he will earn 1 respect point and a loud LOL from me. BLACK LIVES MATTER; Former punk rocker, now jaded old hardcore dude. Part time Bartender. Full time father of twins, Highschool Basketball coach. #DKC lifer
adudecalleddan Tampa, FL When I lived in New Jersey, after everything was said and done with my taxes, I paid over $9K a year. Meanwhile, in New York, not a couple of miles away from me, Donald Trump was manipulating and cheating the system out of millions of dollars, and laughing about it. #VoteHimOut He/Him • Outspoken Advocate for Common Sense • #Resist #NeverTrump #FollowMe
RolandPierik Netherlands It makes me so happy that @nytimes is able and willing to come up with such a rich article. It makes me sad that its publication doesn't seem to have any impact on those who planned to vote for him. Just like the 'grap 'm by the pussy-tape four years ago. Associate Professor of Legal Philosophy @FdR_UvA. Working on the regulation of vaccination. #ikvaccineer. Allergisch voor doezelig wensdenken (A. de Swaan)
sezblack1977 QLD Australia Can someone point me in the direction to show the Donald Trump wasn't bankrupt. My mil was trying to tell me this today and I have heard this before but I want to be able to prove to her the truth. 🇦🇺🙏Daughter/G-daughter of a ADF Veteran #God #Jesus #JesusisLord John 14:6 Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life.
LesleyAW17 Liverpool, England I don't tweet very often, but I do follow the Twitter debate on the USA election. Read this please you Trump supporters and tell me once again why you tthink this man is fit to be President of your great country? A proud Physio and AHP. Retired from the NHS but still passionate about it. Fit, strong and active with wonderful friends and family. #NHS #AHPs
PetraPauline Old Town Wouldn't it be great if he would have to sell all his properties? Would Ivanka bail him out? Or would she - as the mini me of Donald that she is - just turn her back at him and call him a loser? office goddess, stranded on this planet, valkyrie for the chosen ones , call me Karma. Nemo me impune lacessit 🇪🇺 #Biden2020 #DumpTrump
lnr_blair Great Shelford, Cambridge, UK @helenprev I dreamed last night that both Donald Trump and Barack Obama were giving me grief on Twitter for the fact I don't read work email outside work! I have no idea what that says about my state of mind. Much love and sympathy to you though. Academic IT, Cyclist, Knitter, semi-Francophone, Feminist, Parent, some-time goth, unionist... Call me: Eleanor, Ellie, LNR, Ms Blair, she or they
sjoemama12 Sue's Corner Black Lives Matter !!!! Always. Please unfollow more if u disagree. Also unfollow me if u support Donald trump. He’s such a little bitch and of u agree with his policies or believe he should be president fork u. I will post this on all platforms bc I don’t wanna see some stupid nooo don’t die ur vibe is so sexy haha
great_intro London, England @ddurk36518 @SeanR_1 @dannytoth @CNNSotu @jaketapper Evil Trump finishes the planet and causes poverty with his actions. Give me a stutterer any day Let Love Rule.
wazzimoto Kokuraminami-ku, Fukuoka Donald Trump is the President and an American Hero. He can do no wrong. Don't try to tell me he's done anything wrong. It's all lies. It's always been lies. Even back when he was a Manhattan Elite living in a tower in the most liberal city east of the Mississippi. There but for the grace of God GO WE ALL. 🇺🇸 Patriots follow the truth. American making $ overseas, 'paying taxes' back home.
maki_raki Washington, USA @zimmer_donald When my niece was about 10 she asked me when I was born. I told her I was born 1996 and she deadass said “YOU WERE BORN IN THE 1900’S???!!” I told her it was only 96 and how that was only 4 years before 2000 & that I was only 10 years older than her😂 she was still blown away lol According to Calum Hood, I'm a Portland.
feedingtubepaul #OH02 In 2016, @StormyDaniels got paid 173.33 times more from Donald Trump to not disclose "Who wants to smack me on the bottom with a magazine and and play Super Mario Brothers with my tiny mushroom" than Trump paid the IRS in taxes. #TaxFraudTrump #Parkinsons Plus-#MSA #MultipleSystemAtrophy #FeedingTube since 4/2012 #Army Vet #VetsResistSquadron Jokester
amoneybroden probably at home sitting up at night trying to figure out how my fiancé and I owe more federal taxes than Donald Trump for withdrawing from an IRA to purchase a home. the crap makes me forking sick. #TaxFraudTrump dog mom
Antonioromeo19 I know what you mean dump donald I’m like you I’m always under order too that’s why I can’t show my taxes yeah I want to but I’m gonna show mines when I’m not on order anymore the tax people don’t me either but listen don it’s you and me against IRS👌🏾
JBLuvsCeltic Seattle, WA USA The 2016 GOP POTUS field included 5 current or former Senators & 8 current or former governors. It baffled me then, and baffles me now: How in heavens name was Donald Trump chosen? Each candidate let Trump dominate the news with his lunacy, until he was the only one talking. Husband and father. Family first above all. Love Glasgow Celtic, NY Rangers, Yankees, and Giants. Also Seattle Seahawks and THE USA.
