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qdog1125 North Carolina NC caller embarrasses me & my state. He wants to investigate 'black supremacists' and Joe Biden is the racist, not Donald Trump. This racist has everything upside down. Talking abt Black supremacists? @cspanwj Army vet,sports pioneer,X player, coach,biz owner,family man,well read,traveled,winner.FAILURE: A reason can be an excuse,an excuse should never be THE reason.
ejeancarroll Congratulations to my brilliant attorney, Robbie Kaplan! She just TROUNCED the Nazis in Charlottesville. And now she is representing me and @MaryLTrump in our lawsuits against Donald Trump. What a brain that woman has! @kaplanrobbie Ask Me Anything: Former: Atlantic, Vanity Fair, New York, Elle, Esquire, Rolling Stone, and SNL. Book: WHAT DO WE NEED MEN FOR?
BloombergTV New York "I'm not upset that I'm compared to Donald Trump but always makes me laugh because you should always compare me to Boris Johnson," says author and possible French Presidential candidate Eric Zemmour. He speaks to @CarolineConnan in a wide-ranging interview Breaking news. In-depth analysis. Market-moving scoops. Exclusive interviews. Bloomberg TV is the first in business news.
Jonesieman New: The longest-running criminal investigation into Donald J. Trump and his family business is reaching a critical phase. But the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr., is running out of time. From @benprotess, @WRashbaum, @davidenrich and me. Courts reporter for @nytmetro
Donald_Duck217 United States @NORTHENDCAP1 @TtotheRance Me and @thefakeDKC will be. We should all get tickets together Grab a Yuengling, I bitch about the Phillies a lot
M_SerenaGrace London, England This is one of my favourite libraries @theIoPA the time I spent here continues to influence me and shape my thinking. I have recently returned to Donald W. Winnicott in my exploration of mental health and climate change. 🧠🌎 CEO 👩‍💼, Fintech 🖥, Psychoanalysis 🧠, Alum 🎓@Cambridge_Uni, @UniofOxford, @ucl
szqtexas DALLAS (Retread Acct) DEMS F/B @glennkirschner2 This got me a followback from Amee Vanderpool! Next to your followback, it is my biggest brag (oh, and @Malcolm_theCat , of course). Sassy•Snarky•News Junkie•Therapist(ret.) I question EVERYTHING•I take no prisoners•Take no sh*t•Determined to help save DEMOCRACY before I die•STOP trumplickers
vminjinsubunit 04 | SheHer | 2017ARMY | India @LuMolala they're not letting 20-21 army "jokes" d1e out and it's MAD ANNOYING. those tweets are seriously pissing me off. and yeah we've been over this kind of argument before too, so more than the "mc donald armys" at LA, they, themselves seem new in the fandom 😐 ❛❛ me and my people will win in the end. without anyone knowing, very naturally ❜❜
BarbenCrotts DuBois, PA @Joeduggs @JerryAnders1 @hodgetwins @DonaldJTrumpJr …and they nonsense about Falchi and co. saying the vaccine couldn’t be developed fast is nothing more than repeating another Trump lie. You can’t show me where he said it because he never did.
FlossObama Washington, DC. The center-left/left don't watch it because it's garbage. Change up the format, some better primetime hosts, people will tune in again. When Trump was in office, and CNN/MSNBC was running 24/7 non-stop Donald TV their ratings were great. Factual journalism will win me back. Longtime @JimiHendrix Fan. @Columbia Alumnus. Political Scientist/Geopolitics. “Most people is thin-brained.”
RobinSMessing Ithaca @RonnyJacksonTX You sound like Donald Trump in late may and early March 2020 when he was denying the Covid would be a big deal. You remind me of the saying, "If it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck, it's a quack." Asking Donald Trump to stop lying is like asking a whale to walk a tightrope while playing a kazoo and juggling eels. Check out my Trump reading list.
carleanie Las Vegas Join me in supporting Never Again PAC - Unlimited via @actblue Donald Trump might be out of the White House, but "Trumpism" and "American Fascism" are still alive and well in Congress.
