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JamesBradleyCA California, USA Bernie Sanders says that Donald Trump is going to “try to undermine American democracy.” But tell me Bernie, what undermines American democracy more than using your Justice department to remove your competitors? What undermines American democracy more than AOC and Schumer… Veteran. Father. CPUnion Board member
CNN "I’m telling you, he raped me whether I screamed or not," E. Jean Carroll said during cross-examination as she returned to the stand in her civil battery and defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. For breaking news, follow @CNNBRK and download our app
joncoopertweets New York, Florida 🚨🚨BREAKING: My friend @ejeancarroll, who filed civil suit against Donald Trump on allegations of rape and defamation, took the stand today at his trial in Manhattan and elaborated on Trump’s violent assault in explicit detail. "I'm here because Donald Trump raped me, and when… Ex: Nat’l Finance Chair of Draft Biden; Obama’s LI Campaign Chair. ➡️ Tap SUBSCRIBE for tips to grow your account.
SFIrishKelly San Francisco, CA “Don’t look at me! I only advocated for illegal offensive wars, torture, obstruction of justice, and other nefarious crap that you wouldn’t believe.. but it’s DoNALd TruMp wHoS tHe ThrEAT tO DeMoCRACy” 🙄 Try Dick Cheney in The Hague before he kicks the bucket challenge- PLUR, crib-to-grave democratic cybersocialist, solidarity, activist, drives an old beetle. #medicareforall #itsaboutdemocracy #generalstrike
MaryWebb7 “He Raped Me Whether I Screamed or Not”: E. Jean Carroll, Donald Trump, and the Narratives on Trial via @VanityFair Blue in red gerrymandered vote flipping Ohio! #TrumpIncitedInsurrection
fanai_majid World Because I don't know who I am, I emailed the White House in 2018 and Mr. Donald Trump's administration answered me; however, Mr. Biden's administration does not respond to emails!
me_mimirox1t @ABC @TheView Is this witness intimidation and obstruction of Justice AGAIN from The Donald? Asking for 300+ million citizens who would be under the jail if we attempted this BS.
Gnarnold_Palmer Santa Barbara, CA @DC_Draino believe it or not.. and stay with me here on this.. donald trump still lost the election by millions of votes EVEN IF these random FBI agents stood on both feet Aviation. Politics. Sailing. Surfing. 🇺🇸 #RamsHouse #GoKingsGo
shank4556 California, USA @JimmieShaman @PapiTrumpo Yes il Donald Trumpo used to follow me also and then he blocked me a few years ago. I truly don't understand why but that's okay.... The only thing I said on one of his post was, yes I love Trump yet Father God is the only way🤷‍♀️ I believe we were born to be more than just machines to fund the unrighteous. Love my Father in heaven❤ and my Lord Jesus, Love my Potus, Donald J Trump & 17!
willapercy “He Raped Me Whether I Screamed or Not”: E. Jean Carroll, Donald Trump, and the Narratives on Trial via @VanityFair #RESISTANCE to inhumanity, criminality, racism and bigotry. Please, no DMs, no lists
ieatspam666 US @Hammancheez @iamgabesanchez Alot of people have been saying, everyone knows this, even those in the failing New York Times and the lamestream media. It was the biggest pants crapting in history. Nobody had ever seen anything like it, nobody craps their pants as badly as Donald Trump. Believe me. This account is for art appreciation and field testing my Dunning-Kruger cure. If you don't know why that's funny, you're probably standing too close
TweetsR4BIRDIES Europe @JerasIkehorn Yes. I do. When I moved to NYC in '93, one of the rare speeches my NYC-born & raised BF gave me was the "who NOT to work for" speech. He brought up Donald Trump and I made a joke. He told me why it was no joke. American Expat in das Hinterland. Ally, Friend, Spiritual, Science Girl, Creative...