Aschulmerich Chicago, Il I contributed to @DSCC to help Democrats fight Donald Trump's dangerous agenda and take back the Senate. Join me >>
Clancy_Dew @MaryLTrump @susannecraig @russbuettner You, Mary, as well. It was your personal connection and moral courage that broke through the Donald’s wall of fury. Thank you for helping me sleep at night. All posts are opinion, my free thoughts & analyses. #TrueAmerican #Travel #WeAllFightForAmerica If you feel like a boiling frog, be a #FightingFrog 🐸🗽✊🏼
Malicious_Dish Words with W W: Mommy, I don't like God. Me: Oh? Why? W: He's not a nice person and he has weird hair. Me: Wait, what? What do you know about God? W: He's the leader of this country? Me: Oh hun that's not God, that's Donald Trump, but you don't have to like either of them.
Thunder_Rhino @chezsiva @IAmSophiaNelson @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump Get the fork over it already. I promis me you that @realDonaldTrump will leave the Whitehorse and no longer be President on January 20, 2025. Eight years of the Donald
grimz Oslo, Norge I pay more in tax every month than ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ does in a year. And I’m not a wealthy businessman. But I get affordable health care and education for me and my family from a public system that works for the people and not only the elite. NRK-rådgiver. Jobber med redaksjonell kompetanse og strategi i en digital mediehverdag. Skriver bok om bilisme. Lager mat fra frø i jord til spisebord.
roller24_roller Melbourne Eastern Suburbs I'm hearing the MSM talking about the tax dealings of Donald Trump and that he paid US $750 tax prior to being elected as President. Please correct me but I thought that Trump has decided NOT to take his salary as President. Can someone please confirm this? Passionate. Opinionated. PC Free. Conservative. MAusGA. Drain the Australian SWAMP. Common sense just ain't that common. Love my golf (but illegal to play!)
GenosMartin London Well, this is too long and too complicated, hey @iamjohnoliver @TheDailyShow @StephenAtHome and @JimmyKimmelLive please summarize for me! Trump’s Taxes Show Chronic Losses and Years of Income Tax Avoidance Researcher @Repoa | HoP @SerengetiBytes | NGOs | China-BRI | M4D | Inclusion | Youth | Employability | SDGs | Cities | Policy | Chevener | LSE | GI Geneva
starkdanys aus 19 blm the way me, a 19 year old girl with a casual job, is paying more in taxes than donald trump, a billionaire... I hate the rich and hope they all burn in my culture, death is not the end.
KittyPopeEagle1 London, England @dcrawford1934 Morning Donald Hope you are well and have a lovely day and stay warm. WH won which shocked me. I’m off for Afternoon Tea this afternoon, a little treat. Take care xxxx🐱😺 A Bens Babe, love Death in Paradise DI Poole and have the best Son in the World .Also love travel .
Muki59820238 @realDonaldTrump Don't need anyone telling me what to think. I listen to Donald and I see the results and know he is a fraud, has done NOTHING positive for America. It's obvious.
nevadabornog I don’t care if he never paid taxes for 30 years! The man is the absolute only choice! Catholics vs Criminals! I believe in God and Country- I believe Donald J Trump is our last chance to fix our beloved America 🇺🇸- give me a booya if you agree born in Nevada- male- conservative
MooneyEsquire Houston @RevoltRN419 Sociopathic is a guy authoring an article called “A liberal case for Donald Trump” and then pretending to give a crap now that there is catastrophic fallout. That’s not on me. Progressive policy being set back generations isn’t on me either. Blame crapty journalism sunlight makes me sneeze. metal shredz. blocked by jill stein. late 70s/early 80s interior enthusiast.
JoshPDickinson Cape Town, South Africa It still surprises me to this day how many South Africans who unapologetically opposed Jacob Zuma are constantly defending Donald Trump and his actions. Newsflash: they're both corrupt, immoral constitutional delinquents with no respect for democracy. @Our_DA staffer in @ParliamentofRSA | Democrat | Books | Swimming | Piano | Photography | Tweets are my own view | Likes/RTs not always an endorsement