OnDaRight1 @TeekeeMon @LadyOfTheOcean1 @LisaNicholo @vistaproper @Synyster63 @PhilipEMSkinne1 @ms_julialee @Ya_Missed_Me_ @Booda_the_Great @SnoJustis @NinishNinja @DoofensmirtzB @EatMe1369 @schmevil @Sinner_Lilith @AnaSsassin_ @catsequalneko @MrChingonE @MarkHoliday17 @Viper169a @FactoBotSpittah @Saline_tRick @pan_dejo_ @ThePoorMan95 @jerbear714 @BlackCa28867722 @Vickie627 @misshellca @EdgeOfNonsense @JackWhoElse @cp_tis @MistressRedWasp @J0anofSarc @LanyJennifer @Evry1H8sGrtzLOL @topleveltroll3 @goodtroubless @BsSlayah @jdd2169 @henriziolkowski @RainbowsWalI @GAETZBROOKNS @Aimhighffw @snojustice1 @SJustice69 @Hiking4Colorado @AlexaAiles @LogicNat @TreatHunterDog @wkufans2 You are literally just passing your personal opinion on, just because you say it doesn’t make it true. And Donald Trump doesn’t make vaccines, Pfizer does. It’s all in books, think about picking one up? Giving 100% 10% of the time “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough”
bobbyself777 i sure hope that joe biden is still here and me to in 2024 and he runs for president again the 2nd time ,not because we like him or he done good , but we all hope donald trump will run again and we the people and donald trump is going to blow bidens bottom out the water
game4_milos United States of America @jason01418742 @PosadaLynne @GaSecofState Call me Clayton Kershaw cos I did dodge your question, man. It was getting awkward. But you're a straight-shooter and you deserve a straight answer to your question. No, I don't want you to send me all your photos of Donald Trump's head superimposed onto muscular bodies. Weird. Human. Teacher. No patience for Trumpers or Qanons.Extremely mediocre and rapidly aging athlete. Husband x1, Father x3. One-time shaker of Wayne Gretzky's hand.
Donald_JDrumpf 14th hole. @JamesNi90063750 @RockNRollPics Keith previously did lead vocals on the first verse of Salt of the Earth on Beggars, and on Connection and Something Happened to Me Yesterday (chorus) from Between the Buttons. LiB was also the first album to w/ Mick Taylor on guitar, playing on Live With Me and Country Honk. Huckster, fraud, and liar without a backbone, brain or soul. Yes, that is a portrait made of dildos, thanks for asking. I/Me/Mine
EngageNow2022 @FULLMET52631413 Always remember is said, “ I am not qualified to President”, Vote For Hillary Clinton” And what happened to her ? Donald Trump Smashed Her. While Biden hid in a basement & won and election. Can you say it smells fishy to me?
shareqq99 How to Popup ideas for your research of a product or copy? Think about the product deeply for sometime analyze all aspects.. Forget about it then completely.. Start working random crap for your research and something will popup.. Worked for Donald Draper..😂 Works for me.. I help people build businesses | Generated 💲3.5M + through Copywriting | Email & Ad Sales | The Copy Captain 🦸‍♂️
theonlyjunedoe There is no middle ground. I live in my body.Just me.Not one other person lives in this body. No one's God/Goddess lives here and you can't force them. My soul is my own. My uterus is my own. My life/death are my own alone. Uterus Obsessionists. I smoke, drink coffee & think most everything is funny. Got the MS & cats. Atheopian. I don't always type correctly. Use context clues. My posts may be wrong.
FilmFan1971 Ealing This one really took me by surprise, on a couple of levels. Edmond O’Brien and Mark Stevens play Dan and Rocky, a couple of patrol car cops who keep putting the pressure on Garris (Donald Buka), a vicious racketeer. #Noirvember Film journalist, co-host of @FatalAttractPod and compiler / co-author of What To Watch When. Fun fact: I haven't missed an episode of EastEnders since 1998.
Snuffawupalous @ScottAdamsSays If I get my nipples pierced and wave a gay flag around will Fox interview me on my views that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler?
CareyZacheis New Jersey, USA @heykayadams I need some help!! Aaron Rodgers or Kirk Cousins?? Aaron’s toe in the cold weather, Davante vs Jalen, Aaron Donald and Von’s pass rush. It’s scaring me. Help a loyal, Brutha out? Purty please! 🙏🏻 Father. Son. Brother. Uncle. Friend. Jersey Boy.