ieatspam666 US @iamgabesanchez Alot of people have been saying this, alot of people. Great big manly men with tears in their eyes have come up to me, and said, sir, you know the President, your favorite president, Donald Trump, he totally commits to physical comedy. Heart, mind and bowels! Believe me. This account is for art appreciation and field testing my Dunning-Kruger cure. If you don't know why that's funny, you're probably standing too close
ArleneHache Yellowknife, NT, Canada “He Raped Me Whether I Screamed or Not”: E. Jean Carroll, Donald Trump, and the Narratives on Trial via @VanityFair Advocate of social change working 35 years in the North. 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal; 2009 Order of Canada; MA in Leadership
JaceZ12 Pittsburgh, PA @TheLoyalSons Something tells me with that crowd they could have drafted Aaron Donald and they would all look at each other and said "who"? Dad, Volunteer Firefighter, and one hell of a Model American!!
mindylee26 NJ, NY USA This is like the final sick straw to me. Grifter doesn't even belong- but he did for ten minutes. And now he is grifting his pension from the guild Education is 🗝 Learning Disabilities Consultant. Jersey girl upstate NY #persister in the #persisterhood #neverdrumpfthegrifter
Mystic_Sailor Canada 🇨🇦 “He Raped Me Whether I Screamed or Not”: E. Jean Carroll, Donald Trump, and the Narratives on Trial via @VanityFair “As we sailed into the mystic...” #VanMorrison 💙 #TheResistance #GunControlNow #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #BidenHarris 💙 #BlackLivesMatter 🇺🇦
yllekneelrad Southeast Missouri “He Raped Me Whether I Screamed or Not”: E. Jean Carroll, Donald Trump, and the Narratives on Trial via @VanityFair Wifey/Mom/Grandma, Teamster, lover of the arts, always fight for the little guy & working class! No unsolicited DMs! #VoteBlue
Michael73312708 Connecticut, USA @QuackedUp76 @OccupyDemocrats Donald tRump is so not like me and the vast majority of decent Americans. That is exactly why he got crushed in the last election (will of the people) and had to constantly lie about his loss as he cannot face being a loser in public. Brace yourself as accountability is coming! Love my family, life, pets and all that is good in this world. Ironman and lifelong Triathlete. All MAGAts = Block. Good Trouble +.
BobANew1959 Staying here on Twitter “He Raped Me Whether I Screamed or Not”: E. Jean Carroll, Donald Trump, and the Narratives on Trial via @VanityFair NYY NYG NYR fan I’m a parody of me NO SOCIALISTS NO Bros or Squad lunatics. Hands off Biden Harris Pelosi bobnyc59 is suspended I’m Catholic trump for prison
NoMAGAallowed Donald Trump: Let the word go forth to white supremacists, neo-Nazis, insurrectionists, and conspiracy theorists, I am here to protect you. Now, please give me $50. for my personal use. I follow back all resistors to #TraitorTrump. #FBR #PutinKillsBabies #IStandWithUkraine
DBenMoshe2 Left coast @dom_lucre 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Allow me to introduce you to the twice impeached, once indicted (so far), $25 million settlement paying, Donald Trump and his family and friends (convictedRoger Stone, Steve Bannon, Flynn, etc etc.. What reality are you living in? In intensive therapy to resist temptation to feed anti-vax and MAGA trolls. #SaveOurDemocracy #BLM #Universalhealthcare #womensrights
BjrgErla1 Iceland @kaceytron i relate so much to this. my dad was biiiig donald trump fan and, surprise, an abuser, and his only way of showing me some type of love was by including me in his own delusion and gaslighting me into being a republican. i love how you worded this tweet
timothy_mcduff parts unknown @JoeBiden Good evening Joe,Do you ever read the comments on all of your Tweets??? I can't for the life of me understand how you think you can win a FAIR ELECTION,even against your own party, I'm a former Democrat and I'll be voting for the best man for the job, Donald J. Trump just a guy living life one day at a time, A lover of Daily Fantasy Sports, doing what I can to live my best life, Crypto scammers beware, I will expose you
L75489829Lopez Lost her/his voice of a higher force of course he/she's guilty and should be a little bit tender but she's affiliated me to be honest with Donald trump's and his voice of a higher force is a good lyer because he's probably going to have court quest the 5th time he's a deal maker Truthgoals kindreminders Way gain's Lifeisthe remainderofbalance onthe equal Help money Support teachings compassion Zeal charity love peace conflict integrity
KochiSudiksha Washington D.C. Donald Trump Jr. and other conservatives spread false claims that a Washington bill allows children to be taken from their parents if they don’t consent to gender transition. But that’s not what the bill does, experts told me: Fact-Check Reporter @USATODAY. Tips? SKochi@usatoday.com. Past: @VOANews @PolitiFact @IVEstate @TheSPJNews
LegendandLore Antrim, Northern Ireland @ermckillop @AlishaGrauso If I was accused of a crime, when I was caught on tape practically bragging about doing similar crimes, and when many other people had accused me of similar crimes...well, I'd be Donald Trump. Writer and reader of Sci-fi, Fantasy & Horror. Trekkie.