Imwithherb @thevivafrei Excuse me: Donald Trump actually IS a liar and a criminal, and you love him. So we'll have to remove those as qualifiers when it's you discussing something. K? Expect typos....lots of 'em.
trumpquotesbot Donald I guarantee you all know the only difference between me – and the one that have great respect for that politics is automatically tweets an actual donald trump quote every 5 minutes
superiorkinggod Boston Massachusetts @Ha2936 The United States Courts Disposition at the Lower left in photos prove to me that Ex-President Donald Trump is a Co-Defendant to Jeffrey Epstein and a Child Rapist. The World must Be made aware of the Teenage Girls Ghislaine Maxwell Supplied Ex-President Donald Trump.👑🤴 I am a international hero for billions and billions people worldwide! also your World Royal Hines God almighty true statement of bio.
Alphonzovrill LeBron James: "I can honestly barely read. I just do whatever the establishment tells me, play ball and get paid. It's a pretty sweet deal." Donald Trump Jr: "heeeh, CHINA MUCH?!🤣🤪🧐 Dave Rubin: omg burn Me: "what..?" The Esoteric Truth of the Eternal Athlete. Independent Anthropologist Driven by Instinct.
OdettaHines Texas, USA Deliver Me by Donald Lawrence and the Tri-city singers and Leandra Johnson I am uniquely made by God, heterosexual ,mom,dreams and visions of becoming who God wants me to be..$CashApp OdettasDreams
PieandBeerAMV THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA'S GOVERNMENT HAS STILL NOT COMMUNICATED TO ME THAT DONALD TRUMP WAS NOT PRESIDENT AND THAT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DID NOT DIE FROM THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC @BBC_HaveYourSay @POTUS @VP @SenMarkey @SenWarren @CitImmCanada @CanadianPM AMV editor | he/him 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 and angry | adhd as fork | RT heavy i just really like a lot of things 🤠
gallaanne1 @MichaelCohen212 Way to go Michael! Me and the Country! No the WORLD is proud of you! May this have Donald Trump and his sprogs running for the hills, with no where to hide.
ajoteller Illinois, USA @RepSwalwell It has gotten people killed and if no one stops gerrymandering and voting rights we will all be subjected to this and I’m terrified. My kids 10&11 only know Donald trump as President (believe me they were excited to go with me to vote him out) the lies, hate etc. I’m scared Change how domestic violence, financial abuse,emotional/physical are viewed. change regulations. a BILL to help victims of financial abuse $amykukecjo
rob_shrader Corbin Kentucky There used to be this Great Show called The Apprentice. And if you didn't live up to the standard then you were fired by Donald Trump. Well Joe Biden, you're not living up to the standard so come 2024 two words that give me/us great pleasure to say to you - Your Fired!
bloombergwriter New York So I can't play KH3 in the house because the voice of Donald and Goofy is annoying. Sure. And the game uses the same graphics engine as Cocomelon. Ok. But now you're telling me to lower the volume while King Mickey and alt Riku discuss how to find Aqua in the Dark World. WOW
JoyetaAnderson Florida, USA 🧑🏽‍⚕️ Christopher, My thoughts exactly. "The Former Guy" Was a Parasitic Grifter in 1983 When I got off from 🇬🇧🛫🛬JFK Vacation and the Lady at the Kiosk as I reached for🗞️Told me: "Don't buy NYPOST it's a Racist Paper, and Donald Trump's a Crook." Her words has stayed with me. Nurse, who wanted to be a Nun! @Joyeta_e
JCBourdier North Charleston SC @thehill Lucky me. I got my booster on Friday. I'll be at peak protection when it hits. And since I live in in a "#Covid is a Democratic hoax to make Our-Lord-And-Savior Donald Trump look bad" red state (SC), I KNOW it will hit here. #OmicronVariant Law-abiding patriotic Left-wing "libtard" bleeding-heart atheist activist nutcase, slightly well educated. I think for myself & tweet as private citizen only.
KaibaSetio @MarshaBlackburn Donald Trump spent $130,000 to keep Stormy Daniels quiet. But sure, go and tell me about Kamala Harris and some cookware… Entrepreneur Journalist who believe in scientist, medical expert, traditional media, and Real News journalist! #FACTSDOMATTER
PostingRacist youre mom hehe @privcons Really funny to me seeing all the former max orbiters having turned into Donnie lackies considering how much that dude despised Donald and Cosmonaut lmfao 20 | it/its | Anarcho-Marxist-McCarthyist with Post-Bordigist Tendencies | non-fascists dni
Bonnietheconure Beyond Does the image of donald trump sicken anyone besides me? I think we need to be apprised of his words and actions because he’s still fomenting insurrection but I don’t want to see his face. Unconventional. Iconoclast. No justice no peace; Know justice know peace. Antifascist. Physics, baby. There is no god.
FvckTrump5 @UncvrngTheTruth I told myself I wouldn't be surprised by anything the Wrong does... But trying to paint President Biden and VP Harris as elitists while praising DONALD TRUMP is incredible to me. fork trump. Lifelong republican that will never vote R again because of trump. Wear a goddamn mask. I like my own tweets, someone has to.
covid19news20 Donald Trump Jr. praises European ‘riots’ over COVID-19 restrictions and claims Americans sit back ‘like sheep’ CoronaVirus News Update
KaibaSetio @jeffster2068 @seanhannity Donald Trump spent $130,000 to keep Stormy Daniels quiet. But sure, go and tell me about Kamala Harris and some cookware… Entrepreneur Journalist who believe in scientist, medical expert, traditional media, and Real News journalist! #FACTSDOMATTER
KaibaSetio @seanhannity Donald Trump spent $130,000 to keep Stormy Daniels quiet. But sure, go and tell me about Kamala Harris and some cookware… Entrepreneur Journalist who believe in scientist, medical expert, traditional media, and Real News journalist! #FACTSDOMATTER
Bargainhunter85 Southampton @DonaldPond6 Any thoughts on ibstock Donald? I brought it when I first started and notice a general slump and now looks quite expensive to me Dabbling in markets enjoy a bet
KaibaSetio @FoxNewsSunday @SenJohnBarrasso Donald Trump spent $130,000 to keep Stormy Daniels quiet. But sure, go and tell me about Kamala Harris and some cookware… Entrepreneur Journalist who believe in scientist, medical expert, traditional media, and Real News journalist! #FACTSDOMATTER
gl1tchk1tt7 Wyoming, USA if anyone wants to get me food I havnt ate in 2 days and my parents refuse to give me food. someone get me mc Donald's 🥲 13-16, minor, Onyx/ Zach, he/they/it., Wyoming
evolboone SURPRISE @CrystalQuin People are mean and aggressive and creepy. And snowflakes. And Tony's "Donald Trump, But Nice" gimmick is the drizzling craps. The worst was the wildly inconsistent intro for the Halloween Kills review. Tony is funny 1/100 but I liked you and Newt and more.. me leave Patreon. DANGEROUSER. Book. NINTH HALO. Fun. Donations. Angel/mutant
PaganMediaBites Politicians End SystemicRacism Unsealed flight logs show that Trump was on Epstein's private jet in 1997 Let me just add to this. I don't care if someone that was suppose to be and ADULT who had the backgrounds they had like Alan Jerkowitiz being a lawyer, they KNEW was and they went Free Palestine-Free First Nations Land & Territory NO MEANS NO CONSENT- Canada & Prov Govs Modern Day Colonialism /Occupation #Wetsuweten #SixNations #LandBack
Kinyutaka Corpus Christi, Texas @ClintWeavil @schnabelhaus @SteamPoweredMan @cali_boi69 I hope that you are smarter than you sound. That your judgement is merely clouded. But you can not tell me that Biden and his infrastructure spending is worse than Donald J Trump and his rampant theft. The beauty in art is found not in its perfection, but in its imperfections.
StephonLove204 @KingDay__ 5 for me our Oline is bang up and we’re facing a heathy Aaron Donald this time BLACK LIVES MATTER
RealFakeNews_uc Donald Trump lied when he argued on FEB. 24 "ICE came and endorsed me."

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