movn2uruguay @Bruce_Diavolo @JoJoFromJerz You guys have dispensed a long time ago with the me too stuff, so just stop it. You have women being scared to death in locker rooms and being assaulted by transgenders with NO me too, and you decide to dust off the me too thing now for Donald Trump. Sorry, not buying it.
HEKRocksNY New York, USA “He Raped Me Whether I Screamed or Not”: E. Jean Carroll, Donald Trump, and the Narratives on Trial - Vanity Fair Don’t tell E. Jean Carroll what she felt, saw and heard on the day she was raped! Tacopina wasn’t there! Future Medical Coder, KISS, Beach Boys & the Ramones. I believe what you put out into the universe, you receive back in return! 🤚🎸and👩‍🎨🎨 call me Sunshine
EZarazed8528 @elonmusk @POTUS I love you Elon please tell our next president...president trump that I need him and he needs me ..GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND GOD BLESS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP
ChrisSeay104 Knoxville, TN @trumpsyadaddy @liberalismONCMD @bigredpossum @MaxNordau You want me to make a bet that I'll delete my Twitter if Ron DeSantis isn't the Republican nominee, and if he is you'll delete your Trump burner? That sounds like a totally normal thing. But I will bet you $1000 that Donald Trump is never President of the United States again. #InfantileSpasms #Epilepsy advocate. Vol & Braves fan. Writer - golfer - home seller.🍊 ⚾️ 🏀🏈🤘🏡 ✏️ ✒️🏌🎱
TheRealFatG Miami, FL @BlockchainWZRDs @LayahHeilpern Too late you know me my boy.. MacBooks and Mac Donald’s 😂😂😂😂 Just a Based Fat G bringing truth and reality to 304s in the world. While on a journey to change his life. #noteslaownersallowed
Ryan_Treasures Orlando, FL @BrerOswald That makes me happy to hear! Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy’s Houses and Donald’s boat were all closed when I went in 2021, so I’m glad that they didn’t drastically change anything about them that I would have missed and I’m glad I went up Chip n Dale’s treehouse before it closed. 25|Aspie|he/him|DCP now-July 13|Disney #LooneyTunes #TheLoudHouse and #BigCityGreens enthusiast|#MaltinOnMovies/#Maltreon supporter and admirer of the Maltin's
LarsHano that it has been a long time since an America has won a major grand slam event and Donald J. Trump totally ignored her and refused to schedule a public event for this blonde beauty from Downunder and winning Downunder is huge and can somebody tell me if Lars has a crush on Kenin
angelasimms7 @dbongino But nothing beats Biden today - Biden quote for the day and possibly the end of his electability… “We cannot win this election… no, excuse me, we can only elect Donald Trump…. “ He cannot keep it together for now or another term.
billbraden9 O H I O @realLizUSA Dear Donald could you see your way clear to send me just a small portion of what your son in law and daughter made while they were in the WH. 75 Army vet Married 43 years Retired SW OSU grad Grandfather of 2
juan_redard @JoeBiden "We can only reelect Donald Trump" we finally agree on something you and me 🤣.
PaulkBobby Tennessee, USA "Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and R congressmen". ~Donald Trump #USMC Pro democracy Anti-Trump #ImprisonTrump #VeteransAgainstTrump #FullyVaccinated #resist #democracy @bobbypaulk on 🚫 #Magats
perfectpiegal Anyplace there’s good wine @RalphScenic @benigma2017 @JoeBiden Don’t “Joe Biden” me. He wasn’t who I supported in the primary. However, as a rational, mature citizen, I can make an informed decision between Joe Biden and Donald Trump and understand the impact of that decision. If you can’t, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Cubs fan,History buff. Chaotic Good.BETO FOREVER!
Wical_Tees Instagram: @wical_robert Note to Donald Trump: You've got a great game plan but quit talking about personal stuff. Come out and say "I normally talk about the stuff going on with me but, that's not what's important. That's not why I'm here, I'm here for you!" Game changer! #Trump #Twitter #GOP @elonmusk Entrepreneur. Multipotentialite/Polymath. Open to Networking.
KevinJosephKel1 @OccupyDemocrats @realDonaldTrump she is a poisonous individual there's no doubt about it and whilst I am glad de santis got this tweeted warning me who's side your on but de santis is making a show of you Donald this proves it smile
MikeLew09623733 President Donald Trump.. New Hampshire last night.. everything that man said was Patriotic... for this country FOR YOU... AND FOR ME
DanaSan68018976 Phoenix, AZ It's weird how Donald Trump is always begging for money. The only money I send to a billionaire..is to Jeff Bezos..and he at least sends me gifts in return.😁 Democracy is ours to protect. Married..no DM's..no lists..no MAGA Trumpers. 🌊🌊🌊🌊
BrendaUTKgrad @RpsAgainstTrump Let me translate this: Donald Trump is the great threat to the swamp both Republicans and Democrats. Conservative Born Again Believer of Jesus, Wife, Mom of twins, PhD, views are mine alone, avid UTK fan #VFL
sapphyreblayze she/her/sí ★ white ★ ireland -way to 'get around' his voice (Melon Mickey, etc.) and it always bugged me because it all just felt so unnecessary. Donald Duck is literally one of the most famous cartoon characters of all-time. Everyone knows what he sounds like. It's not a big deal, and changing his voice- ⭑ aimée | 22 | 🇮🇪 | nonbinary lesbian ⚢ | socialist | #actuallyautistic | comics, wrestling, gaming, and other assorted nonsense | #transrightsarehumanrights⭑
dgk71vet @SenTedCruz And where would our debt be if you hadn’t passed the Trump Tax Cuts for the wealthy, Ted? It never ceases to amaze me how Republicans forget (deny, ignore) all responsibility for what they do. It’s why Donald (I’m not responsible) Trump is the perfect leader for the party.
JustBTSThings10 And they were elevated such that we had an even better view than where we had been standing. He also walked with me to show me where she could go to get a quick break alone if needed. His name was Donald, I believe, and he was wonderful. 8/? You can call me Jayyyy. Just a fan of BTS and all memes and content therein || OT7 biased, truly can’t pick. Soft spot for sunshine Hobi. 💜 🏳️‍🌈 💙💛💗
SoyElOpinon Miami, Florida @therecount This time, I’m sure, he wasn’t praying for Florida but for himself: “Please, God, let me beat Donald and save me from Mickey Mouse” Writer journalist radio political analysts Periodista escritor analista político colombiano dibujante My own thoughts Retweet is not endorsement
Haborym7Haborym Hell @MagaCupcake Their hate for Donald Trump will overrule their comman sense, but hate lets me in and they will be mine(insert evil laugh). I am a very old soul who loves humans and all their faults. DM with your deepest desires for me to fulfill. Dream big or there will me nightmares.